Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD 10MP Digital Camera with 15x Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom
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15x Wide Optical Zoom / 2.7" Widescreen LCD / Capture high-resolution still and movie images / Dual Image Stabilization / SD SDHC Card Slot / USB Auto/Manual Focus and Exposure Exposure control TTL 256-zones metering with Programmed AE, Shutter Priority AE, Manual modes ISO Auto / Auto (1600) / Auto (800) / Auto (400) / Equivalent to ISO 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 6400 (Standard Output Sensitivity) Multiple Shooting Modes for best shots Dual Image Stabilization Continuous shooting select modes - Top-3 (max 1.1 frames/sec.) Top-33, High speed (max 7 frames/sec., 5M pixels or lower) Top-33, Ultra High speed (max 13.5 frames/sec., 3M pixels or lower) Long-period (max 0.5 frames/sec.) Electronic Viewfinder 0.2-inch, Approx. 200,000 dots FLCD monitor (R/G/B colors are displayed in a single dot), 60fps; 2.7-inch, Approx. 230,000 dots, low-temperature polysilicon TFT color LCD monitor Movie recording 1,280 x 720 pixels [HD] (Max recording time - 15 min.) / 640 x 480 pixels / 320 x 240 pixels (30 frames/sec.) with monaural sound, with Electronic Image Stabilization Playback functions Face Detection (with red-eye removal), Slide show, Scrap book view slide show, Trimming, Multi-frame playback (with Micro Thumbnail), Sorting by date, Image rotate, Voice memo, Histograms (Highlight warning) Powered by 4 AA Batteries (alkaline included); Recommend rechargeable for consistent, practical use Video output HD OUT, NTSC / PAL selectable USB 2.0 port Unit Dimensions 111.0 (W) x 78.9 (H) x 75.7 (D) mm / 4.4 (W) x 3.1 (H) x 3.0 (D) in. (excluding accessories and attachments); Weight Approx. 386 g / 13.0 oz. (excluding accessories, battery and memory card)

  • 10-megapixel sensor captures enough detail for photo-quality 18 x 24-inch prints
  • 15x optical zoom; wide-angle lens
  • 2.7-inch LCD screen; Dual Image Stabilization
  • HD compatible
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for the money but must read manual to get it right!
    Most of what you are hearing and read is true about this little Fuji and I have owned several Fuji's, S602Z, S9000, S9100, etc., alongwith several Canon's A710IS, S5IS, etc. For the money it is quite unbelievable capability-wise, and the more you tweak it, the better it gets, at least that is how it has worked for me and I do not regret buying it one iota! I also, as others, do not recommend using the Auto setting at all but especially the Program mode is where I have gotten my best results especially turning down the exposure quite a bit for outside photos. The video is very smooth and does get out of focus rather easily and works much better on a tripod for best results. I would buy this camera again and it is probably the most loved or hated camera at the same time that I have ever read about....more info
    This camera is great. It takes high quality pictures and video. I use it for everything from baby pictures to my sons sports pictures and videos. For maximum use of all its features, storage and power life purchase a 4G memory card and energizer rechargeable batteries. Also note: It is worth skimming through the manual to learn how to use all the fun features, functions, and proper settings per location/lighting... It definitely makes a difference in the quality of your pictures when they are taken with with the correct settings. The more you know the more awesome the pictures come out. I LOVE IT, never had a problem with it and use it all the time. It was well worth the money... I am so thankful my children broke my old cannon lol... This camera is AWESOME!!!!...more info
  • Very Good Camera
    I have been using fuji finepix cameras ever since the 4700 series.
    Every generation I get Im always impressed with and this one is no exception.
    I am very impressed with the functions of this camera.
    I LOVE the HD Camcorder feature; and will never buy a camcorder this one meets all my video needs and more.
    Picture quality is very good.
    I would recommend stocking up on batteries cuz this thing is a hog. (4AA at a time!)
    I purchased the remote control and HD cables for this camera and highly recommend anyone that gets this camera to do so.
    Only problem I had with this purchase is the person I got it from. They did not have the sense enough to put the camera in any additional packaging. IE: they sent it in the retail box with priority mail tape around it... very lame. Fortunately, the device had not experienced any damage shipping....more info
  • Great Camera for 180 dollars
    I own a xacti hd1000. It takes very good videos and I decided to to purchase a camera to replace my old fujifilm s3800. I Now have a s2000hd which I purchased from circuit city when it went out of business. I saw the price and I saw the camera features and I thought to myself, "this is a good deal!"

