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Incredible Hulk [Blu-ray]
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Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 10/21/2008 Run time: 113 minutes Rating: Pg13

A more accessible and less heavy-handed movie than Ang Lee's 2003 HulkLouis Leterrier's The Incredible Hulk is a purely popcorn love affair with Marvel's raging, green superhero, as well as the old television series starring Bill Bixby as Dr. David Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the beast within him. Edward Norton takes up where Eric Bana left off in Lee's version, playing Bruce (that's the character's original name) Banner, a haunted scientist always on the move. Trying to eliminate the effects of a military experiment that turns him into the Hulk whenever his emotions get the better of him, Banner is hiding out in Brazil at the film's beginning. Working in a bottling plant and communicating via email with an unidentified professor who thinks he can help, Banner goes postal when General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross and a small army turn up to grab him. Intent on developing whatever causes Banner's metamorphoses into a weapon, Ross brings along a quietly deranged soldier named Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth), who wants Ross to turn him into a supersoldier who can take on the Hulk. The adventure spreads to the U.S., where Banner hooks up with his old lover (and Ross' daughter), Betty (Liv Tyler), and where the Hulk takes on several armed assaults, including one in a pretty unusual location: a college campus. The film's action is impressive, though the computer-generated creature is disappointingly cartoonish, and a second monster turning up late in the movie looks even cheesier. Norton is largely wasted in the film--he's essentially a bridge between sequences where he disappears and the Hulk rampages around. As good an actor as he is, Norton doesn't have the charisma here to carry those scenes in which one waits impatiently for the real show to begin. --Tom Keogh

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Customer Reviews:

  • HULK...SMASH!!!! ..........or not
    Ang Lee's version was unwatchable so I was cautiously optimistic regarding this version. I've always liked Ed Norton and while the casting may be strange, I figured he would try something different and interesting with the role.

    I had a hard time trying to rate this film. I think without a doubt the first half of the film is the strongest, while the latter half was sort of ridiculous and over the top in a bad way. The plot is somewhat mangled, the characters range from uninteresting to downright annoying and the 'bad guy' Hulk was pretty stupid.

    Ed Norton brought some personality to the title role but even he couldn't save this film. He has a specific look that works so well in most of the films he does, but here, well, it was sometimes odd to see him in character. Liv Tyler did the best she could with her boring role. Her and Norton's character couldn't be more different and trying to picture them together in anyway just didn't work.

    The climax of the film, as I mentioned earlier is shockingly ridiculous. It is unintentionally funny and just loud and annoying. My 3 star rating is generous-it would be more like 2.5, but like I said, the first half of the film is respectable and had great potential. It's just too bad about the rest of it. ...more info
  • A Lot Better Hulk
    The Hulk from a few years back left a bit to be desired, which is probably a bit of an understatement. Poor CGI, disjointed and really not that good. Note as horrible as many have said, but for a treatment of a popular comic book charactor, not well done.

    This one, thankfully, does alot better job on the Green Hero. It starts off well from the opening where the credits include a montage and homage to the Huk in other forms, including the old television show (and there are other nods to Mrbel heros in the movie.)

    In this Ed Norton plays Dr. Bruce Banner and does a very good job with the role. When I heard he was going to play the role I was happy in the fact he is such a good actor, but was a bit hesitant as how he could pull off Banner, who I think as a bit milder, but it all came together very well in his potrayal.

    The others in the movie also do a very good job in bringing comic book personas to lie and Liv Tyler and William Hurt as two people with rather different outlooks on Bannner ineract very well and help the story move forward.

    The CGI is alot better, but I am not sure if it was as good as it could be. I think part of this was more for me looking a bit more than I normally would for the CGI since the older movie was so bad. In others words I never said "Yikes!" when watching.

    Give this movie a try if you like comic book movies, and more so if you sat through the 2003 movie and was dissapointed in how The Hulk came out when it hit the big screen back then. This was a big improvement....more info
  • Awesome Movie
    Shipping was really fast and the item packaging was in excellent condition! My son loves this movie!...more info
  • Nice to enjoy with kids or remind you of when you watched hulk as a kid
    enjoyed the movie kids liked it and amazon delivered quicker than I expected thanks amazon will continue to purchase dvds from you...more info
  • A New Hulk Series
    After seeing the Bill Bixby Hulk episodes on DVD, I've formed a new appreciation for the genre! Bixby was a great actor. But, even if he was still alive now, he'd be 75 years old! Not really fit for the show.

