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Dawn of the Dead (Unrated Director's Cut) [Blu-ray]
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Product Description

Anchorbay Dawn Of The Dead WS (Blu-ray) In 1968, director George A. Romero brought us "Night Of The LivingDead." It became the definitive horror film of its time. Eleven years later, he would unleash the most shocking motion picture experience for all times. As modern society is consumed by zombie carnage, four desperate survivors barricade themselves inside a shopping mall to battle the flesh-eating hordes of the undead. This is the ferocious horror classic, featuring landmark gore effects by Tom Savini, that remains one of the most important and most controversial horror films in history.

Are you ready to get down with the sickness? Movie logic dictates that you shouldn't remake a classic, but Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead defies that logic and comes up a winner. You could argue that George A. Romero's 1978 original was sacred ground for horror buffs, but it was a low-budget classic, and Snyder's action-packed upgrade benefits from the same manic pacing that energized Romero's continuing zombie saga. Romero's indictment of mega-mall commercialism is lost (it's arguably outmoded anyway), so Snyder and screenwriter James Gunn compensate with the same setting--in this case, a Milwaukee shopping mall under siege by cannibalistic zombies in the wake of a devastating viral outbreak--a well-chosen cast (led by Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Jake Weber, and Mekhi Phifer), some outrageously morbid humor, and a no-frills plot that keeps tension high and blood splattering by the bucketful. Horror buffs will catch plenty of tributes to Romero's film (including cameos by three of its cast members, including gore-makeup wizard Tom Savini), and shocking images are abundant enough to qualify this Dawn as an excellent zombie-flick double-feature with 28 Days Later, its de facto British counterpart. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • well done
    I don't know the original from George Romero, and after giving his "Land of the Dead" a try I'm not sure if I ever want to.
    Anyway, this remake is a really good horror movie. Its beginning and ending are especially strong. In between, while stranded in the mall, the confrontation between the survivors, the eerie atmosphere, some juicy ideas and scary moments will keep you well entertained. The actors may not be the best but their performances are convincing enough for this kind of movie.
    A definite recommendation.
    ...more info
  • Get Down With the Sickness!!!
    This is okay, but George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead is hella better than this, because it is a classic zombie movie that's a sequel to one of my favorite zombie movies; Night of the Living Dead. The remake doesn't seem like a sequel to the Night of the Living Dead remake, but a film on its own. I guess I'm old skool about my horror movies, but good horror movies are hard to find these days. If you love modern zombie flicks, you'll probably like DAWN OF THE DEAD!!! ...more info
  • Run for your lives! A bloody morning, visceral panic and fun!
    Blasphemy? It's just the new style in horror filmaking, so we better get use to it! Romero deserves hughe credit, but even he knows, as it shows in his two latest releases, you have to update your style or get devoured. Every stage in history of the horror cinema was new and improving at the time, regardless of the country or culture, style or sub-genre, and this is not the exception: behold the zombie culture for the 00's .

    Standing aside for the obvious and tedious comparisons between the monumental 1978 classic zombie epic and this new energizing version, the first feature film and interesting work of director Zack Snider ( who also did "300"), i would like to take this movie as a fair example and unique precedent for today's new standards in the style of horror filmaking. Romero's work and Zack Snider's vision are almost diametrically different, only sharing the very essence or intentions of the zombie apocalypse. Therefore, you need to see this movie to comprehend what's new, in order to catch the very improvements in the style, aesthetics and simple angles of the source.

    In this original revision of the catastrophic plague of the undead, the camera and directing style can only be described as KINETIC TENSION: the action is restless, the desperation for survive exceeds the known speed limits, the zombie's cappacities are exponential in number and power, any blink of an eye may result in a painful and gruesome death. The running murderous corpses are raging, rabid predators very similar to Danny Boyle's virus-eaten victims in "28 days later". With these kind of monsters on the loose, the only chance to survive is running like hell and seek refuge in a mall, along with a large variety of characters representing different social angles, personalities and points of view about the unexplicable horror they witness, but the unaccountable damage to their lives doesn't seem to bother them much. That's a down point: The almost total lack of awareness and personal or collective emotional suffering facing such dramatic and horrifying events. Au contraire, they seem prepared for the devastation of society by being calmed, creative and enlisting to make the best of it. So much for deepness in the story and moral struggle for the characters.

