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  • Pure Genius
    I don't think a more truer or accurate protrait of any particular industry has ever been made. "Waiting..." is EXACTLY what it is like to work in a restaurant. Ryan Reynolds shows why he is the funniest man in Hollywood and Justin Long shows why he is one of the hottest young actors out there today.

    If you want a laugh out-loud comedy, then this movie is for you. With great one-liners and memorable quotes you will be talking about this movie for a long time.

    Buy it Today....more info
    This is a waste of time and money. It is not funny and not entertaining so don't bother to buy or even rent this....more info
  • Whatever You Do, Be Careful In Waiting For The "Cook's Special" Here...
    About one day in the life of a family-style restaurant, it's employees, and the horrors that happen within the kitchen to those that may or may not deserve it, I found this movie entertaining and like how the filmmakers said in the documentary, alot like Clerks, yet not nearly as clever. Ryan Reynolds plays the exact same character he's played in Van Wilder (and others) here and he's got it down to a sarcastic science. Apple computer lackey Justin Long does surprisngly well here too as the "hero" of the story who realizes this day that his life is slowly wasted there. Alot of other familiar faces spring up here too, and for the gross-out scenes, yes they will teach you not to anger your waiter until AFTER you've eaten. Mildly amusing while not a total gut-buster, gets a whole point for the plentiful bonus features and very inventive menus.
    (RedSabbath Rating:8.0/10)...more info
  • A Celebration of the Obnoxious
    Obnoxious people doing obnoxious things. There, that's WAITING. Featuring a day in the life of the restaurant Shenanigan's (a fictitious chain based on any number of eateries we all know and love), the viewer is witness to the antics of its screwball staff as they interact with one another--but even more importantly, with the restaurant's unsuspecting patrons. Accordingly we get the typical sophomoric hijinks: From scratching dandruff onto a steak sent back for more cooking, to a nonsensical initiation ritual for new employees. But hey, some of it's funny, some of it's lame--all of it's forgettable.

    An obnoxious film should have an obnoxious cast, and here WAITING doesn't disappoint. Ryan Reynolds as a snooty waiter (who gets the film's best line: "Never [tick] off the people handling your food.") is as good as obnoxious gets. Other cast members include Luiz Guzman, John Francis Daley, Dane Cook, and David Koechner. Come on, that's like the Obnoxious Hall of Fame. Disappointments include Anna Faris, who doesn't get to show off her considerable comedic talents, and Justin Long, who needs to quit with the pity party and grow a pair. And if he did, the cooks in WAITING would no doubt be serving them at the buffet. Bon appetit.
    --D. Mikels, Author, Walk-On...more info
  • awsome
    this movie is like holariouse i dont know why i never watched it before and since i work in a restaurant now i have some pointers lol...more info
  • A few good laughs
    I love Van Wilder, but this is not one I see myself revisiting. There are a few good laughs, but nothing to make me want to go back and rewatch it. If I happen to a catch it on TV I won't watch it again. This story centers around a restaurant names "Shenannigans", I'm surprised Hannigans or Bennigans didn't sue them considering what is done to the customers food. Actually maybe they did and I didn't hear about it. Teenagers may find this very amusing, until they grow up and someone does it to their food. I was once a Maitre D' so when I caught a bus boy spitting in the potato salad, the rest the staff didn't think it was funny and he was immediately fired.

