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  • not as funny as the first, too political.
    The movie just like the title is too political, it tries hard to be funny. part 1 is way better....more info
  • Very Fun for Everyone (Mature Rating)
    Reading the back cover of the movie made me push this move aside at the rental store for over a year until I saw it on television one night and knew I had to buy it.

    It is a great comedy and keeps your laughing at all of the crazy things these guys go through!

    I dont favor their "Pot" and "Drug" humor, but through all of the comedy, I looked past that.

    Buy it! Laugh it up!...more info
  • Disappointing Follow-up
    The original Harold and Kumar wrapped insightful satire of the ethnic stereotypes and prejudices in American society with lowbrow humor and absurdly over-the-top situations. The result was a sleeper hit and a cult phenomenon.

    This movie focuses mainly on zany antics and (especially in the unrated version) extremely low-brow humor. Is there satire of our cultural stereotypes and preconceptions? Yes, there are ham-handed and obvious swipes at "issues." In this movie, however, rather than being a thoughtful subtext, they seem to be a desperate attempt to redeem a movie that is otherwise not worth watching.

    This movie has its moments, but way too few between the fart jokes....more info
  • I loved it
    This is one of those kind of comedy films that goes SO far in the gross department, and features a storyline that is definitely NOT believable in any way, that you have no choice but to just let loose and have fun watching it.

    That's exactly what this Harold and Kumar movie does. How SHOCKING was it that freakin' Doogie Howser makes an appearance, and is actually very offensive with his words and his actions. I can't tell you how many times I laughed while watching this outrageously over the top comedy.

    Sure, there's some offensive lines in the movie, but it's all in... bad taste, haha. I love these kind of comedies.

    A couple of my favorite moments-

    - One of the friends brings weed on an airplane, and starts smoking it in the bathroom, and people think he's a terrorist planning to attack. The two friends get thrown to the ground with guns pointed at their heads and look at each other.

    - The two guys meet a guy while visiting the south, and they nearly get shot when deer blood splashes on their face!

    - In the beginning one of the friends was doing a naughty thing in bed, and his face gets... I can't say because it's gross!

    - When they go to prison and have to eat meat sandwiches, lol.

    - When they break out of prison and happen to see a boat waiting to take them back to America.

    - Doogie Howser unicorns!

    - Just UNBELIEVABLE seeing Doogie Howser act COMPLETELY different than you'd ever expect him to act, haha.

    - Doogie Howser dying in a dramatic way.

    - No panties at the party. YES!...more info
  • Not as good as the first
    Although there are several really, funny moments in the movie, overall I would have to say this movie was a big step down from "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle." Now, I will say I wish I could see the "rated" version, or have had it included on the disc as well, because if it got rid of the "gratuitous" sex and nudity scenes, it would probably been more watchable. Most of the gratuitous scenes aren't really funny and are very awkward. The funniest moments are the cleanest, although they really seem to want to beat you over the head with dispelling racial stereotypes while making fun of them.

    Kal Penn and John Cho perform admirably with the material provided, and, although I was glad to see Neil Patrick Harris again, his part was more shock value than funny this time around....more info
  • Entertaining
    I thought the movie went over the same ground that was covered in "White Castle" I was entertained with the old same antics and I love the naked girls. Some of the scenes were a little over the top for me' ie; toilet humor, fisting. I did like the dog at the meeting and that they were mistaken for MEXICANS!! GW was funny. After playing with the features I was amused. The 7.1 brought out some snap, crackle and pop in my system. PS3, STR DA5300ES. I can't figure what about the disc would do that. Never had the problem with 5.1.
    Afterwards I watched another movie which brought Harold and Kumar all into perspective. There is significant contrast when you experience cinematic art vs shtick. I was entertained but at a low level....more info
  • FUNNY AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Always Nice To See A Film That's Color-Blind...And Not So Much Too!
    Okay, I heard that this movie was really not funny or it wasn't as good as the original. After just seeing it all I can say is: WRONG ON BOTH COUNTS!

    What a pleasant surprise! This film continues the further adventures of two racially stereotyped college students days shortly after their adventures from the first film. However due to Kal Penn's Kumar who just can't live without weed for one second, even though he and best pal John Cho's Harold are headed to Amsterdam where weed is legal in the first place, are caught with a bong on the plane that quickly gets mistaken for a bomb. Enter a racially moronic Federal officer (very funny) played by Rob Corddry, and the two get sent to the famous Guantanamo Bay....

