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Run, Fatboy, Run
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Studio: New Line Home Video Release Date: 09/23/2008 Run time: 100 minutes Rating: Pg13

It only makes sense that a television star would turn to a fellow practitioner for his first film. With Run Fatboy Run--no commas, please--Friends' David Schwimmer doesn't reinvent the romantic comedy, but he finds the perfect lovable loser of a lead in TV vet Simon Pegg (Faith in the Future, Spaced). On his wedding day, London lay-about Dennis (Pegg, who co-wrote with Michael Ian Black) deserts his pregnant fianc¨¦e, Libby (Crash's Thandie Newton), seconds before the ceremony. Crippling insecurity--which remains unexplored--prevents him from finishing anything ("Not even a sentence," Libby quips). Flash-forward five years, and he's a loving dad to son Jake (the charming Matthew Fenton), but sports a small potbelly, smokes too much and entertains no ambition beyond his job as security guard at a high-end boutique. Fortunately, he has friends, like gambler Gordon (Shaun of the Dead co-star Dylan Moran) and avuncular landlord Mr. Ghoshdashtidar (Harish Patel). Fit American financier Whit (Huff's Hank Azaria) shakes up his routine when he starts seeing Libby. To win her back, Dennis trains for the same 26-mile charity marathon as Whit. No one believes he can make it to the end, and even Dennis has doubts, but true love is a formidable motivator. It may not have been Schwimmer's intention, but there's more chemistry between the buddies than the couples. That makes the movie a must for fans of Pegg and the scene-stealing Moran--but optional for admirers of Newton and Azaria. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • One of the most unfunny "comedies" I have ever had the misfortune to get stuck watching
    Where do I begin? There's so much here that's awful. I gotta make a grocery list, it's that bad:
    1) the main actor is not funny. he wasn't funny in his other movies either.
    2) the main actor's character is not funny. there is utterly nothing redeemable about him. he's a selfish lazy bum with no good qualities, and that never realistically changes. period.
    3) several of the supporting character's lives would seem to have made for a more interesting movie than the boring, bumming, unfunny main character.
    4) the main character's rival character (hank azaria's) is a totally inconsistent character: for the first half of the movie he's the all-around perfect stereotype guy, then for the rest of the movie he's the stereotypical you-know-what. the change in him is so abrupt and unexplained, that what we're really dealing with is not one flat character, but two flat characters glued one-to-another in order to fool the dupes in the audience that this was some kind of dynamic character, which it wasn't.
    5) the main character's ex-wife has so little chemistry with the main character, that it is a real stretch for the viewer to imagine those two had EVER been together AT ALL for more than just bumping into one another on a subway or something.
    6) the main character never changes, and his aspiration to run a marathon, even if he succeeds, does NOTHING to change his lazy, selfish, unredeemable character. this is only halfway addressed in the movie.

    I could go on and on, but this horrible rotter doesn't deserve any more of my time. It already took enough of it. Ugh....more info
  • Good as Ever!!
    I chose to buy this DVD for my husband for Christmas, as my husband and I are fans of Simon Pegg's other videos (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz). This follows in the same vein as those, for being ridiculously funny and almost absurd in its way of going about things. It's a little more in-depth and emotional than the other two movies, though, so don't expect plain old college dorm antics, like finding shelter in a pub or making a move straight out of "Desperado" to beat the bad guys - this one also has a heart and is aware of the family situation and romance, and could almost be considered a romantic comedy.
    Great movie, a little different than I expected, but funny and an awesome film!...more info
  • Another Simon Pegg hit.
    Just watched this little gem. Simon Pegg and crew hit another home run. Great acting, funny moments and a good story to boot. Great follow on to Hot Fuzz....more info
  • who knew running could be fun?
    I too think, that the title "Run Fat Boy Run" is quite amusing and very apropriate for the film. Let me, in response to another reviewers question "who would pay money to see a fat boy run?" ask: who wouldn't?

