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Epson WorkForce 600 Wireless All-in-One Printer (Black) (C11CA18201)
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Product Description

Show the world what your business is made of with the Epson WorkForce 600 All-In-One Printer, engineered for the small business and home office. Get laser quality output at laser fast speeds. Make your business look its best with brilliant color output. It includes the ability to wirelessly print and archive critical documents, or fax stacks of originals in seconds. Because time is money, the WorkForce 600 races through every task. And, it uses up to three times less energy than a laser printer. Fast, affordable and built to grow with your business, the WorkForce 600 does it all, so you can focus on the business at hand. 2-year limited warranty with registration Smudge, fade, water resistant, highlighter friendly Save energy Uses up to 3x less power than a laser printer Do more in less time Copy, scan or fax stacks of documents with built-in, 30-page ADF Send faxes fast, even in color Fax in as fast as 3 sec per page; store up to 60 speed dials and receive up to 180 pages in memory; also faxes legal size Print photos without a computer Built-in memory card slots, PictBridge, and 2.5-inch LCD Make quick color copies and enlargements One-touch copying with high quality scanning; reduce and enlarge 25 to 400 percent Do more with useful software included OCR and creativity software to create flyers, brochures, calendars and more Save paper Built-in double-sided printing Epson Preferred protection program with 2-year limited warranty and 2-year toll-free support, with registration, plus quick product exchange

Show the world what your business is made of with the WorkForce 600, Epson’s new all-in-one that’s engineered for the small business and home office. This powerful performer delivers laser quality output at laser fast speeds. And, it will print photos, copy, scan and fax documents with ease. Versatile and flexible, the WorkForce 600 is made to keep up with you and your business, while making you look your very best.

This sleek & powerful all-in-one can print quality documents about 2x faster than the competition.

Print Speed About 2x Faster than Leading Competitors
Boost your productivity and get speed without sacrificing quality. The WorkForce 600 blazes through documents at speeds about 2x faster than those of competitive printers*. Out of the box, it prints up to 27 ppm** (black), with a draft speed of up to 38 ppm** (black). If you demand quality documents but don’t have the time to wait around for your prints, the WorkForce 600 will be the perfect addition to your business team or home office. Whether you’re printing e-mails, Excel spreadsheets, business proposals or colorful marketing brochures, the WorkForce 600 is the right product for the job.
Built-in Networking – Wi-Fi and Ethernet
With Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking built in, sharing this all-in-one will be easier than ever. The WorkForce 600 can easily be shared within your workgroup so that your team can stay productive and efficient. Because of its sleek design and compact body, it’ll not only look great, but also fit virtually anywhere in your home office or small office. The built-in 30 page Auto Document Feeder, which enables you to easily copy, scan and fax stacks of documents, along with built-in networking makes this all-in-one ideal for a home office or small office environment.

Wi-Fi & Ethernet networking lets you easily share the WorkForce 600 with others in your work group.

Engineered for Small Business and Home Office
Epson understands that small businesses develop ideas and opportunities fast -- that’s why the WorkForce 600 all-in-one was built with your printing, copying, scanning and faxing needs in mind. You’ll appreciate its ability to print high quality documents about 2x faster than competitive ink jet models, without sacrificing quality*. What’s more, revolutionary DURABrite?? Ultra Ink offers brilliant results on plain and photo paper, while the Extra High-capacity Black ink cartridge enables more high-volume printing with fewer cartridge replacements. DURABrite Ultra Ink is smudge, fade and water resistant, and highlighter friendly on plain paper. Its quick-drying formula is ideal for double-sideda?? printing, which saves paper. And, for added peace of mind, the WorkForce 600 comes with the Epson PreferredSM program, which offers a 2-year limited warranty and toll-free support***, with registration – now, that’s product protection you can count on. Bottom line – the WorkForce 600 offers exceptionally fast printing, with versatile and flexible features you can appreciate.
DURABrite Ultra Ink is water resistant, even on plain paper.

