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Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe
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Product Description

The easy way to edit, share and get creative with photos and videos Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe is packed with easy-to-use photo-editing features, hundreds of creative templates for photo projects, automatic photo backup, tools for creating slide shows and more! Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe is your complete digital photo editing suite! Enhance your photos in an instant with easy photo-fixes and effects. Use powerful editing tools to remove blemishes, whiten teeth and paint on a suntan, so everyone looks their best! Make scrapbooks, greeting cards, calendars, collages and more using hundreds of professionally designed templates. Email, print or save your photos on DVDs. Download, view, trim and show off video clips. You can even combine photos, video clips and music to make an amazing slide show you can burn to DVD to play on your TV. Photo Album gives you all the tools you need to make the most of your photos and videos.

Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe is your complete digital photo editing suite! Enhance your photos in an instant with easy photo-fixes and effects. Use powerful editing tools to remove blemishes, whiten teeth and paint on a suntan, so everyone looks their best! Make scrapbooks, greeting cards, calendars, collages and more using hundreds of professionally designed templates. Email, print or save your photos on DVDs. Download, view, trim and show off video clips. You can even combine photos, video clips and music to make an amazing slide show you can burn to DVD to play on your TV. Photo Album gives you all the tools you need to make the most of your photos and videos.

Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe is your complete digital photo editing suite.

What's New

Project Launcher
This exciting new tool puts the features of Photo Album 7 Deluxe at your fingertips and makes it easy to get started right away. Just click on the photo task you want to perform (Import, Browse, Enhance or Create), and the intuitive, visual interface walks you through each step, making it easy to get going.

Makeover Tools
Help everyone in your photos look their best with innovative makeover tools. Remove blemishes, whiten teeth and paint on a suntan!

Picture Tubes
Add flair to any photo with these fun and colorful artistic embellishments.

The Project Launcher puts the features of Photo Album 7 Deluxe at your fingertips and makes it easy to get started right away.Click to enlarge.

Remove blemishes, whiten teeth and paint on a suntan. Click to enlarge.

Share your photos with family and friends in email, print or on DVD. Click to enlarge.

Project templates
Choose from hundreds of creative project templates to create scrapbooks, calendars, photo collages and more. Simply select a theme, then drag and drop your photos into the template.

  • Greeting cards
  • Collages
  • Calendars
  • Scrapbook pages
  • Magazine covers
Special scrapbook designs by Sandra Magsaman and Smilebox

Sharing Tools
Email photos and slide shows as attachments to share with friends instantly.

Video Tools
Trim unwanted portions of video clips to focus on the action, save video frames as thumbnails and images, and incorporate video clips into your slide shows.


Edit Photos
Enhance your photos with powerful, easy-to-use tools

  • Download photos from your camera automatically
  • Improve photos in one click with Quick Fix
  • Brighten dark photos
  • Fix red eye
  • Rotate, crop and resize
  • Remove blemishes
  • Paint on a suntan
  • Whiten teeth
  • Convert to black & white or sepia

Combine photos, video clips and music to make an amazing slide show that can be played on your TV. Click to enlarge.

Easily fix Red Eye. Click to enlarge.

Edit Videos
Download, view and share video clips

  • Download video clips from your camera to your computer automatically
  • Watch video clips as thumbnails or in full screen view
  • Cut the unwanted portions of your video clip
  • Save individual video frames as still pictures
  • Turn basic video clips into music videos or sentimental tributes

Get Started Quickly with the Project Launcher
Work quickly and easily with this intuitive visual interface

  • Click on an icon to select your task
    • Import
    • Browse
    • Enhance
    • Create
  • The Project Launcher walks you through the steps to get you started

Organize Photos
Sort and find your photos quickly

  • Search photos by text in captions, tags or filenames
  • Sort your photos by date, file, name or rating
  • Rate your photos to find the best ones later
  • Tag your photos to make them easier to find next time
  • Add comments to your photos to capture the spirit of the event

Make scrapbooks, calendars and more with Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe. Chose from hundreds of professionally designed templates. Click to enlarge.

Place your photos into scrap book pages and add fun artistic embellishments. Click to enlarge.