    It's been about a month and have taken shots of family out in the park. I can tell you a few things about the camera.
    1- it takes high contrast pics and adds even higher contrast
    2- Color is very saturated
    3- some noise even at low iso
    4- chromatic aberration at super macro mode.
    5- Some blurry super macro pics can be achieved if your hand is not steady enough but you can get some sharp pictures with practice.

    You either love the camera or you hate it. For my super macro pics which has chromatic aberration, I use gimp and a plug in called "chromatic aberration" to fix the problem. The results are excellent. For the color saturation and contrast problem, for the really nice pics, I use bloom and Fake HDR in gimp to fix the issue. I love it. For picture noise, I found running the camera at 10 mega pixels images to be too noisy anything over 400 iso so force 400 auto in p setting or use 100. 400 for night shots are fine.

    The HD feature is excellent but no were near my xacti hd1000. The audio is not that great compared to my hd1000 as well but this camera serves as an excellent backup in case I don't have a hd recorder around.

    I noticed some ccd smear. This appears as blue vertical streaks caused by massive light source through your lcd screen. WHen you hold the button halfway, this shows the true image you are going to take and that take has no ccd smear. Pictures never show ccd smear. There is also a firmware upgrade which kind of helps with the ccd smear issue.

    for a 180 dollar camera, this is the best camera I have ever owned. I am giving it a 5 star rating because if you payed for this at this price range, it is a dead on deal. Compared to other cameras even at this price, noboby's product can match it even in quality. If I payed for this camera at about 250 dollars plus, I would rate it at a 3.5. 3.5 just because it takes a bit of time to use the advanced features and time to understand what is going on with the camera and why sometimes the shots do not come out the way you expect it.

    If you are a beginner, do not use auto mode. Use the SP mode and select the correct scene. I found if I used flash in auto, the flash supersaturated the scene with light. It has a way powerfull flash. If you use the sp mode with the correct scene, the picutres come out perfect. Auto mode is terrible. It loves high iso for non flash at nights and even at night with flash it uses high iso.

    The sweet spot of this camera is program ae or P mode. Use sharp image setting in menu, use multispot, compensate for blown highlights with the +- aka exposure button manually. Use iso 100 and at night use flash. This camera takes excellent pictures this route. Using program AE sounds difficult but its not. It works like automatic but you set your camera how you want it. Automatic settings don't detect scenes correct so this will help those of you who are pressed on having good, sharp, noisless pictures.

    Chrome in the F button adds extra color and extra contrast. It is like a mini HDR but without it being dynamic in the spots where it counts. It is a nice feature and i tend to play with this in many of my shots. Chrome works very well and gives images an interesting look.

    This camera is excellent. If you want natural looking pictures with a sharp look, you can achieve it but with great difficulty. If you want something that pops out and makes for some interesting shots, this is good for it. I find myself looking at the images not for its natural look but for the unreal and artistic look. Top these images with a HP 2408w monitor with a 92% gamut color saturation, It is way amazing.

    Other cameras I have looked at where the

    panasonic fz28 (excellent minus color is too bland and outputs too much barrel distortion for my taste and also the proprietary battery system stinks)

    canon sx10 is (excellent natural picture taking camera with very "not-so-sharp" images but the chromatic aberration leaves me thinking why it costs so much. aa battery is a plus-non proprietary). Between these 2, the fz28 wins hands down in sharpness.

    laters...more info
  • Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD Camera
    This is a fine camera. I replaced an older model camera because the electronics in that camera failed and it cost more to fix it than to replace it. This camera has slightly better capabilities but is lighter and does not appear to be as rugged. I would like more capabilities but those cameras cost more. This camera has been working well for about a month now. It eats batteries, this is the only problem issue that I have had with this camera....more info
  • I second that emotion
    After reading the details on the Fuji website, I decided to wait for the release date and order this new product rather than get the S1000. I was mainly attracted by the High Definition video and the zoom capability with video. I've only had it for a few days, so this is a preliminary review which I will probably update after I've had a little more time to put it through its paces.

    I generally agree with everything the first reviewer said about the camera, although it doesn't feel cheap or flimsy to me. Certainly not at this ($275.00) price point.

    If you don't already have two or three sets of rechargeable batteries, prepare to make the investment. At least while you are learning to use all of the features, you are going to be draining AA's four at a time with breathtaking speed. Nevertheless, the fact that a camera with this many bells & whistles uses a common battery size you can purchase anywhere was one of the dealmakers for me. Once I am more familiar with the operation and options settings I expect I will not be using up the batteries quite so fast. Fuji says 400 shots with rechargables, 300 with Alkalines, and 600+ with Lithiums.

