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Logitech Squeezebox Boom All-In-One Wi-Fi Internet Radio
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Product Description

Squeezebox plays a wide variety of digital music files, including uncompressed and lossless formatsacross a true 802.11g wireless network connection. Enjoy the widest choice of listening options beyond your own music collection, including thousands of internet radio stations or the MP3 Tunes online music locker. This service allows you, for example, to upload your whole music collection from your PC to a storage space on the Internet which you can then access from any Squeezebox. It's music, your way.

  • Integrated, all-digital amplifier and breakthrough acoustics for a big, crystal-clear sound that fills a room
  • SqueezeNetwork online music service for easy access to your favorite musicon Virtually Any Surface
  • Compact, all-in-one design with wireless connectivity for clean, clutter-free installation
  • True 802.11g wireless networking for optimal network speeds and more secure connection
  • A seven-day alarm that wakes you with your favorite playlist or Internet radio station

Customer Reviews:

  • Great little device
    A little on the expensive side, but it does what I need very well - I listen to internet radio, Pandora and the music files on my main PC. The sound quality is good, especially for the size.

    The learning curve for using the device was a bit steeper than I'd like, and some of the controls are not exactly intuitive (big black rotary dial is for volume, right? Wrong!), but once learned it's pretty good.

    Not fond of the Logitech Squeezecenter software running on my main PC. It's the easiest way to set up the Squeezebox, but it's a memory hog and spends too much time clogging up my admittedly slow DSL connection....more info
  • Surprisingly good sound
    The interface on the radio itself is rather clunky and limited, but you can login to Squeezbox's website and program your radio from your PC. The audio quality is very good, and it's interaction with your PC (ability to play mp3's on your hard drive) makes for a very nice package. No complaints here!...more info
  • Apparently works for some. Completely useless to me !
    I had high expectations from this device. I own several Logitech products and the quality and ergonomics of their products is most of the time outstanding.
    This device is a complete disappointment. I personally bought is to use as an internet radio. Unfortunately for 80% of the stations I want I get either "Connection reset by remote ..." error or "No playlist found". These are all stations listed in the Squeezebox Center, not my custom favorites. Besides this, the whole idea of this device is retarded. It comes with an application, the Squeezebox Center which installs and runs as a web server on the host computer. For this to work you need to create an account on the SqueezeNetwork. The Squeezebox Center application lets you specify your media folders to use with the Squeezebox Boom. I personally have a problem if on a computer that has no shared folders, I install an application that will share my folders with a device and also requires me to log in to some online service. It creates another open window to the internet that I don't want there.
    In a word: Disappointing! I researched the errors I get and apparently a lot of users complain that in the newer versions of the Squeeze Center application, the Internet Radio doesn't work right. To me is completely useless and that goes for the other Logitech devices that use the same concept (SqueezeBox Duo and so on).

    P.S.: Like this was not enough, Amazon sent me a used Squeezebox. The packaging was clearly opened before and the SqueezeBox has deep scratches in the back.
    Back to the warehouse it goes!
    ...more info
  • Great way to remotely play your PC music collection
    The squeezebox boombox has excellent sound and the device interface and pc application are quickly learned. An outstanding product overall. The lack of a battery powered option is my only criticism....more info
  • Amazing
    The box does even more than I expected, and is of great design.
    I'll consider putting one of these on every floor....more info
  • Not bad, not impressive
    Easy setup once you get used to its way of operating. Sketchy documentation.
    Some drawbacks:
    1 - The device is dependent on your computer too much. Once it gets a connection and starts streaming, if your computer goes to sleep through power management, that should not upset device operations but it does. The darn thing is constantly chatting with Squeeze Center on your computer and when that fails, it hangs up with various diagnostic messages. It should continue to stream music from the last setup with the Squeeze Center directly from the Internet should the Squeeze Center become unavailable.
    2- The device does not have any automatic recovery when it loses contact with the Squeeze Center. It relies on a human to push buttons or go manually wake up the computer where the Squeeze Center is running. The device ought to send wake-up-on-LAN (WOL) messages *AUTOMATICALLY* to arouse the computer (it doesn't).

