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Toshiba XD-E500 Upconverting 1080p Extended Detail DVD Player
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Product Description

selectable 720p/1080i/1080p(60Hz, 24Hz) output via HDMI digital interface * 3 XDE upconversion modes: Sharp, Contrast, and Color * 1 set of audio/video outputs (composite, S-video, 480i/480p component video, and HDMI) * optical and coaxial digital outputs for Dolby? Digital/DTS?/PCM * remote control *

  • Full 1080p Upconversion with 24 frame capability
  • No need to replace your current DVD library

Customer Reviews:

  • toshiba dvd player
    I am really pleased with this player. i am amazed how quick i received it.
    i ordered on a sun.aft. an i had it on mon.
    plugged it in hooked up an hdmi cable an was watching it.excellent picture...more info
  • I had no idea...
    It is bizarre how much better this looks than my old progressive scan player (which I thought was the best that you could do with DVD).

    I always thought the upconversion was kind of a "scam", because you can't squeeze water from a stone, you can't get any extra information out of a 480-line file (a DVD) to make it look like a 1080-line file. But now I am a believer.

    I really only bought the XDE500 because my old DVD player crapped out and I have a toshiba LCDTV and I didn't want to bring one more remote into the house, so I searched toshibas and looked for good ratings, this one had 4+ out of 5, so that was it. I didn't give a hoot about upconversion.

    So I connected it, set the output to 1080p, threw a dvd in, and selected the DVD input on my TV, and I thought something was wrong because it looked like output from my ATSC feed, but darnit, I swear I selected the DVD input. Then I hit pause on the remote, and realized that indeed I was watching the DVD.

    The algorithms that they use to enhance the image really work. This far exceeds my expectations. Anyway, that's all....more info
  • Best upscaling DVD player; supports DivX, too
    The Toshiba XD-E500 is the best upscaling DVD player I've tried, doing wonders to all sorts of DVDs. This is definitely a keeper for those who watches lots of DVD movies and who have a 720p or better HDTV, especially a big-screen one.

    I have played DVD movies ranging from "Cars" to "The Syrian Bride" to "A Better Tomorrow" to "300" to "The Simpsons" (TV) to kids' videos like Thomas and Dora. I've also played mini-DVD-R's recorded on my Panasonic DVD camcorder. Everything has played beautifully. You can hook up the player to your TV via HDMI (obviously the best connection), component, or good, old composite. The upconversion (to 720p, 1080i, 1080p, or 1080p/24) takes place only with HDMI, and the player can utilize Toshiba's so-called XDE technology, which is supposed to further enhance an upconverted picture (you can turn off XDE). If you use component video, the output can be progressive or interlaced, your choice.

    I can say one thing for sure about the upconversion: it is much better than on a PS3 (running the latest system software) or on an older upscaling DVD player bought a couple of years ago. Many upconverted movies look as good as many Blu-ray discs I've played. I have not been able to determine if the XDE technology improves picture quality a lot. I think it's noticeably better for most DVD movies (except when you play movies with a lot of dark scenes), but I'll admit that this is really a subjective rather than objective observation.

    Even over component video (in progressive mode, i.e., 480p), the picture quality is very good. It's much better than my previous Philips, CyberHome and an older high-end Pioneer player, all of which also supported 480p.

    Regardless of how well the first-generation XDE technology works, the XD-E500's regular upconversion is already the best on the market, IMHO. Anyway, I absolutely love this player and can totally recommend it. BTW, it's a slim player and looks nice, too, and one feature I find really useful, since I have kids, is the Night Mode setting in the audio menu, which reduces the dynamic range of sounds that can startle, for example, a sleeping small child....more info
  • Buyer Beware
    Well I fell for it and purchased this DVD player.
    So far I have tried playing about 10 DVD's and everytime I try to use the picture enhancement I get a pop up saying "not allowed at the moment". When I try most of the other buttons on the remote I get the same useless pop up.

    All the hype in the world and full page ads in USA Today don't help if the DVD player doesn't deliver what's advertised.

    I made a big mistake purchasing this Toshiba....more info
  • Get your HD with XD-E
    I used to try to stay on the leading edge of consumer grade HDTV equipment, but frankly got tired of spending all of my hard earned cash at every opportunity.