    Zack Snider's work is much more involved with action sequences and extreme tension, but leaving behind the creepy and gruesome atmosphere of what the end of the world implies is risky, specially under the attack of pissed-off zombie hordes. So, by leaving both deepness in psychological terror and the grisly atmosphere, the remaing movie is a fair action-gorefest race out of hell. What's wrong with that? And forget about social satire and anti-consumerism, old story: the mall is just a circumstancial fortress instead of a delirious palace of joy.

    I'm not leaving my horror back-up behind, no way, is just that classic fans of the zombie mythology understand the diversity of styles, but somehow we can't digest it. The movie's not obviously a masterpiece like the ones in our classic collection, but if we don't give these flicks a chance we will get stuck in our memories, blinded by prejudice.

    So don't resist it, enjoy it! A colorful action packed gore film is not worse than a dark atmospheric creepy film, this is the living proof! Dawn of the dead, down with the sickness: Check the Zack Snider's vision of the zombie apocalypse and his incredible rapid-fire kinetic style, this movie represents the new breed of the passionate demented genre we all love! His ideas are fresh and his editing aesthetics and music rules!

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  • More Than Just a Great Zombie Flick
    I'm opposed to all these remakes on principle so a five star rating from me is a grudging one. I can't deny the fact that I'm not certain I've seen better pacing in a horror flick though. When DotD kicks off, you feel like you're in fun but pretty familiar territory as the main protagonist ignores all signs of impending doom on a drive home from work.

    Then, just when the first spark of thought leading to the inevitable phase of any horror flick where you ask yourself how long it's going to take to go through the usual motions (introducing all the characters, giving us reasons to supposedly care about them, making sure an audience of idiots has a 2 and a 2 to make 4 with, etc...), you will feel as if you've been dropped via a trap door into a swirling mass of zombie disaster that will blow your mind.

    The film gives you a few minutes to catch your breath and have a few laughs in the middle and then the horror factor kicks in with renewed vigor for a stunning finish.

    They run. It might sound stupid or like a no-brainer update to the genre but somehow this film never lets you forget that a sprinting tireless zombie horde is a really nasty problem to have in ways that 28 Days Later and Romero's Land of the Dead fail to....more info
  • Platinum of remakes
    This remake stands out as one of the, or the best remakes to date. I mean have you watched the butchering of some classics remade over the years. Planet of the apes, assault on precinct 13, the fog, the day the earth stood still. Need I say more. Be happy Keanu Reeves is not in this movie. The original is of course the best. However I really liked the idea of making these flesh eaters haul balls to eat you. Awesome upgrade from an original idea.

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    So many people decried the makers of this film when they learned that the classic of all modern day zombie films was going to be remade. Rather than wait and see what the final product was, they chose the low road of attacking it based on their cherished memories of the past, the midnight showings where a world was exposed to the inner workings of creator George Romero's zombie nightmare. They should have waited and judged the final product instead. Not to mention the fact that in allowing his name to be used, Romero is now going to see some financial gain. Buy a ticket and send him some money.

    The plot is simple and follows that established in 1968 in the original. For some unknown reason, the dead are coming back to life with one thing on their mind, eating the living. There you have it in a nutshell. Now, let's take that story and add in the human elements and you have a tale.