    ..and by the title of the film alone you'd figure it was all about dealing with life in that prison, dont'cha? Wrong again. That title is misleading because this is another H&K road trip movie, because they're outta the Bay within the movie's first fifteen minutes. The rest of the movie involves getting back to America, encountering tons of stereotypes of race in different ways, saving Kumar's ex from a jerk, and a ton of other very humorous people and things along the way. Don't let the title fool you, there's alot more to this movie than a remake of "Let's Go To Prison".

    Now I wasn't that huge of a fan of the first movie other than thinking it was okay at best, but Bay beats it by leaps and bounds. I must have laughed twenty to thirty good times watching it. And with the disc I choose the Unrated version and for a comedy, this one really, really pushes the limit on that term. There's some scenes in it I can't believe would be allowed on any Family Superstore's shelf. And believe me, it ain't all pot jokes either, and in fact I felt that got downplayed for other funny subjects quite well here.

    So look, this movie isn't the Animal House or Up In Smoke of this generation in overall quality but bottom line, it's very funny. I couldn't believe a sequel to a movie that didn't blow me away the first time could make me laugh like this one and I didn't roll my eyes in bad-joke despair not once here. It is NOT as bad as some have made it out to be and I feel it's about time we can all laugh at each others cultural differences in film again without truly being hurtful. Definitely worth a view/rent, and maybe a purchase when both films are maybe sold together. Glad to see Harold & Kumar back, see you two again in Part III.
    (RedSabbath Rating:8.0/10)...more info
  • First only
    While I didn't find the movie terrible, I was disappointed in the sequel. Not that the first was an incredible movie, it was funny and kept things moving. There were too many dry moments in this latest Harold and Kumar. Just not enough laughs to keep things moving. In the unrated version, you are treated to some vile stuff. Diarrhea in the firs 30 seconds, followed by messy masturbation in the next minute. Along with a penis and many vagina shots with some strong language, this is certainly not for a younger crowd. There are some good moments, and the movie seems to take a number of shots at the current presidential administration and policies throughout the film. Neil Patrick Harris is strong in his cameo as Neil Patrick Harris. If you saw the first and enjoyed it, you will want to see the second. If you didn't like the first, then stay away. I don't know if I will buy this, but I would rent it. ...more info
  • Horrible- merely a shadow from part-1
    Wife and myself really enjoyed the part one, The White Castle movie. I had high hopes on part 2. However it is one of the most horrible movies we have ever seen. The movie is probably not appropriate for anyone, it was just indecent. Most of the flicks were copied from the first one, Kumar also looked much older compared to #1. Overall it is a trashy movie....more info
  • Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
    Here's a kick I'm fifty-seven, and although I wasn't a bonafide hippy, I love Harold and Kumar. Even more than I enjoyed the Austin Powers revisit to the Sixties. Cheech and Chong didn't exactly make the critics write glowing reviews either so don't expect any now for Harold and Kumar. Their comedy doesn't appeal to most movie critics. This movie doesn't have the freshness of the two characters in the first movie, but it still delivers on some funny moments. Harold and Kumar while flying to Amsterdam are accused of being terrorists and are shipped off to Guantanamo Bay. Their escape and return home is a bit different type of road movie. I think you may see a bit of resurgence in this type humor because even Cheech and Chong are giving it another go. The humor is just a nice mix of adult humor, slapstick, and pothead jokes. Good quality DVD with decent replayability. If you enjoyed this catch "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle", "White Chicks", and "Airplane". - C. Luster...more info
  • Terrible
    One of the worst movies ever. I liked the first one. The second one is unfunny, offensive, and horrible. Being vulgar is not the same as being funny. Horrible.

    Yet another Bush-bashing movie, in which the bad guys are not the terrorists, but American government types. Very original. Way to "take a risk", Hollywood !! ...more info
  • Not good, not appropriate for most
    I wasn't expecting much other then to be entertained. I watched Harold & Kumar's first movie about White castle and had a lot of laughs. The movie was funny, enough said.

