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Ion 35mm Photo Negative and Slide Converter to PC (SLIDES2PC)
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Product Description

There was once a time, before digital cameras, when images were stored on film or slides. If you're like one of the millions of people who have boxes of slide carousels in the attic or a stack of those little yellow boxes in the kitchen, SLIDES 2 PC is perfect for you! Don't know what happened to your projector? Don't know where to buy a replacement bulb for your projector? FILM 2 PC eliminates the hassle and brings those memories of family dinners, graduations, vacations, and joyous occasions back into your life. Just install the included software on your computer, and connect SLIDES 2 PC using the attached cable, and you're ready to reacquaint yourself with your old pictures! A blue light even indicates when SLIDES 2 PC is correctly connected to your computer and ready to scan. SLIDES 2 PC is a high-resolution, five-mega pixel scanner with a high-quality four-glass optic element. This outstanding attention to quality ensures that you can capture all of the color and detail in each one of your slides or negatives. Fixed-focus range, automatic exposure and color balance guarantee that your memories are captured optimally with accurate color conversion and perfect imaging. Don't let your memories collect dust or turn yellow one day longer! Enjoy them every day and share them with SLIDES 2 PC. Portable design with ultra-small footprint Includes easy image-transfer and editing software High-quality f=6.0, four-glass optic element Fixed-focus range, automatic exposure and color balance Blue light indicates power when connected to computer INCLUDES - SLIDES 2 PC scanner; Two slide trays; Negative tray; Optics cleaning tool; Software CD (Contains ArcSoft PhotoImpression 6); Quick start guide

  • Tranfers 35mm negatives and slides to PC or notebook quickly and easily
  • Print, edit or archive photo collection with quick and easy scanning software
  • 5MP hi-res full-color scanning with 1-touch instant scan
  • Fixed focus range and auto exposure/color balance with high-quality 4 glass optical element
  • Includes USB connection and software
  • Does not currently support MAC computers.

Customer Reviews:

  • Horrible
    I originally bought the Brookstone awful product and returned it (rated on this site). Then saw the better ratings for this product. THEY ARE THE SAME! Software still hangs my computer and trashes the video driver to where I have to perform a Windows Repair....more info
  • overall decent results
    I used this item to convert 1500 slides for my parents. Once I got up the learning curve, I could average 70 an hour. You must dust off each slide individually or you will be unhappy because every speck will show. If there was a way to adjust the amount of back light, results would be better but I suspect that will be a feature in the next generation of these things. When the original lighting of the slides was "perfect" the digitized version was excellent, if the slides were light the image all but disappeared and if the slides were dark all you got was a dark blob. Luckily most of my parents' slides were OK and I got some excellent results and was able to make copies for my siblings and create a slide show for my parents on their new computer. At this price point, a great way to save and share family memories....more info
  • I want my slides
    I have a 2 phase complaint.
    1. The instructions and manual say to calibrate the slide scanner before first use. When I perform this step, Windows XP restarts. So I cannot really rate the product because it will not load. The customer support (e-mail only) ARCSOFT Said the problem is the Scanner Driver they cannot help with hardware. There is No support available from ION manufacture listed.

    2. I received the scanner from the seller (GIZMOS FOR LIFE) on 12/23/08
    Tried to use it that day and it failed. Reported the problem that day 12/23/08 and got a automated email reply that response would be 1 to 3 buisnes days. According to the return policy listed here on
    the Seller (GISMOS FOR LIFE) the buyer has to pay for shipping to return
    a faulty item. THIS IS WRONG just Wrong. If the item is defective the buyer should not have to pay to return it. I will revise my review if and when I hear from the seller (GISMOS FOR LIFE). PS I have bought a lot of items from and have never had a problem before.
    ...more info
  • Great product
    THe converter was easy to operate but the software was a little difficult to install. It took several tries but finally got it to work. Other than that, this is a great product....more info
  • Doesn't work
    The Ion Slides 2 PC would not calibrate or take an image of the slide right out of the box. The preview image showed on the monitor but error message "failed picture data" was all that I got. Called Ion technical service; after 1 1/2 hours on the phone with a rep that seemed to know less than me concluded the unit was defective and said to return it to vendor. Email via Amazon to gizmos sent today. We will see what they do....more info
  • Won't Work With other Scanners
    Despite the negative reviews below I thought I'd give it a try since it has a nice price and I have lots of slides to digitize. Too bad, it doesn't work on my Dell XPS XP system. Unfortunately, the Ion Slide 2PC depends on the old TWAIN scanner drivers. Since it is a camera why couldn't they connect as a camera instead of a flaky, slow scanner? Although it installs easily I found that I cannot calibrate it on my Dell XPS XP system even though I tried to cleanse my system of any other TWAIN remnants. Also, their support does not exist. Weeks have gone by and I can't get a response. I did install it on my sons old XP system and it did work! No scanners. However, it is limited in RAM and the Slide 2 PC is really, really slow there. Don't bother to buy this if you ever had a scanner on your system....more info
  • Amaizing!
    I was looking for this kind of product for many time and my dreams come true with this ION product, I have a lot of film to transfer and start to enjoy and remember every picture I was dicover every time I used. ...more info
  • Poor Pull
    If you are intending to scan slides to doctor them up in Photoshop then you have the wrong scanner. Dark and white areas will come to your computer in bad shape and there is nothing you can do to fix it. If the slide picture is perfect you get a reasonable copy but this devise is not for quality reproduction. ...more info
  • Multiple people have had installation problems!
    Multiple attempts to install on Win XP without success. Scanner causes a 'runtime' error when used with PhotoImage 6 (supplied with scanner). Scanner will work with other software (e.g. Photoshop), but doing so makes coloring correcting scanned negatives a major headached. The ArcSoft forum has multiple entries regarding the 'runtime' error problem with PhotoImage 6 and have failed to address them over the last several weeks.
    A definite 'DO NOT RECOMMEND' on this product....more info
  • Great scanner - worked better than expected.
    I have over 100 negatives from a Nikonos V (underwater camera). I knew that there were several photos that were great, but that most were poor. From a previous experience I knew that to find the good ones I would have to pay a professional scan house to scan them all, which would cost at least $200. That was my motivation to buy this unit.

