Acer Aspire One 8.9-inch Mini Laptop (1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 Processor, 1.0 GB RAM, 120 GB Hard Drive, XP Home) Blue
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Product Description

The Aspire ONE is Acer's first 8.9" notebook powered by the Intel Atom processor, providing leading performance for your Internet centric lifestyle.The ultra small and slim form factor reflects your on-the-go lifestyle. In addition to its charming appearance, Aspire ONE helps you stay productive entertained and connected to your digital world.

  • Box Contents - Acer AOA150-1570 Mobile Internet Device, 3-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery, AC Power Adapter, AC Power Cord; Software Bundle - Windows XP Home, McAfee Internet Security Suite, 1-Year International Travelers Warranty
  • Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz Processor
  • 512 KB L2 Cache, 533 MHz Front Bus speed
  • 1024 MB DDR2 (PC2-4200) RAM
  • 120GB (5400 RPM) SATA Hard Drive

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent little machine for the money!!
    I love this little guy!!! It's very portable and works like a charm. Looks like XP, feels like XP ... guess what? It is XP!! I will be doing some travelling and can't wait to take it on the road with me. It's tiny but the keyboard feels like a "normal" keyboard. The screen is sharp and clear and the battery life(6 cell) is excellent!! Wireless works great too!! Plenty of space with the 160G HD. WOW!! Did I mention ... I love this little guy!!!...more info
  • So far so good
    After thinking about this for awhile, and nearly salivating looking at them, I finally bought one. I download e-books, and my lappie just wasn't conducive to relaxing with a good book----ironic because that's why I went to a laptop from a desktop. I had looked at the Sony e-reader, and yes the Kindle. Neither are much smaller than this, and not much of a price difference. This however can access the internet without extra cost and is portable.
    No DVD/CD player,for me that's OK,I rarely use it anyway. If I think I'd like one, I'll buy an external unit.
    So far I love it. I'm not techy---at all---and the set up was a snap, it basically did it itself, Once set up I connected it to my wireless, again very easy, and I was ready to start playing.
    I don't really notice the fan others have. The keyboard is smaller, but this is a mini-laptop, what would you expect? I don't really find this an issue. I bet it's a challenge for those with bigger hands and fingers.
    I see from one of the previous reviewers that I can get a 6-cell battery for it-will this improve performance on battery?-it is rather slow running just on battery, and RAM can be added to for Vista, I'll be in touch with you-:).

    My concern at this point is that my bigger laptop may end up neglected in favor of this one.

    I would definitely recommend this item, and Acer in general. Both my lappies are Acer and I've been very satisfied....more info
  • Not a desktop/laptop replacement, but does what it's suppose to do.
    This is a very well-designed netbook, which does everything it's suppose to do.
    First of all, it is very light, which makes this device very mobile.
    For its size, the keyboard works surprisingly well.
    Only thing I don't like about is the split mouse button, which takes some time to get used to. Even after I got used to it, I'd still prefer normal mouse buttons.
    Other than that, the keyboard and touch pad works like a charm.
    I've watch netflix, hulu, and youtube videos without any problem.
    I even managed to watch HD trailers on yahoo movie without any problem.
    It is true the Intel Atom processor is lacking certain "oopms" the duel cores offer. And that's the reason why I said this netbook is not a replacement computer. You'll notice it takes little longer for certain programs to execute than your typical deskptop/laptop but it's not something you should to too concerned about.
    Like most netbooks, this does not have any optical drives. (No DVD player)
    Screen is beautiful and very crisp.
    Battery life isn't something I can brag about since it lasts me about 2 hours with my 3 cell battery.
    I can order a 6 cell battery but I don't like the fact that battery will stick out from back of the computer but if you are looking for longer battery life, just know that there is an option.
    Fan is bit loud.
    Audio is decent. Sometime it sounds too "echo-y" when I crank up the volume but it's much better than my Samsung Q1UP speakers since you can actually hear the sound.
    Webcam works beautifully.
    I've tested skype and it works very smoothly with high video/audio quality.
    You can upgrade the memory to 2GB but it's not something you can simply open up a slot and install.
    I wouldn't recommend doing it unless you have some experience with opening up your computer completely because you seriously need to pull apart almost the whole computer just to install 1 extra GB of memory.
    I can't think of anything else to talk about.
    The reason I gave it 5 stars, even with few kinks here and there, is because of the netbook's capabilities with such a low price.
    I highly recommend this netbook for students for its mobility and price.
    ...more info
  • It is funtional for the matter I use

    Dear consumer.