    This movie however is totally inappropriate. It is filled with extreme nudity and inapprorpiate content. My nephew watched the first movie and wanted to see this one, I figured it would be similar comedy and. Nope, this was totally in approrpriate compared to the first movie. I am not sure what happens near the end because I turned it off before it got half way through.

    If you are looking for good family comedy look elsewhere. If you are looking for nudity (and lots of it), sexual references (and lots of it) then check this movie out.

    You have been warned. ...more info
  • Dude, Change the movie!
    Its pretty simple, if you like harold and kumar, but not sure if you wanna buy the dvd, let me sway you. the blu-ray edition of this dvd has some great features. most notably the "Dude, Change the movie!" feature. Basically what it does is while you're watching the movie, it'll pause at certain sections and you can literally change the movie. When you're on the plane, should kumar "endulge" himself or wait til he gets to amsterdam? Do you wanna see harolds dream or kumars? ...and probably the best, topless or bottomless? and these aren't little changes. Some bring up alternate or deleted scenes and some bring up full-fledged alternate endings to the movie. Movie itself looks great in hd and the 2 commentarys are well worth your time. Overall, A definite buy for any H & K fan....more info
  • Better the second time around!
    Once again it's our favorite pot heads off on another hilarious adventure. I haven't laughed so hard since my teen years watching Cheech & Chong. These guys are like two stand-up comedians that you usually wouldn't see together much less complimenting one another. Don't get me wrong, this movie is raunchy, sleazy and just plain gross at times...these two guys definitely get to push the limits of decency in the name of comedy! If you liked the 1st one, then you will like the sequel which actually resolves many issues about these two odd-ball characters....more info
  • Plenty of laughs if you aren't uptight...
    Harold & Kumar are the Y2K+ equivalent of the 1970's stoner's Cheech & Chong. Harold & Kumar are more obviously intelligent than their predecessors, and Kumar has a bad attitude and smart mouth that gets he and his friend into much more trouble than C&C could ever seem to find, but the parallels are there to easily be drawn.

    Escape from Guantanamo Bay, (H&K2 for all intents and purposes), picks up where the first movie (Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle or H&K1) stopped, almost literally. As the film starts 'rold-y is in the shower cleaning up and preparing to take a flight to Amsterdam to go chase down the gal of his dreams. As that goes on, well, let's just say that Kumar isn't shy about using the facilities at the same time.

    Before going further, understand what you are getting if you pick up this film -- it's not meant to be high society artistic genius, it's lowest common denominator humor and it hit's that target fairly well.

    The humor is stereotypical and telegraphed from miles away, but is still funny if you aren't too uptight to appreciate and/or acknowledge it. There are visual gags (sayings on T-shirts and such), verbal gags and more, misunderstandings that lead to problems, and then there are more misunderstandings on the part of the clueless government employees involved in dealing with the initial misunderstandings. There are plenty of drug references and portrayals of drug usage, and plenty of gratituitous nudity thrown in as well -- both male and female.

    Watch it if you can lower yourself to the right level. Otherwise skip it and consider yourself too intelligent for something so low brow....more info
  • Wet Dreams and Nightmares/ Or An Acquired Taste, Like a "Slider"
    I must admit I've never seen `Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle'. Because of it's cult classic status, I have some real regrets. Except as I go into `Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanomo Bay,' I can at least evaluate this movie without being biased by the former film.

    I found this sequel to be repulsive, so I'll try to be as brief as possible. I first want to say that I've seen, reviewed, and/or recommended `Superbad,' 'The Road to Guantanamo,' and `The Prisoner or: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair'. I've also highly recommended `A Mighty Heart,' `The War Tapes,' and `Operation Homecoming - Writing the Wartime Experience,' so it doesn't matter what political spectrum the movie plays. If it's a good movie, it's a good movie.

    Plot: Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) go to Amsterdam while lusting for two beauties: Vanessa (Danneel Harris), a college sweetheart with whom Kal split two years earlier, and Maria (Paula Garc¨¦s), Harold's model interest. On the plane, Kumar, who can't wait to get to where the grass is green and flowing, lights a "smokeless" bong to share with Harold in the airplane bathroom. When caught, "racial profiling" makes the people on the flight panic, thinking the bong is a bomb. Diverted back to the U.S., both face imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay. From there they escape and episodically travel from Miami to Texas hoping to stop Vanessa from making her vows to pure-bred overbearing bore, Colton (Eric Winter).