Stay productive and make your business look its best with the WorkForce 600. It's the right all-in-one for your office.

  • Easily network within your workgroup a?? Built-in Wi-Fi?? and Ethernet networking
  • Print more, change cartridges less often a?? High-capacity Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow ink cartridges; Extra High-capacity Black also available
  • Protect important documents a?? Smudge, fade and water resistant, highlighter friendly documents rival those from a laser printer and photos rival those from the lab
  • Send faxes fast, even in color a?? Fax in as fast as 3 sec per page; store up to 60 speed dials and receive up to 180 pages in memory; also faxes legal size
  • Print photos without a computer a?? Built-in memory card slots, PictBridgeTM and 2.5-inch LCD
  • Make quick color copies and enlargements a?? One-touch copying with high quality scanning; reduce and enlarge 25 to 400 percent
  • Do more with useful software included a?? OCR and creativity software to create flyers, brochures, calendars and more
  • Save paper a?? Built-in double-sided printing
  • Do more in less time a?? Copy, scan or fax stacks of documents with built-in, 30-page ADF
  • Get speed without sacrificing quality a?? Laser quality documents at about 2x the speed of competitive ink jet printers*
  • Boost your productivity a?? Fast draft and copy speeds a?? up to 38 ppm (black and color)**
  • Get product protection you can count on a?? Epson PreferredSM program with 2-year limited warranty and 2-year toll-free support, with registration***, plus quick product exchange
  • Save energy a?? Uses up to 3x less power than a laser printer****
* Black text printing about two times faster compared to ink jet printers priced at $199 or less, available as of April 2008. Based on independent test in default mode printing typical office documents.
** Draft pages per minute (ppm) speeds measured after first page, based on black and color text patterns in Draft Mode on plain paper. Laser quality pages per minute (ppm) speeds measured after first page, based on black and color text patterns in default mode on plain paper. Additional print time will vary based on system configuration, software application and page complexity. See for more information about print speeds.
*** One-year limited warranty to all purchasers; toll-free support and second-year warranty require registration within 60 days of purchase.
**** Compared to competitive monochrome laser printers at $199 and under available as of March 2008. Based on Epson?? testing of power estimated to be used during an eight-hour day.
a??Some applications and/or functions, like double-sided printing, may not be supported by Mac??.

What’s in the Box
WorkForce 600 all-in-one, Documentation Kit containing CD-ROM with drivers and bonus software, Free sample paper pack with offers, Power Cord, Ethernet cable (CAT-5), Telephone cord, One 97 Extra high-capacity Black ink cartridge, Three 69 standard-capacity ink cartridges – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.
  • 5-in-1 -- print, copy, scan, fax, photo, Wi-Fi
  • Draft speeds up to 38 ppm (black and color)
  • Laser quality documents about 2x faster
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking built in
  • Extra high-capacity black ink

Customer Reviews:

  • Wireless!!!!
    Out of the box in and on the air in less than 30 minutes. Now that's Awesome!!!...more info
  • Works great with Vista/WPA AES 256
    I cannot tell you how easy it was to set up this device. Our old unit was a HP PSC 2510, and it had horrible wireless support (no WPA or G).
    This Espon model was the answer to our problems. I specifically use WPA2 Personal, with AES 256 encryption (the Nintendo Wii only supports AES).
    Setup was a breeze and all of our Vista/XP systems were printing in no time!
    Also, the built-in card slots were a nice touch.
    Print quality with photos are just as good, if not better, than the HP PhotoSmart units that I am familiar with.
    I highly recommend this system!...more info
  • Can do 99% of what "high end" devices can do.
    The ease of setup, small footprint and wifi connectivity make the WorkForce 600 a great home or home office MFD. It's speed, quality and overall performance nips at the heels of high end business class MFD's! This is an exceptional value! The total cost of ownership is equitable. ...more info
  • Great multi function printer/scanner/copier
    I own a Canon Multipass F50 and bought the Epson Workforce 600 for my business/office early this year 2009. So far the Epson 600 is great. Nothing to complain about. Can scan to pdf. Print much faster. Has wireless feature. Uses less ink. Can print photos better. All this for half the price of what I paid for the F50.