Create Photo Projects
Turn your favorite photos into special keepsakes

  • Select from hundreds of professionally designed templates for
    • Greeting cards
    • Collages
    • Calendars
    • Scrapbook pages
    • Magazine covers
  • Choose photos and simply drop them into unique, creative designs
  • Select scrapbook designs by Sandra Magsamen or Smilebox for that special look
  • Decorate your photos and scrapbook pages with fun, artistic embellishments
  • Add fun graphics to your favorite pictures using Picture Tubes
  • Perk up your favorite photos by adding a frame or photo edge
  • Place yourself on a magazine cover

Produce Amazing Slide Shows
Show off your photos and video clips the fun way

  • Combine your favorite photos, video clips and video stills into a slide show
  • Add music and transitions to slides to make an impressive show
  • Share photo slide shows over email in just a few clicks
  • Watch slide shows with music on your TV or computer

Share Photos and Video
Let friends and family enjoy your favorite shots

  • Print photos of any size, including 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, wallets and more
  • Save photos and videos to CD or DVD for easy storage and playback on your TV
  • Order prints and share them online quickly with family and friends

Back Up Photos Online--Automatically
Protect your photo collection from hard drive crashes

  • Store your entire photo collection online with Sharpcast, an online service offering automatic photo protection and backup
  • New photos transferred from your camera to your computer are automatically detected and backed up online
  • Recover all your photos easily in case of a hard drive failure
  • Store as many photos as you want, for as long as you want!*

* Subject to Sharpcast user agreement. Photos will be backed up for 30 days at their full resolution. After 30 days, they will be resized to a maximum of 1600 x 1200 pixels (suitable for a 4 x 6 print). Customers who wish to maintain photos at their full resolution for longer periods of time will need to subscribe to a Sharpcast premium plan. See Sharpcast application for more details.

  • Organize Photos--Sort and find your photos quickly, Search photos by text in captions, tags or filenames, Sort your photos by date, file, name or rating
  • Project Launcher--get started right away with just a click on the photo task to perform (Import, Browse, Enhance or Create), and get walk through step by step instructions making it easy to get going
  • Project templates--Choose from hundreds of creative project templates to create scrapbooks, calendars, photo collages and more including scrapbook designs by Sandra Magsaman and Smilebox
  • Sharing Tools--Email photos and slide shows as attachments to share with family and friends instantly
  • Download photos from your camera automatically as well as download, view, cut unwanted portions, and share video clips

Customer Reviews:

  • Unusable
    I guess photo programs and me don't get along. I have an aging computer (AMD 3000+ with 2GB RAM), a Brother printer and a Kodak digital camera. I already trashed Kodak's EasyShare program because it (also) ran like a slug. This program runs just as slowly. Even something as simple as hovering over an icon takes over 3 seconds before the tool tip shows up.

    I do heavy duty number crunching with database software without problems. Anything except the most recent games run fine on my computer. Videos, DVD's no problem. So why simple multimedia programs consume so much resources on my system is a mystery to me. I can't even open and print a simple photograph as it generates error messages. I give up. Sorry, Corel....more info
  • Close to Perfect for the Novice or More
    This has been a joy from the beginning. I am somewhat new to this technology and decided I would start out from the beginning as if I knew nothing about Photo Albums. That's easy for me to do. Regardless, I found that if exceeds my basic and intermediate needs. It did everything I asked it to do and exceed my standards of excellence. There are some minor downturns due to a memory shortage but I did not downgrade the software for it. With an old XP box et al this program did what you would want a photo program to do. The best part for me is that if you are new to this technology you can do it without a great deal of smarts. And if you have the smarts it just makes it that much better to use and try all the little make betters and there are a bunch of them. I took my camera out and took all kinds of new pics so that I could "enhance" them. Boy, it sure makes me look smarter that I am. Bottom line: Would I buy this again: absolutely yes....more info
  • Great place to start for digital editing and projects
    When considering buying a photo editor there are many choices. I have been a long time user of Adobe Photoshop Elements and love the creativity and depth of options I have with that program. Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe is on great alternative to Photoshop Elements if you are looking for a more intuitive -- load and go type product Photo Album 7 Deluxe has:
    - a wide range of editing options
    - a intuitive user interface
    - a catalogue system for organizing all your photos
    - a easy automatic system for downloading photos from a card or camera

    Photo Album 7 Deluxe has a wide range of editing tool that are easy to use; however, if you are willing to spend A LOT more time I'd recommend thinking about Adobe's Photoshop Elements.