    Execution: As original as `Borat - Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (Full Screen Edition)' was, `...Escape from Guantanamo Bay' is a slap-in-the-face imitation, a stoner road movie without all the impromptu filming of real people.

    A conservative objection: This is all blather, tongue-in-cheek anger dressed up as comedy.

    A liberal objection: "Imagine" a 1:40 comedy with Archie Bunker (Home Security Agent Fox [Rob Corddry]) yelling most of the time with very few funny jokes. This is deadly for our issues. Al Franken didn't become a #1 best-selling author for nothing!

    A humorist objection: If 80% of your material is angry sarcasm, can it still be funny?

    Example: Agent Fox uses the Fifth Amendment as toilet paper. Wha Ha Ha! (Yes, this movie's a satire.)

    Redeeming Traits: There's a funny scene where a woman on the airplane distorts seeing Kumar as an Arab jihadist. There's another funny scene after they condemn the Ku Klux Klan as "racist dogs," we see a Spuds MacKenzie look-alike in a white hood. The themes are laudable. "Racial profiling" is not acceptable. There are tender moments, but while they're more sincere than `Shallow Hal,' they're also about as exceptional.

    Trying to be consistent, I must say the timing of `Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay' is measurably better than `Meet the Spartans,' but at least that parody rendered a few more laughs.

    A J.P.'s Pan 1.5 *'s=Poor-Mediocre

    (*Sorry for the `Bullwinkle' inspired title. I couldn't make up my mind.)...more info
  • H&K are back again and better than ever
    There's no question Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay is arguably one of the dumbest comedies you will ever see. Little of it makes sense and none of it is actually possible. Well, I can't say none of it, but most of it is highly unlikely. And yet, the movie has some of the funniest (and most disturbing) scenes you'll ever see on screen. There's what has to be the film world's first bottomless party. There's a 3-way between Kumar, his ex-girlfriend and a large bag of weed (which, like most of the movie, starts of funny, gets funnier, then turns exceedingly disturbing). And there's President Bush toking up with our two anti-heroes. And in between there's all sorts of humor, much of it drug or race related.

    Rob Corddry plays an FBI agent hunting down Harold and Kumar, and he may be the most racist person you'll ever see in a movie. Everyone who isn't white (and Catholic) is a suspect, and the manner in which he goes about trying to get information is painfully racist and funny. Whether it's grape soda and a black witness, or nickels to a Jewish pair of friends (who you'll recognize from the original film), he'll do whatever it takes to get Harold and Kumar and send them back to prison.

    Yes, the movie title involves them escaping from the notorious prison in Cuba, but that portion of the film lasts all of five minutes. And even though the movie starts 5 minutes after the first one ends, the movie isn't really about them going to Amsterdam to find Harold's love. The movie really turns into a cross country trip to Texas to try and clear their names. From Cuba to Miami, through Alabama and Louisiana, the potheads we love to love have to get through all manner of obstacles to try and get to a former classmates wedding, so he can use his connections to save them. Along the way Kumar sees an ex-girlfriend, who coincidentally is getting married to their classmate. He realizes on the spot he's still in love with her, so getting to the wedding now has more purpose. Oh, and of course, Neil Patrick Harris is still driving aimlessly around the country and runs into the guys again. This leads to a scene at a whorehouse, and a shocking conclusion. By the way, don't leave the theater too quickly when the movie ends. Stay for the credits so you don't miss the very end of the film.