    But I still think, if the ESSENSE of the old series is captured accurately and if the episodes are studied carefully, the HEART of these old episodes can be recaputred and become a bigger hit than the original in the 70's!

    One thing we'd have to guard against is allowing all kinds of stupid "hipster clich¨¦s"to infect the series. That happens when directors and producers take their eye off the ball (which is the heart of the storey line), and lose focus of essence of the original 70's series. Also, when was his name changed from "David" to "Bruce"?

    Now, granted, the hulk in the 70's seems rather tame, so I think more rage, carnage, and chaos is due.

    Here are some casting ideas:
    Dr. David Banner: Eric McCormack or Michael C. Hall (darkened hair, & thinner, science type), in case Ed Norton doesn't want to do a series.
    Jack McGee: Some thin, persistent, wiry, pesky-reporter type
    The Hulk: Any male weight lifter, wrestler, or body builder who can carry the role, maybe Tripple-X?

    One question I'd have is how would Dr. David Banner be able to change his name so often (ex: David, Brown, David Barton, David B[whatever]...), and stay so unreachable to avoid McGee, etc. for so long in a 2010-2014 (or however long) live action TV series? There are a lot of gadgets we have now that weren't around 30 years ago: the internet, cell phones, aptops, blu-tooth, i-pods &mp3 players, smart phones, GPS, TSA Security check points, etc.
    ...more info
  • The sound is great and with the DTS HD is like live in the movie...
    The best Comic movie I have seen in my life... The sound is great and with the DTS HD is like live in the movie......more info
  • Hulk Smashes Puny Audiences Intelligence
    I am one of the few people who thought that Ang Lee's Hulk was a brilliant film that transcended traditional super hero films. The 2008 Hulk is 6% higher on Rotten Tomatoes than Lee's effort and made just slightly more money but the general consensus seems to be that it is a significantly better representation of the Hulk. I humbly disagree.

    The film starts off well enough with David Banner working at a bottling plant in South America. He spends his spare time training himself to control his heart rate. Apparently The Hulk is unleashed when he reaches the dreaded 200 BPM. Seems like a pretty high threshold but you'd be surprised out how often Banner gets up there. While fixing a machine switch Banner manages to slice his hand and several drops of blood drop onto the production line causing Banner to run down and stop the conveyor belt. He wipes off the blood but fails to notice that one drop made it into a bottle. The viewer gets to watch the bottle sealed and shipped where an unsuspecting Stan Lee pops it open, takes a swig and... what... dies??? I'm not sure. He just drops to the ground. It turns out this entire sequence was useless filler and this is one of my great problems with the film. Why so much filler in a film that clocks in at less than 2 hours.

    My next issue is with casting. William Hurt is a great actor and he has the look of Gen. `Thunderbolt' Ross down but Hurt has such a calming voice and relaxed demeanor it just doesn't fit the character. Sam Elliot was perfect. I also miss Jennifer Connelly as Betty Ross. Edward Norton does a fine job as David Banner and I always enjoy Tim Roth except that he's British and Emil Blonsky was Russian.

    So after his cover is blown in Banner makes his way back to the states setting up perhaps the best scene in the movie when Betty Ross spots Banner for half a second in a diner. It really was well done. Unfortunately it's spoiled when Betty walks out side and the audience sees Banner cowering behind a dumpster. In the next scene Banner is walking down a road and Betty pulls up in a car so the impact of the diner scene is completely spoiled.

    At this point the movie finds its raison d'Etre, the repeated encounters between Banner and Blonsky. So the Army manages to locate Banner and launches a full scale assault prompting the Hulk to appear. Despite there being at least a dozen or so military vehicles Betty Ross magically knows that one contains her father and blocks its path. Meanwhile Blonsky has had a small dose of the same formula that created The Hulk and dances around dodging the Green Goliaths attacks like a Mexican jumping bean. Long story short, Hulk smashes puny army men. Blonsky stands right in front of the Hulk taunting him with, `Is that all you've got' prompting the Hulk to punt him like a football. Why would Blonsky do something so retarded? Because later we get to see his incredible healing powers, in other words because it's in the script.