    If what you are looking for though is a simple yet option filled editing and creative photo package Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe is a good place to start.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Program for Little Money
    This software has an incredible number of features, is very easy to use, and it costs less than $40 for a full version. This is a truly simple program to use that can do some amazing things. It is without question a great program for the more general and casual user - read, almost everyone.

    I have used Photoshop Elements starting with version 1.0 and every version through 6.0. I use Photoshop Lightroom. I've also used PaintShop Pro in it's earlier incarnations. I'm a fairly experienced photographer. And I love this Corel software. The simple things this software does, does them quickly, and to virtually exactly where I'd get with more commands in those other packages. And then it goes on to do really good slideshows, picture frames, greeting cards (on line through smilebox and on paper), and sweet printing templates. Bottom line, this is a hugely fun piece of software to use.

    Installation - simple. You choose automatic free updates (I disable this always), use as PC default editor (I disable this also), and where you'd like to install the software. Now the downside, this is the absolute worst install progress bar I've ever seen, in 30 seconds it went to 95%; and then it spent 5 minutes working out the last 5%. Really miserable.

    When you launch the software for the first time after installation, you have no choice but for Corel to go through your whole My Pictures or Pictures (in Vista) folder. I have a slightly old computer with a Pentium 4 3GHz processor, 2Gb of memory, and a brand new WD 1Tb green SATA hard drive. It took the software about 30 minutes to find all 30,000 pictures in the Pictures folder. Yes you read that right, 30,000 pictures. Thumbnails appeared rapidly. I would have liked to been give the option to ID the folders for searching.

    In use this software is totally intuitive. The main launcher window is lame - you absolutely don't need that at all. The main browser screen gives you access to everything. The software loads quickly - loading the 30,000 file catalog very rapidly (much much much faster than Elements 6 on the exact same set of pictures).

    The cooler parts to the software - Whiten teeth (it works magically and perfectly - yes you can do that in Photoshop, but it takes all kinds of chasing after tools and highlighting), adding a suntan (crazy but it really works), red eye removal is outstanding (photoshop really really doesn't do it this well), and blemish removal is nearly perfect. There's a straighten tool - a horizontal line is drawn on your picture, you move it to what should be a horizontal line in your picture, then drag one end of the line to match the horizontal in the picture. Click OK, and bam, your picture is perfectly squared up. Compare that to Photoshop, take your picture to "Full Edit", click on view grid, select rotate / custom, adjust the degrees of rotation and select left or right, click OK - then hope you got the degrees of adjustment correct. Then crop the image to get rid of the new white space from the rotation. Corel wins a millions time better. Autofix is amazingly accurate and fast. And you can take brightness, contrast and color adjustments manually.

    There's no layers, there are no curves to adjust, there's no selecting zones and burning, no cutting and pasting.....etc. like in Photoshop. But how often do you use those things, almost never. What do most people want? A good simple picture editor that adjusts color balance, red eye, cropping, etc. This program delivers all those things.

    The toys included are a pretty good slide show maker. A bunch of fun templates for picture frames, magazine covers, etc. The kinds of things a lot of people enjoy doing.

    My complaints - the photo organizer is not exactly super duper great. You pretty well view pictures by their file name (yeah there's calendar function, names, date, rating, etc. but they don't work very well). The software does not recognize Photoshop's star rating (windows does recognize those stars). And anytime you drag a photo into a photo tray or the slide show list - the software bogs way down and runs very slow. Otherwise this thing is well near perfect.

    The best part, it costs less than 1/2 the price of Elements (Upgrade or full version). ...more info
  • Inexpensive-but Google's Picasa is both free and better
    I've been using Adobe Elements for several years; a product that is quite flexible and feature rich but with some annoying design characteristics. So I was happy to review Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe to see if I had found a new program that would be better suited to my needs. Sadly it isn't the answer.

    This is a simple photo editing tool with some nice features, easy to use, but it isn't as good as Google's free Picasa photo editing software.