    This time around the story begins with Ana (Sarah Polley), a young nurse who wakes to find her world turned upside down. An attack by the little girl next door leads to her husband's death and subsequent attack. Ana escapes into a world she doesn't recognize where neighbors attack one another and no help is in sight. After wrecking her car, she meets with a policeman named Kenneth (Ving Rhames) and they head out, coming into contact with three other survivors. Together, this rag tag group heads for the mall in the hopes of finding other survivors there as well.

    Instead, they are attacked by another zombie. Looking for high ground, they head to the elevators only to be greeted by the mall's security guards who ask them to leave. Convincing them to allow them to stay for a while, the group eventually comes to realize that they have a better chance if they work together, even if it takes force for the Ana's group to convince the guards.

    Going to the roof to search for help, the assembly discovers that none is in sight. Instead, the mall is surrounded by zombies all eager to kill and feed. When a helicopter flies overhead and continues on, they know that they are on their own.

    The movie offers us a glimpse at how each of the survivors deals with their situation, including another group that drives in and is offered shelter. By this time they have come to realize that a bite from one of the dead results in a quick death and subsequent rise to feast on flesh. One of these later survivors has been bitten and is already showing signs. His daughter is distraught over the possibility of losing her father, but the inevitable happens.

    Looking for solutions, the possibility of leaving the mall and heading out to the marina where they will take a boat to one of the neighboring islands is discussed. With the chance that the island won't have near as many zombies on it as the mainland, they set out to do just that. Creating a pair of battlewagons from the store's shuttle buses, they head out into a sea of zombies with hunger in mind.

    Many people who view this will indeed make comparisons between it and the original film. The makers of this one have stated that they are not remaking the film, only offering their version of how it could have played out.

    One review I read found two major faults this time around. The first was that the movie changed the zombie mythos created years ago where zombies were moving slowly, unable to more fast due to rigor setting in. The other was that there were no personalized zombies as in the first, such as the nurse zombie, the cheerleader zombie, etc. Both criticisms were lost to me as I was engulfed in the story more than the zombies. And the fact that these zombies, as in 29 DAYS LATER, moved with speed and quickness, made the movie more terrifying. As with the old mummy movies, I often wondered why people couldn't avoid a creature that moved with a handicapped gait. The fact that they could move in this movie made them more horrific.

    This time around, the zombies seem scarier than ever before. The action is plentiful and makes the pacing of the movie revolve around not just the question of how survivors react, but how they will compete when facing off of these hungry creations that live only to eat.

    The movie is scary, thought provoking and kept me glued to the seat waiting to see what would happen next. While Romero's earlier work was a fantastic film, this one ranks up there as well, offering that second take that the film makers said they wanted to provide. My only gripe? The ending. And no matter how much it disappointed me, I would never reveal it. Go and sit it that darkened theater, alone with a multitude of strangers, and find out for yourself. And wonder all along if any of them might be eyeing you as their next meal ticket.

    ...more info
  • Armageddon in Wisconsin . . .
    You can see that this is a different take of Romero's undead universe. The zombies are similar to the ones in Return of the Living Dead, except that the intelligence and spoken words are taken out of context. The scares, despite having more obvious shock effects, do have the same effect as Land of the Dead and the original Dawn of the Dead. It may not have the same cult following as the original, but it is indeed way creepier. It's yet another classic in the zombies genre.

    Grade: A...more info
  • Dawn of the Dead 1978 vs. Dawn of the Dead 2004:
    Dawn of the Dead 1978:

    * The blood and gore are MORE SICKLY AND BETTER on this one.
    * The zombies are more creepy by walking slow and NOT running.
    * There is MORE action and gore on this one.
    * The movie here is longer.
    * The videogames scene was very cool.
    * The ending is more suspensful here.

    Dawn of the Dead 2004:

    * The budget is better.
    * The acting is better.
    * The made up baby zombie scene is CREEPY.
    * The are a little more celebrities on this one.
    * The zombie make up is MUCH BETTER!
    * The blood and gore are more graphic here but less cool.
    * The concept here is a little bit better.