    The story is neither original nor complicated. At their wedding, Simon Pegg's character gets cold feet and takes off without explanation, leaving his pregnant girlfriend behind. 5 years down the line he, now a fat, pathtic looser without the mone to pay the rent, realises that he actually left the love of his life behind that day. She has found a rich, handsome, athletic American played very well by Hank Azaria, and has no need for her former fiance. So to win her back, Pegg must compete against his American competitor in a marathon race. Chaos and hilarity ensues.

    Simon Pegg, who is nothing short of a comic genius, plays the gormless loser so joyously well, and adds to it his incredible sense of physical comedy. His American rival is in turn played expertly by Mr. Azaria, who somehow manages to portray a character that at the same time is absolutely charming, wonderful, and thoroughly unlikeable. The always funny Dylan Moran adds his own interesting personae to the character Gordon, the best friend of Peggs character. Also a guest visit from Little Britains David Walliams, makes for a nice little surprise.

    I'm not the biggest fan of director David Schwimmer, but I must admit that he's done a decent job with this one. The score, scenery, production, and all the rest of it is also done quite well.

    So in conclusion I'll say, that while "Run Fat Boy Run" is not in any way original or spellbinding, it does provide some solid laughs and is never boring. Definitely recommendable....more info
  • Only for runners who would like to waste an evening
    Afte watching this I told my wife that there was nothing vaguely redeeming or original about this film if you're not a runner. So cliche, such a waste of talent. In fact, even if you are a runner you will be annoyed at some of the fantasy such as Pegg and Azaria briefly leading the race, and Pegg being featured as a national star just for drudging through the race injured.
    Really just a waste of time. Watch if you are sick with the flu sometime and it's free on tv. ...more info
  • All about Simon Pegg
    This movie hinges on your opinion of Simon Pegg. Personally, I think he's one of the best actors around. He's funny and smart, yet audiences like myself can relate to him and his characters. The story isn't top notch, as it's riddled with cliches, but it's good enough to recommend to anyone who wants to laugh....more info
  • funny, especially if you run yourself
    this movie was bittersweet and a laugh. to top it off, pegg's character's uphill battle with his commitmentphobe underachiever status is something to behold. as is his eye-catching facial expressions.

    my firsthand experience with all the down-sides to running (and hiking) long distances may have swayed me to be biased in liking it. oh well, the fight scence between denny and his best friend was a laugh.
    ...more info
  • A simple yet entertaining movie particularly for underdogs like me
    The story is simple. An overweight low stamina security guard Dennis Boyle wanted to take part in a marathon to be held in 3 weeks' time to win back the pregnant lady whom he left on the wedding altar five years ago, against the competition of a man who's better than him in all respects, except the love for the now five year old boy. Dont know whether I felt for Dennis (that we are both somebody who failed to complete something in our lives) or I understand the difficulty of crossing the wall (the maximum limit) of both marathon and life, I enjoyed the movie much and in fact I did shed a few tears near the end. No matter what, I think it's good for anybody who needs some some solid laughs (and motivation, too) after a day's labor. Recommended! p.s. The supporting actors/actresses are brilliant!...more info
  • A picture from these days
    This movie is great, its like a picture of our days where people over 30's feel like a kid, Simon Pegg is as funny as always. Definitively the great history. If you know somebody immature, irresponsible and egoistic, you must show this film to him.
    As people say: nobody knows what has until lost it.
    ...more info
  • 30 something coming of age comedy.
    "Run, Fatboy, Run" is a pretty funny film, some parts flat and some parts very funny. Simon Pegg plays an English "Slacker" like he did in Shaun of the Dead, and for the most part does it almost as successfully (almost but not quite). Instead of battling Zombies to win back the love of his life, this time he is battling a successful putz to win back the love of his life and his son, similar to Jim Carrey's role in Liar Liar (Collector's Edition).

    "Fatboy" won't be a comedy eveyone will love, (it isn't terribly original) but if you like Simon Pegg, and enjoy British Comedy, you sound at least like "Run, Fatboy, Run" I know I did.

    3&? *
    ...more info
  • Peg it!
    I actually think that the title of this film sums up its humour, and hopefully its not too British for US sensitivities.

    Simon Pegg finally get to be funny in his own right (as opposed to playing against Nick Frosts silly boy routine) - and he does it very well.

