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PNY VCG84512SPEB GeForce 8400GS 512MB DDR2 DVI + VGA + HDTV/S-Video PCI Graphics Card - Retail
List Price: $74.99

Our Price: $58.52

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Product Description

567MHz Clock Rate / 1400MHz Shader Clock / DirectX 10 Support / OpenGL 2.1 / NVIDIA PureVideo HD / DVI + VGA + S-Video Core Clock (MHz) - 567 MHz Memory Frequency (effective) - 667 MHz Memory Clock - 333 MHz Shader Speed - 1400 MHz Stream Processors - 32 NVIDIA unified architecture with GigaThread technology Full Microsoft DirectX 10 Shader Model 4.0 support 16x full-screen anti-aliasing True 128-bit floating point high dynamic-range (HDR) lighting NVIDIA Quantum Effects physics processing technology One Dual-Link DVI output supports 2560x1600 resolution displays NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology HDCP Capable OpenGL 2.1 support NVIDIA ForceWare Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) Built for Microsoft Windows Vista Outputs - DVI + VGA + S-Video System Requirements - Intel or AMD PCI Express motherboard, 512MB RAM, minimum 300W Power Supply, Windows 2000, XP, VGA or DVI-I compatible monitor

  • Increased performance over standard "integrated graphics" allows users to play the latest games with more detail and speed
  • Supporting Microsoft DirectX 10, 512MB of on-board memory, NVIDIA's Unified Architecture, ultra-high resolution displays up to 2560x1600, the 8400GS PCI 512MB video card supports legacy PCs while incorporating a leading edge feature set
  • Supports the PCI Bus standard as well as offers dual-monitor support via 1 DVI and 1 VGA outputs plus an S-Video output
  • Microsoft Vista Ready with 512MB on-board memory
  • Toll-Free Techsupport and 3 year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Can't install
    I have the correct product requirements, and on Vista 64 it won't install the driver. It forces a reboot when you try to shut the pc down with it installed in the PCI slot....more info
  • GeForce 8400GS
    This is an ok card for the money BUT if you are a gamer this card suffers from very low frame rates on games like WoW and Call of Duty4.If you are running windows apps this card works awsome and movies look great too... So for movie people and heavy windows users this card is great, but if you are a gamer the GeForce 6200A is a better choice...more info
  • PCI video card, not PCI Express
    I had researched this video card on other websites looking for a PCI video card. I have an older intel motherboard and wanted to stay with Nvidia products. Other websites showed this to be a PCI card. One of the pictures on Amazon's site shows a box saying PCI Express. This picture is not for this video card as this card is PCI, not PCI Express. I had contacted PNY after ordering this to confirm, they don't make the GeForce 8400GS in a PCI Express card. The other picture of the video card itself doesn't depict this video card either but the written info. about the video card is correct.

    The video card itself is easy to install, works without any problems. If you have an older motherboard that doesn't support PCI Express this is the video card for you....more info
    This is not a PCIe card like the pictures of the card and box show. I wanted PCI, I looked at Nvidia's website and found that this card came in both PCI and PCIe format depending on who made it.

    Ignore the Pictures and the product discription this is PCI....more info
  • Does not fit
    I had to give this review a 1 because the product, although carefully matched to the bus type in my Dell 3000 PC, did not fit. I spent an hour carefully trying to fit this product into the PCI slot on my computer, but it clearly (and barely) would not fit. I called the manufacturer and they said that sometimes you get one that for some reason will not go in, and to order another one. Perhaps it's an issue with the motherboard (Dell 0R8060) that others have experienced also. Would appreciate any helpful feedback. ...more info