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Firm: 500 Calorie Workout
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Product Description

Studio: Gaiam Americas Release Date: 12/02/2008 Run time: 60 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • should have different title
    Overall, I liked the DVD and will use it again. However, it really shouldnt call itself the 500 calorie workout. On the back of the box it does say up to 500 calories but according to my heart rate monitor I burned 370 in one hour which is less than I burn on the elliptical machine in 45 minutes. As for the moves, some were unsafe for the knees. I have had knee surgery and at the end of the twisting lunge segment my knee was throbbing. Sometimes she moves too fast and doesn't really clarify what the moves are. A plus, I do consider myself to be in good if not great shape and this DVD gave me a good workout for the most part. The cardio is interesting, I just wish the Firm wouldnt incorporate so many dance moves because some of us arent that coordinated. This workout is good but definitely not for a beginner....more info
  • Great Workout
    I've been doing the Firm TransFIRMer videos for a while, and just found my favorite Firm video so far! Kelsie is a great instructor and works you the entire time. She sets a great pace and cues at the right time. The steps are unique enough so I don't get bored. At the end, I felt energized, and surprisingly not exhausted. ...more info
  • Great workout!!
    This is not only burns calories, it's fun to do! Kelsie, as usual, is a great instructor...very motivational and full of energy. Definitely a challenging workout....more info
  • Fantastic workout :-)
    This is another brilliant workout by The Firm. I really love it and enjoy doing it a couple of times a week. Kelsie is a great instructor and makes it more enjoyable. She cues really well, but is also doesn't kid around - she tells you "We're here to get results".
    All up, it's a little over an hour, and it's floor aerobics with toning intervals. It's challenging but easy to follow because the moves are basic (although the workout level is more geared to intermediate exercisers). There are your usual step touches, jacks and grapevine moves so as you're already familiar with those basics, you don't have to concentrate on too hard moves that you can't keep up with. She also keeps the variety up all the time so you don't get bored.
    I really enjoy this - my heart rate is always up and it's fun to do and makes you sweat. You really have to try it - it's much better than a lot of other The Firm workouts. It's a new favourite of mine and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Geat - once you get the hang of it
    OK, here's the deal. This DVD is very fast paced cardio combined with light weights. If you are uncoordinated and have a difficult time learning new dance moves - this DVD will be difficult the first 1 or 2 times around. I am the most horrible dancer on the planet -- I don't even know how to do the Electric Slide. The first time I attempted this DVD, I was standing there completely overwhelmed at the choreography (which is considered "basic".) I tried it for the 2nd time around today, and I actually got the hang of it.
    Her cuing IS a little bit off. It honestly seems like she cues her moves about 50% of the time. As for the music, I can't comment. When I am doing a workout DVD, I don't notice any music. I'm concentrating so hard on how the instructor is moving and trying to do everything correctly, that they could be playing no music at all and I wouldn't notice.
    Chances are this DVD is going to be complicated and frustrating the first time or two that you try it. Once you get accustomed to the instructor and the entire workout itself, you will naturally be able to fall into the choreography and burn 500+ calories. This is a great workout, I sweat buckets after it's finished. I don't have a heart rate monitor to tell you how many calories I've burned, but I can assure you that my heart rate was elevated and my body was challenged in the duration of this workout....more info
  • Music was insync to me
    I enjoyed this dvd and it was challening. I was able to keep step with the music. If one has trouble keeping rhythm to a beat then it would be difficult for them to keep up with the music. I worked up a sweat and would recommend this workout. I did not feel the music and movements were out of sync....more info
  • Kelsie Daniels is AWESOME
    This is the second Firm workout I've purchased with Kelsie Daniels as the lead instructor. While her cuing could be better and a couple of the moves feel awkward, overall this is one workout that will definitely have you sweating! Its become one of my favorite workouts. Enjoy!...more info
  • Does the job!
    I LOVE this workout. I bought it because I was looking for something that would burn maximum calories and it does! I honestly wasn't looking forward to it because I figured it would be really tough. While it is in fact tough, it's fun at the same time. Kelsie is excellent at cueing and easy to follow. She's just a joy to listen to! I'm so excited about trying some more of The Firm videos!...more info
  • The firm 500-calorie workout.
    I love the firm tapes. I really like the new ones that you don't need the step and a lot of equipment. This workout is intense, and you definitely sweat. It is a great workup. I try to do this one at least once a week. ...more info
  • Not my favorite
    This video is a killer. Normally I enjoy a challenge but this one just makes me aggravated. The aerobics exercise steps are a little complicated and I spend more time trying to figure out which arm goes with which leg. If you are all about simple, this is not for you....more info
  • This workout will make you sweat!
    I consider myself at the intermediate workout level and exercise 4 times a week for general health and to maintain weight loss. This dvd is one of the better FIRM workouts. My shirt was drenched at the end of the routine. I absolutely love the combined aerobics/weight training routines and the instructor gives ample time for you to catch on to the moves. This is a keeper for my collection!...more info
  • While you might burn 500 calories......
    This workout is insane.