    To my conclution, the 1978 version is the CLASSIC and MUCH BETTER version of the two. This one is entertaining but not so cool, you can watch it but please don't buy it!

    Adios....more info
  • My Favorite movie!
    If you like zombies, gore, headshots, action, horror, post-apocalyptic,and thoughts of what it would be like camping in the mall... i have two words for you BUY THIS!!! you wont be disappointed....more info
  • READ MY REVIEW!! (If you haven't seen it yet)
    You've all heard about Dawn Of The Dead (1979), and you also heard that in this version "the first 15-20 minutes were good....". I'm here to protest on that quote. Yes, it's true that the first 15-20 minutes was good and creepy. And it's true that most of the movie were about people camping out in the mall. But most zombie killing were about the last 40 minutes. But the movie never explained about the disease and how it all started. "28 Days Later" wasn't really a zombie movie, but it explained about the disease. I gave this 4 out of 5 for 3 reasons....... one is when the part the father of the red-head chick was shot, everyone started having thrills and playing around, and that stupid song played. Second reason is that there weren't enough killing parts. Third reason is, there were 16 people in the movie but only 1 person got killed in a small crowd of undead. All the rest of the people started turning into zombies, and some people started killing each other for stupid reasons. And 2 guys were being eatened but died before getting killed by the zombies. The tough security guy that was part bald and sweared a lot was my favorite character. I have one last question, what happened to the blonde girl's husband after he turned into a zombie? He was the husband of the main character, we could've at least seen him getting killed. Another question is why did the military pass the survivors? Were they blind?

    Things that could improve this movie:
    1. Show military fighting against the zombies.
    2. Show more characters being eatened by the huge crowd of zombies.
    3. More sex.

    Look at the bright side, they have really good graphics! They should try to make a second one!
    ...more info
  • One hell of a fun ride
    This is the best zombie movie of today. Zack Snyder has really opened his career in Hollywood at a good impression.


    Ana, a nurse, finishes a long shift at her Milwaukee County hospital and returns to her peaceful suburban home. She and her waiting husband Louis make love and go to sleep, missing warnings beginning to trickle through the local media concerning a mysterious and rapidly-spreading contagion which turns its infected hosts into reanimated flesh-eating ghouls.

    The next morning they are awoken by their zombified neighbor, a young girl, who bites Louis in the throat. Ana locks the zombie out of the room, but despite her frantic efforts, Louis dies, immediately reanimates as a zombie, and chases Ana into the bathroom. Ana escapes out the window and flees from her now chaos-torn neighborhood in her car, before a failed hijacking attempt sends her crashing into a tree. The opening credits roll, showing the worldwide collapse of human civilization.

    Ana meets Kenneth, a grim police sergeant traveling to Fort Pastor, a nearby US Army base. With the route to the base blocked by zombies, they and three others - jack-of-all-trades Michael, petty criminal Andre and his pregnant Russian wife Luda - break into the nearby Crossroads Shopping Mall. inside the mall a scuffle with a zombified mall security guard results in Luda getting a minor bite-wound and Kenneth getting a cut on his arm.

    They confront three living security guards - C.J., Bart and Terry - and give up their weapons in exchange for refuge. After the group secures the mall, they head up to the mall's roof to dispose of bodies and paint SOS signs. There, they "meet" another survivor, Andy, who is stranded alone in his gun store, across the mall's zombie-infested parking lot.

    The next day, a delivery truck arrives at the mall, carrying the driver Norma, jerkish Steve, working man Tucker, elderly Glen, trampy Monica, bitten Frank and his teen daughter Nicole, and an anonymous (and severely-injured) obese woman. These newcomers report that Fort Pastor has been overrun by zombies and no help is coming. Shortly after, the obese woman dies, reanimates and is killed by Ana, who thrusts a metal fireplace poker into her eye. The group determines that bites are how the zombies multiply their numbers; after Ana and Michael argue about what to do with the rapidly-deteriorating Frank, the man is isolated in a store with guard Kenneth, allowing him "every single second" before expiring. Michael and Ana achieve an awkward reconciliation, which is interrupted by Kenneth's shotgun blast as he destroys Frank's reanimated body.