    More filler including a long sequence that stretches back to the beginning of the film where Banner tries to find a cure. It goes nowhere but sets up the big finale. Banner is captured and to my utter bewilderment is taken away in an army helicopter awake and unshackled. Why would they leave Banner unrestrained with Betty Ross? Seems like it would be a rather tense situation for Banner, he might even get angry and you wouldn't want to see him angry. Elsewhere Blosnky gets a full dose of Gamma radiation and goes into full Abomination, wreaking havoc on a busy city street. Aha, Banner needed to be free so he could fight Blonsky. Now THAT is some lazy scripting.

    Hulk try to save puny humans by smashing ugly Abomination while Betty and the General stand there slackjawwed like a couple of country yokels. I mean seriously. Blonsky wants to kill the General and The Hulk has to work hard to protect them because the Ross's are too dumb to flee. As a final insult to the viewing audience The Hulk is about ready to finish off Blonsky when Betty asks him to stop. With his job done the Hulk bounds off into the sunset. At this point I assume the Abomination then wakes up and finishes off the city.

    This movie really insulted my intelligence. The scripting is silly. I much preferred the look of the Hulk in the first movie rather than this hyper ripped Hulk. Most of the fight scenes are very dark particularly the excessively long finale versus The Abomination. I like the fact that they kept the Hulk's size consistent and the scene of the Hulk roaring in fury at thunder was classic but I stand in the vast minority who thinks this movie pales in comparison to Ang Lee's version....more info
  • Hulk
    This version smokes the first one in every way. Special effects are off the chart, everything looks real....more info
    Universal and Marvel have succeeded with this "Incredible" action-packed reboot! Better casting and a better storyline, along with similarities to the old CBS TV series makes this worth watching again and again. The final showdown between Hulk and Abomination rocked!! Keep up the good work Marvel!...more info
    I cannot tell you how pleased I was with this movie. Not that it was particularly brilliant in and of itself, but it was a massive improvement over its jaw-droppingly horrible predecessor, "Hulk". With its perfunctory script, poor action sequences, and blatant overuse of splitscreen effects, that movie disappointed me beyond belief. But, leave it to Edward Norton and Zak Penn to redeem the series, and bring the big green guy to the big screen like it should be.

    Here we see Bruce Banner struggling with his newfound affliction, and attempting to contain his little rage problem. After striking up an online friendship with a mysterious scientist (who I won't identify here, but we'll see him again), Banner may have found a way to cure himself for good. But, when a new hulk-like creature (The Abomination) shows up and begins wreaking havoc, Banner must rethink this decision.

    Overall, this is pretty much just everything you need in a superhero movie. It lacks the depth of something like "The Dark Knight", for example, but it's well-written and tons of fun. The action sequences are so much better than they were in "Hulk", which I found to be really choppy and disorienting. Here, the effects are magnificent and the fight sequences are crisp and exciting. The Hulk still looks a little too Jolly Green Giant-ish in my opinion, but it's forgivable this time around. The Abomination looks really cool though. A lot like Doomsday from the Superman comics, but I wouldn't call it a ripoff because one I'm not sure which character was created first, and two they were always pretty similar anyway.

    All in all, this is just a really well-accomplished flick, and Edward Norton is perfect as always, proving once again that there's no genre he can't handle. You also get fun cameos, like Lou Ferrigno, Stan Lee (of course), original Bruce Banner Bill Bixby appearing on a TV screen, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master Rickson Gracie, and another Marvel hero who shall here remain nameless.

    Definitely check this out. It will not let you down....more info
  • Hulk Review
    Hulk dvd did not give Hulk enough talking lines. I expected more. The Hulk character is 5 stars awesome. Not the right kind of action or enough.
    The Hulk does have some human side and should show some intelligence of the science person having control at times. If the story line and adventure parts had something more it would help....more info
  • More Like "The Adequate Hulk"
    Incredible? I wouldn't go that far, but this Hulk is pretty good.

    More of a big-screen adaptation of the TV series than a sequel to 2003's "Hulk" (which I also enjoyed), this new "Incredible Hulk" cleverly pays homage to the enduring performances of Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, as well as to the overall asthetic of the TV show (the classic "Lonley Man" tune, for example). The human performances are excellent, particularly Ed Norton's, who was born to play troubled nerd Bruce Banner. Unfortunately, the "Hulk" himself is far from incredibly rendered by the CGI animators. Five years later, the Hulk still looks just as cartoonish, out of place, and, well, silly as he did in Ang Lee's 2003 endeavor (albeit a darker shade of green, and with a low-carb body fat percentage). Lately, I have seen some really good CGI that blends more or less seamlessly into the action. In this movie, there are fleeting moments when the Hulk seems like he might actually be there smashin' stuff, but those are few and far between.

