PC Tools Internet Security 2009 V6
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Product Description

Don't trust your internet security to just anyone. Internet Security 2009 includes Spyware Doctor, which has consistently been awarded Editors' Choice by leading PC magazines and testing laboratories around the world. Did you know that many programs tested against Spyware Doctor detected only a small fraction of Spyware and only completely removed an even smaller amount? Also most of them were unable to effectively block Spyware in real time from being installed on PCs in the first place. The advanced OnGuard technology only alerts you on a true Spyware and Virus detection so you won't be interrupted by cryptic questions every time you install software or add a site to your favorites. Internet Security 2009 also gives you advanced protection against spam with a firewall to protect against network intruders.

Spam filtering for protection against unsolicited email Easy to use for novices but configurable enough for expert users Behavior Guard - provides protection from never seen before threats Capable of detecting multiple variations of malware threats while maintaining minimal system resource usage Checks downloads for viruses, adware, spyware or other possibly unwanted programs Integrates with search results from popular search engines Alerts you to websites with excessive pop-ups, phishing or browser exploits Swift clean-up for heavily infected computers Improved Hacker Defense (Vista only) Supports Windows Security Centre in Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Requires Windows Vista 32-bit, XP or 2000 with at least 256MB of RAM, 1GB for Vista

All-in-one security suite featuring multi-award winning anti-spyware, anti-virus, firewall and spam protection, PC Tools Internet Security provides a simple, streamlined user interface over a robust, powerful back-end. The individual components of PC Tools Internet Security are integrated into the home screen and can be quickly activated and configured with just a few simple clicks. This intuitive design gives users easy access to manage the security settings of their computer.

All-in-one security suite featuring multi-award winning anti-spyware, anti-virus, firewall and spam protection. Click to enlarge.

Powerful scanning engine removes harmful threats and the real-time IntelliGuard tools keep them out. Click to enlarge.

The Intelli-Scan feature quickly hunts and kills running spyware threats. Click to enlarge.

Protects against identity theft, stealthy spyware, aggressive adware, browser hijackers, malicious ActiveX objects, malware Trojans, tracking cookies, keyloggers, dialers, and other malware. Click to enlarge.


PC Tools Spyware Doctor

  • Exclusive--Behavior Guard stops threats that others miss.
  • Powerful scanning engine removes harmful threats and the real-time IntelliGuard tools keep them out.

PC Tools AntiVirus

  • Advanced protection with behavioral scanning and rapid database updates.
  • Powerful scanning engine detects, disinfects, and destroys viruses, trojans, and worms.
  • Automatically checks for threats in files received through instant messaging and email.

PC Tools Firewall Plus

  • Use the built-in configuration or set your own advanced rules.
  • Automatic protection without all the annoying questions.
  • Comprehensive network shielding ensures your PC remains safe and hacker free.

PC Tools Spam Monitor

  • Real-time blacklists keep your filters up-to-date automatically.
  • Helps protect against phishing scams, email fraud and other identity threats.
  • Unlimited POP3 and IMAP connections supported.

What's New

Behavior Guard--Exclusive
Behavior Guard provides leading edge protection from zero-day (never seen before) threats, built on the award-winning ThreatFire technology.

Behavior Guard is designed to pro actively defend your computer against both known and unknown threats solely by detecting their malicious behavior. Behavior Guard technology stops the threats that others miss!

Internet Browsing Protection--Browser Defender Toolbar

  • Checks downloads for viruses, adware, spyware or other possibly unwanted programs

  • Allows you to surf safely by displaying website ratings as you browse the Internet

  • Integrates with the search results provided by popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo! so you can see if it is safe to continue even before you visit a website

  • Alerts you about websites with annoyances such as excessive pop-ups, phishing or browser exploits

Enhanced Spam Detection
The anti-spam component of PC Tools Internet Security has been optimized to quickly process incoming and outgoing emails and has improved learning capabilities to distinguish spam email from legitimate email. Now supports any email client that uses either the POP3 or IMAP email standards.

Firewall Enhancements
The firewall component of PC Tools Internet Security has been upgraded to offer your computer better protection.

Anti-Spyware & Anti-Virus

Protects against identity theft, stealthy spyware, aggressive adware, browser hijackers, malicious ActiveX objects, malware Trojans, tracking cookies, keyloggers, dialers, and other malware.

Protects computers from viruses, worms, Trojans and other malicious infections.

Real-time protection
IntelliGuard constantly monitors for malicious behavior involving spyware processes, tracking cookies, malicious ActiveX objects, browser hijackers, keyloggers, Trojans and more. IntelliGuard blocks these threats before they can cause any harm.

On-Demand scanning to clean infected computers
Unique, patent-pending spider scanning technology intelligently scans to identify all types of spyware and virus threats. The Intelli-Scan feature quickly hunts and kills running spyware threats.

Advanced rootkit detection
Using behavioral techniques, PC Tools Internet Security easily finds and removes hidden files and programs called rootkits and other items that attempt to hide themselves.