    Now that I have it, and have scanned all of the negatives, I can say that I'm extremely pleased with the results - the digital images are actually better than I expected. I used the highest resolution which gave me a 5184 x 3360 resolution image for the JPG file. It takes a few seconds to scan and then transfer but not unreasonably long. The only weird thing is that the scans first have a very strange color - very reddish. So you only see the right coloring after you transfer the images to disk. But at that point, it is quite good. I had no need to photoshop any of them.

    I had none of the problems mentioned by others. The ArcSoft SW installed and runs fine on a Dell PC with Windows XP. I have not tried slides. Bought it from GizmosForLife, and they shipped quickly and securely.

    So based on my experience, I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Not a very good quality
    I have about 35 carrousels of slides, and many of them have almost 30 years old. The scanner works great when you scan very good and iluminated slides, but when you have some dark or not so bright slides, the scanner doesn't work well. You can see the digitalized photo of your slide and discover that it has too many "pixels" or kind of... very nasty photos.

    It will be much better if I can set up the scanner or to have some white balance or control of illumination, but since the scanner is always in auto mode, some photos are good... others are very bad....more info
  • Item Works Really Well!
    The converter works really well. It has easy to follow directions. The slides and negatives look sharp when viewed on the computer. Shipping was fast. It was here with in 3-4 days. I have enjoyed using it....more info
  • Slides 2 PC
    I have only had my Slides2PC for a day or so but when I have used it I have been VERY pleased with it. I have thousands of sides to scan and it looks like I will have a lot of great pictures to transfer to disc. Using the old flat bed scanner method was slow and did not put out good color like the Slides2PC does. ...more info
  • it sucks
    i still have yet to get this slide to pc scanner to work. and the return procedure on the manufacturers site sucks...more info
  • Burns out even perfect slides
    Many reviewers have mentioned the problem of burning out overly light areas. But I have this problem even with perfect slides. Anything in the top third of the scale ends up piled up against the top end of the histogram. What really irks me is that as I watch it adjust itself, it passes right through what would be a perfect exposure. If I could just say, "Now!" fast enough, it would work. Instead, the scanner is going back.

    ...more info
  • This product was misrepresented
    I purchased this scanner as a Christmas gift for my wife. I looked high and low for one that worked on the Mac. I purchased the product. After the new year my wife unboxed it, only to see notes all over it that said Windows only.

    Reviewing the site, I can see that the specs have been changed. But for me, it was too late! I will be promptly asking for a refund....more info
  • Nice little scanner for the price
    This is a nice slides scanner for the price. It works well for transforming those old slides to digital pictures. Have not tried it for negatives yet, but the slides come out wonderfully. It would be nice if the tray held more than 3 slides though....more info
  • Great product
    My wife had a lot of old slides that she wanted to somehow get unto her laptop. When we saw that someone made a product like this we bought this one. Wife installed it quickly on her vista laptop and in a few minutes was up and running. I would have given it 5 stars but it does have a flimsy tray that holds only 3 slides at a time, but with care should last a long time, and you can buy extra trays. BUT for the money this is a great product! We will be doing the whole extended families slides and negativies once they see what we have done. A great product!...more info
  • slow but sure
    ok...this does work on all those old little gold slides that are in the corner, in the dark, in the back of your drawer. Don't be in a hurry cuz it does take time to copy BUT I feel it was worth the effort! ...more info
  • Awesome Service
    First, let me say the merchant I purchased the converter from gave me awesome service. The product arrived on time and in perfect condition.

    Second, about the converter-we took slides that were over 45 years old and converted them to jpgs to print out. They came out great.

    I advise anyone who wants to make a memory book for their parents to purchase this this product, especially if they have a parent suffering with altzimers disease or dememtia. We had years and years of slides with great memories for my parents. My mom went through different stages of altzimers before she passed on. But even with the little time we had left with her we made a memory album for her. She would laugh at the memory of the pictures and it helped her remember faces and sometimes other happy things that happened during thoses times....more info
  • slides
    Easy to use.Biggest problem is the plastic slide carrier. It is cheap and flimsy. I dont see it lasting to long, considering all the slides I am trying to convert. They should include extras in the box.If this carrier thing breaks, I'm screwed.Other than that ,it is a small unit,and easy to hook up.Be advised; if you have many,many slides to convert, it is a somewhat long and slow process. But at the end it should be worth it....more info
  • ION slide to PC
    I've had this product for a month, and am mostly happy with it except:
    The majority of transfers have a light patch in the center of the image.
    The editing program is unable to fix the strong glare that occurs if
    the image has a light reflection, or contains a white image. Finally,
    much fine detail is missing on most images,which the editor does not
    resolve. I am otherwise pretty satisfied, although I would not recommend
    this product to anyone....more info