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Epson P-7000 160GB Multimedia Storage Drive, Photo Viewer and Audio-Video Player w/ 4-Inch LCD
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Product Description

Epson P-7000 is an essential tool for the on-the-go, professional photographer, the Epson P-7000 offers superior image quality, plus a high-capacity, 160GB hard drive. The perfect partner to your digital SLR camera, this powerful device makes it easier than ever to backup and view thousands of photos on the spot. Preview both RAW and JPEG images while on location with the Photo Fine Premia LCD, exclusively from Epson. Displaying over 16.7 million colors, this 4-inch LCD supports 94% of the Adobe? RGB color space, so you get incredible color accuracy. Zoom in to confirm focus and fine detail. Then, share your images the way they were meant to be seen ? just as you captured them. With both audio and video output, it's easy to create customized slide shows to take your digital portfolio with you wherever you go. The portable P-7000 is the perfect choice for client presentations or on-location shoots. Why transport your laptop when you can quickly store and backup images right from your memory card using this convenient, compact device? With the Epson P-7000 and its included Travel Pack, you've got everything you need for all your photographic assignments. Zoom function to confirm focus/fine detail JPEG and RAW file support Jog dial to scroll through images Long battery life for extended photo shoots Audio/video output Zoom in to confirm focus and fine detail with the large, 4-inch Epson Photo Fine Premia LCD(displays over 16.7 million colors) View images with amazing color accuracy with 94% Adobe RGB color space support Store thousands of RAW and JPEG files on high-capacity, 160GB hard drive Back up images on the spot with built-in memory card slots (CompactFlash? and Secure Digital support) Quickly scroll through images with convenient jog dial navigation Travel Pack ? battery charger, car adapter & more

  • Zoom in to confirm focus and fine detail with the large, 4-inch Epson Photo Fine Premia LCD (displays over 16.7 million colors)
  • Store thousands of RAW and JPEG images on high-capacity, 160GB hard drive
  • Back up images on the spot with built-in memory card slots (CompactFlash? and Secure Digital support)
  • Quickly transfer files from one device to another with Hi-Speed USB 2.0
  • Present images with amazing color accuracy with 94% Adobe RGB color space support

Customer Reviews:

  • Epson P-3000 40GB Multimedia Storage Drive
    I just got the P-3000 as a Christmas gift and I must say, it's outstanding! Even my wife likes it! She says it's the next best thing to my Garmin 2720 GPS. I have a friend who is a total electronics "Geek" who "checked it out" from top to bottom and he was equally impressed! The P-3000 just about does it all - Audio, Video and Stills, etc. The display in incredably sharp and makes viewing a snap. If you don't plan on storing every digital photo or music file you own, the P-3000 with the 40GB drive is more than enough - you'd be hard pressed to fill it up. I really couldn't justify the additional $[...] for the 80GB P-5000 model....more info
  • Best Portable Backup and Viewer Device!!!
    The Epson viewers are simply the best! I've tried Jobo and Sanho, both are not as intuitive as the Epson models. The build quality on the Epson viewers is much higher as well. The Sanho and Jobo viewing screens are not as nice as the Epsons. I started with the 3000 model several years ago, but recently upgraded to the 6000 model, as I needed a larger hard drive. ...more info
  • Epson P-3000 First impressions.
    The P-3000 delivers on all fronts. Crisp, clear, vibrant colors, both for pictures and movies. It's easy to use. The menus are straightforward. Moving your pictures from your memory card to the P-3000 cannot be easier. With the 40GB disk drive included, I have plenty of storage when I'm on vacation, eventhough I sometimes take up to 200 pictures in a day (each RAW pic 6Mb). The P-3000 reads and quickly renders the Nikon RAW format on the screen. It's a real pleasure to review the pictures at the end of the day. It's also very convenient to show travel pictures to family and friends. Everyone to whom I've shown my pics on the P-3000, without exception, was really impressed with the screen quality. Just to show off a bit, I loaded up and showed the movie "Finding Nemo". It really looks good on the P-3000 screen. One feature not tried yet is the music playback.