    I'm guessing my photo world isn't unlike others. What I want to do is take fresh photos from my camera and do a few simple things most of the time.
    1) Sharpen - preferably in bulk on a selected set of photos
    2) Crop
    3) Rotate (if it doesn't happen automatically)
    4) Organize

    Loading the program...
    Loading and start-up was quick and easy with Photo Album 7. It found all the photos and videos on my computer without me even asking. However it put an icon in my Quick Launch bar without asking me which I didn't appreciate.

    Adobe elements is a fine program for organizing my photos, however when I want to do some simple editing a second program, an editor, must be started and run for that activity. Then when I'm done editing I have to save the photo which requires a minimum of three popups to accomplish. This is my biggest complaint with Elements. Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe (CPA7D) solves this problem nicely.

    With CPA7D editing is done right on the photo being viewed without starting up a second editor. It even offers two choices on how to edit, with a small thumbnail or on the actual photo. An automatic correction selection will do edits for you or you can use sliders to alter brightness, contrast, focus, and other characteristics. I give CPA7D high marks for these ease of editing. Saving the changes is quick and simple. However I saw no way to do bulk editing, for example to sharpen or auto correct 10 photos at once. Each photo must be edited one at a time.

    CPA7D does have tags like Elements which I appreciated. Tags allow me to group photos to suit myself beyond other groupings such as date or file type. Photo Album 7 does offer an extensive set of groupings at the click of a button. You can even assign tags in bulk to several photos at once. In this case though Elements far outshines CPA7D because of the advanced tagging features in Elements which includes a hierarchy of tags so I can group photos by year, then by sports, vacations, etc. then even further by location; all at my design and discretion. You may find the tagging feature satisfies your needs though.

    Advanced features...
    Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe has some nice features such as being able to add a frame, make a calendar, or make a DVD with selected photos and videos. Nothing too fancy here but still it's nice to see these additional features in an inexpensive program.

    - Quick and easy setup
    - Edit directly on the photo without loading additional editing software
    - Advanced features are fun and there are several choices
    - Low cost
    - Photo tag feature - even can tag in bulk
    - Edit does most of what I normally want to do, sharpen, crop, lighten, change contrast, and rotate.
    - Red eye removal feature (didn't test it though)

    - No bulk edit - must edit one photo at a time
    - Applying edits is a bit slow
    - Tag feature is a single level, no hierarchy. To me this is the biggest weakness.

    Before you spend any money you might give Google's Picasa a try. It has an "album" feature to group photos my way, it is far more capable than Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe in many ways - and its FREE! With Picasa you can bulk edit too....more info
  • Adds the little extras to you pictures !
    Overall this is a simple, and satisfying program for the majority of digital camera users. This will add the ' Little Extra" to your pictures to make them look good and should make you real Happy.

    I liked that the first thing this program did was organize my photo's. I had no desire to go through them all and do that. The program made easy work of a time consuming task. THANK YOU

    I really like that after doing a few edits to the picture I found that in just a one click process, I can email immediately. No additional steps needed.
    There are a number of cute photo enhancements that I thought are fun and easy to use for the novice photo editor. The 'Tubes' are fun. Add a few cute flowers or kitties to a child's picture and they think it is beautiful.( so do I ))
    Placing pictures in an EASY scrapbook sheet is wonderful, just drag and drop. You can also add cute embellishments to the pages to really personalize the pages. I love to make a few scrapbooks for the holidays for family and this will make it a breeze.
    The program has video editing which I confess is not my thing, but for those that want an easy process it does it nicely and with music attachments.