    Nice concept, poor execution in terms of automatic recovery. I would keep shopping for something more automated....more info
  • Better then anticipated
    The squeezebox boom offers more features, more stations with reasonably good sound quality than anticipated. Why pay a monthly fee for Sirius radio when so many music varieties are available free? Its compact, portable and a welcome addition to our home. My biggest complaint is the lack of detailed instructions. You have to experiment. Also set up was not as easy as advertised. I finally phoned technical assistance ( answered after one ring) and a pleasant technician walked me through numerous steps until it began working. This product is quite amazing and well worth the Amazon price....more info
  • Love this device!
    My efforts to find a way to listen to music here at home have been trying, at best.

    We have a receiver hooked to our TV on which I can play CDs with good sound, but it's in the family room where the kids are often playing and/or watching TV, so it is less than ideal.

    I bought an extra Sirius receiver that could be used in the house or hooked up in our non-Sirius enabled car (since we already subscribe for one of our vehicles). It works great in the car, but the antenna does not work well at home, and resulted in a wire going out through a window, which definitely wouldn't work in the winter.

    I ended up just asking my husband for some good speakers for my laptop which stays in my kitchen, thinking I could use that to listen to my itunes and sirius as well online.

    Instead of getting me speakers, he bought me the Squeezebox Boom. At first I was thinking that it was not at all what I needed, but after reading some of the great user reviews here at amazon and trying it out myself, I'm totally hooked!

    The set up was easy. It automatically found all my wireless connections. Once it was set up, I was able to enable my Sirius account to play through there. The sound is excellent.

    Going beyond Sirius, I can listen to local radio via internet feeds as well (and it automatically finds these stations for me). This is perfect for me, because of my semi-rural and heavily treed location, I could never pick up a good radio signal here at home!

    The other feature that I'm really enjoying is Pandora radio. I have no idea how it really works, but I can create my own stations by inputting favorite artists, as well as choose to listen by genre. But unlike traditional radio, I can skip songs I don't like, and even rate songs as they are being played. I know that I've only scratched the surface of Pandora's functionality, but I'm looking forward to finding out what it holds.

    One problem is that it can't access the itunes format of music, which was at first disappointing to me. However, I am able to play my CD music library that I have uploaded to itunes, and beyond that, there is an in-line that I can use to connect my ipod to play all files on there -- including podcasts and music purchased via itunes.

    If you are looking for a way to enjoy and discover new music, or simply a great way to listen to local and internet radio or your own Sirius account, I highly recommend Squeezebox Boom.

    ...more info
  • Incredible value. Better than satellite radio with no monthly fee!
    I've had my Sqeezebox Boom for about a month now and it has far exceeded my expectations. Sound quality is very good. You have thousands of stations you can listen to, and also services like Pandora and Slacker.

    Liking it more and more everyday and finding something new out about it every day.

    Love it....more info
  • Love it!!
    We love the boom. We have a ton of digital music, and even though we have the ability to listen to that music on our home theater, this isn't where we want to listen to music. I got this because of several friends with standard Squeezeboxes.

    The software is easy. I installed it as a service on a Windows computer. It's always there running, waiting to be connected to. The setup and configuration was pretty simple.

    The device itself is very nice. The sound is good. The controls make sense. It's very portable. It got onto our network simply.

    My only complaint is that there isn't a battery for it. One of the places we've been using it a lot is on the patio, and even though we do have power out there, it's not in the best place, so we're having to use an extension cord. It would be much simpler if there was just a rechargeable battery in the thing. Oh well. I guess their logic is that it has to be on your home network, so you will probably have AC nearby.

    I would recommend this to anyone who is into digital music, and wants a convenient way to listen to it.
    ...more info
  • Great product focused on streaming your collection
    I purchased this device for use in our kitchen to access over 100GB of DRM-free MP3s that resides on our desktop PC. While there are many desktop radios out there, and many that now use WiFi to access Internet radio, there are not many that devote so much of their feature set to streaming music you already own over your home network. My two main requirements were that it do a good job of accessing my music and that it sound good. I'm happy to say it has met both of those requirements.