    You can say chill, it's a comedy, or whatever you like, the bottom line is people do this in real life and "IT AIN"T FUNNY!!!!!!!". So that said, if you find it gross to show people putting hair, spit, and other things from the body in food, you may want to stay clear of this one. Anyone that thinks this is cool should probably be seeing a psychiatrist. Anyone that needs to get back at people by messing with their food has a problem. The only other thing it covers is guys showing their genitalia off so they can kick someone else in the butt in a game of "how orignal can I be at showing them and naming that method". Fair DVD quality and no replayability....more info
  • "Welcome to Thunderdome B@@@H!"
    I have to admit that at first I did not know what to expect from this film, but as it turns out it was a very pleasant surprise!
    A good comedy, Waiting, brings to the screen the story of the crew manning a family restaurant called Shenanigan's. Things are usually not what they seem at these establishments...
    The acting, the setting, the plot, the dialogues, and the music are all great!
    In short, Waiting is a movie definitely worth watching, as it will surely put you in a good mood! Strongly recommended to those that are working or have worked at restaurants.
    ...more info
  • Waiting
    Funny movie with a new outlook to the restaurant business. Makes you think what really goes on in the back....more info
  • Classic
    one of my all time favs. this movie never gets old. even better on blu ray....more info
  • Waiting....good movie, great laughs
    If you've ever worked in the restaurant industry you will definately appreciate this film. Take a day in the life of a restaurant(Shinanigans, and if there is no Shinanigans where you are just imagine that its an 'Applebees', 'TGI Fridays' or even 'The 99') and all all its employees, including cooks, waitstaff, management, busboys and how they relate to one another. Whether it be personal or dealing with each other according to the company politic Including promotion, employee to employee relations. Training Videos, rude customers, cheap customers..and employee retribution including the cardinal rule--Don't mess with the people that handle your food. This movie does for restaurant life like 'Clerks' did for conveniance store life. The characters are colorful, the situations outrageous sometimes crude and disgusting, it almost makes you never want to eat out again.

    Ryan Renolds stars in this with Anna Faris, and Justin Long. There are many other supporters in this that are just as funny. Although I liked this film, I feel Renolds is limited with his talents. I felt watching him in this film was like this; Ryan Renolds plays Van Wilder, plays Monty-the character in Waiting. Anna Faris I feel is just a supporter even though shes pictured on the cover of the movie. Luis Guzman is hysterically funny with the new trainee in this film, telling him of the never ending battle for all the male employees to expose themselves to one another. Crude humor at its best.

    Bottom Line........Hilarious, even more so if you work at a restaurant....more info
  • Good for laughs.
    I sat down to watch this movie with friends a few months ago and only made it through the first 30 minutes before I fell asleep. It was not the movie's fault, I was grossly sleep deprived at the time. It is hard to imagine that I was able to fall asleep considering how hard I laughed through the first 30 minutes. All I can say for sure is that I had to see the rest if the beginning was that funny.

    I've now seen the entire movie and it was funny. I laughed hard and often. I don't recommend the movie to you if you fell in with those who criticized Napoleon Dynamite for its lack of plot. You would be similarly disappointed with Waiting. Sure there is a moral dilemma in which one waiter is entrenched, but the rest of the movie is just about daily shenanigans of a few angsty employees of the food industry.

    If you are naive enough to believe that restaurant dining is 100% clean and healthy, you may want to avoid seeing Waiting as it is an over-the-top portrayal of how sometimes a disgruntled server and/or cook will take a few inappopriate measures to get even with an annoying customer.

    Ryan Reynolds gives a solid performance that, while not his best, goes to great strides to typecast him as the nearly past his prime big man on campus; a part he played perfectly in Van Wilder.

    This will never be listed in the annals of great comedies, but it certainly was good for a few laughs. I am glad I finally got around to seeing the whole thing.
    ...more info
  • WTF
    this movie was more hyped up than it really was. pretty laid back and boring...more info
  • great movie.
    this is a great movie. very funny. if you like van wilder you will love this. dont mess with the people that perpare your food........more info
  • Better than I was expecting
    Waiting was a pleasant surprise.

    It's certainly filled with crude humor, but it manages to be funny anyhow. My first job was in a restaurant much like Shenaniganz and perhaps that's why I found the movie so worth watching.

    The game the employees play is over the top, but a lot of the rest of the stuff portrayed goes on. If you're a rude anus of a customer, don't think for a second that the wait staff and cooks won't mess with your food - they will. It pays to be polite and tip well, especially if you are a regular.

