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Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro (920-000919)
List Price: $129.99

Our Price: $99.49

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Product Description

When does comfort matter? When your legs are asleep but your hands are still moving. When you're the last one at the office and you're getting that report ready. Or when you get home later that night and you're typing that long e-mail.That's when you need the highest level of comfort - the Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro. You can do more, more comfortably.The wave key design can comfortably cradle your fingers without requiring that you relearn how to type. The full-size, full-travel keys are also designed for remarkably quiet operation. The constant curve lets you type with confidence and comfort. Features consistently sized keys. The contoured palm rest helps position your hands comfortably on the keyboard.

  • Innovative Wave design that cradles your hands naturally
  • Elegantly contoured mouse that fits comfortably in your hand
  • Rechargeable laser mouse and 3-year keyboard battery life
  • Revolutionary hyper-fast scrolling for flying through documents and Web pages
  • Enhanced 2.4 GHz cordless technology for more robust, reliable performance

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect for HTPC or Gaming
    I built my own PC and have it hooked up to my 42' LCD TV. I game on it and it also serves as my Home Theater PC. So I was looking for a keyboard with very limited lag that also had great range. Based on reviews from Amazon and NewEgg, I decided to purchase it.

    It's perfect. It is exactly what I was looking for. Extremely customizable with the Logitech software. I receive no lag when I am gaming or typing a word document. I use Windows Media Center with codec packs to play all my movies and this keyboard has great shortcuts for WMC. If you are looking for a keyboard for your HTPC and you also want to game from your sofa, then this keyboard is for you.

    Oh, and the mouse is awesome. You can customize the DPI through the logitech software, which can make it more or less sensitive depending on your tastes or use at the time. When I am just websurfing, I use a lower DPI, but when I game I turn the DPI to the highest setting. ...more info
  • Changed my life!
    I never write reviews, but I had to share with anyone who would listen that this keyboard and mouse set has changed my life. Seriously.

    My old keyboard was too tall to fit in the drawer on my desk, so I had to leave it sitting on the desktop. I made this purchase because we have a new baby, and I needed a wireless keyboard I could move to my lap if I was holding her.

    The bonus was it's so slim that even when on the middle elevation, it still fits in the keyboard drawer. Because of this, I got some deskspace back. When I did this, I discovered I could rearrange my two monitors, which resulted in moving my desk chair. For the first time in years, my back doesn't hurt when I'm at the desk for long periods, the awesome ergonomics of the Wave keyboard and mouse have eliminated my carpal tunnel pain, well, life is just plain good.

    The Wave design on the keyboard is subtle but a definite improvement. The semi-soft palm rest is simply the best I've ever used. While I'm not a fan of extraneous buttons on keyboards, the controls on this one are both functional but out of the way. The mouse is the first I've found that even came close to matching up to my old MouseMan Wheel+ Optical of 2001 fame.

    If you've never had a wireless keyboard and mouse before, be aware of two caveats: Even with a good set, you're going to use up some batteries, and you will every now and again likely have a delay or hiccup with text entry or mouse movement. That being said, so far both issues on this set are minimal. At $115, it's not cheap, but it's definitely a great investment!...more info
  • We have a WINNER!
    Always been a Logitech user. I especially like their mice. But I've had trouble with cordless. So when I bought this, I was explicitly looking for a product with a decent range - as in more than 10 feet - for my home theater PC. This one fit the bill perfectly!

    Range - works at 15 feet and then some!
    Mouse - like the old Mouseman, it's shaped to your hand (for right-handers)
    Keyboard - a sleep button that works and is recessed to avoid accidental pushing. Lots of other buttons like volume control. This keyboard is a very good fit for my application - my Home Theater PC (HTPC).
    Dongle - the USB dongle is the size of a small WiFi adapter. No long cords, no magic button pushing - it just WORKS!

    Mouse - is for right-handers only. Also lots of buttons that can be accidentally pressed. May want to disable some of them in the control software.
    Cost - a bit pricey unless you need the range. No other wireless comes close to the range of the Wave.
    Keyboard - size is a bit large. For the home-theater PC people, it would be very nice if Logitech were to make a similar product with a mini keyboard. Or maybe a combo mini keyboard and trackball?

    Do I recommend it? Absolutely! 5 of 5 stars!...more info
  • Nice & comfortable
    I have recently started to spend a lot of time on my desktop after a long stint on a laptop and felt the need for a full sized keyboard and mouse. I finally made this my choice.