    The little rubber cover for the USB/HD connectors makes me wonder about its durability. It's a little hard to pull open all the way (maybe that will loosen up a bit with more use), and I worry that one overly energetic yank will either break the tiny cord that attaches it to the camera or pull it out completely. Be careful with this.

    The optical 15x zoom with video does work well (except for the motor noise which does get faithfully recorded on the soundtrack). It is selectable for optical or digital zoom, so if you can't live with the noise, you can work around it. The digital zoom with video is quite limited, though: only 2x at VGA or lower and only 3x in HD.

    For still pictures the 15x zoom is extremely impressive, and when combined with the digital zoom you can get over 85x total magnification. With the dual image stabilization switched on, I have taken handheld pictures in bright sunlight at the maximum zoom and gotten useable -if not razor sharp- images. I think Fuji have done a really good job with this. You'll see things in your photos that you can't make out with the naked eye. You have optical zoom capability in macro mode, and digital zoom only in "super" macro.

    The HD video looks really good, but one caveat. If you're planning on watching the videos on your computer, you're going to need a relatively powerful system. I think Fuji says at least a Core2Duo @ 2GHz or higher & 1 Gig of RAM minimum. I have a first generation MacBook with a 2GHz CoreDuo and 2GB of RAM, and the HD will play soothly in Quicktime, but only if the "high quality video" option is disabled in the program preferences. Otherwise it's choppy. Whether it's activated or not I am unable to see any difference in the "quality" of the images, the only difference is the smoothness of the playback.

    If I have anything I consider a negative, it's this: Fuji seems to be eliminating the included AC power adapters and sockets on their cameras. I have a FinePix 6800Zoom and it has a socket that you can directly plug into, but for this far more power hungry camera you have to buy a separate AC adapter and a separate adapter to connect THAT to the camera. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Combined cost for these gizmos is over $60.00 currently, and seems a bit steep to me. Especially since they imply that you should use an AC adapter when connecting the camera to a computer. If you need it for proper operation, it ought to be included, seems to me. How much would it have cost them to just put a socket connector right on the camera? With volume manufacturing I can't imagine that it would have been more than a few pennies. Then you would only be out the $25 or so for the AC unit.

    That point aside, I like it very much, so far. Recommended.

    This is an update on October 17, 2008:

    I have now taken over 3000 photos with this camera, and I like it more now than I did when I first reviewed it.

    Additional specifics: The flash is quite powerful when needed outside at night...it lights up my whole backyard.

    The auto white balance handles most fluorescent lighting very well, no need to preset it.

    Edit December 2008: As of the end of December, this camera has dropped over $50 in price since I got mine, making it an even better deal....more info
  • Nice high resolution prosumer digicam with 720p HD video, optical zoom, and AA batteries
    I was looking for a "prosumer" priced and sized camera with the following features:

    1. Uses non-proprietary batteries (this one uses 4 AA batteries)
    2. Capable of optical zoom during video recording (this camera does that, but see below)
    3. Capable of digital zoom during video recording (this camera does 5.7x digital zoom - if you turn on the digital zoom feature, you can optically zoom before starting the video record, and then zoom digitally another 5.7x from that point forward - optical zoom does not work during the video if digital zoom is turned on)
    4. Long zoom (15x - lens range is equivalent to 27.6mm - 414mm on a 35mm camera)
    5. HD video mode (1280 x 720 videos, also does regular 640 x 480 and 320 x 240 videos).

    Although this camera does do optical zooming during video recording, there are some downsides to this feature. You can hear the little gear motors running during the zoom (I've posted a YouTube video so you can hear the sound - it's audible but not super loud). The focusing in room lighting at maximum zoom is not very accurate. There is no macro mode during video zooming.

    The digital image stabilization works well at low zoom, but not as well at high zoom during video recording as it does for still photos (the digital image stabilization works better in stronger light than room lighting, and so this is probably related to the low light focusing problems at high zoom).

    At 1280 x 720 resolution, each continuous video recording can only last for about 15 minutes (takes up 848MB-884MB with the MP4 compression).

    As for the rest of the camera:

    The digital image stabilization works very well for still photos.

    The mono audio is pretty good, much better than what has been posted about an equivalent series of Panasonic cameras.

    Like all digicams, this one drains alkaline AA batteries quickly (it comes with a set of four alkaline AAs) - use NimH batteries!

    The lens comes with a lens cap which is a bit loose. Fortunately there is a strap to attach the cap to the camera. The lens itself does not allow for any lens filter attachments.

    Manual mode allows for two aperture settings (f3.5-5.4 to f7-10.8 depending on zoom setting) and speeds from 1/1000 sec to 4s. There is a nice histogram and exposure meter that lets you know how the exposure will turn out (although in my camera, the middle of the meter setting was a bit too light).