    Well, I held out until the "HD DVD Format War" was over. But frankly, $300 for a Blu-Ray DVD player is ridiculous. Then I read about Toshiba's XD-E solution for making standard DVDs look like HD resolution video. I'll admit that I was *very* skeptical, and read tons of reviews, including Amazon's. Finally, the unit dropped to only $99 and I took the bait, and thankfully it was YUMMY!

    I've had the player (Toshiba XD-E500) for just a few days, but I can tell you that it looks marvelous on my Panasonic Viera 50in plasma. My TV is technically only 720P, but it accepts 1080P/24 input...and the resulting combination is quite literally the closest reproduction of the original films that I have ever seen!!!! WOW!

    Save your money, forget Blu-Ray, buy one of these instead if you want to save on your media, preserve your existing library, and just plain like to watch movies at home.

    Incidentally, this unit was an upgrade (noticeably) from one of those high-end JVC progressive scan players that still works like magic compared to many new players, including those that's just not quite as capable as the XD-E500.

    Thanks Toshiba! B-Bye Blu-Ray

    ...more info
  • Definitely makes good movies, look like better movies
    Lets face it, we all have a huge dvd collection ( i definitely do), but most of all, i like to look at my movies the way the filmmakers intended: crisp, clear, and no faults....what a beautiful choice i made in getting the Toshiba XD-E500. This machine, coupled with any high speed HDMI cable, takes any film you put into it and enhances the video and audio quality to such an amazing degree, at times you do forget youre not looking at so- called true HiDef....ive had mine for only a few weeks, but already im in love with it....youll see an almost three dimensional quality in many films you own, especially in newer, recent releases, and the sound pops out at you in almost theatrical, stereo abundance....definitely for the dvd fanatic in you....more info
  • excellent dvd player at a very low price
    I compared this player to my Oppo 980 (which costs about twice as much), connecting both to a Sony LCD HDTV, and I have to say that there was very little difference in the image quality between the two players. I happen to think that the Oppo has excellent picture quality, so it's worth noting that if I were trying to choose between them, and going only by the picture quality (that's about 90% of how I'd choose), I'd have a hard time making a decision.

    On the other hand, in some ways this is a pretty basic dvd player. The remote is quite limited (it's not programmable for your tv, for instance), and there are few meaningful adjustments you can make to the settings. One big objection I had is that all pictures are stretched into 16:9, there is no option (that I found) to force a 4:3 display for the standard format recordings.

    So if all you want is a decent dvd player that will do a pretty good job doing what a dvd player should do, then for the money this is a pretty good option. One thing to consider: given the move to BluRay (and the fact that BluRay players will play old format dvds), it might not make sense to spend a lot on a dvd player right now....more info
  • Decent player
    I got my XD-E500 recently. I tested some movies. The TV I use is 52" XBR4. I compared it to Toshiba DVR410, Toshiba A20, PS3 and an older Sony progressive scan player. The DVD I tested is Underworld. I think it is better than all but the A20. I do not find it better than my Toshiba A20. (I also have a couple of cheap Philips upconverting machines but I am too lazy to do a direct comparison.) I have the following observations.

    1) It has a high pitch whine when it is in standby mode. It doesn't really bother me as I do not hear it unless I am right next to it. (Closing the door on the stand helps.)

    2) I haven't decided which of the enhancements is better.

    3) I really don't see any artifacts that bother me.

    4) For good transfer, the picture is excellent but no better than A20.

    5) I have seen the famous "split screen" error. One can fix it by turning it off and back on again fixed it.

    However, the built quality doesn't seem to be very good. If it doesn't break, then I think it is good player with decent value....more info
  • Nice upconversion, faster loading than my toshiba hd-dvd player, small footprint
    For the price, this is a nice upconverting DVD player. The picture was as good as my Toshiba HD-A3 720p/1080i HD DVD Player at a far lower price. Considering HD-DVD is no longer a viable option, I am going to be sticking with upconverting players for a while. I also liked the fact that it loads faster than the A3, so I plan on using this and putting the A3 away for a while.

    I tried this out on my Sony Bravia. The picture was as good as it's ever been with excellent color and detail.