    Chi McBride's character as the dishwasher who also dispenses free psychological advice was great, and I thought Luis Guzman did a great job as Raddimus.

    All in all, based on personal experience, the movie wasn't that far off of what really does happen behind the scenes in a typical Golden Corral or Ryan's Steak House. Sure, the characters are over the top, but they are based on people just like some I've known.

    If you're offended by frontal male and female nudity or crass sex jokes you won't want to see this movie....more info
  • Funny and bizarre
    This movie is so bizarre but funny in certain ways. Take a chance and rent it, just for laughs. ...more info
  • Needs more extras
    The blu-ray did not offer any more extras then the original. The movie is still great though....more info
  • Dirty Stuff
    This is more of a character movie, since there is really no plot at all, other than the workers at Shenaniganz(a Benningans type of place) finding ways to expose themselves to each other. You have to like gross out comedy for parts of this film. You will be surprised at how many familar comedy faces you will see. Van Wilder, Scary Movie, Anchorman, Dodgeball, Anger Management to name a few. This wasn't the funniest movie I have ever seen, but it was entertaining enough to keep me watching and it had a few funny lines and situations. This one is worth a watch....more info
  • Worth the "Wait"
    I originally caught bits and pieces of this on Comedy Central a few months back. Because I wasn't watching it straight, it was hard to follow but what I had seen was funny.

    So I saw it on here for really cheap and was using up some credit so I decided to buy it. I have to say that once you get into the story it's even funnier. Some of the humor is a bit crude, some of it is gross, but you can easily identify with the characters that are played by some of today's most recognizable comic actors.

    Great movie to watch with a group of friends!

    For more of my opinions on movies, Google: Yank Lime Pie!...more info
  • Please tip your waitress
    This movie is classic. What a perfect and stereotypical portrayal of servers in large cities. There's a chain restaurant near me which is a perfect match for this movie. Kids working in any food service job play games, and it's fun while you do it and you're young. Then you grow up and think twice about complaing to your waiter.

    Watch this movie if you've ever worked in the food service industry and had to quit because it wasn't very fun. You'll realize that any job can become a really good laugh, as long as you don't let your boss in on it!...more info
  • I'm Waiting and Waiting and Still Waiting To Laugh
    I knew what I was getting into when I sat down to an evening with "Waiting." I knew it was from the school of moronic, gross out humor. But a friend passed the DVD on to me, so with respect, I emptied my head and put it on. I expected some sophomore pranks, some groaning one liners, and maybe a few chuckles--but I was completely blindsided by a mind-numbing boredom that set it from this film.

    The setup was cute enough and the cast seemed appealing. "Shenanigans" is a great name for the establishment--and there is certainly plenty of humorous material in the corporate world of restaurant flair (already impeccably handled in "Office Space"). But any hopes of a sly satire or a witty commentary on that world were soon abandoned. In fact, go watch "Office Space" again! The few brief moments in that film set in a similarly themed restaurant are funnier and have more to say than all 90 minutes of "Waiting."

    So, as we are introduced to everyone through he eyes of a new employee played by a likable John Francis Daley I still had some hope. But then we are introduced to "The Game," a sophomoric exercise where employees flash their privates. It was enough to make me smile, ONCE. But they beat this not-so-stellar joke to death almost immediately and proceeded to batter and kick and mutilate its unfunny carcass for the rest of the movie. I'm not kidding, eliminate this one clunker of an ongoing joke and "Waiting" probably would have been about 22 minutes! Now that would have been a real treat!

    There is one scene near the end of the film when Daley blows up that I enjoyed. But one scene and a promising but unfufilled setup--do not make up for the other 89 minutes I was waiting and waiting and waiting to laugh. Let me make this perfectly clear--in no way was I offended by the content of this film--I'm only bothered by it's incapacity to engage me in any humorous way. KGHarris, 10/06....more info