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Defender PHOENIX1 Wireless Video Security System with Portable LCD Monitor and Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Surveillance Camera (Black)
List Price: $249.99

Our Price: $149.99

You Save: $100.00 (40%)


Product Description

The PHOENIX1 is an easy to use wireless free handheld security monitoring system. Use it to keep your family and belongings safe and secure. The camera sends audio and video wirelessly to the handheld monitor, which has a 2.5 color LCD screen for crystal clear viewing of your cameras video without need for any wiring. To protect your privacy and avoid interference, the PHOENIX1 wirelessly transmits both audio and video on a different frequency than the standardized 2.4GHz, allowing you to view your video on the without worry of interference or interception. The small but powerful camera features automatically activating night vision which helps you see clearly at night and in dark situations. Keep watch over your belongings and loved ones without a bulky system or wiring with the PHOENIX1!

  • Avoid Interference & Interception with Clear Signal Technology - This system transmits over a 900mHz frequency, which will not interfere with 2.4GHz
  • Completely Wire Free Surveillance - Both the monitor and camera can run on battery power, with no need for wires
  • Continuous Security Day or Night! - The camera comes equipped with infrared night vision, allowing you to see dark areas while monitoring.
  • Durable Camera for Indoor or Outdoor Use - The discreet camera is built with durable aluminum and designed to function both indoor and outdoor
  • Audio Support - A built-in microphone that lets you hear everything that's happening in your monitoring location.

Customer Reviews:

  • Baby monitor
    I bought this product just to use as a baby monitor and it has worked great. When she cries i can hear her and at night when it is dark i can see her just fine. I would recommend this for everyone....more info
  • Great last, a camera that works
    we have 3 babies and we were looking everywhere for a good,reliable video monitor with several cameras. we knew by experience that the kid's stuff does not work great,so we switched to "real" security system, and this model did the trick just fine. It was our second try, but the first model had too much interference to work properly (ah this annoying blip, blip in the middle of the night...)Easy to use, no unnecessary gadget or design...we like particularly this model because of the automated switch to night vision in the evenings. just one comment:it is a shame that the model does not allow for a third camera for our third kid. All-in,great device and reasonably priced....more info
  • love it
    I have done a lot of looking for a cheap security camra and this is the one. has good reviews for one, and easy to use. if your looking for a good product this is it . i have two cams and it works great. i didnt no it came with a two camra box so i order a extra cam. so if you want two camras its here....more info
  • Perfect for what I needed!
    I have a bi-level home with no windows downstairs. When people come over I can not see that they are here nor can I here them when they knock, This system is so perfect! It has a motion sensor so that when people pull in my drive way or walk up to my door it beeps. It has sound although the sound picks up everything including the wind. The camera was so easy to install and so small that people can't see it. It has night vision that isn't wonderful but it works!! The monitor is wireless and has a great picture.I am very happy with the product! I can monitor the front of my home, and with they system being wireless I can take it with me upstairs and into the backyard!

    Great buy and for the price it is more than worth it!!!...more info
  • Don't buy as a baby monitor
    This is listed as a result for baby monitors, but it doesn't work at all for that:

    1. It is WAY WAY WAY too quiet. If you think you are going to be able to hear your kids in the other room, maybe you will with the volume all the way up and holding the monitor next to your ear, but it won't alert you or wake you up.

    2. You can't use any other baby monitors at the same time as this or the video gets all screwy and the audio is all fuzz.

    ...more info
  • Great in the beginning but now have major issues.
    I really wanted this system to work. I read all of the reviews and everything seemed great accept for the wireless range. After setting up the system (w/additions camera), all looked great. Setup was easy and directions were clear. The night viewing range was good and the reception range was better than I expected. Initially I was very happy, but after a few days of use I noticed issues with the picture. One camera showed a clear picture while the over was almost completely washed out and at night showed very blurry. And a day after rain or snow, both camera were fogged for a few days. No big deal I thought, I just have a defective camera(s). Unfortunately after replacing the one bad camera, the second camera was now washed out and barely visible. So I figure lets give it one last try and replace the second camera and LCD receiver. Again, same issues. Bad picture on one camera and perfect picture on the other. I finally gave up and returned everything to amazon. Now I'm back to square one. ...more info
  • works good, defender, phoenix1
    I got this system to use as a back up camera on my camp trailer, seamed like a versitile 110vac/battery operated unit, and with remoat moniter, and wireless, has been perfect, bought a 2nd cam to put on front of trailer, and its not only good security, but have got to watch wildlife in camp also.
    Ha I know this is a kind of off the wall use for this system, but why not? and it works.
    The only down side #1 it is not rain proof.
    #2 the IR light source is pretty weak, 6-8 foot only, so night use is limited.
    #3 A bubble and foil insulation can defeat the wireless signal(metal trailer skin, then this type of insulation), so have to watch placment.
    #4 2nd cam was not as good as 1st one, so quality varys, by unit.
    I have not had any dealings with company so not sure how customer orented they are.
    Yes I would buy this system agin, cant beat it for the $, or versatility.
    The cams are small, and used in its intended application it is great.
    thank you
    George C. Hall...more info