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Don't trust your spyware protection to just anyone. Spyware Doctor has consistently been awarded Editors' Choice, by leading PC magazines and testing laboratories around the world, including United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Australia. Did you know that many programs tested against Spyware Doctor detected only a small fraction of Spyware and only completely removed an even smaller amount? Also most of them were unable to effectively block Spyware in real time from being installed on users PC in the first place. Spyware Doctor's advanced OnGuard technology only alerts you on a true Spyware detection. You should not be interrupted by cryptic questions every time you install software, add a site to your favorites or change your PC settings.

Each individual signature created in the threat database is optimized so that it is capable of detecting multiple variations of malware threats (threat variants) while maintaining minimal system resource usage (memory footprint) Swift clean-up for heavily infected computers Improved Hacker Defense (Windows Vista only) - the most comprehensive protection while ensuring that malware threats don't impede on the functionality or effectiveness of Spyware Doctor Behavior Guard - provides leading edge protection from zero-day (never seen before) threats, built on the award-winning ThreatFire technology Support for Windows Security Centre in Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Enhanced error reporting to assist with diagnosis of program crashes Designed for Windows Vista 32-bit, XP and 2000

  • Recommended by experts and editors around the world
  • FREE customer support for all users from PC Tools
  • Frequent advanced updates ensure that you are always protected
  • Detects, removes and blocks all types of identity theft, stealthy spyware, aggressive adware
  • Easy to use with intelligent automatic protection

Customer Reviews:

  • Spyware Comments
    The product is all that I expected after doing research on various and similar software. The product was easy to understand, install and use.
    Amazon made it easy to purchase and the service was excellent, with quick dellivery. I do not like downloading from a site for software because of some past difficulties. With the CD, I have the control and can install it when I want to. I had other similar software that had a little time before it expired and had to be renewed. Having the package gave me the control and it was done on my schedule....more info
  • Spyware Software That Works
    Works great. Haven't had any problems with it. Seems to be doing a fine job. Would recommend to my friends....more info
  • Memory hog, bogs down the start up and browsing
    If I could change my star rating, I would give it only 2 or 3 stars. When someone invents a way to protect computers and web browsers from viruses without bogging down the computer, I'll be the first to try it.

    Cons: After using this a couple times I found that it increased my computer's "boot up" time to over 2 minutes longer than it was. Most spy-ware or scanning devices have the same problem, so I don't see anything here that makes it stand out from any other software. I have to turn "Intelligard" off completely to do any web surfing. I didn't pay for DSL so I could have my browser slowed to a crawl by the PC tools program.

    There is also no easy way to uninstall it! It won't show up on my list of programs on the control panel, nor are there any instructions in the help files on how to get rid of it. So, in a way, this PC Tools program has become like the things it is supposed to be protecting my computer from! It takes up memory and I can't get rid of it.

    Pros: It's easy to use, and gives you options as to what you might want to delete versus not. It describes the risk level and type of risk, even offers to save a "go back" point/version in case you decide you deleted something you shouldn't have, and need to "go back." Keeps a history file so you can see later what was removed.

    I liked the option of having it automatically download and install updates without my having to affirm window after window in order to do so. I also like that I can use it on up to three computers at home.

    It didn't hog up a ton of memory on my hard drive. It found several things that Norton and McAfee missed. I had tried "ad-aware" but that program only caused more problems than it helped- (buggy, slow, incomplete coverage, etc.)

    Overall, I'm very disappointed with this program and the way it has slowed my computer down to a crawl when starting up....more info
  • Best Anti-Spyware Program Available on the Market
    I have been using Spyware Doctor for years and the product just works. The Program will remove some of the worst spyware out there. Sure there are many free alternatives out there but most cannot compete with the effectiveness of Spyware Doctor. There is even a free version of Spyware Doctor called Spyware Doctor Starter Edition. The free edition does not include all the shields to protect your computer but is good place to start to determine if Spyware Doctor is right for you. The Intelliguard Shields that do not come with the free version are the browser shield which detects and blocks malicious changes, The Network guard which blocks malicious changes to your network settings, The Process Guard which blocks and detects malicious hidden processes, and the Startup Guard which monitors and blocks malicious applications from configuring themselves.