Email Guard
Protects against virus and spyware threats being sent or received through email. All popular e-mail applications (such as Outlook Express, Eudora & Netscape Mail and Thunderbird) that use POP, IMAP or SMTP are supported by Email Guard.

Site Guard
Protects against potentially malicious websites and phishing attacks where dangerous sites are masquerading as legitimate eCommerce sites.


Supports popular e-mail clients
Anti-Spam works with a range of popular email clients including all recent versions of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Mail and Eudora (for POP3 & IMAP).

Adaptive and automated behavioral technology
Anti-Spam is trained to automatically identify spam e-mails using intuitive behavioral (Bayesian) technology. The filter technology identifies spam e-mail with increasing precision as it is exposed to a greater number and range of spam e-mails.

Automated white-list for e-mails or domains
White-listed e-mails and IP addresses are those which Anti-Spam marks as safe and will never be marked as spam.

Custom settings for fine-tuning spam detection
Anti-Spam includes a number of customizable settings for the advanced user, which can be configured to enhance and fine-tune its ability to identify spam.


Smart application Rules
Allows the user to create a behavior-based set of rules that control how applications connect to the Internet and networks.

Stealth Mode protection
Makes a user's computer invisible to other computers on the network and Internet. When in Stealth Mode, a user's computer is able to make connections to other computers on the network, but prevents other computers from connecting with theirs.

Data validation using SPI (stateful packet inspection)
If a special "handshake" is successful, data transfer is allowed. If not, all traffic is blocked ensuring no unauthorized data is transferred to or from a user's computer.

Software application protection
Firewall offers protection for applications by guarding them against unauthorized access. Enabling this option will shield applications from all unauthorized attempts to take control of them.

Additional Features

Automatic Smart Updates
Automatic, frequent updates to detect and guard against new threats and viruses as well as provide enhancements to Internet Security can be installed without the need for user interaction.

Scheduler tool to automate regular scanning and updates
Allows users to schedule scans or Smart Updates at their own specified times and intervals. These actions can be conducted in the background and set to begin only when CPU usage is below a specified level, ensuring minimal impact on system performance.

Software Application protection
Enabling this option will shield applications from all unauthorized attempts to take control of them.

  • Offers powerful anti-spyware, anti-virus, firewall and spam protection in one application
  • Detects, removes and blocks all types of spyware, adware, viruses, Trojans, worms, keyloggers and other online threats
  • Frequent updates ensure that you are always protected against the latest known threats; free friendly support for all customers
  • Protection from hackers, intruders and other unauthorized software or network attacks; spam filtering for protection against unsolicited email
  • Intelligent automatic protection makes it simple to use for novices but configurable enough for expert users

Customer Reviews:

  • Not impressive and full of problems
    I installed this on my Dell Inspiron 1720 running Vista Home Premium. I was using AVG Free but thought that I would give this a try. It was on my computer for about 3 months before I uninstalled it and reinstalled the AVG Free.

    The software did install easily with no problems. I have read that others had problems installing. It seemed to be working alright but I started to have hanging screens, etc. I actually had to do a hard shutdown twice. This never happened before the PC Tools install. I began to get a little tired of the constant popups that wanted me to decide if I should allow a program to reach the internet. I didn't mind deciding the first time but even though I checked "remember this action" it never did remember and I was constantly bombarded with these. ARGH! I also noticed that PC Tools slowed my computer down quite a bit when running a scan.

    I felt that PC Tools was not catching everything because of glitches that started to occur. My windows would freeze, explorer would suddenly close. Some of my start up programs stopped starting. I had to go in and manually start them. Now for some reason Flashplayer does not work properly. Finally I uninstalled it and reinstalled the AVG Free. On it's initial start up AVG it found spyware and other problems that should have not gotten through. After that my computer has not had the problems that occurred during the time that the PC Tools was installed, except I am still having problems with Flashplayer.

    I will be staying with AVG Free. It's free and used by computer experts. My S-I-L makes his living as a project manager for some of the big developers and he uses it. As a former Seattle Microsoft employee I trust his opinion. ...more info
  • Simple, effective Security Protection
    PC Tools Internet Security provides an umbrella product aimed at keeping your computer more secure. There is anti-virus, anti-spamware, firewall protection, etc. The installation was okay (on Windows Vista), but a lot of little boxes kept popping up, telling me to change settings or that I'd have to decide to allow or block something. Once I got all the settings configured, these popups were much less frequent.

    The interface is easy to understand, and on my first scan, the software found two infections, so I'm assuming that it works pretty well. Sometimes the popup messages are cryptic and leave me a little bit clueless about what I'm supposed to do next, thus the lower star rating. This is more of a complaint I have about software in general, not just PC Tools.

    The only other problem I've had is that I set the software to scan automatically upon opening, but it doesn't do it, I have to manually scan every day. This could be user error, but I can't see what I'm doing wrong. I also tried setting it to scan at a certain time of day, and that didn't work either. That could have been because my computer was asleep at the time; apparently PC Tools will not wake the computer to perform its scans.