    Though the mall provides many material distractions and the survivors begin pairing off romantically (Ana and Michael, Terry and Nicole, Steve and Monica), the undead surround the refuge in ever-increasing numbers. Finally the malls power goes out and Michael, C.J., Bart and Kenneth enter the underground parking garage to turn on the emergency generator. After they meet an unaffected dog, a zombie swarm kills Bart and traps the others in the generator compartment, where they douse the zombies with gasoline and set them ablaze.

    Andre, faced with the fact that Luda will soon die, sinks totally into denial, and has his heavily-pregnant and infected wife tied to a bed in the mall's children's store. As she gives birth, she dies and reanimates. Norma checks on the couple, discovering the zombie-Luda and the demented Andre clutching a small bundle of blankets. Norma shoots Luda, causing Andre to snap completely; they exchange more gunfire, mortally wounding each other. Ana arrives on scene and opens the bundle to reveal a zombie baby. She pulls her revolver and a single shot rings through the mall.

    At an impromptu memorial, Kenneth says anything is better than "sitting around waiting to die". The remaining mall-dwellers thus plot to fight their way to the local marina, and from there travel out on Steve's small yacht to an island in Lake Michigan. They reinforce two small shuttle buses from the parking garage, removing the seats, welding on a snowplow, attaching metal bars and floodlights, stringing barbed wire, boarding up the windows, and cutting slits for the deployment of weapons. Chainsaws, propane tanks and other supplies are also loaded on board. Meanwhile, Andy is starving, and will not have the strength to join the escape (and contribute much-needed ammunition), so the mall survivors strap a pack of food on "Chips", the dog from the basement, and lower him into the parking lot in a sling. Unfortunately, while Chips makes it safely to the gun-shop, a zombie gets in as well and badly injures Andy. Nicole, distraught over Chips, takes the delivery truck and barges her way into the gun store, where a now-zombified Andy traps her in a closet.

    Kenneth, Michael, C.J., Terry, and Tucker gather their meager weapon supply and go into the sewers, while Steve is assigned guard-duty on their exit door. They reach the gun store, where they kill Andy, rescue Nicole and stock up on weapons and ammunition. A detonated propane tank is used to clear a path back to the sewers, but the zombies pursue them, Tucker is killed and (thanks to Steve's negligence) the zombies force open the exit door. The survivors pile into the buses and smash out into the parking lot, where another propane bomb is used to clear a path through the waiting horde. When Glen moves to take out a last hitchhiking zombie with a chainsaw, a sudden swerve sends the weapon slashing into Monica's shoulder. The resulting splatter of blood covers the windshield, causing driver Kenneth to lose control and crash. Glen and Monica are killed, while Steve flees the toppled bus and is attacked by the hitchhiking zombie.

    The others scramble for the second bus, meeting zombie-Steve en route. Ana shoots him dead, then must linger long enough to get the boat keys off his corpse, allowing more zombies to catch up with them. Ana flees back to the bus, where Michael helps her in. After a short struggle, they pull away and speed to the marina dock, where they crash the bus and dash for the boat. Cornered in the bus by their pursuers, C.J. detonates a final propane tank blowing up the vehicle, the zombies, and himself. The remainder of the group gets on the boat, except for Michael; he was bitten while helping Ana. Ana futilely pleads with him to come, and the boat sets sail with Terry, Ana, Kenneth, Nicole, and Chips. Ana watches unflinchingly as Michael draws his pistol, places it under his chin, and a final gunshot rings out over the water.

    The end-credits roll, interspersed with video footage taken by Terry, using a camera from the boat. Following a grim voyage where water, fuel and food supplies all run low, the remaining survivors succeed in reaching an island, only to be immediately attacked by a new swarm of zombies. As the survivors attempt to retreat to the boat, the camera falls to the ground and blacks out, leaving their ultimate fate unknown.