    If you accidentally or unintentionally had the XP Antivirus spyware installed on your computer, Spyware Doctor will get rid of it. I did some testing by capturing XP Antivirus in a virtual session. I tried various vendors' products and Spyware Doctor did a full cleanup. Adaware attempted to clean it but many traces were left behind. I do not want to bore you with too many details. SuperAntiSpyware also did a good job.

    You can setup scheduled intelli-scans and full scans. This will come in handy because it can be a dog on system resources at times.

    Now Spyware Doctor does have its faults and that is why I gave it four stars.

    Issue #1
    Their support is bad. On numerous occasions it seems as if the support person assigned the service request does not even read what you wrote. It is mostly some canned garbage they pulled from their support database they send you that has nothing to do with your problem. There are good odds that you will be sending numerous emails back and forth to get your issue resolved.

    Issue #2
    Full Scans are slow!! Not a big issue if you schedule the full scan for when you are not using the computer because the system resources will take a hit especially if you are running an older computer.

    Issue #3
    At least 3 times a year PCTools will release a bad update, which will make Spyware Doctor give a large amount of false positives. You need to be on the lookout for this because you could end up removing important system files. Do not always assume it always right. If you expect a false positive just quarantine it and do not remove it.

    Having said all that, I do highly recommend Spyware Doctor because of the effectiveness of removing spyware, you just have to be aware of the issues.

    One last note to be aware of that it does not run on a 64 bit OS yet. PCTools answer is to signup for their beta program. Not a real answer, if you have a 64 bit OS look elsewhere. I would recommend SuperAntiSpyware for your 64bit OS.

    ...more info
  • Program Fights with Anti-Virus Suite, Bogs Down XP
    I wanted to like this program, but it's too buggy for me. I installed it on a desktop running XP Home edition. The installation was smooth, but that's where 'easy to use' ended.

    I've installed literally hundreds of programs on computers and always reboot after the installation of a new program to avoid problems. Unfortunately that reboot was the start of my problems with this program. The computer froze multiple times after running the update, and again after it did a 20 minute 'intellscan'.

    I knew the antivirus suite I run (BitDefender Internet Security Suite 2009) might be partially to blame so I disabled it to try and see if it would help, but it didn't. Spyware Doctor did find 3 threats on my machine. Prior to this I was using a free program and didn't run a scan prior to uninstalling it, rebooting and installing this software. When I finally got the computer into Safe Mode, I uninstalled PC Tools Spyware Doc and things went back to normal; no freezing up or other problems. Also no problems after BitDefender was reactivated.

    If this program ran smoothly on XP I'd still want it to be what all 2009 versions should be: compatible with all forms of Vista. This program doesn't support Vista 64-bit, and it should.

    When you buy this product you can put it on up to 3 PCs for one year. Why for just a year? In my opinion this shouldn't be like an anti-virus yearly update, unless the software offers a bit more bang for the buck.

    There are several adequate free spyware programs out there, and they all seem to do the job this software does without bogging down XP or battling with an antivirus/security suite. PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2009 Version 6.0 isn't really necessary if you run something like Spybot or a similar product which can be downloaded for FREE from Cnet. Save your money and you'll reap the same rewards without the headaches. You may even find one compatible with Vista 64-bit!

    On a positive note... you do get a nice scratch pad along with the software CD and install guide....more info
  • PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2009 Version 6.0
    Excellent product! Does exactly what it's supposed to do. Very easy to install and you can just follow the prompts. The only drawback is that it seems to use a good portion of the computer's resources in processing....more info
  • Works as advertised, but a "professional" needs to do a comparison to its competitors
    I've used Adware and Spybot in the past and currently use PC-cillin to remove malware. With the PC Tools Spyware Doctor, my feelings about this software are the same as I've had with the other malware removers I've used. They seem to work. However, I cannot rate the degree of effectiveness of each of these different brands. There will be occasions when one of the programs will detect malware that another misses, but none, including this program, seem to be consistently better or worse.