    I'm happy with this product. I previously had AVG Free 8.0, which never found anything on my computer, so the fact that this tool has already found a couple of things makes me feel safer and like it's doing it's job....more info
  • Everyone should have this!
    In my family, I'm regarded as a tech expert, but the truth is I know just enough to be dangerous. In spite of the knowledge I have, I've been running my beloved laptop (the only PC on the planet with a stable version of Vista) with minimal protection that I really don't understand. I've heard Norton is very invasive, and I've never understood how to use McAffee. So I jumped at the opportunity to try this software.

    The installation is mercifully quick. It offers a "browser defender," but I'm not sure exactly what that is... I installed this portion anyway. It did require a reboot. The user interface is so intuitive and user-friendly that my cat could do it. It's got anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, and firewall. I don't have a use for the spam filter, since my email provider already has an excellent filter, but it's a nice inclusion.

    Running a scan is quick and easy... I'm ashamed to post what all it found. Let's just say it found plenty! When it's done, you just check all the boxes next to the items you want fixed, and click on a button. The program creates a reset point, so that if a removal adversely affects your computer, you can restore it with no harm done. Don't be afraid to dig in further to find lots more features in the Intelliguard section. I think this software does it all!

    This is affordable protection for your PC that you'll be able to use from start up. With so much of our lives dependent on computers for communication, daily activities like paying bills, and even livelihoods, it's important to protect ourselves. Don't lose things like family photos, your business contact lists or have your financial information stolen, and stop procrastinating on setting yourself up with decent internet security. I'm glad I did!...more info
  • Not Worth the Rating
    PC Tools Internet Security 2009 V6

    I used PC Tools in the 1990s and it was the best solftware for troubleshooting all sorts of computer hardware and software problems. But there virus protection product is riddled with problems. Their email technical support is not only slow to responding but worthless. The answer to all problems is uninstalling the product and loading the newest version.

    I purchased PC Tools Internet Security 2009 V6 in the boxed version because I ony have a slow dial-up connection (28 KB) for my PC. The Smart Update never worked, so my PC was UNPROTECTED from viruses the day that I installed the software. I would do the manual update and it crashed every time.

    I finally downloaded the newer version 6, which was 25 MB and took hours to download. Followed the instructions from the support e-mail. After I installed the app, Smart Updated needed to run to download the database, which was 31 MB. After over two hours and 20 MB of downloading, the download stopped because of a some sort of file download error. So I tried again. Instead of starting where it left off, it started from the beginning. After another two hours of downloading, the same problem occurred. At this point, I have no virus protection and no way to download a good file. I am still waiting for an answer from support, which really stinks.

    Also, the program crashed my IE browser, so I have no way to get on the Internet either.

    I've tried Norton, McAfee and now PC Tools. I wish that I could find a good antivirus software worthy of all the glowing awards all these companies claim to deserve.

    Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, software support was pretty good and I've always been able to resolve problems. Today, not only have things gotten more complicated, but software support is almost non-existent. Outsourcing the support is one of the greatest disservice companies have done to their customers.

    Now that these software companies put out products riddled with BUGS support and fixed become more important. But the customer is left out to dry and these antivirus companies keep collecting their annual fees for their so-called protection....more info
  • Easy to install, good performance, Comprehensive protection against viruses
    If you just bought a computer or planning to go for a antivirus/antispyware, PCtools Internet security is the answer, here is why :

    Are there not any freeware security software that I could use ?
    Do not waste your time in looking in for freeware, most of them do not work - there is a substantial amount of work required to maintain the virus and spyware signature current and noone can do it for free. Infact there are 'free' antispyware which are actually rogue-wave, here is a complete list, stay away from them: "http://www.spywarewarrior.com/rogue_anti-spyware.htm"

    If you really want to use some freeware, here is my reccomendation:
    -> AVG antivirus freeware
    -> Super antispyware freeware

    Still PCtools is the best among all of these

    Will PCtools provide me with free updates to antivirus and antispyware ?
    New viruses and spyware are created around the world everyday and this needs to be kept up to date. PCtools does provide you with frequent updates (at no extra cost)

    Will installing PCtools decrease the performance of my computer ?
    To some extent yes, since it has to scan before you run any file on the sytem, But if you have a computer which you bought anywhere in the last 5 years, there should be hardly any noticable performance impact

    How does PCtools compare with similar products?
    I have personally used Trend Micro, McShield and PCtools and I find PCtools to be the most effective in protecting and removing viruses and anti-spyware. Trend micro is the worst of the lot and McShield is ok.

    ~ Update 1 - 16th April 09 ~
    Recently I got a software sent by an email from a friend, I called him, verified that it was ok to run, scanned with PCTools to make sure it was clean. After running it, i noticed that my PC was running slow, the performance deterioration was so subtle that you could notice it, but you would hardly suspect if something was going on.