    First the mouse. I was using the VX Nano that I was previously using and this mouse took a couple of days to get used to. It has been over a week now and I have gotten pretty used to it. It feels comfortable and the soreness I used to have with the VX Nano is no longer there at the end of the day. It also felt quite heavier initially and now it feels a lot more comfortable.
    I was used to the hyper scroll with VX Nano and was one of the reasons to upgrade my choice from Cordless Wave to Cordless Wave Pro. The only difference is that a press on the wheel actually acts a middle button click instead of switching the scroll mode. The button by the wheel actually acts as a switch. This does not really alter the usage by much.

    I have not ha to charge my mouse so far. The fact that the rechargeable batteries are user replaceable is big plus. The charging cable if connected to the mouse does make it a little awkward to use as it is not flexible at the point you plug it in. I am planning on charging the mouse overnight, when I need to. The little hidden button by the thumb is great little gem.

    On to the keyboard, the star of this set. The Wave design looks nice and the keys are actually slightly larger than my other keyboards. In spite of the ergonomic design I am able to type like I always used to. I am not a touch typist, I mostly use my middle and index fingers to type and the keyboard does not hamper my way of picking at the keys one by one. The relative positions of the keys are pretty similar to a regular keyboard. I have noticed that this keyboard has improved my wrist angle while working to be straighter than it used to be with a regular keyboard.

    I am still working on Windows XP and I could get the Media Center Key to launch my iTunes and I all of the media control keys (play/pause, stop etc...) are actually nice to get used to.

    There are a couple of things that would have made this set better, an extension dock for the receiver as with Nano and other sets would have been nice, instead of having to plug the receiver in to the cpu unit under the desk. Lights for Num, Caps and Scroll lock on the keyboard itself. I use numbers in my passwords and am used to entering them from the numeric keypad and there is no way of saying if the Num lock is on or off from the login screen. Which sometimes can lead to annoying focus shifts instead of the password being entered properly.

    All in all I am very satisfied with it, another stellar product from Logitech.

    The one day shipping was fast and on time as always from Amazon....more info
  • Can haz linux drivers plz? kthxbai
    After having used a corded Wave keyboard for a few months, I decided to splurge and pick up the cordless version so I could use a Wave at work and at home.

    Like the corded Wave, the keyboard is very comfortable and has a fairly decent key feel. The palm rest is padded and feels nice, and typing with the keyboard on my lap feels just as comfortable as having it on the desk.

    I run Linux on my desktops, and so far Logitech doesn't seem to be in any hurry or have any great desire to come out with Linux drivers for their keyboards. This means you're stuck with basic keyboard functionality and that many of the function keys aren't available under Linux. Media keys work as do a couple of the programmable silver keys, but that's about it. Something to consider if you're not going to be using this keyboard with Windows.

    For some inexplicable reason, there are *no* Caps/Num/scroll lock indicator lights on the keyboard like there are on the corded version. Don't know if Caps/Num lock status is indicated in some way by a taskbar applet in Windows, but the only way to tell Caps/Num lock status is to start typing.

    The keyboard uses 2 AA batteries, but unlike the mouse, can't be recharged via USB/wall wart. This would have been a nice addition to the keyboard and made it more convenient to use rechargeable AA batteries in the keyboard.

    The mouse has a nice feel to it, and the mouse wheel can be switched between hyperscrolling and click scrolling modes with a push of a button. The mouse uses 1 AA rechargeable battery, and can be charged via USB or wall wart via the micro-USB connector. At close to 170g, the mouse may feel a little on the hefty side to some.

    The USB receiver I have plugged in to the back of my computer and about 2'-3' away from the mouse/keyboard. Haven't experienced any reception problems so far....more info
  • Too good, my wife now wants one
    I was a bit skeptical about a "wave" type keyboard, but decided to give it a try--more to obtain the rechargeable mouse than anything else. Well, the mouse is great (although unlike the directions stated in the box it did require a recharge before first use) and the keyboard is so good that after giving it a try, my wife insisted that I order a second one for her. Doubts about the wave just vanished when I put it to use. I would certainly give this item a five star rating. ...more info
  • Love the keyboard - not the software
    Logitech's Wave keyboard is great. I have two of them. Both replaced the Microsoft Natural keyboards, which are not well made.
    However, the software that came with the Wave Pro (SetPoint 4.6, will not install on my computer. I've spent many hours (at least 7 maybe 10 hours) on the phone with Logitech, but they have not been able to solve the problem. Windows XP always reports a fatal error when attempting to install the software.
    The keyboard itself works ok without the software, but I cannot take advantage of all of the available features without it.
    So if you want all of the keyboards features, you may not be able to access them if you have the same problem that I do....more info