    I laughed throughout most of the film, groaned in a couple of places, and had to say 'Oh God!' a couple of times as well. The people in the theater were a strange mix because while most loved it, there were a few who just sat there stonefaced. Why would anyone go to this movie and sit there with a blank look on their face? What did they expect? An Oscar-worthy film? This movie is rude and crude, disgusting and hilarious. It's the kind of movie you go to with a blank mind and have a good time. ...more info
  • Disappointing
    I enjoyed the first Harold and Kumar a lot and was really looking forward to this sequal. After 4 years they DEFINITELY could have made the plot a lot better. This movie was too disgusting, too politically driven, and frankly, too similar to the first one! They got into a situation that was almost identical to the situation with "Freakshow" in the first one, and revolved it around chasing a girl--only this time Kumar was doing it. There were a few good jokes and scenes, but for the most part this sucked. ...more info
  • Very disappointing
    I really enjoyed the first Harold and Kumar movie. This one was a complete disappointment. Filthy, vile, disgusting -- moronic at best. I very much like Kal Penn as an actor (esp. in "the Namesake"). He has already made a name for himself and has a bright future. I have no idea why he would agree to do a movie like this. I now have zero regard for him as an actor....more info
  • Possibly the worst movie ever
    This is possibly the worst movie that I've ever seen. After viewing it in the theaters I sent an email to the movie theater company offering to purchase 10 tickets if they would just give me my time back. In a theater full of people there was a total of about five minutes of laughing throughout the "entertainment". Instead of having a goofy movie like the first, which was hilarious, it was decided to GET POLITICAL AND SAVE THE WORLD!!!!! I wish I had bothered to read the reviews. The only part where anyone laughed was when they met Bush, which of course will get some cheap laughs. I read a review that stated "its a guy thing"... no, its gotta be a moron thing. The supposed jokes are of the same type as when you were in middle, perhaps primary school and first learned profanity. So if you're under the age of 15 you should probably watch this, or if you're under the influence of drugs you may enjoy this movie. I couldn't give it a negative rating, but if I could it would rate around the same score as herpes. Seriously, if I had to chose between catching herpes and watching this movie again I would probably have to flip a coin to decide which I would rather experience, herpes or this movie for the second time around....more info
  • An Awful Stoner Movie
    I laughed a few times but for the most part it's a stupid movie. I'm only writing this review to save people their time and money by not watching this terrible flick. ...more info
  • A Sandwich No One Wants
    So, after watching this film I was smiling from ear to ear. Everything about this film just seems to work even the most bizarre scenes are executed without a second thought. From the first seconds we recap a little and then all the craziness started and their is no rest, no joke to outrageous, no gas to low brow. I appreciate the fact most characters return for a second romp and add more flare and hilarity. N.P.H. is hilarious, more crude than before but it works. Harold and Kumar's relationships seems familiar and yet they progressed as characters acknowledging each others faults. And saying sorry. There are several memorable moments that are to taboo to explain here but if you saw the first you know what you're in for. Did it live up to the hype? Yes. Did it add more to the series? Yes. Was it as good as the first? No. It doesn't have to. This film is a continuation of the first so it had to progress right? So watch this movie and enjoy another crazy adventure. But my favorite was the first I will admit. Please just watch it. And thanks for the support and votes. If you agree with this review vote me as helpful. You're correspondent, the Renegade....more info
  • As Good as the First
    I just got finished watching this movie. At first I didn't think I would like it as good as the first film. I was def. suprised, I laughed all the was threw it. I highly recommend this dvd to anyone who owns the first, this is a must own. I hope they make a third film in the future....more info
  • It's okay...Blu-ray menu issue though...
    The movie was fine. It's what I expected...nothing too serious.

    I was frustrated with the Blu-ray menu which allows you to select between the regular version of the Blu-ray and the unrated version. There are 2 selections and the selectable versions are highlighted with green and blue! There is no way to tell which version you are selecting. It was like flipping a coin. Even when you selected a version there wasn't a 'blink' or any indication which version you are about to watch. I hope I selected the unrated version but I'm still not sure.

    This may seem like a silly problem to have but I defy ANYONE to tell me, on the first shot, to tell me how they would know if the green or blue highlighted version is the version you are about to watch. Stupid menu!

