Timothy's World Coffee, Midnight Magic, Extra Bold, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count Boxes (Pack of 2)
List Price: $27.90

Our Price: $21.99

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  • Case of two boxes, each containing 24 K-cups (48 total K-cups)
  • Made from specialty grade, certified Kosher Arabica coffee beans
  • Tangy, dark, sweet and powerful; blends the body and sweetness of Arabica coffee with the spiciness of West Coast roasting
  • Single-serving packaging means no mess or wasted pots of coffee; for use with Keurig brewers
  • Made from the top 1-5% of Arabica beans from coffee growing regions around the world and roasted in Canada

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect Cup of Dark roast
    Timothy's Midnight Magic Extra Bols makes a perfect cup of Dark roast coffee. One of our favorites to keep stocked in our K-cup Carousel...more info
  • nice punch!!!!
    wow!!! this coffee has just the punch i was looking for. I love starbucks but bucks is the key word. Midnight magic gives me bang for far less the buck. I love it and the rainforest espresso is also very good. ...more info
  • Great Coffee
    If you like strong, bold coffee this is the one. I have tried several different brands, and nothing comes close to this. I like this better than Starbucks...more info
  • The Best so far 6-10-08
    I never was a coffee drinker until somewhere in my 40's I tried Starbucks extra bold. I thought, "finally, something decent to drink". I always thought coffee was watery before and never really liked it. I rcvd a Keurig Machine as a gift and the samples seemed watery, so I searched and found the reviews on Amazon. Based on those, I ordered the Timothys Midnight Magic. WOW, PERFECT is all I can say. My wife thinks it is way too bold, (but does agree out of all of my bold coffee's it is #1.) My friend tried it and the next week he had his own Keurig machine and Midnight Magic. I have at least 15-20 different types of k-cups in the cupboard, but my friends come over and always go past them to my Timothy's Midnight Magic. It is ridiculous, I tell them to drink the others so they will get used up before they get old, but to no avail. I will have to HIDE my Timothy's until the rest are gone!

    We stayed in a cabin with some friends and I brought a huge bag of Keurig K-cups with me with a large varity ( I also had about 10-12 Midnight Magic's in there). I figured everyone would try different flavors. Didn't happen, the REAL coffee drinkers honed in on my Midnight Magic before I noticed, and drank ALL of them. They didn't know they were MY Special stash....... FOR ME! oh well. I don't know how they figured out the Midnight Magic so fast, but once they had one of them, that was it.

    My wife loves the Gloria Jeans Coffee's - Toffee, Hazelnut, etc,,,,, and I will admit they smell great, just not enough flavor for me. I have also tried the Coffee People Black Tiger, (smells a little bitter) its OK, but I prefer the Timothy's Midnight Magic by a long shot. It has a very special after taste I have not been able to find anywhere else, and I love the smell of it. Rich, BOLD, flavor. I fill my cup with a small and then a medium using the same k-cup, and use half-n-half. (my friend drinks his Black and says it is perfect). I also like the Green Mountain Dark Magic and I can get those at the local Target store. (not as good as the Timothy's though, but still very good).

    Hopes this helps. If you like a nice bold cup of coffee, but NOT bitter, with an aftertaste I can't describe but everyone loves, than this is it.