    No need to outline the story - just to say if you want to go see a film that will make you smile, whilst willing the 'hero' on then, this is just the film for you....more info
  • Not what I thought it would be.
    When I heard the title, I picuted a character like Chris Farley played in Tommy Boy,who tries to run a marathon while eating chips and drinking beer. That is not what this film is about. First the character Dennis does not even appear to be obese so lets change the title to Run Loser Run.

    The film starts out with the back story of how the main character Dennis panics on his wedding day and leaves his beautiful wife to be (Libby)behind (who is also pregnant). You see the main character runnning which leads you to believe that he will continue to be a runner? Turns out the rest of his life he is a loser who still is in love with his ex. It takes her falling for a very succesful man who appears to be a real winner to get Dennis to confront his feelings. Dennis gets the idea that if he can beat his foe in a race than Libby will see that he (Dennis is also a winner who is worthy of her love). Along the way the new boyfriend shows his true colors and thus you really start to hope Dennis can win Libby back.

    The movie was an enjoyable watch but very predicatble. For a comedy it really was more charming than funny. All in all a good date night movie....more info
  • A fantastic feel-good film
    "Run, Fatboy, Run" is a hilarious and uplifting film about a guy named Dennis (Simon Pegg) who is a loser in every sense of the word. He leaves his pregnant fiancee, Libby (Thandie Newton), at the altar because of pathetic insecurity issues and doesn't realize the gravity of his mistake until five years later, when Libby is involved with the pretentious and wealthy Whit (Hank Azaria). Determined to prove to Libby that he's actually capable of following through with something, Dennis decides to run in a 26-mile charity marathon, which proves to be a bit of a challenge considering the fact that he's completely out of shape and only has three weeks to train.

    I was pleasantly surprised by this film, which is an incredibly funny, feel-good movie. I lost a bit of respect for it because there's a bit of unnecessary crude humor (close your eyes during the blister scene), but even in spite of that, this is a great movie that I highly recommend....more info
  • Fun but forgettable
    Run Fatboy Run is a lightweight comedy that has a fair number of entertaining moments but there's nothing very original or memorable about it. Dennis, the title character, is portrayed amusingly enough by Simon Pegg (although, oddly, he's not really fat - just a bit pot-bellied). The supporting cast (Thandie Newton, Hank Azaria and Dylan Moran) all put in decent performances as well, but they play stock characters. Entertaining enough for a Friday night with a beer, but not up to Pegg's two previous films. ...more info
  • From Loser to Winner - in Life
    Britishly funny with a good message. Perhaps a bit predictable, but the storyline develops in such a way that it draws you in and causes you to laugh and cheer as the "loser" runs the race for his life. Played by British actor Simon Pegg, his character epitomizes the adage that "we only rise to the level of our own self-expectations." Fortunately for Pegg's character, there are those who rally around him to get him un-stuck. The take away is that if and when we get stuck, it's a good thing to have those who truly care for us to push us beyond and out of our comfort zones -- even when we don't believe in ourselves.

    There are those who not so unsubtly remind him of his past failures and stay around to see him fall. Have you ever heard of the saying, "You never get a second chance to made a great first impression?" Well, how about suspending judgment because sometimes there are those like Susan Boyle, the British singing sensation, who far exceed our expectations and leave us breathless. Similarly, it is easy to label and dismiss Pegg's character as a chronic loser, but we have to suspend judgment and stay with him (and cheer him on)to see him succeed.

    Pegg's character initially begins training to win back the beautiful but pregnant woman he left at the altar five years before. However, as he runs the race, he runs for self-vindication, and as he nears the latter 3rd of the 26 mile race he hits what distance runners call the "wall". As painful memories of past failures come flooding back, he faces his "demons", and once again begins to move forward placing one foot in front of the other until he finishes the race. Thus proving to himself and others that no, he is not a loser.

    Early in the movie, we assume he left his former partner, played by the gorgeous Thandie Newton, because he had cold feet. But he later confesses to her that he left because he did not feel worthy to be her husband. Early on he probably wasn't ready nor able to walk along side her. However, when he makes this confession and asks forgiveness she is able to respond with some certainty, "You're such an idiot." One interpretation, "I believe in you more than you do."