    ...more info
  • WHAT THE....... ARE U SERIOUS???
    VIEWER BEWARE.......more info
  • As good, if not better, than the first movie
    I loved the first one, it made me laugh silly. This one did about the same to me but the style of wit seemed a bit changed. I'll have to do another few rounds of watching this one before I can really tell, but they both get five stars from me either way....more info
  • Hilarious
    this movie is hilarious through out. definitely alot more raunchy than the first one but so many funny moments in this movie keep it good from start to finish. the racial jokes are also very funny, messed up but hey oh well. every comedy is aiming towards racist jokes. recommend this to any body who liked the first one...more info
  • Stupid: But Fun.
    I loved Harold and Kumar Go 2 White Castle. That one was better. But this one is fun just like the first. But also watch out for all the language and there is a MASSIVE amount of nudity. I was sad for NPH. Watch to see what happens....more info
  • Giving "mile high club" a new meaning
    Keeping mostly in tone with Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay is a solid sequel that delivers the laughs and gross out gags that one would come to expect. The sequel picks up where the original left off with Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) on their way to Amsterdam, until the two get mistaken for terrorists and are locked away in Guantanamo Bay. After escaping, the duo find themselves as fugitives on the run from a racist and dim-witted government agent (The Daily Show's Rob Cordry), and go on a cross-country journey to Texas for the hope of getting help from the politically-laced fiance' (Eric Winter) of Kumar's ex-girlfriend (gorgeous Danneel Harris) whom he is still in love with. On the way though, there's all kinds of chaos, including running into the KKK (led by Christopher Meloni no less, minus the Freakshow makeup), mutant children, and Neil Patrick Harris (returning as himself). While Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay isn't quite as enjoyable as the first film, it still delivers the goods that fans of the first film are looking for, and while it does become pretty predictable compared to the original as it winds down, it still packs enough laughs to keep you interested. All in all, if you got any enjoyment at all out of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, you'll more than likely dig what you find here....more info
  • Awesome
    People may say it's not as good as the first one but I think that is only because of the prejudice you automatically have when a second movie gets released.
    This one is great because they have managed to capture the essence of the first movie. If they could not get the same actors it would not have been worth making....
    So do yourself a favour and get it! An instant classic!
    ...more info
  • CHEESE! Choose-Your-Own Adventure on Blu-Ray!
    This is better than the first film! The choose-your-own adventure feature of the blu-ray edition is worth the price of admission. The only thing is it should have had more options! Buy this movie so they will make another one.

    Cheese and over-the-top, you need to be in the right low-expectations mindset, yet that's why I recommend this movie.Clawed - The Legend of Sasquatch...more info
  • Well it was a little bit better then the first Herold and Kumar
    Basically the jokes in this film are the same type of comedy as the first film "Herold and Kumar Go To White Castle" only a little better especially the ones involving N.P.H. AKA Neil Patrick Harris. This movie really gets 3.5 stars, because it was funny but not quite laugh out loud funny. ...more info
  • funnier than the first
    this movie is so much funnier than the first one, I especially love the part of the bottomless party....more info
  • harold and kumar
    this movie seems to be made for the world were they joke about red necks butt not the other type of people. i guess if your not white you may like it it has it great moment and few sexy ladys butt im getting sick of the low blows to red necks and white people....more info
  • Movie: 3.5/5 Picture Quality: 3.5~4.5/5 Sound Quality: 3.75/5 Extras: 3.75/5
    Version: U.S.A / Region-A
    Title: Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
    Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
    VC-1 BD-50
    Running time: 1:47:42
    Movie size: 21,80 GB
    Disc size: 48,79 GB
    Average video bit rate: 19.01 Mbps

    DTS-HD Master Audio English 5294 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 24-bit / 5278kbps (DTS Core: 5.1 / 48kHz / 24-bit / 1536kbps)
    DTS-HD Master Audio English 745 kbps 2.0 / 48kHz / 24-bit / 760kbps (DTS Core: 2.0 / 48kHz / 24-bit / 256kbps)
    DTS Audio English 256 kbps 2.0 / 48kHz / 24-bit / 256kbps

    Subtitles: English SDH / Spanish
    Number of chapters: 22

    #Audio Commentaries
    #Deleted Scenes/Extras (HD, 26 minutes)
    #Featurette: "Inside the World of Harold and Kumar" (HD, 22 minutes)
    #"Dude, Change the Movie!"
    #Digital Copy (SD)
    ...more info
  • No Habeas for Harold and Kumar
    This movie was far better than I expected it to be. The critics did not give it its just desserts largely because of its use of many of the same themes and gags from their first movie, i.e., a supposed lack of originality. I disagree. The sequel builds on and successfully uses what it created in the first movie. It is essentially about how bad things constantly happen to two well-meaning but chemically challenged bunglers, who despite their many flaws, are the good guys in the movie. It is underrated as a satire as it pokes fun at the sheer boneheadedness of those responsible for such moral and legal travesties as Gitmo, instead of simply portraying them as wrong. It is ultimately meant to be funny, not a political lesson, however, and it usually achieves its goal, although it does rely more on the use of nudity and graphic "shock and awe" techniques than the previous movie. I disagree with those characterizing it as advocating drug use. No one could see how these two goofballs screw up their lives (such as getting sent to Gitmo because of Kumar's hi-tech bong) and rationally want to emulate them, anymore than watching a trainwreck would make one want to be in one. It is satirical slapstick that is both funny and ultimately goodhearted as it drives home the inner goodness of its unlikely heroes after they find two strong women to help straighten-out the messes they have created of their lives! ...more info
  • Sequel is even better.
    Ok so it is sort of a guy's movie. I, however, am female, but still LOVED this movie.