    It's hard to get a good sense from reading reviews how good or bad the sound quality will be from a device like this. In this size range you will find everything from $10 computer speakers to audiophile quality mini-monitor speakers costing hundreds of dollars. In a device that packs so much functionality, you have to wonder how much effort they put into sound quality. This review can't answer that much better than others, but I will say that it met my expectations. There is more low range than the average set of cheapo computer speakers, and the overall sound quality is clear, even at moderately loud listening levels that can fill the room. On the other hand, there is definitely some low end missing that would provide a more enveloping sound, and you can turn it up loud enough to start distorting the sound so this is not the device to flood the backyard with music around the pool. I will add that there is a sub-out jack if you have a sub to use, but for our intended purpose in the kitchen, it's not really aesthetically an option. Given the diminutive size of the device, it gets good marks for sound quality.

    After installing the SqueezeCenter software on my PC and letting it scan my music directory, it was very straightforward to start playing my collection. The SqueezeCenter user interface is a web based application that you can access from any browser on your network and gives you full dynamic control of the device. This is a very handy feature and I've found myself setting up playlists and browsing my music from my laptop while the Squeezebox is playing in the adjoining room. The software is quite feature rich. There are tons of configuration options for how the device functions, including lots of configuration for how playing music is displayed. Unfortunately, the flexibility comes at a price because the web-based UI is somewhat slow and clumsy compared to a "thick client" like iTunes.

    A note about streaming your MP3s. I have an ALL wireless network. This is considered a problematic configuration for streaming MP3s by those in the Slim Devices forum because the music has to stream over two wireless hops, rather than one. The recommended configuration is that your PC with your music is hardwired to a wireless hub. Because of my configuration, songs were stalling and skipping as the network was unable to buffer enough data. The SqueezeCenter software has great network streaming tests to troubleshoot problems like this. By running those tests and researching the issue in the Slim Devices forum, I was able to confirm the problem and find some advice to improve my network performance. By changing my wireless channel and turning off the "Turbo G" mode on the router, my streaming tests went from unstable to extremely stable. This was kind of odd because I got great download speeds before, but I suppose the speed was coming at the expense of less reliable packet delivery. After making the changes, I am able to stream 256Kbps MP3s with no buffer problems.

    One of the nicest surprises of the device is how well it integrates with Internet streaming radio and various services like Pandora. On the Squeezebox website you set up your account and specify login information for those services and in a few minutes the device can access all your Pandora stations, which has full support for giving songs thumbs up/down, etc. Though we bought the device to increase access our own music, my wife probably listens to Pandora 70% of the time.

    I've been so happy with this device, I'm strongly considering purchase of another Boom for the garage or bedroom and their Duet product, so I can hook my main family room in. This would essentially give us full house audio like the Sonos system.

    One minor issue: The infrared remote for our Boom was dead on arrival. I called Logitech support and without any drama they are shipping out a new remote. Hopefully that's the problem and I don't have to switch out the actual Boom.
    ...more info
  • great and easy way to play all your computers music
    just got the boom, and very happy with it.
    It's a bit smaller than I thought, but it's very sturdy and has clean finish.
    It will be either a fancy bedside device, or in my case, discreet living room player.

    In terms of sound, it is very clear and is really good enough for most people.
    Treble is well rendered, just base is week, as expected.
    But I had a previous subwoofer from creative, just plugged it in, now I have enough power for a party.

    But the real plus of this device, is how easy it is to get music going on it.
    It browses and plays from any of your computers, even running linux in my case.
    No hard drive or anything that breaks after a few months, it's all streamed on the fly.
    No need for itunes either, any mp3/ogg on your drives is played.
    Plus you get many internet radios!

    ...more info
  • Lacking stereo seperation
    I currently have a SB3 Classic and recently purchased the Squeezebox Boom after reading many positive reviews. Once the unit arrived, I had to upgrade to the latest Squeezecenter 7.2.1 and the unit needed a couple firmware updates. Unfortunately that process isn't as clear cut as it could be and it took me about 45 minutes to get everything updated and running.

    My review is primary going to focus only on sound quality, because that is why I purchased this over another getting another SB3. There are plenty of reviews on the web that focus on the features, ease of use, software interface, etc.