    Of course, my base line is comparing it to the F50 which is a much older printer; but really it more than meets my expectation. Perfectly happy with this printer. The only thing is setting up the wireless feature didn't work as the instruction states, I hate to call customer service and have them walk me through setting it up manually. After that, it was all great....more info
  • Epson work force 600
    Printer is awesome and easy to set up. The printer prints fast, but the only problem I have is that the printer, when wireless, will no print if I am connected to the internet. Cannot figure this out. I have three other computers in my office and they are all set up correctly for wireless and the same thing happens to the other computers if they are on line.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Jim...more info
  • Awesome piece of machinery
    It's a bit overkill--I doubt I'll ever need everything this printer is capable of, but it's nice to know it's there just in case.

    If you read the instructions a few times before starting, it's pretty easy to set up on a wireless network. It took me over an hour, but I'd never done anything like it before. But now it works fabulously.

    ...more info
  • Epson Workforce 600 Wireless
    I haven't tried all the features and I am still "testing" the printer, but so far I like the printer. It has good quality printing. I don't use as much as I thought I might but I still like the printer....more info
  • a really good, versatile machine for the money
    I got my Epson Workforce 600 a few weeks ago. My family wanted a versatile machine that did everything it said it would. Nothing real fancy, but it had to work well and efficiently. The UI (user interface) had to be pretty intuitive for my less tech-savvy family members. Now that we've had it for a few weeks, I can say it's a marvelous machine. Prints well, scans well, fax works great, etc. Plus its nicely built with well-weighted buttons, plastic that's not real flimsy for its price range, and some good design work. Overall, really good. Plus one can find it on sale many places. For the price... it's great....more info
  • This printer is a WorkHorse!
    The print quality and the print speed is exceptional. I have owned/used this printer for a couple of months, and have experienced no problems. I have used most of the functions on the printer already (fax, scan, copy, print...) all have provided the desired results beyond satisfaction. I have owned many printers over the years (Lexmark, HP, Brother), and this printer has outperformed them all. I would highly recommend this printer....more info
  • Epson Wireless All In One Review
    The Epson Workforce 600 Wireless Printer is absolutely perfect for me. I ordered mine online at, and it arrived quickly. I run a small business, and have a home office. This wireless all-in-one is perfect for both. The quality of the photo's is by far the best I have seen. It is very fast also. I just love the way it looks and all the easy to understand features. I really like the printers display feature too. I would say that this Epson Printer doesn't go through as much ink as other printers I have owned. This product comes with many ports for downloading stuff directly to it and printing without a pc. Since it's wireless I can put it anywhere I choose. I haven't experienced any trouble at all with it and I think this printer is a great value. The Epson WorkForce 600 Wireless All-In-One Printer get's Five Stars from me. The Epson WorkForce Wireless All-In-One Printer has everything for the small business or home office....more info
  • Consumes large amounts of ink and fax line problems
    The printer is on the network. It work quickly when the print comes from a PC. However, when printing from our Macs, it sometimes take as long as 5 to 10 minutes before it starts to print. I suspect it a problem with the Epson driver.

    It drinks ink at a rate of about 3 times faster than our old Epson 340. I can not believe how few prints we get. Although it is new and does a great job with envelopes, which most other printers fail at, we are thinking of replacing or adding another printer for most of our printing. Even Epson has run out of stock on the ink cartridges.

    The fax line seems to hang onto the phone line and does not disconnect. This is a problem since we have a business and the line serves both the fax and normal calls.

    I'm surprised at the good points and the bad points....more info
  • Pretty good printer
    I've had my Epson 600 for several months and overall I am satisfied. The positive aspects include very fast printing -- it really spits out pages in a hurry, even color. The print quality is good but not exceptional -- I think the colors are perhaps a little less vibrant than my prior HP.

