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SimpleTech by Hitachi Signature Mini 250 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive FS-U25/250C (Cayenne)
List Price: $84.99

Our Price: $64.18

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Product Description

The Signature Mini family of bite-size drives are supple and resilient to the touch, with a positive velvety grip, they're designed by the friends at Pininfarina, the icon of Italian sports car design.Just plug one in, and inside you'll find smart ways to protect and manage all your precious stuff. Includes both local and online backup for unbeatable, total protection. With Fabrik Local Backup software, you can set up automatic backups from your computer to your Signature Mini, while Fabrik Ultimate Backup provides secure, online storage that's safe from real world mishaps. It works in the background, for constant, near-real time protection without bogging down your computer.And who says the Signature Mini is just for storage? For all the photos, songs, and video in your life, Joggle helps you keep track of them wherever they're stored. Online or on any drive, you'll see all your stuff on a single screen and easily share it with friends and family everywhere.

Thanks to the deliciously sleek styling by famed Italian car designer Pininfarina, the SimpleTech Signature Mini 250 GB USB 2.0 Portable Drive isn't just another external hard drive. The recipient of the same magic design touch and attention to fine details that helped turn Ferrari and Maserati into icons of the automotive world, the Signature Mini will certainly turn heads as you make your way through the day with your work files, or your latest videos, photos and songs.

The SimpleTech? Signature MiniTM offers:
  • Slick, beautiful design by world-renown designer Pininfarina.
  • USB bus-power that requires no bulky AC adapter.
  • Fabrik Ultimate BackupTM for 2 GB of free secure online storage.
  • 3-year warranty.

The curvaceous Signature Mini was designed by Pininfarina of Ferrari fame. View larger.

With just two ports, the Signature Mini is simple to use. In fact, you often only need one cable as the drive can be powered by the USB bus.
Ferrari-Inspired Ultra-Portable Design
Get used to the staring, because when you take this drive out into the public, heads will turn. With its Ferrari-inspired lines, this deliciously hot Cayenne-colored Signature Mini is as much a piece of fine art as a piece of robust hardware. Despite being a compact 3.1 x 4.9 x 0.8-inches (WxDxH), the drive won't be slipping out of your hands, thanks to its velvety texture that offers you a secure grip for your hands. And the drive's two rubber strips at the bottom will keep it from slipping across your desk.

With the included USB 2.0 "Y" cable, the Signature Mini gets its power from your computer, meaning there's no bulky AC adapter to carry around or forget. Just grab the drive and cable, plug it into a computer, and you'll be ready to go.

Powerful Local and Online Backup Options
SimpleTech includes two backup options that will keep your mind at ease about your important data. In fact, SimpleTech's Signature Mini Drives are the first drives in the world to offer both local and online backup capabilities. With the included Fabrik Local Backup software, you can set up automatic backups from your computer to your Signature Mini. But for the ultimate in protection, the Signature Mini also offers the Fabrik Ultimate Backup solution that uploads your files to a secure, online server that will protect your data from real-world mishaps and offer near-real time protection without bogging down your computer. (Although the Signature Mini is both Mac and PC compatible, at this time the Fabrik Ultimate Backup solution is only available for Windows-based computers.)

Fabrik's Ultimate Backup allows you to store up to 2 GB for free on one of its 448-bit encrypted servers, and for just a few dollars a month, you get unlimited capacity to securely store all of your important files and media collections offsite. Acting just like the drive's local backup software, you simply set Fabrik Ultimate Backup once, and it automatically and regularly backs up your content behind the scenes. All backups, to the external drive or online service, are unobtrusive. Once your initial content has uploaded, the software performs incremental backups, so only the smallest amount of data that has been changed or modified in your files will be updated.

To keep your content private and confidential, all files are encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption while in transit, with an option for a private encryption key. Fabrik's offsite 448-bit Blowfish encrypted servers are housed by a Fortune 500 company, ensuring file protection, security and peace of mind. So now, no matter what happens to your drive--a curious toddler, a spilled drink or natural disaster--your irreplaceable photos, music, videos and files are safe and secure both offsite and online.