    I bought it since November 2008, I love it becuase of the size but It is not funtional at all becuase the keepboard size netbook has, the other facilities like weight, color and have everything in one place it is great, even I have a dell computer lapto latitud, but not I let it at home and came out to work with my Accer just, of course I did not charge anything there, just use to work out and carry the file I need.

    When people saw my one most of them move to buy one because it is funtionality at the end.
    ...more info
  • My Best Choice
    My purchase is a nice experience. My tiny computer is complete in equipment and essencial systems; it is shipped to me within the ordered time; it looks good; it is convenient to carry; I derive great enjoyment from using it. ...more info
  • I love this thing
    Coming from a guy who has everything this thing is perfect. I am a techie. I have a little bit of everything. For years I have carried around the biggest laptop bookbags I can so I can keep my laptop and whatever I may need with me. This great little thing will make sure I can remove a good 8lbs or so from my load.
    This little laptop does everything you need in a small light package. I have read many reviews where people complain about the fan noise. I have had my netbook since Christmas Eve and has not heard the fan once. It also only took me about 20 minutes to get use to the slightly smaller keyboard.
    My version came with the 3cell battery and I have seen a 9cell for sale. I promise that will be my first purchase before the new year. While it may be bigger and stick out from the laptop as oposed to the 3cell. With the 11+ hour battery life that means I can make it through an entire days use and not need to break out my power cord or even carry it.

    For anybody considering picking up 1 of these as a 2nd, more portable option to your current solution there should be no question here. Just make sure you buy more than 1 because someone close to you is going to be jealous you didnt get them 1 too....more info
  • Great Little Machine
    A great performer. It's light and it's fast. And, what a price!

    The keyboard is a little small, but it's still easy to use.

    i don't think anybody would be making a mistake by buying this....more info
  • We do good work; we do cheap work; we do quick work. Choose any two. Except the last one. Wait...
    First, let me congratulate Acer on how close they came to succeeding with this thing. It's light as a feather, it's portable - about a third of the size of my main laptop - the battery life is decent, and the hard drive is expansive. That it can do so well without a DVD drive is a testament to how far flash and external drives have come (and how cheap memory has gotten) in the past few years. The wireless function is reliable, the screen sharp, the user interface compact, and the casing durable. It's very reasonably priced; it comes with a webcam. And I even like the color.

    Too bad, then, about its two fatal flaws.

    1) It is slow as HECK.

    I'm not trying to play "Crysis" here. *Loading webpages* is often too much for the Aspire One. It took over two minutes to load a product page, for example, and I can feel it overheating from the effort as I type. That's unacceptable for any computer in the modern market.

    It's not a program issue - I have nothing but Explorer running - though it means you're going to have to manage your programs very closely. (If your Aspire came preloaded with McAfee, for example, then you're gonna have to dump it for something less obtrusive like AVG, or else you'll never get your processor unfrozen.) Sure, I can take the Aspire anywhere - but if it takes a glacial epoch to check my e-mail, what's the point?

    2) The following should rank as no more than an annoyance, but it's so pervasive that it's become a major turn-off. The "shrink/enlarge text" function in Explorer has been oddly mapped to the trackpad and left-click, so that when you attempt to scroll a webpage up or down, you'll often end up screwing up the font size. It's frustrating to have to stop and adjust Explorer to get your pages back to legibility thirty times a session.

    Yeah, it's just one bug in one program - like a pull to the left in the steering wheel is just one malfunction in one part of the car. It's comparatively small, you can compensate for it, but it seriously hampers a main function of the machine, and there's no way it should have gotten past quality control.

