Frigidaire PureSource2 Ice/Water Filtration System
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Product Description

- Frigidaire refrigerator water filter. - Replaces part #FC100. - Also replaces Sears Coldspot part #46-9911. - Improves taste and odor. - Reduces lead, chlorine, cysts and particulates and some herbicides and pesticides. - Fits all PureSourcePlus2 refrigerator models manufactured by Frigidaire. - Easy, do-it-yourself installation. - Push button and pull out to remove.

  • Improves taste and odor.
  • Reduces lead, chlorine, cysts and particulates, and some herbicides and pesticides.
  • Fits all PureSource 2 refrigerator models manufactured by Frigidaire.
  • Designed for Frigidaire refrigerators requiring the following filter model numbers: SWF2CB, WF2CB, FC-100, FC100, and NGFC 2000.

Customer Reviews:

  • Water pressure dropped to almost nothing
    Has anyone had a problem with the water pressure in these filters? I'm not sure if it's a normal effect for the water pressure to diminish as the filter gets used more, but our filter is almost six months old and the water pressure recently dropped to almost nothing. We can't even use it. The built-in filter monitor shows a green light still. So I don't know what's up....more info
  • Better than any one else...
    Hands down this was the cheapest price I found for this product. After purchasing, they followed up with several emails to let me knwo the status of my order throughout the entire process. A+ for customer service in a digital age....more info
  • Improved taste of water
    This filter worked perfectly. Extremely easy to install and keeps the water crystal clear and tasting clean for over a year!...more info
  • cheap filter
    This is a great savings on filters. I'll buy from them again. I had to tap on it alittle to make it fit...but it went in and was worth the savings....more info
  • Neutral review
    This product was a necessary purchase. I think the pricing for this type of product is way too high. I wouldn't have purchased this product if it wasn't a necessary component of my refrigerator. ...more info
  • Simply a great filter
    We love this filtration system. Our fridge uses this with ice and water in the door. This is the easiest system we have ever used. You simply press a button, the old filter comes out and you slide the new one into place. Voila! It comes with date stickers so you can make a note when to install a new one. We've had this system for about 3 years and my family drinks lots of clean, filtered water that tastes good. Great price!

    One note: If you don't replace the filter every 6 months or so, the filter will start to leak (but stops when you put a new cartridge in). Yes, we found this out the hard way :)...more info
  • Replacement Filter
    The filter is the correct one for my fridge and was delivered promptly....more info