Travelon ID and Boarding Pass Holder
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Product Description

This small, flat, neck wallet provides quick access to your license, boarding pass and passport. Hang it around your neck as desired, and speed your way through security.
• Made from Microfiber with leather trim.
• Simplifies check-in and security pass-through
•Travel documents and ID hand securely and conveniently around your neck.
•Holds boarding pass, passport, and pen or pencil.

  • ID and Boarding Pass Holder
  • Microfiber
  • Travel documents hang securely around neck
  • Holds boarding pass passport
  • Hidden rear zippered pocket

Customer Reviews:

  • good response
    This passport holder does exactly what I want it to do. We are please with the reactionary time. ...more info
  • Really Nice
    This is a well-designed, cost-effective passport/travel doc holder.

    We purchased red, lime green, black...several colors, because we are a family of 9.

    All of them worked great, securely holding our passports and tickets. There are no metal parts, so they went through the metal detectors without a hiccup (the fancier ones have metal parts sometimes, a bad idea).

    Only negative: the lime green one is breathtakingly ugly, but we could find that passport the easiest.
    ...more info
  • perfect traveling companion
    Best design for travel documents, makes traveling much easier no fussing to access ID and air plane tickets... Love this...more info
  • Fantastic!
    I purchased this in the black and the leopard print - both were sturdy and excellent quality.

    The mini-pen is useful on the plane to fill out paperwork before landing during international travel. The holder fits a standard passport perfectly and pulling out boarding passes and tickets was easy from the larger pouch. We used these to travel in Japan and carrying our JR train pass in this for easy access to pull out and show to the gate managers made thing so much quicker and easier (as other tourists clumped up to one side of the gate to pull their passes out of purses, pockets or bags, we always had ours ready to show and could walk through unhindered.) The zipper pouch on the back is another great feature where I like to keep money and other documents stored.

    Overall very pleased with this product - I would recommend it to friends as a must-have for travel....more info
  • Boarding Pass Holder
    This item is great for traveling, especially when in line at the airport. Your ID and boarding pass are secure in the see-thru pockets, thus leaving your hands free. Would highly recomend this for all travelers....more info
  • travel wallet
    This is the perfect wallet for the traveler.It frees your hands to carry luggage. ID, passport, and boarding pass all fit neatly. There is even a zippered compartment in back for money or travelers' cheques. ...more info
  • Great travel item
    This is a great item for the traveler. If puts all your important stuff in one place and you can wear it around you neck in the airport. I purchased one for me and one for my husband who misplaces everything. I would highly recommend it....more info
  • Nifty
    I got one of these for my daughter for
    an upcoming trip overseas and she just loves it....more info
  • Great Boarding Pass Holder
    Very efficient way to travel with all your travel documents. Enough space for documents for a family of four for overseas....more info
  • Does what it's supposed to.
    Good product, used it on 4 flights and it was a help and the price was reasonable and delivery good....more info
  • Very Helpful!
    I always get tired of digging for my ID and boarding pass when I travel. Many times I worry that I might leave my ID behind while I am messing around with all of my other luggage. I recently ordered this product for a trip to Arizona and it couldn't have made things easier! I loved it. My ID and boarding pass hung around my neck and was easily accessible whenever I needed it....more info
  • amazing little item
    Well, since I will be using this soon, I believe it will be just perfect. Holds all the necessary items safely, so will let you know when I return from my trip....more info
  • A bit Disappointed
    I am a bit disappointed in this item. The passport pocket is too tight to hold a passport with a passport cover. It's not worth returning so I'll give it as a Christmas gift next year :(...more info