    I gave this program 5 stars because it is no worse than any of the other well known programs as far as a typical consumer can determine, and its graphical user interface is just as intuitive as its competitors. It also ran well on my Vista 32-bit machine. I can offer no complaints or shortcomings to this software....more info
  • Spyware Dr. "smacks down" spysweeper on a daily basis
    I used both webroot's spysweeeper and PC tools Spyware Dr.

    Last year it seemed they were close in detections.

    Now Spyware dr is giving spysweeper a daily smackdown.

    Spyware dr consistently finds things that my other AV and/or anti-malware scanners miss.

    At work, I run 2 anti-malware scanners for precisely the conclusion someone might draw from the above writeup.

    No two scan tools are the same in detection capabilities.

    Unlike anti-virus scanners, you CAN have more than one anti-malware detectors installed on a PC; (but you would probably want to limit things to only having one software pkg running in the background, in realtime).

    And if by chance they WERE close in detection abilities; then there is a good chance that the actual REMOVAL of the detected "pests"
    might go well for one product, while another product fails miserably at removing detection "pests".

    I will say that even spyware dr had some problems in removing an ActiveX trojan and I had to use JV powertools to remove the registry infections, at the registry level.

    May 1st,2009 Update:

    Incredible detection and removal in an ACTUAL, real world circumstance just a day ago.

    A co-worker got infected and gave his drive to me to clean.

    I hooked it up as an external hard drive, via a USB external hard drive chassis.

    I first scanned it with webroot spysweeper, then kaspersky AV and then Norton internet security 2009. Kaspersky and norton found trojans and deleted them.
    [In case you are wondering, I have 3 home PCs, each with a different internet security suite.
    But all with a secondary malware scanner, which is Spyware Dr.]

    I was ready to give it back, but since I was not going to see my friend until the later, I decided to give it a final scan.
    So as a final scan I used Spyware doctor.

    I could not believe it.

    Spyware dr found a #%^$#& "Rootkit".
    Plus, it removed the rootkit.

    I was happy for my friend, but very unsettled that the other 3 programs did not find & delete the rootkit.
    After all, how many IT techs would scan a hard drive as many times as I did, and with as big a variety of software scanners as I did?

    I went ahead and did a clean install of XP on a different (new) hard drive, for my friend.
    I advised him to install and update an Internet security suite before hooking up the external hard drive and importing any of his old data.

    1. excellent detection - beat out 3 other programs in an actual test.
    2. good cleanup/removal ability
    3. new updates either daily, or close to daily.

    It can add some extra overhead to your pc and depending on what it is scanning, can slow your pc.
    Best to set up a scheduled update and scheduled scan during your off hours (like when you are sleeping).

    ...more info
  • So far so good with initial heartattack!
    Ok, I was ready to come on here and rip the program apart because initially my system completely froze and wouldn't reboot. My laptop is not even a year old running off of Windows Vista 32-bit. After the intial scare we crossed our fingers, kissed the CD and pushed it back into the drive.

    Luckily we tried again, because this time it went off without a hitch. Right off the bat it asks for the Activation code that is on the insert. Download was pretty basic and I needed to turn off my other Spyware software which was Windows BitDefender. Spyware Doctor scanned my system and found 224 incidents!! I was amazed... I had just scanned my system a few days ago and I was in the clear. The software claims that it finds what others miss and I truly believe that it did. Some of the occurences were very serious including key loggers.

    The software is running in the background currently and it is completely seamless. It has some great features that will stop attacks in real time if necessary. I like how it broke down each individual threat and explained the differences. With the click of a button we were able to remove all threats and if necessary go into the quarantine file to retrieve if certain applications did not run properly after their removal.