    They'll eventually succeed with the Aspire, even if only through the inexorable progress of Moore's Law, but in its current state, it's just not practical. I won't be keeping mine, but I look forward to the day when Acer gets it right....more info
  • Decent Product
    Like the mini laptop so far. Fits in my small Timbuk2 bag nicely.
    Only problem so far is the Office 2007 trial software installed.
    Have not figured out how to remove it and just use Word 2003.

    Did load OpenOffice on it though so I won't lose my work when the trial runs out.

    Keyboard is large enough, screen is a little small. ...more info
  • The little netbook that could... and does :)
    Recently there has been a small revolution in computing of sorts... the "netbook" or 'mini laptop'. What is a netbook? Well, they are tiny laptops that are in a new class of their own. Up until recently, the smallest class of laptops were defined as the "ultra-light" or "super ultra-light". These laptops usually had 12 inch screens and weighed around 3 pounds. Many of these ultra-lights did not have DVD or CD drives, but relied on "media docks" for these capabilities.

    The new kids on the block "netbooks" are even smaller... having screens roughly 9 to 10 inches and weighing around 2 pounds. Many have hard drives that are flash based... also called solid state hard drives. So what has brought about this tiny revolution? Well, today's technology has finally made it possible to have tiny laptops that are powerful enough, light weight, and energy efficient enough to be practical. Also, the Intel Atom chip (which is a minuscule marvel that offers 1.6 Ghz of computing power while sipping electricity) is a big reason why these netbooks are even made possible. So as you read this review, keep in mind that these computers are not mere toys... but are in reality tiny little work horses :)

    Review: The Acer Aspire One

    This review is for the Acer Aspire One with 160GB hard drive, 6-cell battery, 1.6 Ghz Atom processor with 1GB of RAM, and Windows XP pre-installed. Please note that there are several different versions of this Mini-laptop. Some of them come with different hard drives (some with solid state hard drives), and some with different battery options (like a 3-cell instead of 6-cell), and different Operation Systems too (Linux lite). I picked this one because the 6-cell battery lasts 5 hours or more, it has XP included, and it comes with a 160GB hard drive. It also makes this version the most expensive... if you're wondering why there's so many different prices floating around for the same model laptop.

    Well, I've had this laptop for few days now and I'm very impressed and happy with what it can do. It runs Windows XP very well and you can have several programs open at the same time... meaning that it can multi-task pretty well. It seems to have a very solid build, strong screen hinge, and a beautiful (glossy) high contrast screen. The colors are very vibrant and the black level looks great. I am surprised at how quickly it can load web pages and video from youtube... there is very little lag time. For example, if you're watching a video on youtube and you switch to full screen mode, it doesn't slow it down and switches quickly. And although one of the drawbacks of this netbook (or any netbook for that matter) is that there is no DVD or CD drive, it played DVD videos off the hard drive great and (oddly enough) comes with Win-DVD software pre-installed. One of my worries before buying this was that I thought that the screen resolution might look pixelated since the resolution is only 1024 x 600, but it actually looks very sharp. The only thing is that you do have to scroll down more often while viewing web pages than normal due to the smaller screen size. Another thing that surprised me about this laptop was that even when you use all of the USB ports (it comes with 3 total) at the same time, it doesn't slow this laptop down. I found this out when I plugged in a USB Mouse, external hard drive, and external DVD burner ... and burned a DVD using data off the external hard drive. It passed the test with flying colors and didn't skip a beat. The only major negative thing about this laptop is the design of it's mouse. Not only are the mouse buttons positioned badly on the sides of the touch sensor... but the size of the buttons are super thin and tiny. I think they could have easily improved this by at least making the mouse buttons larger. The bright side is that you can always use an external usb mouse if this is a major annoyance for you. Other than that, this laptop has surpassed all of my expectations. Here's a quick list of pros and cons:

    -Beautiful Screen with vibrant colors, high contrast ratio, and bright!
    -6-cell battery is amazing (offering 5 hours or more of use)
    -160GB HD, Runs XP great, good multi-tasking capabilities.
    -3 USB ports, and the Multi-card reader can read new SDHC cards
    -Built in mic and web camera (video from camera looks good)
    -Built-in Wifi worked well for me and web pages loaded quickly.
    -So portable and light... about the size of a small textbook.
    -Runs quiet and doesn't get hot while running.