    The unit is quite compact for an all-in-one, and color copying is easy and fast. I haven't tried scanning yet.

    The drawbacks are the ink usage and paper loading. I print a lot for a home office and I seem to be putting in new cartridges all the time, even the high-capacity 68's. I am not pleased with the lack of endurance of the cartridges, and the 68's are hard to get except from Epson.

    I find paper loading is lousy. Paper catches on plastic pieces in the chute when you try to load it, and my computer gives me an error message that paper is not loaded frequently after I put in more paper. I end up keeping it filled with only a small load and having to add more paper all the time. The loading system and paper handling system are poorly designed in my opinion.

    The Epson is pretty noisy too, although that does not matter as much to me.

    I like the Epson for the speed -- that is my primary reason for buying it -- and for the print quality. I think I would buy again, although I find the rapid ink usage and tricky paper loading/handling annoying....more info
  • makes me cry
    SUCKS. This is my second Epson printer, and the first time I swore I'd never get another. So I guess I'm the dummy who let the salesman talk me into another one. The setup goes awry, and there's no easy way to fix it. The online FAQs are a joke--either laughably simplistic or totally opaque. They skip right over what my problem is without any solution. I'm in the middle of a job that I need to show some progress on and here I am wasting an entire day. They have a customer service statement on their site but their support number is completely buried (here it is: (562) 276-1300). The first agent I spoke to kept telling me to call Apple and couldn't help me, despite an hour on the phone. I called back, spoke to a support person who was much more helpful, and found out, basically, the product can't work wirelessly with a common security system, so I'd have to call either Apple or my internet provider to reset. What a headache....more info
  • Great as usual
    You can always count on Epson; definitely the leader in the industry. Loved the product, loved the shipping, super all around!!!...more info
  • Best all-in-one EVER!
    1) Auto document feeder (ADF) lets you scan, copy, or fax up to 30 pages at a time. You can leave it and go do something more constructive.

    2) You can scan by placing on the scanner glass OR by using the ADF. Useful if you need to scan a 3-dimensional object, like a DVD case or book cover, or page bound in a book.

    3) You can scan to a memory card without even having your computer on! I keep an XD card in at all times. When I get bank statements, insurance EOBs, and other important mail, I scan it to the card & trash it. Less paper clutter! When I get a chance, I pop the card in my PC & organize everything into the correct folder.

    4) You don't need the computer on to fax.

    5) Wireless hookup is so easy. I know NOTHING about WiFi and I had it up and running in 5 minutes. Just follow the directions carefully.

    6) You can print even if your internet isn't working. That may be obvious to most of you, but to me, knowing nothing about wireless networking, it wasn't.

    7) It's blazing fast at printing, scanning, and faxing.

    1) It's rather large and clunky. If it were smaller I would give it 5 stars.