    I also played some music CD's and audio books on this. The sound quality was just as good as when played on my Sony CD player. My primary complaint is that I was unable to play mp3 CD's on this. Considering that you can buy a DVD player that plays mp3 files for under $50 these days, I was disappointed that this format was not supported. The instructions say it will play mp3's, but I couldn't get past the first screen to get them to play. ...more info
  • Stunning picture for high quality DVDs, struggles with scratched or subpar DVDs

    The picture is definitely better. We put the same movie (borrowed 2 other copies)into 3 cd players, a Sony, a Phillips and this one and toggled through viewing it one after another. We then asked everyone watching "this one, or this one?" (sort of like being at the eye doctor) The picture is most absolutely clearer, sharper around the edges and the colors are more saturated. Everyone agreed.

    However, when trying to play a library copy of a movie (pretty scratched up) this Toshiba really struggled, pixilating, pausing, then playing with a lag between voice and picture.
    To be fair the Sony would not play it at all, but the Phillips did a good job.

    Watching home movies that we transferred from tape to dvd on this player was not pleasant. Because those movies are low quality to start with, the up-converting actually made them look worse. You could see the graininess much more clearly and that was not a good feature.

    Great player for clean, scratch free commercial DVDs, not so great for DVDs that already have their own problems.

    ...more info
  • Clumsy operation, picture fine at 720p
    I'm no huge videophile or audiophile, but I can tell when a picture is near HD quality. This player certainly fits the bill for upscaling for my 32" 720p Samsung TV. On the other hand, it seems to work about the same as my 1080i upconverting Samsung DVD player (about two years old, HD-DVD870C) for upscaling. HD picture is fine and dandy in both cases.

    Where this player doesn't shine is with general operation. The disc spinning (or perhaps better worded as grinding) is loud and it takes quite a while to load a disc. It even FROZE in the middle of the third Matrix film -- I had to unplug the unit and replug it in to even get the disc out. Not a good sign when my Samsung unit will play nearly anything without a hiccup (and never freezes.) The remote is average; I use a Harmony anyways so that's not a big concern for me. No HDMI cable? C'mon, Toshiba, these things cost pennies nowadays. (My Samsung player included one, but that's probably because Costco made them to distinguish it in the marketplace...)

    I was easily able to unlock the player for region-free viewing, a plus for some users. I put in a region 2 disc and it played without a hitch.

    Nonetheless, review your options when looking at upconverters -- this probably isn't the best on the market, but not the worst either....more info
  • awesome dvd player
  • Good buy for what it is.
    I'm pretty divided on how to review this player - so you can skip to my recommendation at the bottom of this review if you like. Basically, the Toshiba XD does what it is designed to do, which is make your DVDs look a bit better on your big HDTV - I think it does it very well, as most reviewers have pointed out. Perhaps the best part of it's design is that you can do a lot of tinkering (if you wish) to get the results you like most. For example, I don't like the over-saturated video look when it comes to movies, so I toned all of that down on both the player and my HDTV (you have to do it to both because HDTVs have a mind of their own when it comes to image) - but you can also pump it up to your hearts content if you DO like that look. The toshiba does improve sharpness and gives a nice graduated look to shadows and various color changes - you can tell it's doing 'something'. For the price, you can't beat it. BUT - really the thing to consider is that only a high definition disk will really look like a high definition disk - no matter how much you tinker with a regular DVD, they don't have that magic clarity that blu-ray discs can have (not all of them do). Also, the blu ray players that are out there do a good job of upscaling regular DVDs, too. I also have the LG BD300 Network Blu-ray Disc Player and it does as good a job at upscaling as the Toshiba XD. Now, the LG is more expensive, but I think is much more worth it because of the added features: it can play DVDs, blu-ray discs AND it connects to Netflix (which I LOVE and is totally worth getting).

    My suggestion is that if you can save up the money to buy a blu-ray player, then do so and you'll eventually be able to really take advantage of that high-def TV you spent all that money on as you get more blu-ray discs in your library. But, if money is tight, you just want something now and already own a ton of DVDs, then get the Toshiba and wait for blu-ray players to come down a bit more in price. ...more info
  • Excellent video quality; finicky machine
    Like many of the other reviewers on this Toshiba upconverting DVD player, I've had excellent picture quality for all of my videos, with near HD quality without having to shell out the big bucks on a Blu-Ray player. Until Blu-Ray technology gets a little cheaper and until you convert your entire video library over to Blu-Ray, this is a nice stand in.