    At 500U$, it's a bit pricy but it's worth every penny in my book....more info
  • An excellent multi purpose backup device
    Haven't really used this so far but am impressed with what I have seen. I take my photos in RAW and it handles them well albeit a little slowly when scrolling through. A recommended product!...more info
  • Epson P-7000 Multi-Media Viewer
    A must have for serious photographers doing field work in today's digital photography age. The Epson P-7000 provides rapid transfer of photos from the camera to the device on the go without requiring the aid of a computer. The Epson's 4" viewing window and histogram also provides a crisp and vivid look at your photos in the field, adding an extra layer of protection and quality control to your work. The price is high, but for my money, it's worth every penny....more info
  • NObody has reviewed this wondrous gizmo??
    OK, I'll grant you it's pretty expensive, and the use of it isn't immediately obvious to anyone who doesn't already own one. But let me explain: I'm a semi-pro photographer, and given today's travel restrictions and airline weight limits it isn't always practical to carry a laptop computer with a bulky charger in order to back up and view photos I take on the fly. The Epson P-6000 isn't much larger than maybe 4 decks of cards stacked together, and it weighs only about two pounds. (The charger, a standard 9 volt with a transformer, weighs a couple of ounces.)

    BE AWARE, though, this unit ONLY ACCEPTS COMPACT FLASH (CF) AND SD CARDS. NOT MINI-SDs; NOT xDs; NOT SONY MEMORY STICKS. This makes it perfect for Nikon users and the many point-and-shoot camera units utilizing SD cards.

    This item will store pretty much all the photos I can throw at it over the course of a two-week visit virtually anywhere. It files items where I can find them easily (it helps to back up photo cards as you use them, since the backups organize by date). It also hooks up to any television and to my desktop computer with ease for instant slideshows for friends and family, and - nearly best of all - it'll play the MP4 movies I download to the same memory cards I use to store photos. This is a real lifesaver for the 10+ hour plane trip, such as the one I recently took on a third-world airline with no in-flight entertainment.

    You can buy replacement batteries for around $65, and they're also not huge and bulky, maybe the size of two AA batteries end to end and slightly thicker. Each battery lasts from two to three hours, depending on how heavily you're accessing the memory. Although the P-6000 is lightweight, the image quality of the screen is nothing short of really fabulous. It's sharp and not pixellated. At the same time the metal casing of the unit is pretty sturdy - I wouldn't drop it on a cement floor just for fun, but you get the sense it could take a fair amount of jostling and abuse without coming apart.

    The unit doesn't overheat and I've had zero problems getting it to connect to my Macintosh G4 computer for transfer of photos for longterm storage. (It shows up in Finder as simply another external drive, allowing me to transfer files to and from with ease.) This is lucky, because the computer interface program that comes with the Epson is not very well designed. Among other issues, it'll try to make you download movies straight to the Epson using a very, very time-consuming conversion process - when you can simply convert the movies from DVD to MP4 using a faster program like Handbrake, and then plop them in and out of the Epson using either a CF or SD memory card.

    Another mild issue - the manual for the Epson isn't great. I didn't realize until some lengthy trial-and-error that movies I tried to watch wouldn't play because the maximum MP4 image size the Epson will read is 640 x 480.

    More positive issues: The backups run pretty quickly - I can move 4 gigs of photos off a CF card in about four minutes; the Epson doesn't take forever to generate thumbnails so you can view your photos; and the user interface on the device itself is very intuitive. I'm told older versions of the Epson photo viewer made it difficult to batch delete photos; not so with the P-6000. It's also easy to lock photos, to prevent yourself from deleting them accidentally.