    I intended on using this for the Master bedroom and liked that it had built in speakers. But I was leary about purchasing this without hearing it because I'm somewhat picky about sound quality. After reading so many glowing reviews though, I took a chance. Having owned this for about a month now, I will say the the vocal clarity is quite good, as is the bass considering the Boom's small speakers and size. BUT....I'm not going to give this unit a free pass, just because it's small. The sound quality has to be as good as other options, regardless of size. Having said that, I found that the main problem with the Boom is no matter how accurate and clear the vocals are, it can't overcome the lack of stereo separation due to having attached speakers. That is the biggest limitation of this unit. You can try using the Stereo XL feature, but anything above "Low" IMO sounds too forward with unnatural mid-range.

    After being very disappointed in the lack of stereo separation, I decided to see if I could improve the sound. Fortunately, the Boom has a line-out jack that can be used to hook up external powered speakers. So I tried hooking up a couple different sets of 2.1 computer speakers to see if that made a difference. While the computer speakers didn't sound as clear and defined, they definitely sounded much larger because of the speakers being farther apart and the addition of a sub. But the voice quality wasn't good enough for me, so I went back to using the Boom's internal speakers. Next, I tried adding just a sub through the line-out jack and using the Boom's internal speakers. I didn't feel that improved the sound quality at all, it just added more bass. Now granted, I didn't spend a ton of time, tweaking the sub to get it to blend a bit better.

    As a result of the sound of the Boom, I was initially disappointed that I purchased this unit over another SB3 Classic and considering returning it. But I decided to keep it since having built in speakers could come in handy if I decided to use this somewhere else in the house (say in a bathroom or on the back deck). But for the Master bedroom, I'm most likely going to add a stereo and/or some quality speakers to improve the sound.

    I will add that syncing the SB3 and Boom has been 95% flawless. The only issues I've had have been with Pandora and Slacker. Once I've reached the max. skips in an hour, then the units don't work properly when they're synced. I suspect that this will be addressed in future upgrades of the Squeezecenter software.

    Wireless has also worked flawlessly, even though I normally keep mine wired up with a hardwired CAT5e connection. The only issue I had was once or twice the 2.4GHz phone disrupted the unit's connection. But that's a general wireless problem, not a Squeezebox problem.

    One last thing regarding the sound, it does make a difference where you place this unit, so try more then one location to determine where you get the best sound. ...more info
  • Nice compact Net Radio
    Compact size for a bedroom or kitchen.
    Setup of Squeeze Network not too difficult.
    No need to leave computer running to play a web based music service or radio.
    Small package great sound
    Display bright and easy to read.
    Microfiber storage bag
    Two Year warranty

    Quick guide not very helpful. You have to download the user guide from Logitech squeezebox site.
    I took about 1 hour setting up the radio. I had a problem entering my password. The user guide did not explain how to use the wheel to input letters, and numbers for a pass code.

    After Thoughts:
    I was pleasantly surprised to find a storage bag,quality adapter, remote and a MP3 cable when I opened the Logitech box. ...more info
  • Sweeeet! (4.8 Stars)
    This internet radio is all it's cracked up to be. The setup is simple (esp. with WI-FI). The local interface and magnetic remote are intuitive and easy to use, the web interface(s) add a dimension of unparalleled flexibility and usability that make this thing a pleasure to play with. The build quality is top notch as witnessed by the silky smooth controls and high quality polymers used to form the chassis. All this leads me to give this unit my highest recommendation for a radio with a dimension of way cool and uncluttered tekky goodness!

    The down side here is a lack of a battery back-up (AC adapter only), leaving one in a lerch if depending on the extremely flexible alarm(s). The other feature missing would be the ability to receive standard AM, FM and WEATHER broadcasts as well. This unit is IP (WI-FI or RJ45) only.

    All things considered, a great product.

    P.S. I also have a Logitech Harmony remote -it's the bomb too.

    ...more info
  • wonderful device, HORRID UI
    I like gadgets, especially network ones, and I love radio. You would think I would give this device a five star rating, but I wont. It is a one star product because ultimately its intended consumer base can simply not use this thing. The UI (User Interface) is horribly flawed.