    :)...more info
  • As good as any of the coffee shops
    After trying all the coffees that came as samples with my Keurig machine,
    Timothy's World Cofee, Midnight Magic proved to be the best of a very good group. I found it be as satisfying as any coffee I have had at Starbucks, The Coffee Bean Etc. Even at the weakest brew strength, It had great flavor. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • the best cup yet
    After receiving a K-cup coffee maker for Christmas, I have tried many coffees. This is absolutely my favorite so far. Its rich and flavorful, not bitter. I used to roast and grind my own beans, this is so much more convenient and very tasty....more info
  • Good but too strong for me
    We have the Breville brewer and find that this coffee is just too strong for our tastes. If you use the large cup setting, it is e a slightly strong version of french roast at Starbucks and if you use the travel mug setting, it is like a slightly weaker version of the same but quite frankly too strong to me. I gave it a good rating because it is exactly what is says it is, a really strong coffee, just be aware that they are not lying when they say it is extra bold! If you like starbucks french roast though, you have found your coffee....more info
  • If you like it strong
    there are only a handfull of K-cup coffees that are bold and strong. I can brew it for a small cup and enjoy it and my wife brews the larger cup and is happy too. makes for a good marriage!...more info
  • The BEST Bold K-cup
    This is the best, boldest, most flavorful K-cup coffee that I have found!
    Now if only they had a de-caf.............more info
  • Nice Strong Cup of Coffee
    This is my second favorite k-cup (behind Rainforest Espresso). It makes a very strong cup, but I find that it is a little bitter compared to Rainforest. However, if you like strong coffee, you will most likely enjoy this. ...more info
  • Excellent coffee but....
    At this price I jumped at ordering two boxes from Amazon. Overall, the taste of this flavor was outstanding when brewed at the higher ounce capacity, however many of the K-cups in my batch produced an awful-tasting brew. Not sure the reason for that since expiration dates were 10/08 and 11/08. ...more info
  • Decent, but overall a disappointment
    For Timothy's Midnight Magic to be the highest rated K-cup on Amazon, I'm thinking 2 things could be off:
    1) I received a "bad batch" which several reviewers are so fond of referencing. Or
    2) The people writing reviews have never been outside of a Starbucks and think a French Press is something you do in the gym.

    In general I have a low opinion of K-cups, and Tim's didn't do much to change that. The roast was quite heavy and I found the flavor flat, and lacking character. I have tried many different types, but Keurig just doesn't deliver quality results....more info
  • Midnight Magic is good coffee
    I find the Midnight Magic Extra Bold to be a flavorful, bold cup of coffee. I like to brew the largest of the three cups on my Keurig, and this k-cup gives a strong cup of coffee even on that setting. Good for coffee drinkers who like their coffee with a little kick....more info
  • Rewarding, not challenging
    I'm one of those people who feels I should like dark roasts more than I do, as I am always a fan of strong flavors in food and drink. But somehow dark roast coffees have always been more challenging than rewarding for me, and I usually end up retreating to the milder roasts.

    This is now my third order of Midnight Magic. The first time I ordered it I thought it was really terrific, but what really impressed me was that nearly everyone I made a cup for had the same reaction: they'd look surprised and say, "Wow, this is REALLY good coffee!"

    Dark roasts can so often just taste burned, but there truly is something different about this roast. It is rich and complex, as you'd expect. But it is never acidic or burned in flavor. I can finally say that I have found a dark roast that rewards rather than challenges.
    ...more info
  • A good, bold coffee that replaces the morning Starbucks run..
    We read some of the reviews before ordering and have to agree that the coffee is flavorful and bold, just like promised. The morning run to Starbucks before work has been replaced by the convenience of in-home brewing. Time,gas and cash are all being saved now. Worth purchasing and a good deal for so many cassettes. ...more info
  • Best k-cup for those who like it strong
    I drink only dark, strong coffee. I've had no success finding a k-cup that is even worth drinking prior to trying this one. I typically use the Cuisinart grind and brew with a dark and oily French roast bean. That is about the only way I have my daily coffee. I tried using the little filter in the Keurig with my own coffee, but it still would not come out strong enough. The k-cups are so convenient, and I am extremely happy that I can finally use that machine now that I've discovered this Midnight Magic blend. ...more info
  • Best full bodied coffee!
    Our Keurig coffee maker is a big plus in our office and we've tried many types of coffee and -- Midnight Magic -- has won the best overall ratings. For those who desire a full body coffee that is perfect for using half-and-half, this is the one to choose!...more info
  • best taste for the Keurig
    I bought the Keurig individual coffee maker after my regular carafe coffee maker broke. I've tried many of the different brands of coffee k-cups. The Timothy's Midnight Magic is my favorite. I like rich, bold coffee. It's cheaper to buy the two boxes from Amazon.com than buying it from a regular retail store....more info
  • i love it, but!
    I love this coffe,you have to like stronger coffee to buy this one.I use to live in France and they all drink expresso all the time.I would like it even stronger. This coffee is strong And not bitter.The only thing that upset me was I order the two pack for 17.95 every 3months to block the price. and then went to update to every month,but they put the price up to 19.95?...more info
  • Great Bold Taste
    This product is definitely for those who like a strong coffee taste. This K-Cup can be used with the large coffee setting and still have a strong coffee taste. I definitely think its worth it....more info
    Hi K-Cup users,
    I started a User Group on Yahoo called K-CUP EXCHANGE. it's for exchanging unwanted K-Cups. This is simply a site that allows you to sell/trade/give your unwanted coffee flavors to someone else in the group to buy or try. It's your business how it's done. You can also tell everyone your experiences with different flavors, and what to watch out for.