    In addition to being a distractingly poor computer-generated cartoon, this film's Hulk is also kinder, gentler, and more vulnerable than the character's previous incarnations. Contrary to Dr. Banner's timeless warning, I like the Hulk when he's angry. For some reason, this version of the Hulk doesn't seem particularly perturbed. In fact, he moves and acts more like a shy, startled gorilla than like the embodiment of repressed anger gone berzerk. Humbug! The Hulk isn't a misunderstood, loveable "Mighty Joe Young." He is the epitome of explosive human rage! That's what makes him so dangerous - and compelling.

    Seeing a(nother) poorly animated, soulless version of the Hulk makes me reflect on the old TV series and just how inspired Lou Ferrigno's performance was. When Mr. Ferrigno put on the green makeup, the Hulk didn't need a hug. The Hulk was MAD! He was OUT-OF-CONTROL! He was, well, human. ...more info
  • The Truth
    This is better than the first one the Hulk kicked azz in this one. Highly recommend this movie...more info
  • green hulk
    I was never into comic books or super heroes or any of that stuff. I just never found it interesting as a kid so I wasn't going into this movie with high hopes or expecting a classic. If anything, I expected another movie similar to King Kong, and well, that's sort of what the Incredible Hulk is.

    A big jolly green monster jumping around through the streets with a nasty attitude that suddenly develops whenever he turns big and green and scary. It's like you can't be big and strong with a positive and welcoming attitude.

    He is more than capable of picking up vehicles and throwing them through the air, and that's also his main thing- picking up cars and slamming them down. He does this quite a bit throughout the movie, and while I was already aware of his car-slamming techniques before watching the movie despite not knowing much about the Incredible Hulk character, it's good to know those little details were included in the movie.

    Also, there was plenty of action that kept me interested, such as TWO mega hulks grabbing a helicopter with a hot woman inside and trying to bring it down. They eventually did.

    I knew there would be plenty of special effects and the film certainly delivers in that area. Though one thing that kind of bugs me is how the regular guy keeps turning into the Hulk character while inside a dark area, so you don't actually see the transformation very often. You almost do in one scene, and I appreciated that, but other than that one part I can't remember getting the opportunity to see him turn into the green monster.

    So what do we have as a final thought? Well, like I said, I don't know much about all these fictional character heroes, but this movie did keep me watching it until the end, something most movies fail to do these days.
    ...more info
  • Good homage
    Action packed and entertaining.
    Loved that homage was paid to both Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.
    The aggression was a bit much (too intense) for me but if you're making a film about the Hulk, I guess there's no better place for it.
    It remained true to classic Hulk in it's ending - which I admired....more info
  • Quick, Efficient, LOVE IT
    I receieved the movie promptly after ordering. Even with the Super Saving 5-9 days I eneded up getting it in about 3. Thank You!...more info
  • Lots of cgi but still an enjoyable, if long, movie
    I have to say I enjoyed this Hulk movie up until the last fight sequence - which seemed to drag on and on and made me hit the fast forward button through sections of it without feeling I lost anything by it. I had to smile at the homage references to the Hulk TV series. The opening section of the movie in the Brazilian slums was a nice touch - it was certainly a different setting for a movie like this.

    For me in many ways it was the final scenes of this movie that were the most interesting, and if you enjoyed Iron Man you should pick up this movie for that alone. I've given this review three stars because of the over-extended fight sequence at the end of it (shades of Spider Man 3!) and the cgi which disappointed me a little as they seem to have relied on it to make up for the lack of character relationships (one of the highlights of the TV series), but if there is a sequel to this movie I'll watch it on DVD if nothing else.
    ...more info
  • Better than expected
    Had heard mixed reviews after theaterical release..some liked it some didn't.I liked it! The computer generated images really pop with the Blu-Ray transfer!!!Edward Norton and Liv Tyler are great actors in my opinion..People that like this type of movie will enjoy it.People that prefer a more traditional type movie might not.It is what it is,a Hulk movie!!Oh yeah,Tim Roth is in it..I think he is really good too!...more info
  • Another sequel it's not !
    This sequel contains a story line, action, special effects and yes, even acting that were non-existent in the original. I was reluctant to even watch this sequel, I was so bored with the original. I think it's the first sequel ever made that is the same title as the original. Not a remake, a whole new story albeit a continuation. The best part of the original Spiderman was how he was created in the original. Not so with The Hulk, the original seemed to take forever before he came into being. Edward Norton performs seamlessly as the Hulk transforms into itself. Bravo!...more info
  • Hulk DVD review
    Excellent movie. Purchase as a gift for my son and he enjoys it very much....more info
  • Hulk Smash Baby
    If you ignored this movie thinking it was going to be a sequel to the inferior 2003 Ang Lee adaptation, you did wrong because this is how Hulk is meant to be. For the first time we get a clear perspective of Hulk. Unlike the previous movie this adaptation proves that Hulk can be shown in the big screen as both a threat and a hero.