    This would be a wonderful device because it does sound great, and it does give you access to the world of Internet radio, but all but the most adventurous gadget heads will never be able to get there. This device needs a readable, real, manual, but instead it is just the absolute minimalistic abominations of tech writing imaginable: it explains less than nothing; the manual is like a rural cross roads with a sign that has been twisted on its pole - the manual is worse than nothing, it sends you in the wrong direction. And, please, this is NOT a radio, this is a complex network device. So unless you are conversant with the obtuse, the obsficated, and the confusing, stay clear of buying a logitech squeeze box boom.

    Here are my specific issues:
    1) You can not easily add internet stations until you first create a squeeze network account and figure out that you can add direct IP#s of audio streams to your favorites.

    2) There are very few choices of stations without first creating online accounts (each of which is a confusing process), with various account hosts (squeeeze, pandora, etc.).

    3) It does not seem to work with WPA networks even though it claims too (though I connected easily to my WEP network).

    4) Ugly, ugly learning curve for the various push, turns and time lags of buttons.

    5) Beyond ugly (if beauty is only skin deep, this issue goes clear to the bone) user instructions.....

    6) More like a complex video game: you start using this thing and if you have a solid few hours to spare, you might be able to figure it out...

    ... sigh....

    All that being said, I love what this device does now: plays cbc one, and blueMars and a some other great Internet radio. But I would never, ever buy one for a non-techie friend (get them a Grace radio instead).

    I have dozens of radio gadgets, Internet, WiFi, ham radio, short wave, tubed and transistor, miniaturized and boat-anchorish, and see huge potential with WiFi radio, but am flabbergasted that companies still push out technology with UI that appears to be designed by their most people-hostile engineers. I own several technology companies, and at the end of a long day I simply want to flop down and touch a button and be amazed...

    Stick with what is easy to use, and run from what is complex....

    This is device has lots of potential, but wait until they figure out how to make it a pleasure to use, rather than what it is now: a technically confusing mess.

    - Steve Saroff, president of Saroff Corporation

    ...more info
  • Really cool gadget!
    I bought this to replace the old stereo that was serving as a kitchen radio. We were looking for something small with good sound that could play our CDs or other music. Buying a radio with a CD player seemed kind or out of date and a friend recommended this.

    The sound is very good, with the only complaint that it lacks some bass. However, it does have an output for a sub-woofer. To be fair, any small compact radio would have the same problem.

    I was a little concerned it would be too complicated for my wife to use on a regular basis, but this was very easy to get connected to our wireless network. The ability to play any of your playlists from your pc is a great benefit. We also use Pandora a lot. It is great being able to give the thumbs-up or thumbs-down from the kitchen using the Squeezebox Boom.

    Only negatives that I can mention is that either the PC needs to be on (to play your playlists) or you need to have the internet connection active for radio services. Also the 6 button memory seems to get "lost" if the Squeezebox gets unplugged to be moved to another location. The plus side is that it is very easy to program them back in.

    Overall a fantastic product that is hard to categorize or describe it's capability. It is much easier to show someone that to explain it! :)...more info
  • Just 3 words for it.. Awesome..Awesome and Awesome
    This player is just outta world. I have other media players from Rockford Fosgate and Hauppauge but this one steals the show. It's just too good to be true. This plays steeaming audio/fm stations from the net. Most of the FM channels from countires like India, Africa,Arabic,Asian,Austrian,Balada,Brazilian,Bulgarian,Caribbean,Celtic,
    Portuguese,Reggae,Romanian,Russian,Tamil,Turkish,Vietnamese are pre configured. Me being from India configured 22 FM channels within 30 mins. and what clarity.. Talk about local radio stations and it automatically gets the info from the incmonig stream. No matter from whcih part of the world you are from, this puppy can play it. And all this using its built in wireless adapter that can work with WEP or WPA/WPA-2 as well. You won't find a whole lotta laptop adpaters doing that.. I mean, it's worth the money. Not only this, it has alarm clock and you can control everything.. yes everything means everything.. from the net. It means, that you can sitting in Australia, play a Euro station FM on the unit located in the US. How 'bout that ? Somehting like Slingbox and/or replaytv.. People who have these can understand what i'm tryin to say. Plus it can connect to other media services like Rhapsody, Sirius Radio (premium account for $2.99/month reqd.) and many more services. Playing media files off the computer is no big thing nowadays.. but doing what this does and the way it does, is just awesome. As far as clutter is considered, there's none.. Why ? 'coz all you need to connect is the power cable. The streaming and everything is taken care of by the wireless. And since it has built in speakers, it doesn't need to be connected to anything. It does have line out and ethernet jack however. The speakers are just grrrreeeaaattt quality. You'll love listening to it....more info
  • I'm a music lover again
    I have no real explanation as to why I had "lost" my love of listening to music at home.....maybe because local radio wasn't good enough, and/or I got tired of my CD's....I'm just not sure, but when I couldn't find a bedside clock/radio (tried three) with good radio reception and the right combination of extra features to listen to my music (whether from CD or MP3)I found the Squeezebox Boom. I liked reading all the good reviews on this product, but you just never know whether it will turn out to be the same homerun for you until you try it. It has been wonderful for me. It's on almost all the time somewhere in my house.