    This Group is the logical way for us to do this, as no one wants to get stuck with 50 cups of a flavor they totally dislike, right? It also gives you the chance to try a flavor you'd never buy from the description.

    Anyway, the group is 100% free to join and use, and I'll do my best to monitor it for spam. It's at: [...]

    Hope to see you there. Dean...more info
  • Cancelled my subscription and had the coffee sent anyway
    I cancelled this subscription before it was shipped, and still got charged and had the item sent anyway. The coffee is great, however, I am not happy that I received an email saying the item was about to ship and that if I wanted to make changes to the order I needed to do so before it was sent. I did this and am still going to receive it anyway. Thanks Amazon for charging my credit card and sending me coffee that I didn't need. Anyone else using the Subscribe and Save feature should beware that this could happen to you. I know I will in the future....more info
  • Best I've had
    This is one of the best tasting coffee I have ever had. Even fresh ground at home from high quality beans seems to be slightly lower on the chain compaired to this. I was greatly impressed, I thought for sure it couldn't taste as fresh or as bold as fresh ground. But I was wrong. This is fantastic coffee....more info
  • Read the reviews but disappointing
    I read all the reviews and was excited to get the coffee but after brewing my first few cups I must say this is not great coffee. I love Peet's Major Dickason's and other more flavorfull well roasted coffee but the MM comes off heavy with charcoal, cardboard and a chunk of bitter without good aromatics or a complex pallate of flavors I enjoy in richer coffee. I now have 46 more K-cups to work through. Before you take the plunge and get a heap of the MM I highly reccomend a sampler pack, it may not be your favorite cup either....more info
  • Glad I bought this one
    I got this on a Friday sale and saved! I am really glad I trusted the reviews on this one. Very smooth yet bold taste. No sour or bitter aftertaste that many bold pods provide. I am actually normally a medium/mild coffee drinker, but I can fill a travel mug with this favor (using largest and then the smallest brew cycles back to back with the same pod) and I am still happy with the taste. This is the primary reason I bought this flavor/strength. I intend on trying another Timothy's next time, maybe Italian blend? Don't let the low price fool you, this is high quality coffee. The same or better than Starbucks IMO for much less money.

    Tips for saving as much as you can.

    Check on FRIDAYS for sales!

    Use subscription service. (You can cancel or change at any time, you can request an immediate shipment if you are about to run out before the next shipment) you will be glad you did and you will want this coming every X number of months anyways.

    Enjoy, Enjoy Enjoy....more info
  • A great way to purchase good coffee
    I enjoy receiving coffee K-cups through Amazon. The coffee is very good, the delivery is very convenient and the price is the best I have found. I will most likely continue to purchase my coffee this way from Amazon. Pat Schwartz...more info
  • One of my favorites!
    This is one of my most favorite Keruig k-cup coffees. I like tasty, strong coffee, but not too strong....more info
  • Wonderfully Bold
    Midnight Magic has a wonderfully bold flavor. The aroma and flavor make my mornings extra special. Plus, the price is right! I plan to enjoy many more delicious cups of this java. ...more info
  • My favorite K-Cup
    Not sure how to rate something as subjective as coffee, but this is my favorite K-Cup. It is bold with a nice full flavor contrasting with some bold coffee that is just bitter. Midnight Magic also works nicely when you use the 10/11oz brew size or use it twice on a B30. Not as strong, but will not taste watered down either. ...more info