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Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier -Brown
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Product Description

Sleepy Wrap was born out of the dream of the ideal baby carrier void of buckles, rings, hard parts, pinching straps or stretched out fabric. Simplicity and comfort were key. An active mom in love with her newborn was our model. Keeping her child close and secure while shopping, hiking, cooking, dancing, navigating airports or libraries were our activity minimums. We ended up creating a durable non-sagging wrap baby carrier with great quality fabric, made especially for newborns but that would comfortably accommodate a two year old. Since then there is every day more and more happy and content moms with sleeping babies in Sleepy Wraps all around the world. They know why!

  • Baby Wrap Baby Carrier
  • One size fits all
  • From premature/newborn to toddler
  • Wrapping instructions enclosed
  • Hands free walking, hiking, shopping

Customer Reviews:

  • The perfect baby carrier
    This is the ideal baby carrier. It is soft and comfy, yet secure enough that you don't have to worry about the baby falling out of it if you sneeze, like with sling-style carriers. Nothing's better than keeping baby close to your heart - this let's you do it comfortably, with the weight evenly distributed throughout your upper body and without painful thin straps and what not. A great buy....more info
  • Soft, versatile, simple yet stylish wrap
    I love babywearing and have tried MANY different carriers. This is perfect for newborns especially because it has stretch and you can pop the baby in or out quickly yet leave the wrap on yourself so no need to retie. It can be wrapped in SO many different ways and evenly distributes the weight of the baby so you aren't left feeling sore or tired. It also positions your baby so that there is no stress on the spine (unlike many popular carriers available in stores).

    Overall I really like this wrap and highly recommend it to new parents! ...more info
  • Light yet durable
    This wrap is made of a lightweight breathable material yet durable and sturdy. It is simple to use and adjustable to children from birth to toddler years. Did I mention it is super easy to use!?...more info
  • Best baby carrier for newborn!
    This wrap is a necessity if you have an infant and want to feel that you are carrying it safe and secure. I have tried all types of carriers with my first child, from Ergo to all types of slings. The wrap is the way to go and is helpful in two main ways with an infant 1) it allows you to do things hands free without the worry of supporting your infants head and 2) it holds the infant close to you mimicking swaddling, which is great in stopping the startle reflex and keeping your baby asleep and comfy. The fabric keeps its elasticity enough to go for a long walk and yet is stretchy enough to allow you to breatfeed. My only complaint is that it does get pretty warm in hot weather and takes a few seconds to get on (also a little tricky not to drag the ends on the ground if you are putting it on outside) - but that is the nature of a wrap. But over all this wrap has been a godsend, allowing me to soothe my baby while getting things done and here's another big plus - it's easy on the back (better than a sling or even just carrying baby in your arms!)....more info
  • Great for my back!
    I purchased this before my daughter was born after reading all of the positive reviews and I couldn't wait to try it out. It's a little bit difficult to get the tying technique down at first but after a few tries I was able to get it on pretty quickly. She seems to like being wrapped up snugly and naps longer in the wrap than when I'm just holding her (she HATES being put down). The one thing I don't like about it is that it's tricky to tie while I'm holding her; I also have a Baby Bjorn carrier and I'm able to put that on and get her situated in less than a minute. The Sleepy Wrap is so much more comfortable to wear than the Baby Bjorn though, which really strains my neck and back if worn for longer than 20 minutes.
    The Sleepy Wrap is comfortable and my daughter enjoys being in it so I'd recommend it to anyone who has a "high needs" baby that likes to be held constantly....more info
  • Best baby product I've bought
    The Sleepy Wrap works wonderfully- it's just the right amount of stretchiness to sturdiness, and doesn't get stretched out. My newborn loves it- he's two months now, and sometimes he fusses until I put him in the wrap. I am able to carry him mostly hands free (if I bend over I support his head, even if it is supported by the wrap). It is a bit more difficult to do certain chores, like load the dishwasher or empty the dryer. Otherwise, it works great for around the house- vacuuming, dusting, folding laundry, etc. My baby usually falls asleep in the wrap right away. It is by far the most useful baby product we have bought. Some days I'm sure I'd be crazy without it!...more info
  • My Favourite of Many!
    The Sleepy Wrap baby carrier is the best baby carrier I've ever owned. I don't say that lightly. I started wearing my babies when my first was born, over five years ago now. I've owned a Rebozo, Over the Shoulder Baby Holder, Kangaroo Adjustable Fleece Pouch, Ergo, Mama Baby Ring Slings, Shower Sling, Baby Bjorn, hmmm am I missing any? I wish that the Sleepy Wrap had been available with my first born. I wish that I hadn't been intimidated by baby wraps in the past. My husband thinks we should buy more of them, in many different colours! They are certainly affordable enough - for a baby carrier that is so easy to use, $34.00 is a steal of a deal, I doubt you could buy a similar, high quality fabric in the quantity needed for that price! The Sleepy Wrap is made out of a mainly cotton material that is similar to a cotton French jersey, very thick, soft and high quality; much thicker and more durable than the other knit fabrics I have baby carriers made of.