    I've done plenty of work outs (my personal favs. being those of Jillian Michaels.), but this one is poorly cued. Most instructors at least give some explaination to each move. This isn't the case with this workout. I was missing a lot of moves because I didn't know what the heck to expect. The instructor pretty much just yells the name of the move out and they do it VERY fast.

    You would seriously have to watch this video at least 4 times (if not more) to get a concept of the video so when you actually do it you are getting a work out and not just staggering trying to keep up without having proper form.

    On that note, if you can't keep up with the ladies of the video then it's doubtful you'll burn 500 calories. If you can, then you may...but otherwise...No.

    Would be a great workout if it wasn't so poorly cued. Also if you aren't an avid exerciser you will more then likely get injured if you are not careful....more info
  • vivianc53
    I like the workout even though I have trouble with some of the steps & moves. With time I will learn. This is a very good workout to burn lots of calories and hits every part.It's a well-rounded, challenging workout. This DVD hits every body part and muscle group.You should do this so a day of rest follows as your legs will need it. You will get a good sweat to cleanse your system from this workout....more info
  • I burned over 1100 calories with this one !!!!!
    I purchased this Dvd and Kelsie kicked my butt , Yes you will burn well over 500 calories . My total burn after the dvd ended was 1179 calories according to my heart rate monitor. Please note if you are heavier you will burn more calories as I did. I love this workout it is my Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday challenge !!!!!!!!! Get this dvd and you will not be disappointed. Peace ...more info
  • I may be out in left field here...
    This dvd was so poorly cued (as mentioned by other reviewers) that I found the potential for injury HIGH. I am an intermediate exerciser and have been using dvd's to stay in shape for over 12 years. When you are using compound movements with weights the cuing should be accurate, timely, and in sync with the music and the pace of the exercise none of this is true. I would not recommend this dvd for anyone looking for a safe/effective cardio/weight workout. ...more info
  • Different than previous Firm workouts ... lacks the fun factor & the rhythm.
    I've been a so-called "Firm Believer" for a long time. That being said I ordered this workout thinking it would be similar to previous Firm workouts. I was wrong. Along with a new set, the workout features a new instructor (Kelsie Daniels), and while she isn't horrible, she isn't up to the standard of say ... Jen Carmen, or Allie Strickland. She's lacking ryhthm, and it's difficult to learn a new workout routine when the rhythm isn't there to follow. She's also lacking cueing skills, so you never really know what's coming next because she doesn't announce it beforehand, or even go through the moves once to allow the viewer to become familar with them. That gets really frustrating because before now, Firm workouts have always been well cued. In addition, the workout just isn't "fun". It feels disorderly, if not a bit chaotic in nature, and the movements seem jerky and awkward at times. I give it two stars, and will probably sell it. If you want a 500 calorie workout that's worth your money and time, try something by Cathe Friederich, or an older Firm tape. ...more info
  • Worst cueing ever and hard to follow!
    I have several Firm DVDs and the majority of them are great. I honestly don't know how so many people are giving this five stars. I am definitely an intermediate level exerciser and can follow cueing fairly well, especially after I've done the workout two or three times. The cueing in this is terrible. She tells you to do the move as she's already starting to do the move or in the middle of moves or way before a set. It's all over the place. You get no opportunity to go through each step or section of the set several times before building on. It's build on once and then let's put a huge section together. I do like some of the fresh moves and she does interesting/different things with the weights. But, if I have to literally stand and watch just to try and follow some of the cardio moves or miss several changes and parts of moves, how will I ever burn 500 calories? If you are a beginner or on the less than gifted/not a dancer side of coordination, I would skip this one. The bootcamp and cardio overdrive videos with Alison are much better for burning significant calories. I would only recommend this for people who can learn dance moves fairly quickly, say by watching them once....more info