    Suspecting, I download a freeware version of SuperAntiSpyware and was able to identify a spamware in the software. I understand that it is hard for any one tool to be capable of knowing all viruses and spam, but just thought everyone should be aware of it - if you get a suspecting file, scan it with more than 1 antivirus/antispyware and SuperAntiSpyware is a damn good thing....more info
  • Great scanning, problems setting up firewall on XP
    This product has a great set of tools, pretty much everything that you would want to have in an integrated security suite. I would give it 4, maybe 5 stars, for the scanning capabilities (antivirus, spyware, etc), but I had a lot of trouble getting the firewall to behave properly on Windows XP SP 3. The anti-malware scanning seems to be top-notch, with the anti-spyware being industry recognized as a best of breed product. The firewall leaves a bit to be desired and has too many pop-ups requesting permission. PC Tools offers a version of the product which is all the scanning without the firewall, I'd probably get that and then get the highly rated free "Sunbelt" software firewall (google it). I'd feel comfortable knowing that I had a high quality anti-malware program (PC Tools antivirus premium) watching out for me.

    I reformatted a three year old computer and installed Windows XP with Service Pack 3. This meant I had a clean installation. I then copied my backed up "My Documents" folder onto the system. I then installed PC Tools. The initial install seemed to go great. I ran a scan of the system, which was quite speedy and very easy to do. The software found 4 threats which the previous free product (AVG antivirus) hadn't found. It also fixed the threats very easily. Given that AVG is a commonly recommended free scanning utility and PC Tools software immediately found and fixed problems that AVG missed, I've decided it isn't worth risking my computer to free anti-virus programs.

    However, my internet connection did not work immediately following the install. After some investigation I determined that the firewall was being overly restrictive and was blocking absolutely everything. I had to turn down the security level and manually add in exceptions for things such as Internet Explorer. After that it seemed to run okay, but I was bothered with quite a few pop ups from the firewall asking for permission from quite a few programs that were legitimate programs. I tried doing the smart update on the product several times to update it, but was still actually quite dismayed when I found that the free firewall on the PC Tools site carried a newer version than the firewall included in this product. So, I'm not too sure why I would pay for their security suite with an older integrated firewall.

    I've read a lot about security suites in the past year and it truly seems to me that you can either get the best scanning suites or the best firewall products, but you won't find a single vendor that offers the best of both worlds in single suite. It is a bit of a pain, but your best protection will come from mixing products. Just do NOT mix more than one firewall or more than one scanning suite unless your are quite sure of what you are doing or you may end up with a very, very slow computer....more info
  • Seems decent but not any easier to use over competing products
    I decided to knock off a star as their marketing claims it's easy to use. My experience with the product indicates otherwise. That's not to say it's worse than the others, but there are some aggravating features you will encounter when using it.

    It is designed to work on Windows 2000 SP4, XP, and Vista with 150MB of free hard disk space. No comprehensive manual is included in the retail box, just a tiny installation guide with some basics of what the different features do. Instead they give you a thick notepad of blank paper for some odd reason. I expect the added weight of shipping this notepad costs the company more than the notepad itself. Strange addition, but whatever, I used it to jot down notes for this review.

    Installation is a rather long and laborious process that required more reboots than any other program I've used. We're used to the standard reboot after installation. For some reason, I had to reboot this software three times. In addition, following one of the reboots, a warning message popped up asking me whether I wanted to allow a certain program to execute. This brings up one of the gripes I have about almost all of the security programs out there. They may be good at flagging potential problems but they're bad at helping you make an informed decision and PC Tools is no exception. It gave me the filename and I was able to determine where it was located on my hard drive, but while I was searching out the file for more information the alert disappeared. It turned out to be an Intel file related to WiFi access but because PC Tools blocked it I would get an error message during startup. Figuring out how to get it to allow access turned into a hassle. I couldn't find any information in the help file or the installation guide. Finally, I discovered the file in the firewall settings and reset the permissions to allow access. Definitely not a process that's easy for security noobs.

    My third and final reboot took almost 20 minutes. I don't know what was happening in the background but it did seem to slow down my computer during this time in spite of already updating everything. As for the program itself, it seems to work fine once everything is running. Scans take the same amount of time as other software I've tested (Bitdefender, Comodo, Kaspersky) but even when you're not scanning it seems to slow down the computer slightly. The install guide warns their real-time protection called Intelliguard can consume CPU resources but real-time protection is what you want, right? I'm not impressed with their Anti-Spam either as it seems to do little more than mark messages as spam.

    Aside from these gripes it does appear to have a comprehensive list of tools it uses to prevent nasties from creeping into your system. This includes prevention against changes to browser, network, and startup settings as well and scanning for malicious attachments to incoming and outgoing email attachments. Their firewall was highly rated by a testing firm known as matousec and updates are automatic. Also, protection is allowed on up to 3 computers. Still, a lot of the features such as data handshake SPI and stealth mode you'd need to be an expert in order to figure out whether they're working properly. It's not as automatic as the marketing seems to imply.