    Also, the Epson can be plugged into either 110 or 220 volt outlets, enabling you to carry it around the world without toting a bulky step-down transformer. (You *will* need an adapter to make the U.S. two-prong plug fit the, say, two round pin outlets found in places like Europe and Africa, though.)

    If it weren't so expensive and did it not have a few problems with the software interface and instruction manual I'd rate this a full five stars. Should anything happen to mine, heaven forbid, I'd replace it like a shot. Along with my IPod and Garmin GPS unit, I am never without this item on a trip I take anywhere.

    Oh, and the unit I purchased from an Amazon vendor worked great. The one I bought straight from Epson needed to be returned due to a faulty power supply. Just another data point....more info
  • Epson P-7000 much better than I anticipated...
    I purchased this item a couple of months ago. After using it, I am now convinced that it will now be a "regular" in my camera bag. What I like most about it, first and foremost, is its ease of use. I do indeed find the operation to be relatively intuitive. In fact, I did not read the instruction manual prior to my initial use of the P-7000. Additionally, I particularly like the fact that I can completely fill my compact flash memory card, easily transfer all of my precious photos to the 7000, review them and then feel secure that they are safe. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Not For Me
    This product did not work well for me. I wanted an easy and lightweight backup for photographs to take on trips. This unit is relatively heavy. Transfer is slow.

    More important to me: The interface is clumsy and non-intuitive. For example, it took a lot of trial
    and error to create a folder of a few pictures to show to a dinner group.

    But the killer was that this unit froze twice during the trip, i.e., responded neither to the touch interface nor to any manipulation of the on/off switch. Leaving the unit unplugged until the battery ran down and then
    restarting it did work. I don't believe any pictures were lost, but I've lost my confidence in trusting the unit for important backups.

    The unit has a huge amount of space. It may just suit the needs of other users. My unit may be defective.
    So don't write this off if it meets your needs....more info
  • good quality viewer, but power hungry
    The ability to be able to share images (meaning have people look at images downloaded to the P-3000) without lugging a laptop around is great, especially since the viewer is of such high quality.

    When I try to transfer images between camera and the P-3000 in the field, however, it asks to be plugged into the wall. If the rechargeable battery can't handle the transfers by itself, it would be nice to at least have a 12-volt adapter.

    I also give the unit high marks for its plug and play functionality. The owners manual is quite easy to follow.

    So, to summarize, love the image quality and ease of use, but find it demanding, in regards to power demands. ...more info
  • An excellent multi purpose backup device
    Haven't really used this so far but am impressed with what I have seen. I take my photos in RAW and it handles them well albeit a little slowly when scrolling through. A recommended product!...more info
  • Great, business tool!
    The P-6000 is fast, efficient, capable and looks great. It will download even the largest RAW files in relatively short order and the screen resolution is terrific. Wonderful for allowing clients to see test shots or even draft shots on site. The zoom feature to allow you to see if you got good focus is excellent. All in all, this purchase is just what we wanted and needed for field shooting. Delivery plenty fast as well....more info
  • Wrong Reviews for P-7000
    All of these reviews are for P-3000 players and not the P-7000 that they are associated with and therefore of no use....more info
  • Best photo storage & backup solution if you don't want to take a computer
    I bought this for a specific purpose. We were going to Hawaii, and I for once in my life didn't have access to a laptop computer that I could use. My wife forced me to agree to not take a laptop so I couldn't do work when I was on vacation. But, I take a lot of pictures, and needed a storage solution.

    The Epson P3000 solved the problem. I also carried a USB2 160 GB 2.5 inch hard drive, and was able to make a second backup copy of all images on that, so I was never without 2 copies of every image.

    I take D200/D300 RAW images, so they are large. And on longer trips (such as that trip to Kauai), I will take 5000 or 10000 images. In reality, the P3000 is too small for me, and on that first trip I took 48 GB of images, and the device could only hold 40GB of them. I had 4 8GB CF cards, so I was not at risk at that point, but for me, larger would have been better. But this was much cheaper than the P5000 available at the time, and I decided to save the bucks. That's really the only limitation that I wish could be changed, that you can't change out the hard drive. But Epson, like Apple, makes drive size part of their business model and marketing, and that's not going to change.