    So its a great film...more info
  • Zombie baby is too much
    I can see the excitement, people get out of a gorefest but this is too much. All taboos have been broken there is nothing left. Johnny Cash should come back and torment the makers of this film for misusing one of Cash's songs. He would never have approved of this film. Letting a newborn baby be come a zombie is beyond bad taste. Johnny's horsemen should trample the makers of this film into grimy puddles of gore....more info
  • Dawn of the Dead.........
    Dawn of the Dead is the 2004 'reimagining'(if you will) of George Romero's low-budget zombie classic from the 70's of the same name. Like the original, the film depicts a handful of human survivors who find shelter in a shopping mall only to be surrounded by swarms of zombies. It's quite different than the original. The film is directed by Zack Snyder(best known for the movie, 300). It stars Ving Rhames, Jack Weber, Mekhi Phifer, Sarah Polley and Kim Poirier. Unlike the Night of the Living Dead remake, Dawn of the Dead was made on a $28,000,000 budget and it shows. The movie itself grossed over $102,356,381 to date and is still doing well in DVD sales. It's a favorite among zombie fans. This edition includes footage that was intended to be in the movie originally but was cut for theatrical release. The DVD offers several other scenes which were not included in any version of the film as well as more. Very entertaining reimagining, if you ask me. I enjoyed it very much....more info
  • This is a really good zombie movie.
    If there was one constant in the universe it was that zombie movies don't really impress me that much. It's always about massive numbers of relatively easy to kill masses wanting to gnaw at your brains or whatever. While the people-munching and massive numbers don't change in this particular zombie movie I have to admit it's a very well done film. Though not perfect by any means Dawn of the Dead does bring new life to the better-off-dead clich¨¦s you come to expect from zombie horror flicks.

    A lot of things stand out that make this movie a cut above the rest in its genre. For one the zombies themselves are well designed. How do you design a good zombie? Heck if I know, but I do know the ones here look pretty convincing. I supposed you have the makeup artists to thank for that, though I really can't tell you what exactly makes them look better than other zombies in other movies. Maybe it's skin color, maybe it's the subtlety of the decayed fleshy bits. I dunno. One thing I definitely know is these zombies kick some butt compared to others. Instead of slow limping and moaning zombies you have fast moving screaming zombies. This helps add tension and excitement to the action as well as give you a whole new respect for zombies.

    Another thing that impressed me... eventually... is that director Zack Snyder kept away from a lot of the clich¨¦d instances you get from these types of horror movies. Sure there are plenty of scenes where, if you watch a lot of zombie pictures, you know what's going to happen next. Especially in the beginning, which started to get hokey. But you will be surprised by the amount of scenes where either they don't do what you would expect or you don't really know what will happen. Even more so I was impressed with the fact this movie didn't focus on the zombies so much as character development. Yes Virginia, there IS character development in this film. While some characters are static a good few of them show depth and even grow as individuals in the movie. You can't get that from some dramas anymore.

    Special effects are solid. The gore is gory. You will see lots of blood and body parts and the like, but it's not being displayed in front of you like a sideshow freak (which happens too many times in horror films). You even catch some nice cinematography and lens filtering on this movie, which adds a little artistic flair to some scenes. One major downside: the soundtrack. I don't know who came up with the songs to play on this movie, but they are ALL wrong and seem to actually go against the pacing of what you're seeing. The incidental music was great. It's just their pick of cover songs that stinks.