    However, I've also experienced many of the technical glitches that other reviewers have mentioned. First, the DVD player takes a very long time to load in comparison to most other DVD players I have used. Loading a disc, getting the disc tray to open up, pausing the movie and moving to the title menu, or even turning the unit on took an excessively long amount of time, in my opinion. The remote control lacks volume control buttons, which is not a problem for most people (they just have to have their TV remotes nearby), but we have the unit hooked up to our computer monitor, since we don't own a TV, and the lack of volume controls requires us to go up to the monitor itself and adjust it manually. Which leads myself to a weirder glitch--some videos on this machine play at an obscenely low volume (requiring a volume level of 80 out of 100 to hear it), while others are so loud (usually my kids' videos) that I have to set the volume level at 30 out of 100. Both these videos would play at similar volumes using our other DVD player or the computer, so I don't know exactly what is going on here.

    Also, if you're inclined to watching television programs on DVD, the Toshiva DVD player stretches/zooms the picture, so that it fills the screen, rather than letterboxing and maintaining the television aspect ratio. Adjustments through the control panel do not appear to change this default function. Another weird thing that the machine does is that when the unit is off, there is a quiet, high-pitched whine that emits from the machine. I can hear it when I'm within a few feet of it. I'm not sure if it's at a frequency that everyone can hear--my husband couldn't hear it--but it's really annoying if you are noise sensitive like me.

    The biggest problem seems to be that the DVD player has trouble reading DVDs occasionally. I once tried putting a DVD that I knew worked on my computer into the Toshiba, but all I got was a "Disc not readable" message, even after taking the disc out and cleaning it and trying to reload. After following the advice in another review here on Amazon, I shut the whole system off and on again before it would work. On other occasions, when the DVD player is being finicky with my DVDs, it would load and play the video, but it would shift the entire picture over to the right by two inches, and there would be a one inch vertical bar of static to the left-most of the screen, followed by a one inch vertical bar of bright green. I would again have to shut off the machine in order to correct this.

    Finally, I've been having a unique problem after connecting our monitor to the DVD player with the HDMI cable. After testing out the DVD player on a couple occasions, I went back to playing another video on the monitor, but using the computer. I connect the computer through the HDMI output, using an HDMI to DVI cable, and I connect the audio through an audio cable to the computer microphone output separately. This had previously been no problem for us. But after connecting this DVD player via the same HDMI output, the microphone output has suddenly stopped working in conjunction with the HDMI to DVI cable. This last problem, I don't know if it's something put in motion by the DVD player or if it's a problem with the monitor, but I thought I'd put it out there in case someone else might have a solution for me or may have experienced similar problems.

    Seeing as to how I was asked to review this DVD player gratis, I would have rated it 4 stars on its own for its picture quality. However, I think that the cost for someone buying this machine, while a value compared to buying a Blu-Ray player at this time, leads to justifiably higher expectations as to the performance of this DVD player and so I'll settle on giving it 3 stars. ...more info
  • Best upscaler out there
    Once the price dropped I gave this unit a shot. I definitely notice an improvement playing standard DVDs compared to my HD-A2 on my 32" set. I like it and will keep it. If the quality of the DVD is good this player makes it look fantastic.

    Another reviewer noted that the picture enhancement button did not work. In order for this feature to work the signal must be output via HDMI at 1080. My set is 720 but it accepts the 1080 signal....more info
  • Amazing Picture ... Poor Build Quality.
    This player is filled with pros and cons:

    Small footprint; the unit is small and can fit into a snug space. Feels very light, so if you plan to put this on a shelf/entertainment center, watch out, drop it once and forget about it.

    It delivers on the visuals, close to near HD quality. But the color enhancement takes away the natural tone of every thing.

    The remote is awful, bad button placement and it feels just as light and thin as the player itself.

    It tends to freeze.