    So far this software is a winner in our household and will stay on our system. Reboot is required after initial downloand. You can load the software up to 3 different PC's; so that keeps your whole home/family covered. BTW... subscription is for 365 days. Highly recommend......more info
  • Good, non-invasive software with minimum disruptions
    -Installation was very quick and seamless. Minimal irritating pop-up windows (unlike Norton) and gets going with updates and scan quickly.
    -low resource consumption
    -Picked up waaaaaay more spyware than Lavasoft's AdAware and Norton.
    -Spyware removal was quick and no problems.
    -Just as a point of interest: uninstallation of this software is quick and with minimal fuss (some programs are a pain to uninstall)

    I suppose no one program will cover all bases. Having said that, SPYWARE Doctor is definitely worth having as an additional measure of protection given its comprehensive detection tools. Well designed for the average consumer. For me, this program will replace my Lavasoft AdAware but I will keep Norton on for a while (even if it is the most irritating of all virus/spyware programs I own) and do a more careful comparison between these two.

    ...more info
  • Banish and Kill those Creepy, Crawly, Computer Parasites
    Before I installed Spyware Doctor I Googled it and saw in several different places online that over 110 million people (some places said 125 million people) are using it and that a million more are joining the Spyware Doctor user base every week. That's a lot of people placing faith in this program, so I decided I could to, especially since computer editors and experts by the zillions seemed to be recommending it.

    They say that Spyware Doctor is designed for regular folks, not techies and Lord knows I'm not one of those. I'm pleased to report that what they say is true, I had no problem using or understanding the program. It checks the Windows registry, the web browser (Explorer in my case), system components, running processes and all your files, looking for spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, identity theft, hijackers phishing and more and after it finds them, it gets rid of them.

    Spyware Doctor also has real time protection called OnGuard which uses independent monitors to keep you further protected. StartUp Guard keeps parasites from running on your machine during startup. Process Guard keeps malicious programs from installing themselves on your machine. Browser Guard keeps off and removes browser hijackers and some more real time guards are Keylogger Guard, Network Guard, Site Guard and, of course, there is a popup blocker.

    In short if you want to keep creepy crawly parasites of all kinds off your computer, Spyware Doctor is the program for you....more info
  • Great spyware
    When I started using this program I was nicely suprised. It picked up a few things that McAffee and Norton had not and took care of them quickly and cleanly.
    I was sold. I definitely highly recommend this. Worth every penny. It works quickly and effeciently!...more info
  • PC Tools Spyware Doctor 6.0
    I've used PC Tools software in the past, so I was curious to see what this new product would be like. It installed effortlessly on my Windows Vista PC. The software did not require a reboot of the machine, and the Smart Updater quickly got the updates, making the software current. The Windows Defender also prompted me to disable it when it sensed the install of the SpywareDoctor, thus preventing multiple Spyware programs from running from on the same machine. Upon installing the software, 27 infections were found (they were missed by my curent spyware setup). The background scan used very little CPU, & was not intrusive with the other applications I had running. The 27 infections that were found were explained fully in the sidebar by clicking on the infection. All 27 infections were quickly cleaned once I selected the option. The Intelliquard & Setup Sections allow you to customize the software to your liking if the default settings don't suit your needs. The Quick Start guide in the Help menu can guide you if you feel a configuration change is needed. In the Help screen, detailed help is also available. I found PC Tools Spyware Dr 6.0 to be effective, easy to use & easy on system resources. This software lived up to my expectations, and I would recommend it. ...more info
  • Saved my computer from major DNS Changer trojans...
    I'm not really a computer geek but in my spare time I spend most of it building computers or doing some programming. I noticed just a little something off with my computer (sent me to MSN homepage when I went to update Windows). I have Panda for my usual antiviral service, but mcafee told me they could definitely remove the trojan (so I switched). They remotely took over my computer and ran everything they had on it and said there was nothing wrong but a trial a spyware doctor found the trojan. After weeks of working with spyware doctors great FREE service (that you don't anywhere else) they found what everyone else said didn't exist and updated their new system for the new DNS trojan. New viruses and spyware come out many times per day and most companies put out programs just for the major problems that we know of currently, but spyware doctors updates with every person that send these new versions in everyday and will help you get rid of them while saving your data. I've used every service out there, too many to list, for both spy and virus but will stay with them until someone else pushes even further....more info
  • Lotta hype produces little in the way of results....
    These days, it goes without saying that using a high-end, high-performance Internet Security System/Suite is a must. I've been using Kaspersky products for some years now with great satisfaction: I currently have Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 on all home and mobile computers, XP 32-bit and Vista 64-bit with the only problem being one instance of corrupt data files on the Vista computer, which was cleared up with a reloading of the software.