    I will admit to having a hiccup on setup, but Logitech support was fast and very helpful in letting me know something that should have been part of the user guide information, but wasn't. Take note.....if you use symbols in your security encryption key then you will receive an encryption error when setting up your Squeezebox. Alphanumeric only. Not a biggy, but a showstopper when setup seemed to be going very well. Again, I think this is something that should have been noted, but I have to give Logitech high marks for their fast, and helpful phone support.

    I use so many features on this baby that it has been well worth the cost of the unit. I know that the cost may seem daunting, but this unit is so packed with features that it really is worth it. First, if you are a Sirius subscriber like me then you can also listen to Sirius radio through the internet on your Squeezebox. Trying to find a good place to set up my portable Sirius receiver near a window to get so-so reception is no longer a problem. My Sirius receiver stays in my car now. I joined Pandora (a free service) and have had great fun in creating my own commercial free radio stations. You don't have to own the music to enjoy it. I like to key in a new song or artist and enjoy listening to the music until it gets old and then I remove it from my Pandora radio list. I have loaded the majority of my CD's onto my Windows Media desktop, and can now listen to my music directly from my PC through the Squeezebox using the SqueezeCenter software. Because of this I haven't had to use the ability to attach an MP3 player to the Squeezebox, but it's there, too. One feature I had no idea I would use, but I use it every night is the nature sounds. My favorite is the ocean waves, but you can select from a hard rain and thunder, a babbling brook, birds, crickets, etc. I live in a townhouse where I could sometimes be awoken too early by a neighbor, or the garbage more since I've been going to sleep listening to the relaxing sound of the ocean. Oh yeah, it makes a great bedside clock and alarm. The clock numbering is blue (which I prefer) and appears large on the display so you can see it from across the room. Even using the features I've mentioned there is much more that can be done...I'm still learning.

    In short, I highly recommend the Logitech Squeezebox Boom, and if you try it I hope your experience with it will be as good as mine has been, because listening to music is a total joy again!

    ...more info
  • Powerful box, not for the novice
    First, wow, what a cool player and system. Second, not for the novice user as it takes time to setup and then explore.

    The setup was not painless nor was it intuitive. The interface is not very good plus the directions are poor. This was the main reason for not giving it a 5 star rating. All entries to setup wireless networking need to be made with a dial and the options are somewhat limited (ie, cannot use ASCII WEP keys, only HEX - not a big deal for some but for a novice this might be perplexing). I couldn't obtain an IP address using WEP so I reconfigured my wireless network for WPA and I was able to connect.

    The interface on the device takes a little getting used to, but that is to be expected for a tiny display which is attempting to make sense of hundreds of sources.

    I installed the squeezecenter on my macbook without any problems. I allowed all connections so firewall holes on the laptop were properly enabled. It quickly sucked in my music in itunes and made it available via the squeezebox including playlists - very convenient.

    I was pleasantly surprised to pull up some stations from San Francisco (where I used to live). This paid for the box immediately - I was happy to easily pull in these sources.

    Next I started playing around online with SqueezeNetwork - Wow! You have quite a few more options available online including what to display on the squeezebox when playing a song, not a playing anything, and when it's off. I was amazed at the control I got. Plus, anything I play via Squeezenetwork is controllable from a web browser - heck, I can even change the volume on the squeezebox from the SqueezeNetwork - Amazing. You can also update your favorites from SqueezeNetwork.