    On the whole, it's a good player that seems to have been rushed to market. The quality in its build is annoying. It just feels very cheap. The tray sticks, movies freeze at random, but the payoff for the nags is the picture quality. Toshiba nailed it. It really does give off great eye candy for what you pay for. Is it as good as Blu Ray? Heck no....more info
  • Stutter, Stutter, Freeze, Restart, Freeze ...Bad Disc?
    I bought the XD-E500 the week it was announced for the ridiculous price of $150 (yeah, I should have waited). This Toshiba player is slower to load movies than my old DVD player, and the difference in quality is hard to notice at times on a 36" 720p set, but I was happy with it for about two weeks. Then the thing decided to die a painful, brutal death. First, it started stuttering on movies. Stopping the movie, opening and closing the tray, and restarting the movie seemed to fix the problem. However, a few days later it started to freeze during playback. A restart just gave the message Bad Disc and it would refuse to play. After a three-minute power-down, the movie would play again, but the stutters, freezes, and Bad Disc errors would continue. It is now impossible for me to watch a movie all the way through on this player. Do not buy this piece of garbage. I would recommend a Samsung BDP1500 or Sony BDP350 Blu-Ray player over this Toshiba junk....more info
  • Toshiba ED-E500
    A nice working DVD player that hasn't rejected playing disc yet. It does an excellent job up converting discs and does not increase graininess of the image in doing so. You do get ED not HD and should understand this. The black shiny finish would be better if it was silver, bronze or something better than black which gets yucky quickly and looks tacky.
    Toshiba XD-E500 Upconverting 1080p Extended Detail DVD Player...more info
  • Does a generally great job at what it is supposed to do.
    I was anxious to compare the Toshiba XD-E500 to my two other up-converting players, a Toshiba HD A-2 and an Oppo DV-970. Without re-hashing other reviewer's points, my take is thus:
    The plus includes small `footprint', which is nice when one has limited shelf space as I do; it fit nicely on top of the A-2. The unit looks nice, with a kind of futuristic veneer. It does produce excellent sound playback, rivaling the other units mentioned (if not surpassing them). The up-conversion compares favorably to the Toshiba A-2, with sharp detail. It also loads a lot faster than the A-2 (which seems to take forever). I was hard-pressed to tell the difference between the two units in playback, although the E500 seemed to provide just a touch more definition on 480p discs. While the remote was adequate, it seemed kind of cheap to me (but most of them are these days). Other reviewers complained the unit didn't last long. We'll see, but given the somewhat infrequent use of this particular player (it will be going to my bedroom system soon), I hope to avoid that problem.
    The negatives are few, and have been adequately detailed by other reviewers, but I join them in my main complaint that full-screen releases (4:3 aspect ratio) are stretched out and appear somewhat distorted. While I prefer widescreen when I have a choice, many titles were released theatrically in 4:3, so that's how they should be viewed. Another minor negative is that, compared to my Oppo, this unit is somewhat limited. While the Oppo players do cost a bit more, and aren't really superior in terms of build quality, they do allow for playback of DVD-Audio and SACD, which the E500 does not.
    All in all, a nice little machine that does an excellent job of upgrading most standard definition discs, rivaling or exceeding most. If the aspect ratio issue can be resolved with upgrades, then this will be a fine little player for the modest price.
    ...more info
  • Broke in 4 months. No warranty
    I purchased the Toshiba XDE and it produced a great picture. But it died after using it infrequently only after 4 months. There is only a 90 day warranty and I had to throw it out because it cost too much to repair.

    Buy another product with a better warranty....more info
  • Awesome picture when it works. Try it at your risk.
    First day of owning it, I was changing sharpness/color/contast option on and off during play of a DVD and suddenly I had no HDMI signal to my TV anymore and the player would not respond to my remote or pressing the buttons on the player. I had to unplug the player for it to reset. Then the movie played fine again. I think the firmware was confused and locked the player up. This did this a second time with me just watching a movie and not touching a thing. Not a hardware problem in this case. I have owned the SONY Upscale player and I think this player does have a better picture. People complain about the remote and I see no problems with it.

    Now all that said... I think the physical quality of the player is ok, not great but ok. The best part is the picture quality. It's outstanding! VERY close to Blu-Ray. I had a Blu-Ray and there isn't much difference.