    Does Pegg's character learn confidence? Yes. Does he get off his pity-pot? Yes. But it doesn't come easy and not until he gets a good dose of tough love from his friends. See it more than once, do some of your own self-reflection and get moving. Highly recommended....more info
  • Has it's moments, but...
    I've seen Simon Pegg in a few things now, and he's undeniably likeable, normal, and not afraid to embarrass himself. Unfortunately, his talent is wasted here. Absolutely anyone could have been plugged into these roles to make your average "funny tale of redemption" movie. It's unconvincing and predictable in equal amounts. If you don't see all of the plot points coming from a mile away, you may not be old enough to read this yet. And I'm a big fan of Nike, but their rampant product placement throughout this one will drive you up the wall. Did they finance the entire film or what? At least it's not a crass or mean-spirited film in any way; it might make a good enough date movie to stay in and watch. But considering the lack of chemistry with the actors, it's formulaic nature, and the fact that it's just not that funny, you could do a lot better than "Run Fatboy, Run". ...more info
  • A lot of heart but lacking in substance
    While I found the film to be shallow and short on humor, I did still enjoy it. Simon's character's interaction with his son was heartwarming and you just can't help but enjoy Simon's personality in his films. In the end, I found the movie shallow and I don't know how hard I would recommend the film to the average viewer.

    Spoilers may follow

    Early on the movie points out how absurd it is that Simon's character would feel that he could win over his ex by running a marathon but ultimately that is exactly what happens. Sure, there is more to it than that, he doesn't fully win her over and her current boyfriend makes himself out to be a jerk, but if you boil it down that is what you get. For a movie that had a surprising amount of weight about it and more maturity that either Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead (both excellent movies in their own right) I felt that the ending was too childish, even outlandish. What I expected was that his ex would marry her boyfriend and that Simon's character would be forced to finally grow up, mature, and face the reality that life doesn't always give you what you want but you can still find a way to make things the best that you can. He was already partially there with his relationship with his son. Instead, the perfect boyfriend conveniently turns into a creep and the main character gets his moment to shine through in one moment of triumph that is more redeeming than it should have been....more info
  • He stopped fleeing and started running
    Dennis Doyle's (Pegg) been running away from his responsibilities for most of his life. In the first scene, we see him fleeing his wedding leaving a very pregnant girlfriend Libby (Thandie Newton) at the altar.

    Years have passed and they never married, but they do have a great kid together. Jake (Matthew Fenton) is into LOTR, newly discovered girls, and he's trying to find his way in life.

    So's his Mom. She's found a new love, Whit (Hank Azaria). Whit sounds like everything she wants, stable, good job, loves Jacob, and follow through.

    Whit's proposal on Libby's birthday galvanizes Dennis into action. To prove he can finish something, he's going to run a marathon with Whit.

    I love Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) unfortunately he was not enough to make this more than a mediocre effort. What we lacked here was depth--precisely what made Dennis the kind of person who couldn't finish? We don't even have a hint. I understand this is a freshman effort by David Schwimmer as a director. Hopefully, he'll dig a bit deeper next time.

    Rebecca Kyle, December 2008...more info
  • Superb Comedy!!
    There have been very few movies that make me laugh the way that this movie does. I had to even rewind several parts over and over again just to re-experience the hilarity! It's up there in the ranks of Pineapple Express, which is why I'm surprised it got such bad reviews. It's a subtle humor, one that Simon Pegg is well known for and which is seen in his more renown films Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. This movie isnt as fast-paced as those, but definately delivers a blow humor-wise. A punch I loved taking! It's basically a love story gone wrong, not the most original but the humor was absolutely top-notch, the story is very real life oriented, but with the typical feel-good ending that is only seen in movies. Man gets cold feet, and 5 yrs later is still trying to make up for it. Can he win his girl back? Who knows for sure, all I know is that the journey was too funny to not take! I highly recommend this movie! And if you like this, you should check out Big Nothing as well, it's another Simon Pegg and David Schwimmer team up which is surprisingly good too!...more info