    Dawn of the Dead is perhaps the best zombie movie I have ever seen. This includes many of the classics like Night of the Living Dead and Romero's original DotD. You have some clever writing, strong character development, and plenty of zombie thriller elements to make this a classic among the genre. If you like zombie movies you will likely love this one. If you don't like zombie movies, but can get along with the bloody violence then you might actually find at least one zombie movie to your liking.
    ...more info
  • dissatisfied customer
    the ad for this dvd did not state that a HD dvd player was required to view it and I have been getting a major run around with trying to obtain a satisfactory resolution. I am a long-time and good customer and deserve a prompt and satisfactory resolution....more info
  • Are you kidding?
    If you're reading this, buy the damn thing. This movie will make sweet, sweet love to you with its gigantic, throbbing coolness....more info
  • Best zombie movie ever!
    This movie is, by far, the best zombie movie ever made. It captures the whole notion of the entire zombie genre in a way that no other film has. Don't get me wrong, George Romero is great, and the original Dawn of the Dead was a great, groundbreaking movie. But this remake, to my mind anyway, captures the essence of the genre like no other (at least that I've seen). The basic premise of this film is that a large segment of the populace becomes infected with a plague that first kills their victims then rapidly (within several minutes) reanimates them and turns them into mindless savages. The contagion is spread by bites, and once infected that person will ultimately be transformed into a zombie.

    At the center of the film you have a small group of survivors at first struggling to comprehend exactly what has happened. The virus spreads rapidly through society destroying civilization. Our small group of survivors decide to hole up in a shopping mall (ala the original Dawn of the Dead). Slowly they accrete several additional survivors, but large numbers of zombies also show up outside the mall, effectively trapping the occupants. This has all the elements of the zombie genre that make it great. There are a small group of survivors battling hordes of aggressive, relentless zombies using their wits and some occasional heavy firepower. The zombies are bloodthirsty and damn scary. Add a great (and appropriately apocalyptic) soundtrack, some cameos from several actors that played key roles in Romero's original film, and some great dialogue that doesn't take itself too seriously (America always sorts it's shit out), and you have a great film. The story loses its way a bit at the end as it degenerates into a rather routine escape/evasion story, but this is a minor complaint. There seems to be a bit of a renaissance in the zombie literature recently, and I think that if you like the zombie tales of J. L. Bourne, Max Brooks, and other, you'll love this film. Highly recommended!...more info
  • its ok to see it one time

    These zombies run faster than usain bolt,for zombie fans is worth watching only once,i watch it once and it was ok for one time but never care to see it again or much less buy it.This film will fade away with time as so many others zombie films but Romeros classics will be around forever,people always remember the original,especialy when the original is a hell of a lot better .For those who think that is abaut nostalgia,young people from all over the world go to Monroeville shopping center to see where the original was made,most of them are in their 20s so that kills the nostalgia factor....more info
  • HD DVD review
    Can't use item because I didn't realize that HD DVD's were different than other DVD's. You need a special DVD player or drive on computer. I wish it would have informed me that a special player was needed for this DVD. So for all persons not realizing this, here is your warning don't buy unless you have the correct DVD player....more info
  • Fun to Watch
    This is a great movie to own on HD. The action sequences, SFX, and make up of the zombies demand the highest clarity on your TV. I have enjoyed this movie over and over again. Unfortunately, there arent many special features. There are some interesting deleted scenes, but I feel like they could have done more.

    Regardless of its minor shortcomings, this is a shining star among the limited HDDVD selection....more info
  • Zombie fans must-have!
    This is a must-have for zombie fans around the world. Old Romero's idea brilliantly remastered and executed in our times, by the "300" director. Thrills, scares, gore, blood, flesh & meat. Enjoy! :)...more info
  • Disapointed, big time!!!
    I'm not going to waste your time telling you about the Movie as we all know its just plain and simple awesome!! But what I will tell you is that this release on Blu ray for the price you are paying you would have thought they could have included the extras from the DVD version. I wouldn't expect them to be in HD format but at least add them on??? There is no "Andy's Lost Tape" None of the making or Emergency broadcast extras. They have just slapped it on Blu ray for the sake of the movie. Not good for a collector at all make sure to keep your DVD release....more info