    In summary, I love this printer. I would definitely buy it again. I was an HP snob until I went through 2 Officejets in less than 60 days. Now I'm sticking with Epson....more info
  • Looks great, works well, very noisy
    The originally shipped printer was defective. Epson customer service replaced it efficiently and rapidly. The unit is attractive, has an impressive array of features, is generally easy to use, and prints excellent quality copies. The only negative is the loud grinding noises it makes when printing. Epson customer service says these noises are standard. Overall, I'm satisfied, but the grinding noises are bothersome and do not inspire confidence in the product's quality. You do not want to use the printer with a client in the office. Since I made the purchase, the price dropped $50. At the sale price, even with the sound effects, this printer is hard to beat....more info
  • You get what you pay for...(I suggest you pay a little more).
    I worked right out of the box. Runs three computers no problem. A little noisy. Went through a black cartridge faster that my old office jet. Only complaint is the colors are as "brilliant" a I'd hoped. ...more info
  • Wireless Printer
    Product works fine and the control panel is intuitive but getting the wireless connectivity established was not so straightforward....more info
  • No disappointments here!
    I was looking for a wireless printer, so that I would be able to print from my 2 apartment setup while spending the winter in Florida. I naturally looked at Epson Printers, since my experience with Epson has always been very positive. I did not intend to purchase an All In One Printer, but after seeing the specifications and price of the "WorkForce 600", I decided to buy it. The printer arrived in perfect condition. I quickly unpacked it and proceeded to set up the Wireless Networking. It installed without a hitch. The Scanner works great as does the copier function. All in all, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. As usual, Epson did not disappoint....more info
  • Great Product
    Amazon does an excellent job. I researched this printer for about 5 hours before deciding to make the purchase. Best decision I have ever made when purchasing electronics. Amazon held up to their promise and it was delivered safely, no damage whatsoever. The Epson is very user friendly and easy to install. Had it up and running in just a few minutes. I would and have recommended this product to others and will continue to do so....more info
  • A Good Choice
    This has been a great machine for my wife and I. We use it regularly to print documents/webpages from our laptop and HTPC. Also, we use it to scan single and multi-page documents into PDFs. We haven't used it as a fax or to scan/print photos.

    Print quality seems very good. Text is very sharp and the colors are bright and crisp. As stated above, I haven't printed any photos, so I can't comment on its performance there.

    We have it setup wirelessly, and it works flawlessly. The setup was very smooth and straightforward... anyone who has a problem likely deviated from the step-by-step instructions. Many additional network and security settings can be configured, if necessary.

    The included software, which I have installed on both an XP and Vista machine, is decent. Solid printer driver is easy to use, but still has many options. I have no use for ArcSoft Print Creations, so I didn't install it. ABBYY Finereader, OCR software used to convert scanned documents into editable text, is a great program and a valuable addition to the package. The installation is slightly bloated with a print-monitor application, but its well programmed and doesn't interfere with anything.

    The package includes full-capacity black and color ink cartridges -- which is great, considering some manufacturers include low capacity "starter" cartridges. No USB cable, but they do give you an ethernet cable. The ethernet cable is nice, because you need to do the initial networking setup via ethernet, even if you plan to use a wireless network.


    - Fast
    - Very good print quality overall
    - Flawless wireless performance
    - Scans photos and multi-page documents to PDF/JPG directly to a memory card, which can be easily accessed over a network
    - Feels more solid than similar models
    - Nice user interface with decent 2.5" LCD display
    - Easy setup and clear instructions


    - Pretty noisy operation
    - Scan quality is good, but not exceptional
    - No duplex printing/scanning
    - Ink is expensive and seems to be used quickly

    Overall, this is the right printer for us and I am really happy with it. If you print photos regularly, want duplex printing or need a high-quality photo scanner, you might want to look at some other options....more info
  • Stop looking buy it now
    Pros: Fast, easy to set up, great scanner, very good printer
    Cons: A little noisy, slightly larger than other all in ones because of the top document feeder

    Recommendation: buy it

    Refurbished the home office with new laptops and a wireless printer.
    Owned a HP all in one for about 6 days, it was defective and HP knows it, after spending 2 hrs on the tech line. Bought the workforce 600. This thing is awesome, a little noisy, but so what!. The wireless is easy to set up. Prints very fast, even when operating via the router. Love the document scanner. Scanned about 12 pages to a PDF format in about 30 seconds. Fast, accurate.

    Stop looking and just buy it.
    We'll see what the replacement ink costs in the future as compared to the HP costs. The 600 takes 4 unique colors.

    ...more info
  • I expect more from this company
    two major issues.

    1. beware this is not a durable piece of equipment. After pluging and unpluging from my network about five times durring the setup, the ethernet port on the printer stoped working (broken).