Joggle Software for Easy Media Sharing
Also included is Joggle, a program that brings your photos, music, and videos together and displays it all in one easy-to-manage view. Joggle lets you view all your media files together on a single screen, and lets you access it securely from anywhere you're online. With Joggle, you can easily share your content with friends and family and embed sideshows and playlists into social Web sites including MySpace, Flickr, Facebook or personal blogs. You can even create an RSS feed for friends and family, all without making them register or login to sharing sites.

The Signature Mini is backed by a 3-year warranty and free, unlimited technical support.

What's in the Box
Signature Mini Cayenne 250 GB external hard drive, quick-install guide, and high-speed USB 2.0 "Y" cable.

Get a Signature Mini in your favorite color.

  • Portable, stylish 250 GB Hard Drive with USB 2.0 connection
  • Stylish design by Ferrari designer Pininfarina
  • Powered by USB bus; no AC adapter necessary
  • Backed by 3-year warranty and unlimited technical support
  • Measures 3.1 x 0.8 x 4.9 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Looks cool, but stopped working...
    I bought one of these, used it 3 times and it stopped working. Won't connect to my computer anymore which is great because I have some songs on there I backed up, but can't get to now. Not too cool having a back up drive that fails. Well it has a warranty right, but fabrik will not return my emails, called and was on hold for 30 mins. These guys are lame. Don't go for the cool looking drive, get a good one instead. ...more info
  • very unreliable, would not recommend
    I bought the first 250Gb Simpletech drive at an area Best Buy - and it crapped out (wouldnt mount to my desktop properly, wouldnt read or write, couldnt be erased properly and reformatted) after 5 months.

    So I RMA'd it back to manuf - who promptly sent me a brand new device. With high hopes I unwrapped it and have been using this new one (identical in every way to the old) on a daily basis.

    What I can tell you - based on my experience alone - is that the drive randomly unmounts itself ! I have it partitioned with both Mac and PC formats. Even on the PC side it randomly generates error messages (telling Windows the disk is full when there is 80Gb left).

    I cant tell you technically what is wrong. Ive used this USB 2.0 250Gb external disk with both Mac OSX 10.5.6 and Windows 7 beta and neither deliver the proper experience.

    Therefore, I cannot recommend this for either of those Operating Systems. Your mileage may vary, as they say. ...more info
  • simpletech... mini drives.. good.. Stuff
    This is the 3rd time i am buying the same product, and as always was really satisfied with the product....more info
  • no regrets
    just as expected it's good no complain basically used this for musics and videos backup. i'm a mobile dj and uses my laptops to play music and this usb hardrive serves well and uses no external power it's a usb powered....more info
  • SimpleTech 320
    Received the item on a Friday and immediately plugged it in to use it. It didn't work. The computer would'nt recognize the mini hard drive. So I tried a 2nd and 3rd computer. I then sent an email to SimpleTech support. They didn't answer so I wrote Amazon. They answered but couldn't do anything. On the following Tuesday I emailed SimpleTech again. They finally answered on Friday. Already a week gone by. They sent me an RMA number and gave me instructions on how and where to ship it. Got it in the mail on Saturday and received a new (refurbished?) hard drive on Thursday. Almost 2 weeks passed. Plugged this on in and it works but a waste of 2 weeks when I needed that drive. I wouldn't buy anything else thru this company just because they didn't answer right away.....more info
  • M. Martin (FL USA)
    How easy to use and compatible with XP and Vista with NTFS File System -- no reformating needed. I have Blueberry for Photos and Cayenne for everything else. Highly recommended by this user....more info
  • Great portable drive
    I bid for this item on ebay and got the product within 4 days. I plugged it in my Western Digital HDMI player and it was recognized immediately. The great thing about this drive is it doesn't require an additional external power source. It is able to obtain power from the WD player without any trouble.

    I loaded tons of movies that I ripped (each 1 GB) on this drive using my laptop. The transfer is about 1 minute per 1 GB. While it is not a speed demon, it gets the job done.

