Olympus VN-5200PC Digital Voice Recorder
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Product Description

It listens to you, and then talks to your PC. Through its PC link, the VN-5200 PC lets you transfer files from your voice recorder right to your computer - using one transfer cable connection. Now you can upload, organize, listen to and even e-mail your voice recordings with ease. The VN-5200 PC is the most affordable WMA-compatible recorder available.

  • Most Affordable WMA DVR - Mac & Windows Compatible
  • 512MB of internal memory
  • HQ, SP & LP WMA Monaural recording
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista (Standard Installation) Macintosh Mac OS X 10.2.8 "Jaguar" 10.5 "Leopard"
  • Index Mark (16 per a file)

Customer Reviews:

  • Great little device :-)
    This digital recorder has been great for recording lectures. I transfer the files directly to my Mac with ease. Now I'm able to listen to lecture a second time and pick up on all of the things I missed during class while I was taking notes the first time around. Very easy to use....more info
  • Great little recorder
    I use the VN-5200PC to record lectures in a large room. It picks up the speaker's voice pretty well most of the time. If the speaker is mumbling, then the recording will probably sound very muddy even if the speaker was understandable in person.
    I wish it recorded in mp3, but wma is pretty functional too.
    I would recommend this product. It has a large memory, adequate battery life, and is easy to use....more info
  • Great Product, .wma a bit annoying
    This small unit does a great job! I've used it for music and voice, and the sound quality, though mono, is quite good for its size and price. The fact that it only saves files in .wma format is a bit annoying, but I found a free converter [...] to easily convert files to .mp3. Another review lamented the lack of accompanying sofware for organizing and whatnot, but I for one don't need any extra programs. Without intalling anything the unit shows up as a drive under My Computer. I know how to copy and organize files, and have lots of audio editing capability....more info
  • Excellent replacement for old cassette recorder
    I purchased this digital voice recorder to replace an old cassette recorder used to record monthly Academic Senate meetings here at a Calif. University. The recording quality is as good or better than the cassette tape, it's MUCH easier to use (no waiting for rewind or fast forward to find a specific spot in the meeting), the recording of each meeting is easily transferred onto a computer via a USB connection and from there it is simple to distribute to the appropriate people and the recorder will hold more than one year's worth of meetings. A very good product that I can highly recommend....more info
  • Olympus VN-5200PC is a nifty little package
    If you need a quality, low-cost, monaural digital voice recorder that easily records and transfers Windows Media Audio (WMA) files fast via a USB 2.0 connection to your PC without any extra software, the Olympus VN-5200PC is a great choice. It outperforms the popular Olympus VN-4100PC Digital Voice Recorder in nearly every way...more storage, longer recording time, longer battery life, more folders and files, greater frequency response, greater output level. Over 221 hours in LP record mode, and you still get over 35 hours in HQ mode...that's 200-13,000 Hz range, good enough to hum or strum your spur of the moment musical inspirations if you are into songwriting. It also has variable voice activation and a dynamic display of audio recording level. About the only feature the VN-4100PC has which the VN-5200PC doesn't is timer recording and playback if you really need it.

    It does take a couple of readings of the instructions and a little practice to familiarize yourself with operating the VN-5200PC, but once you get the hang of it, it's really easy and intuitive to use. There are 5 folders, each able to hold up to 200 files. Every time you start and stop a recording, a new file is automatically created. The files and folders are easily transferred to your PC via the USB connection. Just plug in to your PC, and your VN-5200PC automatically looks just like any disc drive or storage device on your PC with a Windows directory displaying the files and folders. Just "select all" and move or copy the files to a disc drive to save the files in one operation. Playing the files just involves clicking on the audio file icons, and Windows Media Player pops up and goes to work. You can easily play all of the files in a folder in sequence with just one click on a Windows playing option that automatically creates a playlist of all the files. The files can easily be renamed both on the disc drive and on the VN-5200PC. They can be any name you choose. They don't have to have any specific format. Any file of any type with any name (text files, PDF files, etc.) can also be copied to and stored on the VN-5200PC. However, for an audio file to play on the VN-5200PC, it must be a WMA file and it must be copied or moved into one of the five specific audio folders on the VN-5200PC.