    2. Vista owners be ware that the software is not always compatible I'm running a version of vista 64. Eventhough the lable on the software lists vista and there is no warning in the documentation, it was not compatible. I only discovered this after screewing with it fo a couple hours finaly gave up and went to their website for support. After poking around for a while I discovered a small note that all vista users are recomended to download software from the website. Oh and you need to goto at least two different sources to get a print driver and a scaner driver.

    You should also check the review on what happens if any one of the ink cartriges run out.

    I'm returning this and buying a Brother with wifi for less than half the price....more info
  • Not Quite sure but worked out OK
    I was surprised by how much I love this printer, but there are a few things you should be aware of if you are picky about what you expect from a printer of this price range. First the one thing you notice right out of the box is how flimsy the paper tray is. They could have spent the extra five dollars and made the tray solid. The other thing that would be nice is one touch scanning, you have to save an image on the computer before you can print it. The next thing would be the printer picture quality, It is average. Everything else about this printer is fantastic, Oh and the wireless install was so easy it took all of twenty minutes. One thing I have noticed is people with MACs have problems with the install I'm a PC so it was super easy....more info
  • Good, but with annoyances
    This seems like a useful multifunction device, but has some bugs in the software that are annoying. The first is that every time you go to turn it off, it warns you that "Saved fax data/received data will be deleted", even if you never sent or received a fax! Secondly, when it runs low on ink, it has a "Remind later" option, but even if you choose this it disallows you from doing any printing, even if it's complaining about yellow, and you're printing black and white.

    Also, the scanning software on the desktop (Mac) is pretty awful....more info
  • Broke immediately
    After about 300 not-very-color intensive copies (ie no photos, mostly black with a purple decoration at the top) the cyan was out. I tried to go to an ink refill place, but Epson has chips in their ink that prevent refills. The ink is, therefor, very expensive. Even on low-quality/fast mode this thing goes through both black and color ink very, very quickly. The printer will not print if you are out of ink in any of one the cartridges--so you have to keep ink on hand at all times.

    Worse though, was that within a month of purchase and about 400 copies--at the most--the print quality declined and stripes appeared across each page, regardless of my attempts at noozle cleaning and re-alignment. Eventually, the black ink would not work at all. When I called Epson, they took my credit card number (they would only charge me $170 if I didn't return the old one) and sent me a refurbished model to replace my broken brand new one. It took about a week to arrive--during which I couldn't print anything--and then I had to set the new printer up all over again, repackage the old one and mail it back FedEx (or you pay yourself).

    All in all, this printer has been extremely annoying, time consuming and expensive.

    ...more info
  • Epson WorkForce 600 wireless All-in One Printer
    Researched all wireless printers before buying. This model was highly recommended. Compact size and good for small places. Did not take long to set-up and easy to use. Prints quickly with good color. Have not used fax yet. I am very happy with my choice...more info
  • Add me to the group of Satisfied Owners
    I've read most of what the other reviewers to date have said in their posts and my experience seems to mirror theirs.

    1. The WorkForce 600 unit is the best looking of the Epson printers I have had (and I'm a bit Epson brand loyal).
    2. It is my first "wireless" printer and it works much easier and faster than I expected. Set up is a breeze.
    3. As another reviewer pointed out, the ease of use of the scanner is making me use a scanner more now than ever before. I always felt scanners were a pain in the rear. But NOT this one! It makes me want to scan everything in sight!
    4. Yes, it is true that my Epson printers usually won't work if even 1 ink cartridge is empty but I've gotten over that issue in my head.
    5. The thing spits out pages faster than I have ever seen in any of my HP, Canon or other Epson units.
    6. I do lots of Photoshop projects and color quality is important. I use my Epson Rx 680 All in One with Claria Ink for my best photo prints. The ink for that unit used to be TOO overpriced, however I see that Amazon now has 5 of the six colors for $53 these days. That is good!
    7. The WorkForce ink is much more reasonably priced and the color prints are very good but not as professional as the RX680. But I didn't think it would be.
    8. I've only used the WorkForce as a Printer, Copier and Scanner and use it wirelessly. I have not used the photo card reader or fax (or any other features it may have that I haven't explored yet). The unit is a hands down 5 stars in those three tasks. I'd give it 6 if I could.
    9. Best yet is that I bought the unit on sale for $149 and received an additional $50 rebate to recycle an old broken printer. ($99 final price).