    The photo retouching is in my opinion ..only OK.. The red-eye works well. but the quick fix isn't that great. I found I needed to go into personalized area more times that I thought would be needed. I tried many different pictures from outdoor shots both cloudy and sunny. This would probably satisfy most people if this was your first time in photo editing But if you have even more than a passing knowledge of photo retouching, this may be a little frustrating.
    The makeover tools are GREAT.. I love that you can whiten teeth, cover over blemishes and add some color to skin to make it look sun kissed. These are very easy to use and would make most of use HAPPY to have just that function.
    There are other things in the program to allow calendars, cards creation. One of my nephews was thrilled when I placed his picture on the " cover' of a magazine. I think I will make him a scrapbook with his picture on the 'Magazine cover' and fill the book with his school and sports pictures.
    Overall this is a simple, and satisfying program for the majority of digital camera users. This will add the ' Little Extra" to your pictures, make them look good and you will get ton's of compliments on the pictures This should make you real Happy.
    ...more info
  • Love it!
    Easy to use....also comes with a hardcopy instruction booklet...but I love it because I hate doing too much reading...I just want to get my photos ready to share...especially printed photos...this does the job easily without any headaches!...more info
  • Not something I'd recommend
    While there are a few handy features here, I found that most of them are already on other programs I have, for free on my computer. The one thing it does do it put them altogether in one place. But if you have a choice between buying this and buying some utility, or saving a bit longer for a more powerful program, take the other road....more info
  • Corel Photo Album (2008)
    I am a big fan of Corel products. They are the best alternative to Microsoft brand PC software.

    This product didn't live up to my hopes, because it lacked the special effects that I was hoping for (you need to buy paint shop pro photo for the extra bells and whistles). However, this program is good for what it is. It didn't slow my computer down and I was able to create a phenomenal birthday card for my brother. Also I like how this program is easy to use. If you are slightly computer literate, you will be able to easily edit and make creations without reading a boring manual.

    If you see this software on sale, I recommend buying....more info
  • Easy-to-use, basic bundle of common photo functions.
    Chances are good that if you frequently use Photoshop or Corel's own Paint Shop Pro or Photo-Paint, you will both want far more editing capabilities and not care for some of the features that are bundled with this software suite. I consider myself to be a fairly serious and adept amateur photographer as well as an expert computer user of graphics software, and so the limited (albeit very easy-to-use) photo editing functions and options to help you organize/store/archive your photos was of no use to me. However, all of the other bells and whistles novel features that let you use your photos in hundreds of pre-made templates to create your own greeting cards, calendars, and even fake magazine covers (which can be a real hoot to print and give to friends... and this opinion comes from an adult; kids will find it entertaining as well) made this package worthwhile. The only other software bundle that I have previously used to select pre-made templates to create greeting cards (especially with the holiday season coming up) and calendars was the software that is bundled with HP Photosmart printers - ArcSoft software combined with HP's own basic software that lets you organize your photos and perform basic editing; the variety of templates included here far exceeds the variety that is included in the software bundled with those photo printers.

    As mentioned, my one main gripe is the limited photo editing/retouching abilities of the software. Otherwise, it would truly be a nice one-size-fits-all package. But the easy-to-use retouching features such as being able to whiten teeth, add a tan, and remove skin blemishes was, not too long ago during the days of film cameras, not always easy to do for the average casual photographer. I, personally, would rate this software 4 stars. But for a package that the whole family can use without having to resort to far more complex (and costlier) separate dedicated software to perform all of the different photo editing, organizing, file management, and CD/DVD burning functions, it deserves 5 stars!
    ...more info
  • Fabulous photo album software
    A great way to work with all the digital photos you take. You can make them look even better with this wonderful software....more info
  • Corel 7
    Good product, does lots of great stuff, takes a bit of learning to master, but if you have the time, it's worth it....more info
  • I agree with Tom Piccirilli
    I agree with Tom Piccirilli. Photo Album 5 and 6 are superior to Photo Album 7. I uninstalled 6 due to installation issues with 7. I later discovered it was other Corel software causing the problem. I tried to upload my pictures today and found it so complicated I finally switched back to 5 and will re-install 6 if I can. If I can't without removing 7, 7 will go.

    I suppose if you have never used Photo Album before 7 is not a shock. Personally I feel Corel is turning into Microsoft and making changes to their software for the sake of change and not to improve it.