    BUT, I have returned it to Amazon because i'm not going to tolerate the player locking up during a movie. Toshiba has a great idea they just need to work on dependability. After reading all the reviews for days.. i'm going to give the Pioneer player a try. ...more info
  • Worked fine for 89 days
    I bought this item on 9/23 and it worked just fine, don't think it blew anything away, but, it did a fine job of 1080p upscaling. Until about a week ago when it started freezing on a dvd playback, then it did it again on a different dvd and then again a few days ago. Toshiba's (reluctant) response was to have me send the unit back to them, at my expense, and they would either replace it with a re-conditioned/used unit or attempt to repair it and ship the repaired(?) unit back. Leaving me without a DVD player for an unknown amount of time and finishing up with another unit of unknown quality. They refused to ship me a replacement unit (the way it works with other companies is that you give them a credit card & if you don't ship the defective unit back with in 30 days they charge the card).
    Bottom Line:Lousy support policy & lousy quality control, for it to start to fail within 90 days is unacceptable.
    I went through a bad patch in the 60's where approximately 50% of my electronic & appliance purchases were defective - the Japanese ate out lunch because of that - I guess because we HAVE NO CHOICE the China manufactured goods are going to slip significantly in quality to save even more money....more info
  • Lasted two months
    I never did reconnect my old Sony I bought right after The Matrix came out (it's that old), but I'm not sure the picture on this one is any better. I've had constant trouble reading discs, and now it finally quit on me. NOT RELIABLE. NOT RECOMMENDED....more info
  • Looks good for the few hours it will work
    I am on my second failed unit, and returning that tomorrow. I'm demanding shipping reimbursment at this point. I think Toshiba produced the absolute cheapest piece of made in china garbage possible. My first unit (in a nice protected theater rack with a power conditioner) worked for 2 movies, then 1/2 the cheap green lcd letters stopped working, then it started skipping multiple frames in the movie constantly. I just received a replacement from their Tennessee service center. It powers up but won't read any disks. It just says 'Loading...' indefinitely. I tried 5 brand new disks, nothing. If you have one and it's actually working, I doubt it will be for long. Wal-Mart no name brand DVD players have higher quality than this thing.

    What good is picture quality when your lucky if it works for two weeks.

    As for me, lesson learned, I'm sticking with Denon and Panasonic.

    -Chris in Chicago...more info
  • Great DVD Player till Blu-Ray comes down in price
    As a DVD player, the XD-E500 is as capable as most any other on the market: Great picture quality, easy installation, remote with lots of functions, and various outputs (including HDMI). What sets it apart from lesser models is that it has Toshiba's xDE technology, which in brief functions as a converter which simulates 1080p- or Blu-Ray-quality on a supported television.

    With Blu-Ray player pricing still high ($300 or so) and the possibility that the technology may not penetrate as greatly as hoped (in other words, DVDs may still be the standard for the next five years, not to be replaced by Blu-Ray), the XD-E500 is a great `stop-gap' player which will be useable for the next several years.
    The build quality of the machine is certainly `mid-level' at best, but is more than adequate for many years of use.

    I had no problems playing home-made DVDs, as well as commercial disks.
    I only used this with my 1080p 42" LCD TV, so I don't know how well it pairs with larger screens or different resolutions.
    ...more info
  • Excellent upconverting player if you have an HDMI connection
    This player does an excellent job of upconverting content and the edge enhancement is certainly better than you will find in any other player in this price range. While other players just try to enhance the entire image, introducing noise as they go, the XDE player uses variable edge enhancement and only works where it needs to work, creating a less noisy image. I have nothing but good things to say about the image quality from this unit... it cannot be beat at this price. While the image is certainly not in the same class with Blu-ray, this player should be a perfect match for anyone who is not yet ready to spend the extra money on Blu-ray hardware and software.

    I am not sold on the color enhancement feature in this player, as I am not fond of altering the overall color timing of movies. Sure, the colors are brighter, but is that how the movie is supposed to look? I will not use this function, as I find it useless, but some people might like it.