    The combination of the WorkForce 600 (which is really an appropriate name for this unit) and the RX680 covers all my needs (from printing directly to CDs, duplexing, easy scanning and easy home networking.

    If you like Epson, you'll probably love the WorkForce 600.

    [The RX680 scanner may be as easy and fast as the WorkForce but I only used it once a year ago so I don't remember being as impressed with it as I am with the WorkForce. If the 680 scanning is equally as fast then the only real advantage to my having the WorkForce is that the ink is cheaper and that it can be used easily on the home network and either with cable or wirelessly. The WorkForce does not "shake" like the 680 does (which seems to shake a lot) and the WorkForce is much more attractive than all of my previous units.]

    I've only owned this unit for 5 weeks.

    ...more info
  • Great printer - mediocre drivers/software
    We bought this printer for the wireless capability and overall good reviews it seemed to receive. However, this printer is not like other printers in that you can just add it to your printers group within XP or Vista. You must install their software which by default puts some additional overhead (monitoring of ink, ink deals, etc.). For some that might be valuable to see all the time, but personally I wish Epson didn't install these clients to be active during boot up. So just something to keep in mind after you install the software. Also, at times (I am not sure if it is due to wireless or not) the printer takes much longer to print anything. Sometimes about 30 seconds before the first page comes out.

    Anyways, overall it is a great printer with lots of features that is easy to use from the start. There are just a few hiccups and that is why I give it a 4 star....more info
  • Feature rich, full of value, but noisy.
    I had my eye on this product for quite some time. The most attractive feature was its ability to be networked via Ethernet cable (RJ-45 jack on the back). Although it had Wi-Fi capability, I wasn't that interested in it.

    This All-in-one unit is packed with features. I'd rate the print quality at around 7 of 10, scan quality at about 7 of 10 (don't expect to get super scans of photos with it), and ease of use about 7 as well.

    The menus are cumbersome to work with and the controls are somewhat clunky. You'll definitely want to disable the beep sound every time you press any key. It gets annoying after a while.

    Perhaps my biggest complaint about this product is that its *noisy*. It makes a tremendous amount of racket in just about anything is does. When you power it on, it beeps loud and the initialization is loud. When the scan bar moves to scan a document (for either copy, fax, or scanning), it makes a very noisy whirring sound.

    But I can't complain that much. This $199.99 Amazon-priced all-in-one unit is normally priced at $159 at Fry's electronics (west coast SF Bay chain). But I got mine for $139 on sale at Office Max. Couldn't pass up the price.

    Had I known before I bought it that it was this noisy/loud, I probably would have still bought it at $139, but not 159 or higher.
    ...more info
  • Does not work with Macs
    I've spent 7-8 hours so far on the phone with Epson and AppleCare trying to get the Epson Work Force 600 to recognize my wireless network. It is still not working. Even the USB option won't work because the Work Force 600 is not included in the list of available Epson printers in the "Add Printer" drop down menu. I do not recommend this product to any Mac user. It was a nightmare process and cannot believe that in this day and age it's still a major hassle to install a simple printer. Now I'm left with a copier because I can't print anything with this piece of crap....more info
  • Pretty smooth
    Liked it a lot! Very nice looking on my desktop, a little bulky perhaps, but much smaller than the old fax machine, printer, and scanner. The navigation menus are simple enough for my father to use (kind of a big deal) and printer is super fast too. I took advantage of the Ethernet connection to print wireless rather than the built in wireless and had great results. You do need to read the directions by the way, the setup for a Mac took a little more effort than a usual simple install, but it's a good manual that's simple to read. We'll see how it holds up to the test of time but my first impressions are high....more info