    When I play movies from this drive using my WD player, I did not see any lag at all. Despite its 5400 rpm speed, it works great for media files. Now I can rip all my movies, load it on this drive and can easily access the movies in a minute. What a great way to entertain my kids....more info
  • Perfect
    I was very nervous that transferring my files would take a long time. In fact, the transfer was instantaneous. The HD is only slightly larger than a digital camera (very small). I also love the fact that it does not require a separate power cord. It's powered through my computer via the USB cable that came with it. It's also very quiet and works well with Mac Leopard's Time Machine. I am duly impressed....more info
  • Great for backups and transfers
    I've been using it to back up my household's laptops for about six months now. No problems. Very reliable. Great design/form factor and I'm so glad to be rid of external hard drives that need external power. The included backup software wasn't to my liking and I use a different freeware app now....more info
  • Just got my 250gb, I really like it,
    I gave it 4 star's though its close to 5, the back up program won't work with Vista 64, [...].The program is preloaded on the hard drive. This wasn't a big issue to me, I prefer Nero backitup 4. You can download the program for a free trial. Y[...]. I have Memo on my other computer. Memo came with my external Buffalo HD. For my Vista PC, which is in the dinning room I didn't want to have to deal with an AC adapter. I pluged it into a main usb, only took one of the plugs. Its a clean small shape. This is connected to an HP Touchsmart iq505, from Amazon. Thats it for now, if anything changes will come back and note it.

    This little guy is still performing, very pleased. ...more info
  • GREAT product, GREAT price
    No problems so far. Easy to hook up. Works like a charm. Easy to carry around. Will update if I encounter any problems. GREAT buying from Amazon. ...more info
  • good hard drive for price
    Bought this portable hard drive because it was powered by the USB port and it was the right price (< $80). I found that the USB cable length does have to be short, otherwise it doesn't get enough power to power the drive. The backup software that came with it is ok, but is hard to customize for advanced backups. Overall, seems to be fast enough, and does the job for what I needed. ...more info
    It looks great in the box but it's no better than a paperweight.

    It comes with a stupid power cable which requires that you plug it in to two USB ports at once - impossible on my MacBook Pro as there's only one USB port on each side.

    Their 'free technical support' line is hopeless - they put you on hold for ever, the staff are rude and never follow up on their promises. Three times they've told me that they'll send me a replacement cable to solve my problems - three times it hasn't shown up and they have 'no record' of my call.

    Avoid and save yourself the hassle....more info
  • Total trash
    Don't be deceived by the fancy Italian styling of this portable's total trash. Despite the claims on the specifications, it doesn't communicate with Windows Vista machines....rendering the drive unusable. In addition, SimpleTech technical support is completely and utterly unresponsive....whether by phone or email....and has been for a long time.

    I returned mine....and bought a Western Digital Passport Elite 400GB....and oh, what a gem! Works perfect, fast data transfer rate, beautiful styling....and even comes with it's own classy storage pouch right in the box. No set-up required....just plug, play and use.

    Bottom line: save yourself a lot of potential problems and avoid the SimpleTech products. They are cheap products in fancy packages....more info
  • simpletechrocks
    I've used a few different brands of hard drives and I feel best about SimpleTech products. I have had 2 other brands of drives fail prematurely but have never had a SimpleTech drive fail and I own 5. I am an amuteur photographer who shoots around 20,000 images annually so having a reliable product for backing up my photos is important. ...more info
    This item never worked. I tried it on several computers, and all ports on those computers. I couldn't get any of them to recognize the device and the device just flashed a red light and beeped when plugged in to any of the USB ports.

    I also have a WD passport and use it constantly and love it, highly recommend. I'm taking this one back and getting another WD....more info
  • Looks are nice, performance would be better.
    Purchased the drive for support of a Windows 2000 box. Looks nice. Seems to perform OK with one exception. Windows 2000 won't start with the drive connected. Haven't had time to pursue the nature of the problem yet. It remains to be seen if I will be able to use it as originally intended....more info
  • cheap buy
    I bought the 80gb simpletech hard drive. I dont know if they made many more improvements (besides size) in this one. The price is good, and they seem to be going down a lot. The bad is, most people use these for traveling, and they really cant take that much abuse. You have to treat it like a baby. I had mine for about a year, and now it barely reads it. ...more info
  • Excellent Hard Drive
    The Pros - The FS-U25/500E is a rock solid stable for me. I routinely use 3 of these hard drives hooked up to my machine to access a large music library and even to multi-track record. I've yet to have a single hiccup in these drives and I tend to be quite tough on my gear as an owner of a DJ company.

