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Motorola OEM Holster Belt Clip for Motorola Q9h - SYN2309A
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Product Description

The Motorola Q9h holster belt clip features a rotating plastic clip on the back of the holster. The holster will carry the Motorola Q9h face-in to protect the LCD and keypads from damage. The quick-release mechanism provides easy access and maximum security at the same time.

  • Provides Easy Access to Your Phone
  • Clips to Belt, Backpack, or Purse -Locking Mechanism Holds Phone Securely
  • The Rugged, No-Nonsense Way to Carry Your Phone
  • Keeps Your Phone Secure and Accessible
  • 1 year warranty from Motorola

Customer Reviews:

  • Improved over original
    I originally had a SYN2309 holster, which worked great but one of the flexible latch supports broke. I ordered the SYN2309A hoping it would be improved, and it is. The flexible section of the latch is redesigned and appears to be more durable (only time will tell). There are only two unfortunate aspects of this holster. The first is that the latch will eventually wear the silver paint off where it slides over the top of the phone. The second is that if you have one of these clear "shield" type protectors, putting the pieces on the sides will make the phone "stick" in the holster. You either have to cut out sections of the side protector pieces, or not use them at all and only use the screen protector. Otherwise, it is easy to use and I love it....more info
  • Better than my original
    I have an AT&T Wireless Moto Q9h. This belt clip holster is tighter and appears to be more durable than my original one. This is a very convenient holster....more info
  • Beware! Not for the Q9h global from AT&T
    Stay away from this case. I got this for my Q9h, and the phone does not stay in it. It is not even close. The clip is too big for the phone. You get what you pay for. Didn't even bother wasting my time returning it....more info
  • Q9h Belt Holster
    The product works well and the phone attaches solidly without ever falling out. Sometimes difficult to release the phone quickly while it is ringing though. Still, it is better than trying to pull it from my pocket quickly while it is ringing....more info