    The most important thing to know about this player is that you MUST connect the player via HDMI in order to upscale content to 720p/1080i/1080p. You will not Get your money's worth if you don't connect this player with HDMI, so keep that in mind if your television does not have an HDMI connection.

    The player seems to be of low-to-average build quality. Neither the unit nor the remote control are particularly amazingly well built, but they are not really bad either. The player doesn't feel as well built as any of the older DVD units I have in the house, but this is just how things seem to go... the build quality goes down along with the price.

    Build quality: 3/5
    Picture quality: 5/5 (when connected via HDMI)
    Remote: 3/5
    Features: 4/5
    Overall: 4/5

    Bottom line: a fine choice for anyone who wants a better picture but isn't ready to take the plunge into Blu-ray....more info
  • don't take my word for it...........
    According to U.S. News and World Report (November 17-24, 2008 issue, page 50): "In troubling times, we take more comfort in friends and family. Call it cocooning or whatever, the trend translates into better sales for products that a group can share. Those include big-screen TVs, DVD players, and other devices we can crowd around at home. That doesn't mean having to spend a fortune on high-end gear. Instead, take an interim step toward high-def with the TOSHIBA XD-E500 DVD player, which does the best job yet of upgrading standard DVDs for bigger screens. It doesn't have the picture quality of Blu-ray HD, but those players still cost about $100 more. (They also need Blu-ray disks to show off and don't do as well at displaying standard DVDs.) The player from Toshiba--which, perhaps not coincidentally, saw its competing HD DVD format lose to Blu-ray--is a credible effort to prolong existing libraries of standard movie disks."...more info
  • A DISAPPOINTMENT !!: Toshiba XD-E500 Upconverting 1080p Extended Detail DVD Player
    I bought this product after reading the numerous reviews by Amazon and CNet users - the amazing images on a 1080p HDTV upconverted from a DVD, and with great hopes of extending the life of 350-title art film DVD-collection from all over the world these titles will probably not be released on BluRay anytime soon).

    Unfortunately, the images I saw were barely marginally-better than what my current Sony DVD Player (over 6 years old) displayed. I used a new DVD film "To The Left Of The Father" with very-good quality transfer to test the player.
    After running for about 15 minutes, I tried to set the picture-settings to 1080p on HDMI(apparently a special feature of the XDE-500). The player simply stopped working in 5 minutes or so, and the remote stopped responding. I could never get it to play this setting again, even thoough the HDMI cable seemed fine. The DVD played fine when I played on my older Sony Player with a "component" connection.

    MY CONCLUSION: Obviously the XDE-500 player was intended as an ambitious player to prolong the agony for BluRay. But Toshiba stumbled badly in rushing this to market without adequate testing or quality assurance. Has to pay the price.
    Needless to say, I have returned the XDE-500 and the HDMI cable since.

    In all fairness to, and keeping true to their reputaton, they were very prompt in refunding the paid amount.

    If you plan to look at the XDE-500, I suggest you consider the OPPO players first, they have a great reputation. ...more info
  • Decent upconverting DVD player
    With the collapse of the HD-DVD market Toshiba is leveraging some of their tech into upconverting DVD players. This player is feature rich and has excellent picture quality. If your not willing to make the plunge to Blu-ray and your TV or receiver lack decent upscaling of their own, this is a good option for a new DVD player. ...more info
    DVD player really gives a crisp and clean picture. I am glad I purchased it....more info
  • Best bang for the buck
    Just got one of these to replace a 6 month old Sony NS77H upconverter ( nothing wrong with the Sony, just wanted something better).
    I have a Samsung 42" 720P Plasma and I sit about 9 ft from the screen to watch it. This thing is much sharper with more detail than the Sony. I know its not Blu-Ray, but frankly, Im not sure how much better it could look.
    The picture is just stunning. In order for the picture tweaks to work on a 720P T.V. you have to set the output to 1080i and your T.V. will play it at 720P. This is hands down the best up-converter I have seen and its a steal at $100.00.
    The other night I watched Apacolypto HD thru Comcast on-demand while playing the same movie on this Toshiba. I started switching between them and I know there is a difference but if your not watching with your nose up against the screen I doubt you will see it.
    Blu-Ray Shmoo-Ray get this bad boy and you wont be sorry.
    ...more info
  • toshiba XD-E500 DVD player
    I've had the XD-E500 for about 2 months now. I also own a Toshiba X-A2 HD DVD player which is considered by many to be a top notch upconverter of standard dvds