    The black plastic body feels a bit cheap and flimsy. Would have liked a sturdier aluminum body.

    The camera comes from the factory with all the clicks and noises turned on, but you can turn them all off.

    There is a good macro and super macro mode (focuses down to 1cm from the lens) for still photos. However, macro mode doesn't seem to work during video recording.

    The flash has to be manually popped open - if it isn't, it won't pop itself open and you won't get any flash. However, it is reasonably powerful, and can light up an entire backyard at night from 15-25 feet away.

    There's an HDMI plug which I haven't tested yet. The camera body also has a proprietary plug to hook to a standard USB plug to download photos and videos from the camera. You get one proprietary USB cable with the camera, don't lose it! The cover to these two plugs is rather flimsy.

    Lots of other features, which I haven't tested yet. I'm sure others will post in more about this camera

    All in all, a nice camera with lots of features.
    ...more info
  • Great camera
    This camera is great. I've barely scratched the surface of what it can do though. At the moment I'm hooked on the super macro mode. All I want to do is walk around my neighborhood taking close-ups of things. I've got some pretty cool pics too. Can't wait until spring when the plants start flowering....more info
  • HD feature packed camera @ low price.
    This Camera has so much optical zoom that I never even use the digital zoom. It is all you want in a digital camera and more. The HD video recording is terrific and a bonus not found in other Cameras in this price range. Amazon is the way to go as I payed about $100 less than Walmart sells it for. You can use this money on rechargeable batteries and extra memory or just save it for whatever you desire. I am a professionally trained photograper and have yet to use all this camera's features. The most important thing is that it talkes great pictures, and that even my elderly father can just point and shoot a materpiece memory. This camera is fantastic....more info
  • Excelente calidad
    He probado este equipo en diferentes condiciones y me ha satisfecho, el ®≤nico inconveniente es que se debe comprar las pilas recargables para darle mayor capacidad de uso, por lo dem®Ęs estoy muy contento....more info
  • Fuji Finepix S2000HD 10 MP Camera
    Could not hold camera steady enough to take shot even with stabilizer enabled. Returned this and purchased a Canon SX10 IS which didn't have any problem with stabilization on same shots. Canon does not have HD but I already have a Flip Minio so I didn't need the HD function. Overall the Fuji pictures were good quality as long as you didn't use the zoom feature or shoot close ups that needed stabilization....more info
  • Easy to use
    I Love this camera. It is easy to use and take Great pictures fast and slow moving subjects. Recommended for all ages. ...more info
  • Some compromises, but a tremendous value!
    I have been doing a lot of research to find the right "hybrid" camera. I had several requirements:

    1. HD Video - I got my first HD set in November Samsung LN46A750 46-Inch 1080p DLNA LCD HDTV with RED Touch of Color, an incredible LCD by the way! Figured I might as well utilize it.

    2. MPEG4 or H.264 video compression - This is the latest, and best, video compression. Blu-Ray uses H.264 so that should give you an idea. Plus it reduces the size of the video quite a bit. My other reason for this was that I got a PS3 along with the TV PlayStation 3 80GB. I am now in the process of ripping all of my DVDs and encoding to H.264. I put them on an external USB 2.0 hard drive and attach it to the PS3. I can then play all of my movies straight off the PS3! No more putting DVDs in and out, my girls scratch them up anyway. So the PS3 plays H.264 and MPEG4 but not in .mov (Quicktime) format. There are only a couple of cameras that save in this format, this is one of them. So I can save them directly to the external hard drive and play my videos.

    3. Desire: long zoom - self explanatory

    4. Image stabilization - absolutely necessary for video and long zoom

    5. Decent pictures - shouldn't this be at the top of my list? Well, the other criteria are much more difficult to find and a lot of the cameras anymore take good pictures.

    With that in mind, there were only a few choices. The Sony Cybershot DSC-T500 10.1MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom with Super Steady Shot Image Stabilization is a neat camera that looks to have very good video. The problem, it will only last about 15 minutes on its battery when using video. Pretty much unusable.

    The Sanyo Xacti HD700 7MP MPEG-4 High Definition 720p Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom (Brown). This gets some mixed reviews and I am somewhat skeptical about the picture quality. I have followed these since they were first introduced. I think Sanyo has a great idea and will continue to improve these cameras. I don't think they are quite the quality of other camera manufacturers. Love the form factor though!

    Canon Powershot SX10IS 10MP Digital Camera with 20x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom is a great camera! It has MPEG4, but puts it into a Quicktime format (.mov) and is not HD. Oh well.