    The Olympus VN-5200PC has no editing features. You can easily place and remove index markers to quickly return to specific file locations in playback mode, but any file editing must be done on the computer. While Windows Media Player allows you to select and sequence the files via a playlist, you will need to purchase separate software if you wish to edit or combine the files or convert them to other audio file formats such as MP3 or WAV.

    One annoying feature of the VN-5200PC is that the earphone jack is monaural and, without an adapter, not compatible with the stereo headphones everybody has for their iPods or their old Walkman players. That's just plain stupid on the part of Olympus. Even my old mono GE microcassette recorder has a stereo earphone jack. A 1/8" stereo jack to 1/8" mono plug adapter can be bought at Radio Shack for $2.99 to solve the problem, a cost and inconvenience that should not be necessary. Another gripe is that the USB cable provided by Olympus with the VN-5200PC is only 6 inches long. This is okay for a laptop computer, but a USB extension cable may be necessary for your desktop computer. Target sells the 6 ft. Belkin USB Extension Cable (A-A) for $7.99. A type-A plug to 5-pin mini-plug USB cable can also be used.

    In short, the Olympus VN-5200PC is for notes, meetings, lectures, dictation, emailing audio messages, and even songwriting. Its features are basic, price is modest, and the value is good. If you are into live music and MP3, news interviews, need stereo and fancy features, then go for the higher-priced Olympus digital recorders.

    NOTE: Free, full-feature (not a "demo" copy), open-source software downloads to edit and convert audio files are available. SUPER? from erightsoft works on Windows platforms and will convert just about any audio file format to any other audio format. Audacity from Sourceforge is a full-featured audio file editor that works on Windows and Mac. Audacity is not licensed to directly import and convert WMA files, so it makes use of 3rd party software for WMA conversion. With Audacity 1.2, SUPER? or iTunes can be used to first convert WMA files to a format Audacity can accept, such as WAV. Audacity 1.3, a beta-test version, makes use of a free, separately downloaded ffmpeg import/export library to seamlessly import, export, and convert WMA files. (Currently, for use on the Mac, the ffmpeg library source code must first be converted to binary code... a job for "Mac-techies" only!)
    ...more info
  • Great work tool
    I'm happy with the overall quality of the product, just not happy with the colour, whish it was black not dark brown...more info
  • Great little digital recorder
    When I discovered that Olympus no longer makes a mini-cassette recorder that has an auto reverse feature (I wanted to replace mine that has been a workhorse for over ten years), I ordered this digital recorder. It's great! Recording is crystal clear, even when used in large conference rooms. I ordered it especially for the USB feature, as I can use a foot pedal to control the playback on my computer....more info
  • Great Recorder
    I really enjoy my digital recorder. I completed my first bachelor degree without a recorder, and now I realize how much easier my life would have been if I would have taken time to recorder my lectures. The recorder that I purchased is perfect for class. It's small, picks up great on low speaking professors, and you can store many lecture recordings. ...more info
  • Finally Olympus recorder that works with Vista!!!
    I was looking for a voice recorder that works with Vista and I was so glad when I found this. I was so excited when i received it that I recorded my own voice right away! And oh wow! the sound is sooo clear at volume level 15 only. It could be turned up to level 30. Eventhough I am always lazy to read manual instructions I found it easy to understand also. It automatically plays the recording with Windows Media Player when you click on the file. My ipod earphone works on the recorder but it's monaural. I could only hear on the right earphone. No big deal though since I prefer to listen to my recordings without the earphones and from my laptop. It still is a very good voice recorder. I love the color too...it's shiny dark brown and the size is perfect. It's smaller than my cellphone I can take it anywhere. I am looking forward to do more recordings on this. I'm very happy with the purchase. It's worth the price.

    ...more info
  • Working Very Well
    My Olympus Digital Voice Recorder is working out for me very well. I work in surveillance, and it will keep notes or record other people at a very good distance. Maybe a good thing to add a pocket clip or something to hold it in place.
    ...more info