    My laptop has unwillingly become the testing ground for security products due to the problems I've experienced with the competition. In the meantime I've settled on Comodo Internet Security for my main PC. If I had purchased only PC Tools Internet Security I'd be happy with it once the initial setup aggravation was fixed, but the slowdown it causes my computer when it's running is what is keeping me from switching from Comodo to it.
    ...more info
  • Does not play well with Logitech G15 keyboard
    The installation was fast and easy, although it did require 3 reboots at first, and then 2 later on.

    I found the initial system scan to be very fast. Much faster than I'd expected, in fact.

    I did have extreme issues with the anti-spam function. It marked all the email from my direct family as SPAM and slowed my email client, Outlook 2002, to a crawl, so I had to disable that and can't seem to use that function. This could be because this system is ancient, and I have 50 gazillion emails anyway. I'm not sure why - but it simply didn't work right. Besides, Outlook was doing fine culling spam anyway, so the degraded performance and annoying screw ups marking friendly emails as bad was not worth it.

    I noticed that my Logitech G15 Gaming keyboard, which was running fine before installation, kept crashing. The crashes were extreme too - my system would slow and I could not get into process manager to stop anything - just a clear runaway process that eventually caused the entire system to crash.

    Just to check, I removed my keyboard and put a standard one on for a while. No more problems, freeze ups, or crashes. I don't think it is the extra display - my system already uses multiple displays and that was not a problem with a regular keyboard.

    With the keyboard gone, the firewall and other features, minus the anti-spam, ran great, and my system performance was smooth.

    Unfortunately, I prefer my g15 to this software, so I'll be uninstalling it and using it on another pc that has more standard hardware.

    ...more info
  • Great Security
    Stopped Virus Melt virus when McAfee didn't! We have three computers and are running three different virus software packages, so I've based my review on comparing the three products. On the one with PC Tools Internet Security 2009, we're using Vista and haven't had any problems with intrusions or slowing since installing PC Tools. We installed Spyware Doctor on our systems and ran the scan over McAfee and Zone Alarm. It caught more intrusions than McAfee. PC Tools Spyware Doctor is a great product and seems to work better than spyware by McAfee and as well as Zone Alarm. Another plus, PC Tools is easy to load and use for novice users....more info
  • Solid, Easy to Use Protection
    If you own a PC, I hope you realize that protection against internet threats is not only a good idea, but absolutely essential. If you don't have your PC protected, it is only a matter of time before it is corrupted.

    So, if you're a typical PC user, which protection software do you choose? They are all good, but I liked the ease of installation of PC Tools and its easy to understand & navigate structure. It gives you protection against the big three: viruses, spyware, & firewall attacks. Can you get basic protection from a combination of various free programs you can separately install? Yes, if you're willing to track them down, install them, and keep track of them. PC Tools is solid, easy to use protection--- if it prevents a single virus or spyware infection it will have paid for itself. One important note: PC Tools is NOT compatible with the Safe Eyes family internet screening program, and so if you choose that excellent program you will need to install another internet protection product on your PC....more info
  • Nothing that sets it apart from others security vendors
    PCTools is fairly new to the Internet Security Suite Business. This is a very crowded space and there are better Software vendors in the area.

    The suite provides a firewall, antispyware, antivirus, and antispam protection.

    ANTISPYWARE - Because the suite uses the same scan engine from Spyware Doctor, spyware removal is top notch. Full scan are very time consuming, so make sure you schedule them for a time when you are not using your computer.

    FIREWALL - The firewall is not too obtrusive, so you are not alerted for approval too often. You do have the choice to be alerted for almost everything; however, this get old fast you will not want to use that feature.

    ANTISPAM - Most most mail hosts now have integrated antispam protection so the antispam program provides little value to you if your email provider already provides antispam.

    ANTIVIRUS - The Antivirus also suffers from slow scans. It does a good job on protecting you from getting a virus. It has received the VB100 award, so you can trust the effectiveness.

    I recommend buying Sypware Doctor with Antivirus instead of the Internet Security suite if you are interested in PCTools products. You will save money by using the windows Firewall or using a free firewall program like comodo.

    ...more info
  • PC Tools Fixed Me Right Up
    As a general rule I don't worry about this kind of software much anymore as I'm basically a Mac person now (having recently sold my Sony Viao laptop), though I have XP on my iMac running in emulation via VMWare's fusion. Mostly I web surf with Apple's Safari or with the Mac version of Firefox. Although sometimes when I'm on the XP side of my machine I might go to Yahoo via Explorer to check my e-mail.

    I need Windows on my machine as my better half is in the real estate business and the site he goes to to check the multiple listings isn't Mac friendly. In fact you can't get into it without using Explorer. That's so last millennium, but it's the way it is. I've had other protection suites on my XP side, but they seemed to slow things down so I deleted them. After all, if you only go to safe places when you're using Explorer, you don't need any protection, right?