    The movie begins with Banner undergoing an experiment that obviously goes wrong; and unlike the previous movie, this one ignores everything that occurred before. This adaptation is much more loyal to the comics and The TV show. The setting is more realistic and we don't have the annoying comic book transitions that were applied to the first Hulk movie.

    so is this movie worth it? Hell yeah! The effects are better; the design of Hulk is better and meaner. Not to mention the last fight with Abomination, it will leave you breathless. Forget about the other Hulk movie, this is a re-boot like Batman Begins. For all comic book fans and Hulk fans this is the Hulk you were waiting for, don't hesitate.

    ...more info
  • More entertaining than Ang Lee's version, but not as deep or stylish
    I'm one of the few people who liked Ang Lee's "Hulk." I thought it was a great blend of character and action, up there with "X2." Yeah, it had some slow spots and the CGI was inconsistent, but the Shakespearean storyline and the artistic visual style set it apart from other superhero films. The new "Incredible Hulk" is more by-the-numbers in terms of style and character depth, but it's definitely better in terms of action and effects. The first one tried to be serious; this one just tries to be fun. In my view, both have succeeded in what they set out to do.

    Bottom line: If you were disappointed by Lee's version, you'll probably like this one. I happened to like Lee's version and found this one more entertaining, if not as unique or intelligent.

    Richard Yee, author of Deliveries: A Collection...more info
  • Great for family viewing!
    If your children are young to older teens, they will enjoy this high action flick. If you grew up with Marvel Comics, and read the Hulk, you will also enjoy it. Interesting special effects!...more info
  • Incredible Hulk review
    Product was priced very well and arrived in the expected condition and packaging. Definetly met my expectations...more info
    it almost good as iron man and it way, way, way better then the first one too! ...more info
  • Way Better than "Incredible!!!"
    The Incredible Hulk. The title itself is great. Just to start things off. Edward Nortan stars in this sci-fi film about how a man always has something inside him. Something that has a bad temper. Something thats INCREDIBLE. I won't give away much as some of you don't want to hear any major spoilers. I will go by each disc and break down the major things contained on it.

    DISC 1
    -The film The Incredible Hulk. As with all dvds it has language, subtitles, and all of that stuff.
    DISC 2
    -This is the ultimate disc!!! On this disc are 17 deleted scenes! That alone is fantastic. Then is has the making of the Incredible Hulk, how they filmed some of the battle scenes from the movie, an alternate opening to the movie, and oh soooo much more I cannot remember because I have a friend borrowing it right now!
    DISC 3
    -The digital copy to the film. Even as we speak I have the movie right o my mac computer! And also on a video iPod! Digital copys are becoming very popular. And they are also very handy as if you have someone borrowing the movie (as in my case) you can watch it on your computer! The digital copy is a must. And the quality is very nice too, I might add.

    Now lets move on to the effects. I cannot explain how amazing the special effects are in this movie. The hulk himself looks more realistic than ever before. I have never seen the 2003 version, but I can imagine this version is A LOT better! The movie has almost no "bad scenes" in it. When the back of the dvd says "brief suggestive content" they aren't kidding about "brief". The suggestive content lasts for about 15 seconds and then the movie continues. It does have a PG-13 rating for a reason, though. If you buy this movie, be prepared for violence. There is really not much blood as such. Its just how many people are killed that makes the violence level go up. So don't be fooled by that. Overall, this movie is great and I definitely recommend this to you!!!...more info
    This was a three to four star film as far as all members of my recent movie party (on my 52" HDTV) were concerned. I thought the wives in the group would only tolerate the film, but everyone was in agreement that this movie was lots of fun and very enjoyable.

    Even my wife thought the computer graphics were really good and did justice to the Hulk. In fact, she felt sorry for Ed Norton's character (which means the film worked for her). We both are looking forward to getting the Iron Man into the fray! ...more info