    Photo Album 5 has better editing features, removed from Photo Album 6. Photo Album 6 has an ehanced interface and some additional organization features. Neither will download pictures from the network card reader in my HP C6180 AIO. I was hoping Photo Shop 7 would. I don't know if it does as downloading pictures is just so complicated....more info
  • no bargain
    I bought this for my grandson for Christmas. I went to his home and was trying to show him how to use it. I have the free Kodak EZ share software and the Microsoft Digital Image Editor at home and use both. This product was far inferior to the free photo programs and when I tried to find the type of photo filters and other effects that both other programs have, the Corel 7 tried to sell me their more expensive program. I strongly feel that this product is a way for this company to shift a user into their higher priced product and is not worth the money--even on a Today's Deal price. ...more info
  • A good tool if it meets your needs.
    I haven't been using this program for long, but have used other photo correcting/enhancing programs which allows me to compare the usefulness of Corel Photo Album 7. This program is easy to install, but a little confusing since ads start popping up immediately trying to get the user to buy other programs. I wondered why anyone would by this particular program if you had to be encouraged to buy additional programs.

    It didn't take me too long to figure out how to use some of the features, and once I learned, using them was fairly simple. I would suggest someone unfamiliar with photo editing and enhancing and someone who doesn't want to do professional work buy this item; the price is certainly right. Using this program may enable users to upgrade to a more complicated program.

    This reasonable priced easy-to-use program is a great learning tool and allows the user many options. Support for users is available and easy to access. There is a manual included in the box, which these days is a definite plus, and it is user friendly.

    I read other reviews that say previous programs wee better, but since this is the first Corel Photo Album program I've used, I can't say if that is true or not. I'd have to assume it is true, or other reviewers would not say that.
    ...more info
  • This product is just okay
    This product is just okay. Some of the features are fun. I love the fact you can add a tan to people but they look a tad orange....more info
  • Well-rounded basic photograph organizer and editor
    I think a lot of the negative comments regarding Photo Album 7 exist because the market has been fairly well dominated by the Adobe products (Elements 7, Lightroom 2, and CS4) as well as Google's free Picasa. However, for those who are loyal for whatever reason to Corel, will find this to be a well-rounded basic program for both organizing photos and editing.

    The organizer is not too different from other competitors, giving the usual ability to use tags and ratings. The editor is more task-oriented, streamlined version of its competitors. I find this to be what most average consumers need. Power users are already loyal to Adobe CS4. Those who like to be power users but don't want to spend the money on CS4 will already be using Elements 6 or 7. Picasa, however, is free and is definitely a worthwhile organizer and basic editor.

    In the end, I think those who are not tech savvy or serious photographers will enjoy this piece of cohesive, all-in-one software solution....more info
  • Excellent Product with Superb User Guide
    Photo Album 7 is a great product with an exceptional user guide. It is fun to use and allows me to do so much more with my digital photos.

    This was the first "independent" photo product I have used. I have a digital camera and while it came with software to edit pictures it is not nearly as good as this product.

    When I first got Photo Album 7 I loaded the software and was able to figure a lot by myself. The software is easy to use. There is a great help system as well. Some of my favorite features are "quick fix" which automatically improves the quality of photos and photo fix which allows you to manually do this while displaying a before and after picture so you can see the results of the changes made. Other features allow you to remove blemishes, red eye or add a tan to a person. Another fun feature is the ability to change the photo to black and white or Sepia.

    I then decided to look at the User Guide, which on page 7 lists "Workflow Tips" which is a diagram showing five key features of this product. The features are, Download and organize, Edit and enhance, Create, Share and Protect. The next two pages of the guide describe these features and tell you where in the guide you can find them. Additionally there is a great index in the back of the guide. The user guide is full of drawings and pictures which give great explanations on how to use Photo Album 7. Since I am a first time user this information was extremely helpful. I was able to do so much more.

    My digital camera allows me to take short videos and now I can view these with the software. You can also create photo shows that I have yet to do but plan to once I have the time. A create button in the software allows you to make calendars, greeting cards, collages and a bunch of other creative things.

    Photo Album 7 is a product that will give me and my family a chance to add so much to the photos taken on my digital camera. I am looking forward to all it has to offer. This is a great product and highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I love this product. It is worth every penny. I can create some pretty cool portraits. I highly recommend this program. ...more info
  • Disappointing - free programs are better
    I saw this as a half-priced Amazon GoldBox special and, always being on the lookout for a no-brain, photo cataloging solution that I would try this.


    Even at half-price, Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe isn't as functional as free programs such as Picassa 3, IrfanView and others.