    That's what I'd thought. No way could I get infected with anything. My iMac was secure as good be, I keep current with all the System and Safari updates. I'm always good to go, so I didn't expect to find any problems when I installed PC Tools and oh how wrong I was. Turns out my hubby has taken my machine to some places he shouldn't have oughta gone to. For heaven's sake, I told him, he's got a laptop, why does he have to use my iMac anyway.

    I am ashamed, no mortified, to tell you how many problems there were on my very small XP partition, but I am pleased to tell you that PC Tools fixed me right up....more info
  • Easy to use, but not quite perfect
    For a "novice" computer user, I would definitely recommend the PC Doctor software. The interface is really easy to figure out and use, and overall, the suite provides good protection. It is a bit of a resource hog, and occasionally has trouble removing some viruses (although it's much better than Symantec), but overall this is decent software that I'd recommend....more info
  • Only for the VERY informed computer user - not me, I guess
    I have been using computers since 1991 when I went back to college for a degree in Computer Information Systems and Certificate of Achievement in Microcomputer Applications. I have had several computers and am now using a Dell Dimension 8300 3 GHz , INTEL CPU with 2.5GB memory with XP Pro AND a Dell Vostro 1000 laptop 1.8 GHz with 1 GB memory and AMD64 CPU with XP Home. I used McAfee starting in 1991 when it free from a bulletin board and then when it was bundled for a fee, then started using Norton Systemworks 2000 - 2005 (which all included anti-virus), Norton Professional anti-virus, Windows Live One Care, Norton Anti-Virus 3 user 2007 , 2008 and recently 2009 when I couldn't use the PC Tools Internet Security program.

    I decided to try to install PC Tools Internet Security on my laptop because I keep it pretty clean, transferring files to my desktop computer. The install disk took a very short time to install - that was nice. BUT...and this is a pretty big "but" for me...No matter what I did, my WLAN card was of no use -- Windows kept closing it because there "was a problem." I couldn't register the program because I had no Internet -- because my wireless was not usable. Because I could not activate the program, I could not use it for updates yet. I could not access the Internet to find out what the problem so I could not activate the program. A catch-22 situation. No Internet meant no program.

    I went through all of the settings and told the program to give full access to my WLAN card but it never worked. No matter what I did I could never get to the Internet. Made me mad.

    A little aside -- when you are asked to activate the program you type in your name, your email address and the multi-alpha numeric product key. When you click on activate, you are met with -- sorry but there is no Internet and it keeps your email address but you must re-enter your name and product key over and over as you try to register your product.

    I never recognized most of the items the lists of choices showed so had no idea if I should allow or block them. Even with the Zone Alarm Firewall I used to use I knew what most programs were for. The software didn't seem to block my Explorer browser but did block items like Linksys EasyLink Advisor. And I guess the program also blocked my WLAN wireless card.

    As soon as I uninstalled the program -- which took two tries and two reboots, my wireless access magically came back along with the Internet. What a relief! But now I had no Anti-Virus protection.

    The software seemed promising -- I thought there was a nice thick manual inside the box -- apparently the manufacturer thought that the heft of the box might lead buyers to think there was something in the box besides a disk. I couldn't believe it -- a 4 1/4" X 5 1/2" X 1/2" thick notepad with a link to "special offers for retail customers." There was a small flyer with instructions on how to install the program and a few other instructions as well but the manual was on the disc.

    Since my Norton Anti-Virus had expired (I will never again wait until my current anti-virus program expires to install a new Anti-Virus program so I can use the old one until I get another new program) I ended up downloading the free version of AVG and going to Costco to buy Norton Anti-Virus/3-user software so I wouldn't be without protection on my two computers. No waiting until low sale prices with rebates or anything a/c I was desperate.

    I see by the other reviews that most were able to use the program after any difficulties. Maybe they are all IT's or MIT graduates. Programs shouldn't be this difficult. I thought the program should be more intuitive and not block everything on your computer so you can't even use it. People complain about Symantec's Norton Anti-Virus but I like all of the programs I have used except their Internet Security from 2004 -- it just slowed down my computer as well as others in my family including one who had a BS degree in Computer Science and a LOT of work experience with computers.
    ...more info
  • You Can't Go Wrong with PC Tools
    PC Tools comes complete with Behavior Guard which protects you against threats that have never been seen before (called zero-day) and that alone is a good reason to own this suite. The program is built on the ThreatFire technology which has won numerous awards, which combined with all the other benefits of PC Tools, like its anti-virus and anti-spyware protection, its firewall and its anti-spam protection, which not only works with Outlook, but Mozilla's Thunderbird as well, make this a suite well worth considering.

    Throw in Browser Defender, which works with Internet Explorer to give you safety alerts when you go to a dodgy website and which also checks downloads for spyware, adware and viruses and warns you when you do both Google or Yahoo searches about dangerous websites, then you've really got a heck of a program. Well, you do if it works.