    The screen is small (if you're used to a notebook screen), but larger than most portable viewers. And the quality of the rendered images is very good. Color rendition is accurate, vibrant, and the images are contrasty and plenty bright. It's much better to view images on the P3000 than on the D200 LCD. But the D300 3" LCD gives the P3000 a run for it's money (D300 is not better, but it's very close). For RAW files, it will render the embedded JPEG, which is fine as long as you understand what this implies. The human interface to the device is easy to navigate and use, and in the end has all of the functions I needed it to have.

    The User's Guide isn't always clear about how to use it, or about what it can do. For instance it was not clear from Epson's description whether I could actually backup to an external USB2 hard drive. In the end, lots of forum posts confirmed that I could. However, it would not drive the external device power, and so I needed a drive that would support a separate power source. So, for instance, you cannot use it with a WD Passport drive unless you get a USB split cable to supply power from another source.

    Speed is reasonable, remembering that I'm dealing with large images. Copying a full 8GB CF card didn't take much longer than with most USB CF readers on a notebook computer. Making the backups to the USB drive were not fast, but it was start it and let it run, so I didn't care. You can browse the external USB drive to verify the copy of the images there is good, although doing that is really slow so you would only do it to spot check some images, not to browse a different set of images.

    I didn't use any of the media features (like music or video) of the device, so can't comment there. But I know the features are there.

    I have had two other similar storage solutions in the past, neither of which had a display. And that makes them useless. You never know if you have saved your images or not if you can't actually see them. With the P3000, you can see them, and even zoom in on them, and do a great slideshow of them, and even do some culling if you are into that because the display quality is very good given the size.

    In short, if you want to go without a computer, this device plus an external USB2 2.5 inch drive gives you a very compact storage solution that gives you viewing and backup capability. ...more info
  • More than just a photo bank...
    I bought this drive for my wife who is a photographer. She was always worried about having enough camera cards with her on photo shoots, and if she was out of town, she couldn't review her work easily. With the Epson P-3000 however, she is able to download her photos daily, see them on a beautiful screen, and feel confident in erasing her camera cards. Plus she has transferred all her music onto the P-3000, and has a couple of movies as well that she can watch on the plane. This is a really great piece of equipment....more info
  • Photo Uploads on the go
    When I shoot youth sports I need to upload 20-30 gigs of photos a day, and this product has proven to be amazingly reliable. And for the price of an IPOD it is great. By the time the battery goes it is full, you can't ask for more than that....more info
  • Epson P-3000 40GB Multimedia Storage Device
    The P-3000 is a great device to review, edit store and share your digital photography. The large screen allows for the viewing of my photos in great detail and clear focus - much better than viewing on my digital camera. The slideshow function allows for the playing of my favorite music while viewing the slideshow of favorite pictures. I would definitely recommend the P-3000 for all photography buffs. I would rated it 5 stars but for the limited battery life....more info
  • professional photographer, ALINA M PHOTOGRAPHY & DESIGN SUPPORTS EPSON 100%
    This product has made our workflow for my business a much SMOOTHER and stress free process. We are a professional wedding & children photography studio in Miami and we love this item mainly because we download the images immediately at each wedding, on location. Especially destination weddings. It's like carrying around a laptop to download images, but carrying around a pocket size laptop! what better feeling than PEACE OF MIND of our downloaded photos from our weddings? priceless. Download time is QUICK average about 10 minutes for 4 gb cards. I can also "star" a few images and show the bride and groom a slideshow immediately after they're downloaded. WE're also offering projected slideshows to the guests at weddings using this amazing piece of technology. I absolutely endorse this item especially for the professional....more info