    -Badly placed and designed mouse buttons
    -No DVD or CD drive (but no netbooks available offer one)
    -Screen could be larger (an extra inch could go a long way)


    If you're looking for an affordable and portable laptop that has enough processing power to run most applications, this mini-laptop might do the trick for you. It is perfect for the student that is always on the go... especially considering the long battery life. It's probably not the right one for you if you run processing intensive software though... such as video editing or gaming software. Overall, the Acer Aspire is an amazing little laptop that is a wonder (even for us tech geeks) to see in action....more info
  • speedy little computer
    very nice,well made,speedy processor,excellent 1gb ram amazing 160 gb hard drive..would recommend the 6 cell battery as this one only gets 2 hrs...more info
  • exelente equipo personal
    compre la mini acer aspire one exelente equipo portatil, facil de transportar, viene con mouse incorporado y uno adicional para coneccion usb, trae instalado el office 2007 version de prueba de 60 dias y antivirus, exelente equipo para quienes viajan constantemente lo recomiendo muy rapida, juan campos, venezuela ...more info
  • Great little machine
    The Acer Aspire 8.9 inch laptop is one great little machine. I have operated it for 3 months. I have taken it all over Europe and have had no problems with connecting to any internet server. I especially like the multi voltage battery charger that comes with the computer. All you need is plug adapter. After caring around a E machines 15.4" that weighs in with charger and voltage adapter 11 pounds this is a dream. I have found that the speed of the machine is a little slower then the the big one but is not a deal dropper. Screen graphics are great. The mouse is a little too sensitive for my heavy fingers but again not a deal breaker. I use the machine for emails and photo storage, the memory is fantastic. I used an external cd drive to down load programs I need for work and it works great.

    Over all this is one huge bang for the bucks. can't beat for size, weight, memory and price...more info
  • ... great performance and price for its intented use ...
    ... I bought this for my five year old daughter who is an electronics fan and wanted her own computer badly (after tired of asking me to use my laptop). I found this item perfect in size & price. Couldn't be more glad of my decision after my daughter got into it ... great practical product for everyone ... !!!...more info
  • Works well, Very light, Excellent price
    Acer Apire one is a very well-designed netbook, it is very light and does everything it's suppose to do. It's big enough to work comfortably, It does not take much space and it is easy to carry everywhere. It's the best money can buy for that price....more info
  • it just stop working
    after a month use this computer just stop working all i can hear is the fan when i turn on the computer on. although this is my second acer aspire one i'm happy with the white aspire one 3-cell linux OS....more info
  • awesome little gaget
    A great little notebook,real handy no regrets on buying, it look forward to a lot of use out of it. Had trouble with the battery was replaced with no trouble. The instruction manual left ME a bit up in the air, but every thing worked out. Would buy another of there products...more info
  • Acer What a Sweet Baby
    I purchased this computer after our Dell broke down. The price is awesome only 350.00 compared to twice that for a full=size laptop. I read Amazon reviews prior to purchase to be sure i made the right decision, and I am very pleased with my purchase.
    I have only had my Aspire one for a few days but already love it. The size is awesome, i can take it anywhere, it is so small you can carry right with your books. The size is also great for those small desks in some college classrooms.
    It does not like to have multiple windows open at the same time. I have froze up several times when i was running office and explorer, but i can live with that.
    I was pleased that it came with works and office trial.

    I took this to my college classes on the last day, everyone loved it! One thought it was adorable and looked like a computer had a baby.

    This would be awesome for students....more info
  • Poor durability, poor support.
    My wife and I both got Aspire Ones after falling in love with them at Wal Mart. Unfortunately, mine barely lasted a month. I went to fire mine up one day and the screen was fried, apparently the Aspire One's LCD panel had become cracked and/or damaged.

    This is my sixth laptop that I have had, either for home or work. This laptop was treated with much more care than any of the other five, all of which never had an LCD problem. In examining the unit, it appears that there is a gap near the hinges where the screen does not sit flush with the keyboard when closed. I'm not sure what caused the damage, but my guess is that ACER used an LCD that is much too thin. I have found other people on line who have Acer Aspire ones with cracked screens that had not mistreated the units.