    Installation on my XP machine went without issue. Then I downloaded the database of new viruses and threats, jeez they just keep making 'em, you'd think the people who think these up could find a more constructive use of their time. I rebooted and was good to go. I did an Intelli scan, which is supposed to go the usual places bad stuff hangs out on your computer and found and removed several threats and infections. Then I did a full scan and found a few more and in less time than I thought I was good to go.

    All that being said, the real jewel of this software is Spyware Doctor. I've read that over 110 million people have it installed on their machines and 110 million people can't be wrong. It's just a gem of a program in it's own right. You can't go wrong with PC tools, however, it does uses a bit more memory than the two other security suites I've used, but if you've got plenty of ram, and who doesn't these days, then that's not a problem. five big stars from me.
    ...more info
  • A Very Good Protection Suite that Includes Spyware Doctor
    If you've got a PC and you go online, and who doesn't, then you're going to want to take a look at PC Tools Internet Security 2009, because it offers you multi-layer protection against malware and viruses and it now includes Spyware Doctor, which is the best program out there for removing spyware from your computer.

    This program includes; real time threat protection, protection from viruses and adware and spyware, a popup blocker, firewall protection, anti-spam protection, network protection and browser protections. That's a lot of protection.

    I installed the program without trouble and found it to be very easy to use. The program has four main components, which are anti-spyware, anti-virus, anti-spam and the program's firewall. The program also has an automatic updating feature to keep you protected against malware that hasn't even been invented yet.

    Before I installed PC Tools I had to uninstall the protection suite I had on my computer, which I thought was just about the best one out there and truth be told it is very good, so I didn't really expect PC Tools to find anything bad going on. I was just mainly interested in it, because it included Spyware Doctor in the suite. I'd already been using it, so I figured that if the rest of the suite measured up to it, then it would really be something.

    After installation I did a full scan which took exactly forty-two minutes. It didn't find much, but it did find stuff that shouldn't have been there. Stuff my last protection suite had failed to see. Nobody's perfect and perhaps no protection scheme is either. Maybe if I'd been running PC Tools, then deleted it and put on another suite, it might find stuff PC Tools didn't. I don't know. But I do know that PC Tools found and deleted what my last protection suite did not, so for now I'm sticking with PC Tools....more info
  • Easy to install
    This product was a cinch to install. So far I've had no problems.
    I can't say how effective the product has proven in my system but I have had it for about a month now....more info
  • A Reasonable Security Suite for Windows
    Short Review:
    PC Tools Internet Securty 2009 is a security suite with all the usual bells and whistles. It defends your computer without hogging resources and without being too invasive.

    Long Reivew:

    For all you computer guys out there, let me first tell you where I am coming from. I am running PC Tools on Windows Vista on the Bootcamp partition of my late 2007 iMac with 2 gb of memory. I did not test the abilities of the program (as in trying to infect myself with spyware or viruses), I leave that to the expert. I will try to convey the experience and hope that the experts.

    SET UP: At first, I tried to set this up by running Vista in virtualization using VMware's Fusion. I couldn't get it to set up and run. I tried and tried but it just wouldn't go. So, I turned off the computer and booted into Bootcamp. PC Tools installed quickly and automatically with the insertion of the CD. There were minimal questions to ask. One quibble: when typing in the password there is a screen that has two buttons: 'Submit' and 'Continue.' I kept hitting the continue button and was unable to register the product. Once I realized that you had to hit 'submit' I was okay. I still don't know why there is a 'continue' button...

    FIRST RUN: The program set itself up. The initial splash screen was easy to negotiate. Each component has its own set up panel and is self explanatory. There are buttons for anti-spyware, anti-virus, anti-spam, and firewall settings. Each menu is easy to negotiate and has a number of variable settings. I didn't want to wait a long time for a full scan, so I opted for the more superficial, quick 'intelli-scan.' The program did come up with a number of spyware issues that it quite easily deleted on command.

    Of note, after installing it in Bootcamp, the suite worked flawlessly in virtualization.

    RESOURCES: Prior to running this suite, I was using Macafe's security suite. In comparison, Macafe was a real resource hog, slowed down the machine, and asked too many questions. What with Vista constantly asking for permissions, things were getting a little ridiculous. The firewall seems to ask appropriate questions and allowed code to run after a single query. Overall, I had a much better experience with this than Macafe and Trend before this. Caveat emptor, I am no firewall maven so the efficacy of the firewall could be an issue here. But assuming that the program performs well it works smoothly. The experience here is a lot like running Commodo or Zone Alarm.

    Overall, it works smoothly and as advertised. There is nothing new, innovative, or sensational about it but, after all, it is a security suite. For me, I felt that unlike my past experiences, this suite ran without slowing my computer down to a crawl. It also was less invasive than other firewall options. I also liked its simple, no-frills user interface.

    PC tools makes Spyware Doctor which is an award winning spyware remover and is part of the suite. If the antivirus, firewall, and anti-spam features are as efficacious, this would be a great addition to any PC. And for the price, it's a bargain at that.