    The Cons - A 7200rpm drive would be preferred for speed, but given the price and overall effectiveness, 5400rpm is more than acceptable.

    Overall this is an excellent drive and one that I highly recommend to everyone. ...more info
  • aarraa
    Product was dead on arrival. I wish I could simply return it, but I had to exchange it through warranty. I haven't received my replacement yet... my fingers are crossed!

    ALSO, know that in order to plug in the second USB for additional power you need 2 USB ports close to one another. Many computers have this, of course, but unfortunately my Mac Powerbook G4 has one USB port on the left, one on the right. The cord doesn't reach that far....more info
  • Stopped working after a month...not a reliable storage device
    I was getting rid of my desktop computer as I was moving to overseas, so naturally I needed a storage device to temporally store my data just till I have purchased a new one. It took me about a month to settle down in the new country and buy a new desktop. Believe it or not, as I was about to transfer data to the new computer, the drive failed. I can hear the drive running, but the computer won't recognize the drive at all. I've tried it on multiple computers and none recognized the drive. I'll have to take it to a data recovery shop to retrieve the data. I am very disappointed with the product. All I needed was a month for it to work. ...more info
  • Unable to see the drive anymore? Here is your fix
    We had the bubblegum 250GB Simpletech drive and one day the computers just stopped recognizing the drive. The light would turn on when connected and it SEEMED to be spinning fine, but I couldn't get any computer to see it.

    After a little research, it turns out these have notoriously bad USB controllers.

    I opened up the case and inside is just a standard 2.5" SATA hard drive. Mine was a Hitachi, other have reported having a Western Digial.

    So, we bought an external SATA hard drive case from Best Buy for $50 and plugged in the drive and works.

    The case basically just replaces the Simpletech case and you can get your files off AND continue to use the drive.

    You can buy a SATA case online for < $20 if you look hard enough, but I wanted to give it a shot so I didn't want to wait for shipping.

    Hopefully this will be able to help someone else who is having the same problems. We had all of our kid pictures on it so it was critical to get the files off!
    ...more info
  • dont get this
    Have had this Less than two years. If your power ever shuts off or you accidentally manage to yank the power or USB cord out say goodbye to your installed driver, corrupting the external drive and losing your information forever. Simpletech doesn't help reinstall or fix the situation. Its a pretty paperweight now. Goodbye all books I have written and never published for the last four years. Glad I made printed copies. ...more info
  • Aquaholic
    This drive works great. I get alot complements when I travel. I tell everyone it is designed by the same company that designs the Ferrari. I the dropped the drive when showing it to someone in my travels and guess what? it still keeps on ticking!!!

    Lot's of capacity and it is very fast.
    ...more info
  • I don't trust it.
    When I first got this drive, I would have given it 4 stars. I really love the styling -- it is the best looking drive out there. And it worked fine for a year -- then it just died. This was not an occasional write error; unprovoked and without warning, it went belly up. Kaput. Dead as a door mouse. This-is-a-dead-parrot dead.

    It was gently treated. Mostly, it has been on a bookshelf in my office, under no physical or thermal stress of any kind. I praised its beauty, and entrusted it with my most important data. And this is what I get: the thankless rotating bit bucket betrayed me!

    O fickle platter: Never again, I say!...more info
  • First Unit Failed
    My first 320GB drive failed, i could still recover some data but at very slow speeds. I had it replaced under warranty, but am unsure if I should use it after reading negative reviews about it.

    Overall I would not recommend this drive, and suggest you buy a different more reliable brand....more info
  • plays well with Linux
    This excellent and beautiful drive also performs well with recent versions of Linux (specifically Ubuntu); looks like a giant flash drive. Of course the OS must support the drive's ntfs file system. I thought some of you might like to know because in Amazon's etc. blurbs the usual CYA remarks about 'only' recent Windows & Mac unfortunately appear. On a larger computer one USB connection suffices but on my EEE notebook I need to use both USB connections to get enough power. This is then a very useful feature not available for other external drives. -- D. McLeod...more info