    I really enjoyed the first one, and the second (Guantanamo) is far funnier. I rarely buy movies (since I don't usually watch them more than once) but I bought this one.

    Not really for those with weak stomachs. Also, Neal Patrick Harris's cameo in this - incredibly enjoyable.

    Rent it first, but seriously, if you liked the first one, you'll LOVE this one.

    I <3 Kal Penn. ...more info
  • Don't hate on this funny movie!
    Everyone loves to take a shot at light hearted stoner movies. But, let it go, chill out and watch this movie!
    It's not as original as the first movie, because it's a sequel! That doesn't mean it;s not cool, silly, filled with a great cast, and did I mention N.P.H. and the rainbow unicorn? Great times! Loved it enough to buy the movie poster!
    M.Luck, NorCal...more info
  • Escaping From Guantanamo Bay Was Pretty Funny!!!
    But it's not the best sequel I've seen. Right after returning from White Castle, Harold and Kumar try to go to Amsterdam to see Harold's girlfriend. During the flight, Kumar whips out a home-made bong and some racist old girl thinks he's a terrorist setting off a bomb. After they arrive in G.B. some real terrorists try to escape, and Harold and Kumar try to break out too. During their adventures, the dumb Government people try to get them back, they end up at a KKK meeting, meet Neil Patrick Harris again, smoke weed with George W. Bush and more. If you like Harold and Kumar, you might like HAROLD AND KUMAR ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY!!!...more info
  • Protecting this country is not a joke
    If you like anti-american films, then this movie is for you. I am sure the Al-Jerrzia networks shows it all the time....more info
  • harold and kumar 2
    you might want to rent, some laughs here and there but it's missing that special magic the first one has....more info
    Great DVD. Arrived in great condition and got it at a fraction of the cost....more info
  • Decent, Mindless, Toilet Humor That Almost Hits A Home Run
    If you saw the first Harold and Kumar movie and liked it, you are bound to like this one. The first one was kind of under the radar until it did well in rentals and made its way onto cable. This one was obviously given a bigger budget, and they not only kept all the raunch of the first movie, but expanded upon it. Neil Patrick Harris was a scream in the first movie as it was totally unexpected to see him act like a drug-taking, alcohol swilling, sex fiend. He shows up in this movie as well, but the shock of seeing Doogie Howser in such a manner has kind of worn off. The movie is still funny, albeit stupid. The jokes are rather easy to see coming, but that doesn't matter. If you like Rated R comedies like they used to make in the early 80's, you'll enjoy this movie. The situations Harold and Kumar wind up in are unlikely, but who cares? How likely were the situations in Animal House?

    The Blu-ray has a rather cool feature where you get to pick the outcome of some scenes. ...more info
  • This sequel does NOT have the charm and comedic timing of its predecessor
    After thoroughly enjoying their mission to White Castle, my girlfriend and I were so excited that Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Unfortunately, we are disappointed. The director of White Castle, Danny Leiner, isn't the director of this project. Instead the writers from the first installment, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, also tackle the directing. Within the first five minutes of the movie, it is obvious the new directors aren't as good as the first. Between watching Kumar reach a very productive climax to seeing Neil Patrick Harris gruesomely gunned down, I have to recommend not watching the Unrated Version. What made White Castle such a good movie was the comedic timing of Kal Penn and John Cho; their facial expressions to the ridiculous lines or situations they encountered were priceless. White Castle was funny without having cringe moments. In Guantanamo Bay, it seems the writers/ directors were more focused on showing body parts and waste than allowing Harold and Kumar have a funny and crazy time getting out of their most recent jam.

    ...more info