    The irritating thing about this is that the Acer Aspire One is advertised as a "perfect kid's computer" and something you can just toss in a backpack or carry with you. It does not seem unreasonable to expect that the unit be at least as durable as a full sized notebook. Unfortunately, if my unit is any indication it is not.

    And Acer has said the problem described is most likely my fault. Of course, Acer does not offer accidental damage protection on this computer, so maybe they know there is a problem. The tech said that I could ship it in for review. If it is deemed damaged by me, a new screen will be $199. That's over half what I paid for the unit. Way to go Acer....more info
  • Cute Only
    I thought it would be neat. It is cute, but, you have to have an external cd rom and I couldn't get one to work after spending another $90 for that. Then it just started to squeal and I couldn't use it. Had to return. Would not order another one....more info
  • Acer Netbook
    Absolutely fabulous from the moment the box was opened. Even had a nice sleeve for it that ws never mentioned. I followed the bologs and took the bloat off. Speedy!...more info
  • Terrific little machine at a killer price!
    First off, let me start by saying that I've owned many notebooks over the past 12 years and use them a lot for work and personal use.

    This is one great little computer & the price is downright astonishing. Computers this size are commonly referred to as a "netbook", but unlike some of the other netbooks, the Aspire One's capabilities are on par with a full-fledged notebook.

    First of all, there's the specs... A zippy 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor with 1GB RAM is plenty quick enough to perform everyday tasks. Even somewhat resource-hungry apps like Photoshop 7 operate without a hitch. You won't be able to run the biggest, baddest games on it, but for the majority of applications, it's up to the task. A spacious 120 GB hard drive gives you plenty of room for software and other files.

    The screen is terrific. Bright, super-sharp, and easy to read. One of the sharpest notebook screens I've seen.

    The keys are 95% the size of a standard keyboard with a great tactile feel, so typing is surprisingly easy. Pretty much like any other notebook keyboard.

    The build quality also seems excellent. A common failure point on notebooks are the screen hinges. On this one, they appear far more robust than the hinges on even larger notebooks, and seem very unlikely to break. Overall fit and finish are excellent. Everything feels tight, and all parts meet flush with each other. A very well-made product.

    One way Acer has kept the size down is by eschewing a built-in CD or DVD drive. But that's not a problem. You can easily connect an external drive to one of the 3 USB ports, and burn CDs or DVDs, or watch movies.

    Another cool feature is that the Aspire One supports 2 monitors simultaneously. You can hook an external monitor or even a big screen TV up via the VGA port to watch movies or do presentations. The built-in multi card reader is a handy touch too.

    Some others have complained about the small size of the touchpad and the location of the mouse buttons, but it's posed no problem for me.

    The only very minor caveats I can think of with this notebook is that though the finish is gorgeous, it also shows every finger smudge because of it's high gloss. Ditto for the screen

    While I wouldn't recommend it as a main computer because of it's diminutive size, it's the ultimate solution for anyone looking for an ultra-portable but full-featured notebook. ...more info
  • Thrilled to pieces
    I've had my Aspire for just over a month now and I couldn't be happier with it. It's just what I need -- I started grad school in the fall and I needed something to help get things done while I was in my office. This has done the trick! It's so small that I can take it anywhere, including class. It has great battery life, so that hasn't been a concern either. This was absolutely a fantastic purchase and I would do it again in a heartbeat....more info
  • Truly a little gem!
    I got my boyfriend this little laptop for his Christmas gift. To our surprise, the battery came from the factory with a full charge so he could start using it right away! He can't put it down! We'd been wanting a small laptop to take on our trips - for journaling and downloading the many photos we both take. We didn't want to pay the $1800+ for the small Sony, so we've gone without. This laptop is the perfect solution! We can't believe it's capabilities! Web browsing is surprising fast, much faster than our existing Vaio laptops. This is a perfect companion for anyone that travels or likes to surf the internet. And at only 2 pounds, he'll be able to take it anywhere! It's the size of a book yet the keyboard is almost full size. Amazing! With all the USB ports, I'm sure we'll find lots more uses for it that we haven't even thought of yet! What a little gem!...more info