    Our Sleepy Wrap, in red (available in a variety of colours to suit any taste), arrived before our new baby did. The first thing I noticed was that the instruction booklet was first class. Printed on glossy paper, full colour, step by step photographs and clear instructions. Though I had been intimidated and NEVER considered buying a baby wrap in the past (how complicated all that twisting and tying looked) I was surprised at how terribly easy it was to learn the basic ties. The first time I tied too loosely and my two year old was a bit timid in the carrier. So I tied on again, making sure to tie it snug, not leaving any extra room (don't worry, it will look like your baby won't fit in, but that is where the special, stretchy fabric comes into play) - and this time when I put her on she felt happy and secure. I haven't been carrying her in a sling or carrier much during this pregnancy, so she was out of practice, but she caught on very quickly.

    The Sleepy Wrap is definitely one size fits all, from teeny tiny Mamma's to 9 month pregnant mamma's (like I was when mine arrived). My second daughter is a big two year old, over 30 lbs. and quite tall. Due to my pregnancy I tied the wrap under my belly, and it didn't make it around to the back again, but no problems! One thing I am very pleased with is that the circulation in her thighs was never cut off, her thighs never discoloured, the fabric never pinched, and it was very soft and comfortable against her legs. We've had problems with thigh constriction in other slings and carriers in the past - in order to get the child high enough and close enough to my body I had to cinch them in pretty tightly, sometimes resulting in thigh marks and discoloration....ick!

    This is really the best carrier for getting your baby high and tight, once you have the wrap tied on snuggly, the rest is so simple, just pop your child in and you are ready to go with a high, tight, close, secure hold. Soon after my third baby was born, we got to try the wrap with her. Very easy to use with her as well. When she falls asleep I can cover her head with some of the stretchy fabric to keep it from being floppy.

    I did get the ties to go around to my back again, but you can leave them on the front if they don't make it back around. I like to wear baby carriers with the fabric spread well over my shoulders and back for even weight distribution. I can do this so well with the Sleepy Wrap that I can hardly feel my baby on - more comfy than being pregnant! This miraculous stretchy fabric accommodates pretty near any size of child, just tying the carrier on snugly you can pop in either a newborn or a two year old, and you will still have a high, secure hold. This carrier will also fit any member of your family. My five year old likes to have me tie it on her so that she can carry her baby doll in it. She keeps volunteering to carry the new baby, but I think she needs to grow a little still before she can wear Sarah.

    If you are a first time parent you can save yourself baby carrier buyer's remorse and just buy a Sleepy Wrap to start with. If you are an experienced parent, you may feel reluctant to buy yet another baby carrier, or you may have felt intimidated by wraps in the past - I know that I certainly did. I encourage you to step out in faith and buy a Sleepy Wrap as well, it is really the best carrier that our family has owned, and I only wish we'd had one for our previous children, particularly my very fussy firstborn....more info
  • the best for newborns
    I find this wrap better than a traditional carrier because it does more than just leave your hands free- it also swaddles the baby and lulls them to sleep with your movements. It does take a little longer to put it on (though not more than 20 seconds once you're used to it), but then you can leave it on even when you take the baby out, unlike a carrier. I'll just wear it right under my jacket if I drive my son somewhere and then pop him in it when I take him out of the carseat. I cut the extra length off so I can tie it in the back w/o the extra wraparound, and that makes it easier to get on and more comfortable to wear. The edge didn't fray, just curled up a little, so no sewing required to shorten it. Now that my son is 3 months I've worn him bjorn-style a few times, vertical and facing forward, and that works well, too. When he's tired I just turm him back to hammock, bringing his legs back in, w/o changing the tie of the wrap or anything. Overall, this has been my favorite baby item. Whenever my son starts being cranky but I need my hands for my 3-year-old, I just pop him in here and it is instant sleep....more info
  • Long product life for the right price.
    I bought this when my second child was born, two years ago, and I am still using it now with him. It's much, much more comfortable than any other style of carrier I've tried. It's not nearly as fiddly as it looks and my baby was a very happy camper! If I were to have another child, I would be able to use this wrap for them as well as it's held up VERY well(through everything my son has thrown at it...and the washings upon washings which followed..). I'm definitely a fan!...more info
  • Better carrier for my second born
    I wish this was more readily available when I had my first born. The security the ease and the fashionable style all are 5 stars to me....more info
  • Always in use!
    It took some time to learn how to use my wrap. But now that I'm use to it its great. My son likes it too....more info
  • Best baby purchase EVER
    I looove my Sleepy Wrap. My little girl (2 months) always wants to be held. She is very gassy and the upright position really helps her. She loves to cuddle and has a hard time falling asleep in her crib.

