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CaseCrown 8.9-Inch Mini-Notebook Premium Memory Foam Pouch Case - (Black)
List Price: $34.99

Our Price: $21.21

You Save: $13.78 (39%)


Product Description

8.9" Memory Foam Pouch is the perfect fit for Acer Aspire One 8.9". This pouch is made out of premium quality shock absorbing memory form and it provides extra protection even though case is very light and slim. This pouch is water resistant and has internal supporting bands for Acer Aspire One 8.9". Made In Korea.

  • Fits Acer Aspire One 8.9" Mini-Notebook and 6 Cell Battery model (AOA150-1447)
  • Premium Quality Shock Absorbing Memory Foam Pouch
  • Water resistant, Zipper Scratch-Free
  • Light and slim compact design
  • Internal supporting bands

Customer Reviews:

  • Great small notebook
    Powerful computer, beautifully clear monitor. Get a mouse. The touch pad is not very handy...more info
  • Smells weird but holds up great
    It has a weird, almost toxic smell to it. This smell attaches to the laptop too, when it is brand new. Might go away soon, but otherwise great protection, has handles, works very nice....more info
  • What good is a case that wont hold the mouse or bat-charger?
    When I ordered my Acer Aspire 8.9" Mini-Notebook you also displayed what I believed to be a useful foam pouch to carry the computer. I guess it is if all you want to carry is the Mini-Notebook. Usually, when I travel I want to be able to recharge the battery as well. As far as I'm concerned this pouch is a waste of good money as it does not provide space for the mouse or battery charger. My vote is a big thumbs down!
    ...more info
  • Great Case, expect delivery to be Late...
    "The case is great, perfect for the Acer-One 8.9", others had wrote it just barely fit their computer and the front pouch was too small? The case I got was as described, was not made by Senyx but by Burnoaa to hold a 8.9"-10.2" Netbook, the computer fit w/room to spare seeming to dwarf my Acer One....Which worked to my advantage since I now have the MSI Wind 10" with 160HD, 2GB of memory, and 6 cell battery. The front pouch holds my mini Logitech Nano mouse, portable USB DVD/CD RW burner w/its cables, and the recharer cables for the MSI. No worries of any added pressure agaist the computer. Only complaint is after the order and shipment were confirmed it took over 2 full weeks to arrive, which is why it is getting 4 stars instead of 5. Otherwise...Awesome, perfect fit, great portability and protection...A+ on product D on senyx for Delivery. Highly recomended for your Netbook!!!Acer Aspire One 8.9" Mini-Notebook Premium Memory Foam Pouch Case with Front Pocket - (Black)...more info
  • A terriffic little computer! I love it
    Having tried a competitor's linux based system, I was expecting substandard performance. WRONG- This thing is quick. I wanted a basic netbook, but I also wanted the storage capacity for travel photos. The ACER has it! Best purchase I have made in a long time....more info
  • Excellent Slim Case for Acer Aspire One!
    This case fits nice with Acer Aspire one. Unlike other cases, this case is very slim but has excellent memory foam protection! Highly recommended for all the Acer Aspire One owners....more info
  • Great Case!
    I purchase this case because the purpose of a netbook is to minimize carrying load. This case serves that purpose. The front pouch is small but it handles the power cord, Logitech mouse, and a set of mini-earphones well. The case is sturdy and appears to be well made. I just hope the plastic and elastic screen/computer holders last. The case met my expectations for a small, well made, netbook case....more info
  • Handy little bag
    This thing is pretty useful- not only does it hold the little acer notebook securely with little elastic straps inside, it even has a little battery cushion and enough room so I can slide my jump drive (or jump drives) inside and not have to worry about them. And it even has a little extra wiggle room so I can slide my lab notebook inside and pack up my work a little quicker. It even has lock loops (if you have a problem with people breaking inside your case). If nothing else it keeps my notebook safe inside my backpack, even when I have a lot of crap inside. And when I'm home it's impervious to cat hair....more info
  • Cheap looking and did NOT arrive before X-mas
    It says nothing in the description about fake leather...but that's what it is...and their description led me to believe that ACER produced it, they do not. Also it was suppose to arrive before did not either. This is cheap looking, made by some sort of Asian company (as it has Asian writing all over the packaging). I am sending it back...also the handles are too fingers barely fit in them and I am only 5" ft 1"...This was suppose to be a Christmas gift, I gave it to my fianc¨¦ AFTER Christmas and he said it looks like it costs 10 cents and agrees that I should return it. How embarrassing!
    ...more info
    This is a case to protect room for the power cord is my only problem. ...more info
  • Pretty Good item
    This item is OK. I wish I had looked around a little more before purchasing. I need more room to carry the power cord & external DVD. It is good for protection of my laptop though. Shop around to be sure you got the best deal!!!...more info
  • Great Case
    Well, I finally received the case after having to wait more than three days after I paid for the expedited shipping. The case is really nice, well fitted for the Acer Aspire One. The pleather looks a little bit cheap but it serves it purpose to protect the computer. The memory foam feature is really good and protects the computer from bumps. The only negative I have about this order was the shipping. I paid for the expedited service but the vendor did not ship the case till two days after the order was placed. Other than that this case is really good. ...more info
  • Just about right
    Bought for the Acer Aspire One w/6 cell battery. This case is a tad oversized--perhaps 3/4 of an inch combined on the sides--so it's not a perfect fit. The space won't fit anything extra. It's a great little case for that specific netbook (and diminishes the fingerprint problem if you leave the Aspire inside while using it), even though the fit is roomy....more info
  • Great little computer
    So far I am very happy with my Acer net book. I not only use it for web sutfing, but also watching movies and TV shows on netflix. In the bulding where I use the computer I get lousy AM radio reception, so the Acer is my wifi radio to boot!
    I only have a few minor gripes about The Acer net book. The sound quality from the bult in spekers is pretty lousy, but I expected this. (there is not exatly room for subwoofers in such a tiny computer, and the sound from my 15 inch laptop is not that great, ether.) A good set of externel speakers or even cheap head phones are the order here.
    The beutufull metallec finish (I got the saphire blue)gets all to quikly smuged with fingerprints.
    Otherwise the Acer is a great computer, and I have recommended it to a number of people. It should be a hit with students, for its low price and extreme portability!
    ...more info
  • Skip this one
    I got this case to fit my acer aspire one. The case does fit the computer, but nothing else. No room for an a/c cord, mouse, or the like. Im selling mine and getting something better.

    I guess I should have read the fine print....more info
  • Just What Was Needed
    This case makes carrying the Acer Aspire One perfect. The corner restraining bands work fine. The case is a little large, but that is not really a problem. The computer works well with the case open, and that is very convenient....more info
  • Might be nice case but buy it elsewhere
    This might be a nice case... I wouldn't know since it's still not here. Senyx is terrible to deal with. Don't waste your time with these folks! Amazon should give them the boot!...more info