    The program demands the full screen of your monitor and appears not to be resizeable. Many may not care about this: I do. This makes using Photo Album concurrently with other programs, such as an instant messenger, cumbersome.

    The album function is passable, but certainly not superior to Picassa 3 or many7 other commercial programs. The user can add tags, captions and other information.

    The "Adjust Photo" option is silly. It contains four options. Rotate Right, Rotate Left, View Photo Info - and what amounts to an advertising or another Corel program. There doesn't appear to be an option to switch this to choose another image editing program that you might prefer. I don't like vendors who incorporate advertising for other products into the product I am using.

    The "Enhance" pallette offers six additional options, inluding Quick Fix, Photo Fix, Fix Red Eye, Crop, Straighten and Makeover. The last option is more a farce than a feature. It is intended to provide for blemish removal, teeth whitening and such - it doesn't work well. And, of course, there is as link to use another Corel program.

    There is a limited selection of added effects such as picture frames, fake magazine covers, greeting cards and the like that you can use. The stress is on the word "limited".

    Limited is a word that nicely sums up Corel Photo Album 7. It is like a sampler that you pay for, supposedly I think to whet your appetite for Corel's more expensive and allegedly more capable programs.

    As I said, I got this at half-price through Amazon's GoldBox promotion. Even at half-price, it isn't worth it. Picassa 3 is free, IrfanView is donationware - and there are numerous commercial programs that provide you with much more capability.

    You can safely pass Corel Photo Album 7 by without fear that you've missed anything. You haven't.

    ...more info
  • Everything you need in one software
    Finally a great product from Corel. I'll admit I am usually not a big fan but Photo Album 7 gets it right. It has all the basic photo editing functions like cropping, redeye, and changing to black and white, but my favorite function in this software is that you can send the emails right from the software. No more saving to your folders, going into your email, then attaching the pic as a file. Click send and you can send it to your friends and family. I also like all of the creative options that come with this software. You can make cards, calendars and my favorite...fake magazine covers. These are just like the ones at the mall/amusement park. It's easy to use because it uses the click and drag method. I didn't give it five stars because I do miss the lasso function of Photshop that allows you to remove the background of phots to leave just the subject visible. If you don't create professionally, this will definitely impress your friends and family. It's worth it. ...more info
  • Great for the Beginner...
    A simple, easy to use photo enhancer that also provides a great way to organize your digital photos. "Sharing" involves signing up for an online service, but much like any site (ie: Shutterfly, Kodak) is pretty straight forward and simple to use. This is a very BASIC photo editor but for the novice, it is clean, simple and the tutorial is user friendly. I loaded it on my Dell PC with Vista quite fast. This would make a good gift for grandparents or tweens just starting out. The scrapbooking pages are very simple and not very creative, they really could have put more imagination into them. ...more info
  • Photo Editing Software for Beginning Scrapbookers
    I've used several photo-editing software programs over the years, and many have different ways of setting up their programs. Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe seems to be directed towards the inexperienced user who would like to experiment with their photos and videos.

    You can organize and edit your photos as well as create slide shows orchestrated with music or videos. There are templates for greeting cards, scrapbooks, and calendars where you may use your own photos to create custom projects. These are powerful tools for beginners, especially scrapbookers.

    There may be other programs that are free or work better, but for practice and ease of use this one works wonderfully for those who are willing to follow their instincts and play around.
    ...more info
  • Very Good for What it is
    I'm a Photoshop user, have been since version 4 and have faithfully upgraded every year all the way through CS3 and very soon I'll be upgrading again. Yes, Photoshop is a complicated program with a steep learning curve, but I've you've lived with it as long as I have you don't think about it. So, basically I wasn't all that interested in Corel Photo Album 7, as I didn't see what it could possibly have to offer me.

    Yes you can whiten teeth with few clicks, but for me, I do what I have to do in Photoshop with such speed, what's a click or two here or there. And I have my photos organized just the way I want, thank you very much.

    But I did install the software. That went without a hitch, took about six or seven minutes. And then I played around with it and I must admit I like the quick way you can align you're photos if they're not straight, it beats Photoshops rotating tool all to heck, but I don't think I'd be doing much photo retouching or editing with this program.