    I work from home and did not get any work done because she always wanted to be held and be by me. Now with the Sleepy Wrap, she is content and sleeps just fine. She is less gassy (i think it is the warmth and the gently pressure on her belly) so she sleeps better at night.

    I get so much done - not just for work but around the house. I do all my chores. Laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. she is always by me and looks around until she eventually falls asleep. Then i just pull the fabric over to support her head.

    Oh, and it is sooo easy to put on. The day after I got the wrap, i went to a playdate with other babies and brought it with. They were so amazed how quickly i put it on and how easy it was for me to put her in it. She didnt complain, nothing.

    I am so glad i bought this wrap. Now that it is warmer out, I go for walks with her and the dog and she loves it - she can see everything and just fall asleep if she likes. And the fresh air is good for both of us....more info
  • Great product.
    My daughter-in-law swears by these. When hiking to do geo-caching, it is a great way to carry your child without all that back strain. Super comfortable to wear, easy on your backs, and super cuddly for you and your little one. It frees up your hands to be able to do chores while keeping baby close and comfortable. A whole range of colors to choose from. Recommend to all! ...more info
  • I love this thing
    It has helped me prepare quite a few meals in my babies early days home. Just wish I knew about it with my other 5. It does get kinda hot after a while though...for both of us, but when I really need to get something done, hubbies not home, and the baby is crying I bust this bad boy out. I don't use it everyday though cause we live in AZ and it's 102 right now, but I have faith that once he gets big enough to sit up in it or it gets cooler out we will be getting way more use out of it. ...more info
  • Comfortable carrier
    My 5 week old daughter is a light sleeper. Every time I comfort her to sleep and put her in the bassinet, after couple minutes, she wakes up again. If I hold her all the time then she sleeps but I cannot get anything done. Used the Baby Bjorn, it worked. However, it held her upright sleeping uncomfortably. I have a back and shoulder problem after the delivery so the Baby Bjorn doesn't help but worsen it. The Sleepy Wrap, on the other hand, so stretchy that it distributes the pressure over my shoulders, back and waist, and makes me really comfortable, as so my baby. I can use the hammock style to hold her horizontally. Just like she is in a cocoon, so cute, so packed, so comfy, close to my body. She sleeps instantly and stay sleeping as I go through my chores. It is also really easy to pop her in and out too. The Sleepy Wrap is really easy to learn. My husband and I got it almost right away and love it. The tan color goes well for anyone too. The only problem I have is that it is too long. I don't know how I will handle it outside the house without getting it sweeps the ground every time....more info
  • Great for mom and baby
    I had a friend say to me last night, "I just figured out that wearing your baby like this is as much a philosophy as a convenient way to get from A to B." She's right. It's a philosophy that a baby kept close to you is a happy, content baby. That a mama whose hands are free to get things done while she cuddles her baby is a happy, content mama.

    I wear my baby all the time. People always comment on how comfortable both my baby and me look with my wrap on. I typically hear "I wish they made this when my babies were small."

    You could wear this wrap all day and never get tired of it because it evenly distributes baby's weight through your shoulders, back and waist. The brown color is great - goes with everything....more info
  • Awesome Wrap!
    This wrap is wonderful! Absolutely stunning colors, and one wrap can be used by the entire family...regardless of size! Also, it holds infants all the way up to toddlers (and even twins!)! Love it! ...more info