    Kodak EasyShare Z1015IS 10MP Digital Camera with 15x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom looks really good. Has all the right features but it saves movies in Quicktime. This can be overcome by using Quicktime Pro to do a container change from .mov to .mp4. This does work with SOME cameras. I couldn't find a video sample for this camera to try though. Keep watching Kodak, they have a new Z980 coming out with a 24x zoom. That looks great!

    Casio Exilim EX-FH20 7MP 20x Zoom 3-Inch LCD Digital Camera with 26mm Wide Angle Lens (Black). I have a Casio Z750 which is a fantastic camera. Casio is highly underrated as a camera manufacturer. It consistently takes very good pictures in any conditions. The FH20 has come groundbreaking features like its big brother Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 Digital Camera, 6.0 MP, with 60fps High Speed Burst Mode, Full HD Movies, 12x Optical, 4x Digital Zoom, 2.8" HP LCD Screen but costs as much as a DSLR. Unfortunately out of my budget right now. Another manufacturer to keep your eye on.

    So that left the Fuji S2000HD. It met all of the criteria so I went to the store to try it. I really liked how it operated. The video is very nicely stabilized and it has some really nice shooting features that will surprise you. For instance the high speed continuous shooting. You can get 13.5 fps for 30 frames, all be it at 5 MP. But this is really cool for certain situations.

    After playing with it I was convinced. I was all set to order from Amazon, which is where I buy a lot of my stuff, but Best Buy had an open box for $200. This allowed me 14 days to return with no restocking fee so I went for it.

    So far so good. I will say a couple of things about what I have observed so far. The movies and pictures are a little "soft" when indoors. Flash pictures are very good, I turned down the flash a little. The HD movies are very good so far. Other than being a little grainy indoors, they look very good on my LCD. The sound seems very good even though it is mono. The focusing is quick and accurate. The face detection works pretty well, but not as good as the Kodak and Canons that I looked at. The Kodak was tracking my daughter as she walked sideways in front of me, pretty impressive! I like the fact that it has AAs, then I can get good AA NIMH batteries.

    Anyway, for now if you are looking for any of the above combinations of features this is a real contender. If it had a little better lens and sensor it would be unbeatable. For the price, it is a tremendous value.

    I will follow up as I take more pictures and video. Thanks for reading!...more info
  • camera
    This was a gift for my daughter. She researched it, and this is the only thing she wanted. It was packaged well, and we were very happy with it....more info
  • Nice Camera
    I'm glad that I picked this camera. It takes real nice pictures once you get in on the right setting. I gave it a 4, because I wish they would have more instruction on the how to set the shutter speed. I would recommend this product....more info
  • Great Camera
    I love this camera. My uncle bought it for me and sent it to me through Amazon. I am no camera expert, but then again it was only 200$.
    The camera feels small and compact, but powerful and agile. It has plenty of features that I have no idea what to do with! There's so many. The video quality is great, much better than I would expect from a camera that's meant for point and shoot. The batteries seem to last me plenty, but then again I don't take hundreds of photos every 10minutes.
    I recommend this great camera at such a great price.
    =)...more info
  • Wanted to like it but it's just plain awful
    I have owned several digicams over the last 9 years. This camera was my first Fuji. I was initially very excited over all it's features but Fuji should be ashamed they released this to the market as is. All the reviews stating is has trouble with autofocusing and with overexposure are 100% correct. If you are lucky 2 out of 10 photos will be more or less in focus. The rest are most likely to be blurry no matter what settings you use on the camera or overexposed. I guess if you were willing to just do manual focus you might have a chance though.

    The videos are very subpar. I was expecting to be able to hear the zoom motor during movies which you can (very loud and clear) but it was a big surprise to be able to also hear the autofocus itself when you are not zooming going "click, click, click" throughout the movie. Add to this the fact that the movies are as blurry as the pics and you have a dud.

    Finally, the LCD will inexplicably flicker (go off for a few seconds, come back on, go off for another second, and then come back on). I would be tempted to say mine was defective but I got 2 from Amazon and they both did this. Needless to say I did not keep this camera.

    So then, why are some people giving this good reviews? I can only conclude that they have never had a digicam before and hence compared to a cheap film camera the pictures look great. However, compared to a decent digital camera they are horrific. The professional sites more or less all recommend you buy something else and I have to agree. I just wish I had looked at their reviews closer before buying this.

    If you want to see some sample video from this camera go to vimeo.com and search for S2000 HD. I put up an example where you can clearly hear all the noise from the zoom motor and autofocus. Decide for yourself.
    ...more info