    Every now and then a company claims to produce a "better" product, and I like to test them out to see if their claims really live up to the hype.

    Enter PC Tools Spyware Doctor and its heroic claims --
    1) "EXCLUSIVE Behavior Guard stops threats others miss" (from "Install Guide")
    2) "Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus' exclusive Behavior Guard technology provides more effective protection than competitors' traditional threat detection methods.*"
    *[below on next page on box] "Results achieved during internal testing conducted by PC Tools. Results may vary."

    Mine "VARIED"--
    I first uninstalled Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 to avoid conflicts; then, after an installation of PC Tools Spyware Doctor and updates to current definitions that is perennially retarded by design, not allowing one to pick a default language but forcing you BEFORE EACH UPDATE to DESELECT 51 (yes, FIFTY ONE) other language file updates, the software locked up my computer on the desktop upon reboot.

    I manually shut down (CTRL-ALT-DELETE wouldn't work, as the software even locked that up) and rebooted. This time the system loaded, but the boot was noticeably bogged down with slow loading of the PC Tools Engine (I'm running a Dell XPS Gen 3, P4 w/ HT @3.4GHz, 4GB RAM, and XP SP3).

    Interestingly, the scan itself was quite speedy, even though I set it to run as deep a scan as I could -- it only took about 5 minutes, max. However, here's the grand total of what it turned up....

    Sounds scary at first -- 3 types of "infections" involving 70 files, but just what is "infected"?
    1) "Low" risk -- 2 adware cookies that may be in the cookie folder, but I recognize them because KIS 2009 blocks them when detected. So far, zilch.
    2) "Low" risk -- 7 "tracking" cookies for websites I regularly use, trust, and use their cookies for personalization. Nothing at all remotely concerning.
    3) "A legitimate application" -- 61 "infections" of registry entries for files needed for online gaming that I have approved through configuration of KIS 2009.

    So, what's the sum total of what this grandiosely hyped program has discovered for me? NADA!

    For less than 10 bucks more for a year's subscription, you can get a 3-user pack of KIS 2009 that isn't just anti-malware, -adware, -pop-ups, etc., but is also anti-virus, a powerful firewall, secures personal data, etc. AND it works with a 64-bit OS: PC Tools only works with 32-bit Vista. It may be fine for what it does, but why get only a partial anti-malware package that does no more than one that's 3 bucks more per computer and covers MANY more Internet Security issues -- no, I'm not on KIS's payroll. Just offering my experience.

    The choice here is a no-brainer....more info
  • Time to upgrade
    Well, I'll start by saying that this product used to be one of the best, but it appears to have fallen short in 2009. It runs ok and it finds lots of minor stuff, but as another reviewer pointed out, it has trouble removing some of the harder malware. I just got infected with System Guard 2009, man is that one annoying. Anyway, Spyware Dr found it, and said it quarantined it, but it didn't fix/remove it completely. It would keep coming back up and eventually through sheer brute force would make it make on the gui even though Intelliguard and Computer Immunization was enabled. I contacted support and provided them with a few files, but after four days of suffering, I tried a few different products (free to try) and found that Webroot Spy sweeper removed it the first time. I will most likely continue to use the SpyDr, but I will also put Webroot Spy Sweeper in my AMZ list to purchase when the SpyDr license expires.

    ...more info