    Aside from the poor setup instructions and ramp up time to understand the UI, it's a great little internet music box....more info
  • Great!!!
    I have to start by saying that this is the best gadget I've owned since I got my first ipod. (And I rarely write reviews so I really must like this thing!) This radio works flawlessly, has fabulous customer service and sounds great. I have been looking for a good alarm clock for a while now so oddly enough, I bought this for it's alarm not it's radio. Happily, the alarm clock is not the only good news. There are endless radio stations, from around the world (literally thousands) internet stations, paid stations and then my own library of music. The added benefit for me is I live in Tokyo, Japan so I finally get to listen to real time USA radio (albeit 13 hours behind). When I had a few minor problems setting up the wifi, the customer service was informed, polite and helpful and they had my radio up and running in minutes. If your looking for a way to have access to tons of music from a myriad of sources with an incredibly functional alarm clock thrown in, this is a winner! (Also the seller Zebrasays sent the product in a timely fasion with no problems)...more info
  • Pros and Cons are many
    Was looking for a device that I could stream music to my back yard for parties and what not. I found the Boom shortly after it came out and figured it might be what I was looking for. I admit I was waiting for a bit of a price drop however. I managed to get one from AmEx Wishlist at a huge discount (about 50% off internet price) so I bit.

    After playing with it a bit I have some pros and cons to share:

    1) It plays just about anything you can throw at it including almost all audio file formats, streams, and even RSS feeds. Fairly effortlessly I might add.

    2) Small and quite portable, even at nearly 8lb. Yet it feels solid and quality built.

    3) Can stream internet radio without attaching to a PC, but there is a con to this too, see below.

    4) Open Source development. I found a decent community of support for this device and its stable mates. I was hoping for Squeeze Player on XBMC and Squeeze Center on DD-WRT, but apparently people who buy these prefer to run it on QNAP or other NAS devices which are considerably more expensive and challenging to configure. But being open source it just takes one dev to make dreams into reality.

    5) Built in support for some of the most widely used internet audio sources including iTunes, Rhapsody, Pandora, Last.FM, Live365, Sirius, etc. Unfortunately the vast majority of these are NOT free services, but they do provide 30 day trials.

    6) Web control is very cool and allows you to fully control the device from your web browser, even on your internet enabled phone. I like this even better than the built in IR remote and it is more functional to boot.

    1) No battery operation, decreases portability. Would be nice if it had a built in rechargeable battery, even if it only allowed 2 hours of use. As is it always needs a plug and a huge wall-wort.

    2) No usb port to attach external storage. Would be amazing to plug in a flash/external HDD drive, mp3 player, and have access to any music on it.

    3) No iPod dock. I am NO Apple fan but we do own one iPod Nano as do most people that this device appeals to. It would have been worth the licensing fee for this convenience and to be able to control the ipod directly from the Boom. As is you plug mp3 players in via their headphone jack which just converts the Boom into amplified speakers, hardly the intent of this this amazing device.

    4) No handle to carry it around, I plan to port it around and it is small enough to carry, but a handle of some sort would have been nice. Couple that with the battery mentioned above and really becomes a "BOOM" box.

    5) Price too high. At retail I feel that it is probably twice as expensive as it should be. For 150 it's almost a no brainer, at 300 I decided to wait for a better deal. IMHO this is not an audiophile device, but it carries an audiophile price tag. Probably because there is little competition in this space.

    6) Boom REALLY wants to connect to a SqueezeCenter on your PC/Mac. First issue is that I don't want to keep my PC on 24/7 so this device can access it. Second issue, it was challenging to bypass connecting to my powered off SqueezeCenter the first couple tries even after having already configured the PC and the Boom correctly. You can go direct to Internet Radio via the Wi-Fi connection, but not without some fuss from the device trying to link to the PC first.

    As many mentioned the device is great at what it does, and it does an awful lot. However you pretty much need to have a geek-level of 8+ to even consider this device, it is NOT user friendly in any way and pretty much requires a LOT of external devices (wifi, PC, audio storage) and configuration tweaking (internet radio, SqueezeCenter, music catalog) to maximize its potential....more info