    ...more info
  • Using for Years
    I have been using this software for years. Works perfect for me. I've been using computers for nearly 25 years now. This is not a stand alone program. Works well with McAfee Suite. Also using RegCure and Diskeeper with Invisi Tasking which is a must. All programs with auto update.
    This is a great security program for your computer....more info
  • Excellent and little hassle
    Tired of the usual Norton and other bloated and useless security? This is a great alternative. I have used the free Zone Alarm firewall which is great, even better for the price, but I found had to be micromanaged too much. Although I can investigate and do know a little about what is going on under the hood I found PC Tools quiet mode a nice alternative. I have used AVG and that is great as well, in fact you can pretty much get everything you need for free on the web without really worrying about if it is good enough. AVG and Zone Alarm are proof of that, along with others. If you don't want to have to take the time to patch all that together and want a nice way to quietly take care of things without taking up computer resources then this is a great way to go. I have Vista and it works great with (I am ok with Vista, I mean I like XP better because overall more programs just work right out of the box with XP while with Vista there are always going to be questions even if the program says it will work that isn't always a guarantee) and I have not had any problems. (that I know about, ha, ha you never know until it is too late, right?) I like that it updates often, browser guard picks out the obvious but then again I am not into testing it further just when I am doing searches there are results that I wouldn't go to anyway that it picks out. Overall a great product....more info
  • Review from a non-techie, install a little aggravating
    I am pretty computer-use fluent but don't know a lot about the behind-the-scenes stuff. So, right out of the box I was irritated with the problems I had installing. I'm one who enjoys double-clicking the install icon, selecting a placement folder, agreeing to the terms of use, and letting it go to do its job. It should be that easy I think but it wasn't this time. I seemed to have some conflicts which weren't easily identified. I had to do some research to see how other people solved the same install problems (involving something called AVG) and after a couple crashes, and four re-boots, it was finally good to go. From opening the box to complete install, it took about 90 minutes.

    After that, I liked what I saw. I was mostly interested in features that would protect my IMs, firewall, ID theft, and the parental controls. It allows me to filter out certain content on the web and watch over my personal information, too. So far I like what it's doing in filtering out what my son is looking at on YouTube. That alone, is worth the $40 in my book. It seems pretty consistent, too, which differs from other control software I've tried that is more hit-or-miss on what it filters.

    Oh, and one of the best things I noticed is that it scans for viruses and other bad stuff VERY quickly. My computer is almost two years old and has a ton of stuff. I was using Norton and it seemed to take more than twice as long as PC Tools did. I hope that means it's just faster, not that it's missing stuff. It did find a few suspicious files and deleted them so I think it was doing what it was supposed to do....more info
  • Everything you could want
    I have to admit, I am really dissatisfied with how McAfee takes over my entire computer. So I gave two PC Tools products a try, and the results were very satisfying. Internet Security 2009 has been perfect so far at keeping my computer clean from any unwanted visitors. Really worth your time and money!...more info
  • Same as others with some problems
    This is an ok, all around security system for online computing. Overall is works just fine for security, but it isn't anything more than typical internet security that you can easily download (some for free). The good thing is that it is all in one system rather than having to download many different security programs. It contains: Spyware Doctor, Antivirus, Firewall Plus, Spam Monitor, Behavior Guard and 24/7 Free personal support. I didn't have any problems at all installing the program, but I am having a problem since installation with my computer trying to "memory dump". I contacted the support and haven't gotten an answer yet. It's been over a week and still no answer. I'm going to uninstall and reinstall to see if I can fix it that way. If you already have security, don't bother getting this...if you don't have security this will work, but watch out for the "dumping"...don't know if it is my computer only, but I never had an issue before installing this program.

    I have had to remove PC Tools Internet Security 2009 Version 6.0 from my computer. Customer service was not helpful at all...they were totally unable to repair problem with blue screening. After removal of program, computer running perfectly. ...more info
  • pc
    I have installed this product and the only change i see is it keeps asking the same questions over and over again. i don't believe it does much with satilite internet....more info
  • Nothing but frustration
    The computer I installed this on was a 2 year old laptop with 2gb ram and Intel Core 2 Duo processor using Windows XP. Installation went fine, which is good since I have installed, uninstalled, and re-installed the software 3 times. The problem I am having with it is when I start my computer nothing is responding. The cursor works, but I cannot open anything. Putting the cursor on the little Internet Security icon on the task bar, it either says "starting" or "stopped". Either way the computer needs to be restarted. Usually it would take 3-5 restarts to get the computer working. Once my computer was working the software was fine, and I think I might actually like it. I have no idea why this would happen, my computer starts up and runs fine with out PC Tools Internet Security. Currently I do not have the software on my computer. ...more info
  • Fairly Decent
    Though I prefer the Trend Micro security pack, I'd have to say that this one was pretty good as well. All the features have pretty much been covered, so I'll just say it's worth a look....more info