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  • Excellent!
    "Flawless" stars Demi Moore as Laura Quinn, a high-up executive in the incredibly powerful London Diamond Corporation. When dedicated, brilliant Laura is once again passed over for promotion by her chauvanistic employers, crooked handyman Mr. Hobbs (Michael Caine) inducts her into his plan to steal millions of pounds worth of uncut diamonds from the seemingly-impregnable company.

    With achingly beautiful, tense direction supplied by the highly talented Michael Radford ("The Merchant of Venice", "1984"), "Flawless" is more than a worthwhile thriller/heist movie: it's a brilliant showcase of Moore's talents as a serious actress, and the chemistry between Laura and the enigmatic Mr. Hobbs (Michael Caine, himself on fine form) is palpable and rewarding. A solid supporting cast is made stronger by the presences of Joss Ackland as Laura's intractable C.E.O., and Simon Day as sympathetic detective Boland, both men underpinning the very strong performances given by Moore and Caine, and not allowing "Flawless" to become a mere Star Vehicle for either one. But if Caine is great (and, as usual, he's really great), then Moore is truly outstanding: her flinty, cool reading of Laura Quinn is perfectly pitched, and here's hoping that Moore will be cast in more movies of this caliber from now on.

    The 1960s backdrop, with its technological redundancies, could have, in the hands of a lesser director, become a kind of whimsical playground, but it's a testament to Radford's skill that the tension in "Flawless" never lets up: sure, the televisions, safes and security cameras look sixty years old, but thanks to Radford's camerawork, every scene in "Flawless" sparkles with its own dramatic, dynamic brilliance.

    My only issue with "Flawless" is the frankly stupid opening-and-closing scenes: Demi Moore in a rubber Old Lady Mask throwing a redundant Women's Lib motto in the audience's collective face. The entire premise of "Flawless" is founded on the idea of women taking charge of their own independence, and while in the 1960s timeline this works beautifully, the contemporary scenes of Laura retelling her tale to an irritating young journalist are very jarring - in terms of directorial skill and acting quality, they don't measure up to the main bulk of the picture.

    Still, that notwithstanding, "Flawless" is overall an excellent movie: highly entertaining, it's a sleek and polished blockbuster with excellent central performances and some brilliant direction. Highly recommended....more info
  • great movie
    It's a great!The only problem is no English subtitle on film.Cause I am a customer of oversea. So it is a little bit diffcult for understand what the story of film....more info
  • Somewhat ugly theft film
    For me the film is slow and overly detailed.
    The acting is very good by most of the principle players,
    but the plot drags out time-wise
    so that you lose interest.
    In the 60's the diamond business was pretty much South Africa
    and British control of the industry to hold prices high.
    It is the basic monopoly type of business.
    A janitor and a passed over female executive take them down.
    Just how? You have to see the movie to find out!
    But since diamonds are so controlled: if you stole them all,
    you still couldn't sell them....more info
  • a movie that is... flawless
    London 1960s. Even after years of faithful employment and an expertise acquired over the years, Laura Quinn (Demi Moore) is denied promotion after promotion. By pure chance, the nighttime janitor, Hobbs (Michael Caine), makes her an offer she won't be able to refuse. But his plan will go further than expected.

    Demi Moore looks her age, and plays the part convincingly. Michael Caine is at his best, he is the perfect man to reassure Moore's character, and is also convincing. The supporting actors were absolute gems and gave wonderful performances - even Lambert Wilson!
    The directing was perfect; the cinematography and costumes brilliantly done; and the script, simply amazing.

    This film shows exactly the problem with women in society - modern society as we know it today. (Did you know that women are paid 15% less than men, for the same job, no matter their expertise? This hasn't changed since the 1960s ... but I digress.)

    Simply put, this is one of the greatest thrillers I've seen in a long, long time.
    ...more info
  • Great acting and brilliant plot spoiled by too many cliches
    Even though I rate this film 3 stars, I actually really liked it. Caine and Moore -- usually not one of my fave actresses -- give top-notch performance, and the supporting cast is also fabulous (esp. Wilson, of course), enough for me to have watched this several times. The heist plot itself (supposedly loosely based on "true events" from the 60s) is brilliant.