    But my better half the writer, who takes bazillions of photos with his iPhone and his Cool Pix, just loves this program. He does not have Photoshop on his computer, hates it, says it bloat ware. He's been doing photo editing with Vista's built in software and he likes Photo Album 7 oh so much better. He says it's intuitive, easy to use and that he does everything he wants. And that caused me to reassess this program. I wasn't going to give it a very high grade, but after listening to him I see that Corel didn't make the program for people like me, they made it for him and all the people out there who doesn't want to shell out hundreds and hundreds of dollars for Photoshop and believe me, I've dug very deeply into my pockets over the years to stay current with Photoshop. So, from that point of view, this really is a five star program....more info
  • Not for digital scrapbooking
    I purchased this only for the scrapbooking capability. It does produce album pages, however they are not very creative. Each scrapbooking template has it's own design that is unchangeable. It takes all the fun out of creating my own page. I wish it allowed add-ons to the page or even the possibility to add more text boxes. All you can change is which picture you put in which designated picture design....more info
  • Nice Photo Editing Program
    This is a very nice little photo editing program that allows even the novice (me) to fix photo faux pas without spending hours poring over a manuel or a help screen. Wanna whiten teeth, no problem and it looks good too. Wanna add a suntan, you can do that easily as well, though that doesn't look all that good. Wanna make a calendar or a fake magazine cover, you can do it with Corel Photo Album 7 and you can do it without reading the manuel. You can make greeting, birthday, Christmas or any other kinds of cards too, so no more shopping at the Hallmark Store for that perfect card, because you can design one just the way you like.

    Again I'll say it, this is a nice little program that does just what I want it to do, plus it automatically organizes your photos, I had almost five hundred photos on my computer and the program had no problem with them. I like the way I can turn a photo into black and white or sepia without any effort and I like the automatic color enhancement. So far everytime I've asked the program to automatically fix the color it's improved the photo. I don't see how anyone could go wrong with this software.

    Oh yes, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the excellent redeye removal (did I say that right) that this software does. That's way cool. Nobody wants their little darlings to look like little devils....more info
  • Okay!
    Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe is an average photo imaging product. There are some bells and whistles, however, for the most part there is not much difference than other standard products. In it's favor it is quite user friendly, however, my recommendation would be to novice users, who have not used many other photo programs.

    Angelia Vernon Menchan...more info
  • Have lots of good features
    This program has good features and is easy to use, easy to install and to get started with, work good in Windows Vista.

    I was interesting in create an instant home movie but you can't do it, this program have that option but when you want to use it you have to buy the muvee5 program, another thing I didn't liked is the advertising for purchase another products. And have an option you can't use is not fair.

    This program has a lot of good options and I recommended.
    ...more info
  • Why do they take functions away?
    I have used Paint Shop Pro and Photo Album for a long time and one of the valuable features to me was the ability to do organization in Photo Album, then open photos via the jump or launch function to PSP. In Photo Album 7 that ability is removed which makes it virtually worthless to me. Both products seem to have lost customer value since being purchased from Jasc by Corel, proof that bigger is not necessarily better. I am sticking to Photo Album 5, they have lost a loyal upgrader....more info
  • Perfect for those who don't want the maze of Photoshop
    I got this for my kids, and they can work it perfectly. That doesn't mean it isn't high-powered -- it is -- but a really intuitive interface and low system usage make this one for everyday people who just want to do some stuff with their pictures....more info
  • Ease of Use review
    Photo Album 7 has many features that are well-covered in the other reviews, but I wanted to comment on the presentation. It looks good. It's not thrown together with buttons all over the place that don't relate to each other. They put it together and it makes sense. You don't have to go searching for a command or some option. This is and was the most striking feature for me: Ease of use.

    Sure, it's a great editing program. Sure, it's the newest thing out there. But I wanted something easy to use. I won't mention the name of the other program that I tried by a different company, but Corel nailed it for me.

    So, for ease of use, I give this product a 5 Star rating!...more info
  • Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe
    We received this before the scheduled due date and it was just as described. We're not professional photographer's but we really like this program. We enjoy taking picture's and this is great to enhance them. We really can't say there's anything bad with this program. If you like taking everyday shots and enhance them this is the program for you. Thanks alot!
    M. Foster...more info