    My point is that I had a very good machine with which to compare the XD-E500. The XD-E500 does a very good job of upconverting and for eighty bucks it's a heck of a buy. Is it better or worse than the X-A2? It's different. I recommend giving it a try. Oh, I used Men In Black 2 (superbit) and Once Upon A Time In The West in comparing the 2 machines, two very good transfers. ...more info
  • Wow - Most DVD's look great
    Watch Video Here: I am very impressed with the Toshiba upconverting DVD player. Please note: in the video portion of my review I mention that the picture looks "GRAINY" however, after watching a few more DVD I realize that most look great. In all honesty, they look better than my HD cable.

    One note - you MUST buy HDMI cable for an optimal picture (Please see the video review) - here is my recommendation Cables To Go - 40315 - 2M (6.6ft) Velocity HDMI Digital Video Cable (Blue) - don't be fooled the low price - thy work great.

    Also, the Toshiba has an optical audio output - however you will need a TV or receiver that has an Optical input and a fiber optic cable such as these Digital Fiber Optic Audio Cable

    Pros to the Toshiba
    - Great picture out of "Most" of you current DVDs - without the need of a BLU-RAY player.
    - Optical inputs for high quality sound
    - Low cost - less than half the weight of a blu ray


    - At least one of my DVDs looked a bit grainy
    - The remote isn't that great - but it is unlikely you will need to use it

    A couple of things to remember

    - A standard Blu Ray player will also upconvert your DVDs. So you will not need both an Upconverting DVD player and a Blu Ray. In short, if you planning on buying a Blu Ray player in the near future you will not need an Upconverting DVD player.

    Final Verdict-

    The Toshiba Upconverting DVD player is an excellent value and product. However, if you see a Blu Ray player in your future you may want to hold onto your money.

    5 Stars...more info
  • HEY! HEY! HEY!

    Playing our DVD's using this Toshiba with our Samsung HD television is better than going to the local box movie house!

    Popcorn is cheaper, the sound volume can be adjusted properly, the comfort of home seating and free admission ($7.50 / person)~~~these are all advantages. Throw in the amazing picture and sound delivered by this unit and it's a true WINNER!...more info
  • Great Picture,Thats About It.
    I agree with everybody else, XDE makes a good transfer SD-DVD,near HD quality. The player is very cheaply made,and the remote is even worse,and near worthless. Issues I've noticed with the XDE are, player will, at random, freeze a scene. This seems to be a common complaint. The DVD tray is very flimsy,and cheaply made. It also is difficult to remove the DVD from the tray because it has no finger slots on the sides of the tray. You actually have to reach under the tray and push the DVD up from underneath the tray. Whats up with that? Only plays region 1 without a hack, that I tried twice,and still will not play region 2. Shut player off halfway through a movie and the XDE does not remember where you left off. You have to go search to find where you left off in the movie. Will not play 4:3 through hdmi cable without stretching out the image. I'm really surprised how cheap this Toshiba product is. However,I do believe this player is a serious threat to BLURAY, and I'm waiting for Toshiba to get serious, and come out with a high quality and high featured XDE-1000. That player will deserve 5 stars,and I will quickly purchase one. ...more info
  • Dead on Arrival
    This DVD player was DOA -- dead on arrival. I literally have nothing good to say about it. It looks and feels cheap, and it doesn't even work! I plugged it into my TV, played The Dark Knight, and watched ~5 seconds before the screen went green. Thanks, Toshiba, but I think I'll stick to Samsung or Sony next time.

    Amazon, as always, has excellent customer service and refunded me promptly....more info
  • Excellent Value
    Could not be more pleased with this DVD player. Not terribly technology proficient but setup was a snap. I know the picture must be better on Blue Ray but hard to imagine. At one-half to one-third price of Blue Ray I must say that this is a real bargain. HDMI setup so easy even I can do it. Read the instructions.

    Minor gripe - range of remote is limited and must be aimed directly at player. ATC, a very small inconvenience considering the price and value....more info