    However, I cannot give the film a higher rating because I must blame the filmmakers for including way too many cliched moments, from the incompetent security guard to an old man doing the impossible (and doing it many times) to "making the world a better place" message. And the 100 million pound sterling question is not that hard to figure out, if you've watched a lot of robbery films. Anyway, I really wish the filmmakers had made the plot tighter and more believable.

    Still, a film worth watching... several times, in fact. Moore and Caine are that good....more info
  • Not Flawless but a Good Suspense Drama
    This is a well-done suspense drama, but the pace is too slow for it to be considered a "thriller". As a long-time Michael Caine fan, I enjoyed his performance, and I was pleasantly surprised at Demi Moore's believable performance as the dauntless aspirant to the upper management ranks of her company only to be thwarted by the "old boy" network (British style).

    Is this a FLAWLESS suspenseful inside theft movie? No, but it's far from the worst, in my opinion. I enjoyed it because it withheld the uncovering of the final plot twists to the very end, although they were presented in a "too hurried" fashion and, therefore, lost some of their effect.

    Certainly the movie has some flaws, but I liked it. I rate it 3.5 stars. ...more info
  • Three and 1/2 Star Hesit Flick
    Flawless is an very interesting, beautifully filmed caper. Caine and Moore (really) are both excellent in this film. Period detail and photgraphy are rich and secrets are well kept until the end. There is one fatal flaw here though - it moves at a snail's pace. While I can easily recommend this one, it does feel a lot longer than its actual running time....more info
  • Flawless Review
    Flawless builds up to a great story very slowly. The concept is great! The execution of the plot is wonderful! Both Demi Moore and Michael Caine are superb in the charaters they play.

    If the pace were a bit quicker it would have been a Great Movie!

    ...more info
  • Big girls need big diamonds
    Heist films invariably follow a formula of sorts--there's the Plan, the Execution, and the Getaway. These are the elements that provide the fun in watching capers to begin with. The cleverer these elements, the more fun. In "Flawless," the plan requires no maps, no tunneling, no gizmos, and no crew; heck, not even a getaway car. The execution is nothing more than opening an impenetrable vault, and the getaway is...well, it simply requires the elderly thief to hobble away and shuffle on home.

    Not a flawless gem, but a gem nonetheless, "Flawless" is an entertaining romp through 1960s London where a clever and extremely profitable jewel heist is perpetrated by two unlikely partners in crime. Michael Caine stars as Mr. Hobbs, a long-time janitor at London Diamond Corporation, a distributor of diamonds to six continents. Mr. Hobbs will be retiring soon and would like a healthier nest egg than what his pension will provide. In same company is Demi Moore as Laura Quinn, a career-driven, Oxford-educated manager whose lacquered coiffure can't penetrate the proverbial glass ceiling despite her dedication and brains. Soon to be ousted, she's persuaded by Hobbs to be his accomplice in the theft of a mere Thermos-ful of stones, just enough to make them both rich, but not enough to make a noticeable dent in Lon Di's two-ton inventory of uncut diamonds.

    There's far more to this story than meets the eye and we'd be mistaken to think that it's all about the money. Hobbs' true motivation and the cleverness of the actual heist will surprise. The film also attempts to inject some social awareness in here, what with the exploitation of S. Africa for its diamonds and the popularity of the film `Blood Diamond.' It's not for nothing that Hobbs, when speaking about his desire to enrich his underfunded retirement, remarks, "War and plunder--two reliable sources of income." These brief forays into political correctness do not impress, though, and seem oddly ill-advised since they're not dealt with in any meaningful way.

    The film moves along at a nice, steady pace, neither plodding nor frenetic, and dutifully provides the requisite thrills and plot twists of a heist film. Caine is no Steve McQueen and Moore is no Faye Dunaway, but it's still an elegant and stylish film that evokes a `60s coolness, ciggy-smoking included, set to the equally cool Dave Brubeck Quartet and their "Take Five" jazz piece. As expected, Caine is a joy to watch in his cockney role (which he can probably do in his sleep). Moore, now mature and fully-clothed, is classy albeit with a British accent that comes and goes at will. Together, they're an incongruous but likeable pair, and likeability here is crucial. After all, in heist films we root for the thieves, do we not?...more info