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ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.0)
List Price: $229.99

Our Price: $69.99

You Save: $160.00 (70%)


Product Description

The #1 selling contact and customer manager, ACT! helps individuals and small business owners work more effectively. With ACT!, you can easily access a complete, integrated view of your contact relationships, impress contacts with your follow-up, leave no task undone, and make informed decisions to advance your business.

Main Features

  • Manufacturer: The Sage Group plc
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ACTS2009RT
  • Manufacturer Website Address:
  • Product Type: Software
  • Software Sub Type: Contact Management
  • Software Name: ACT! by Sage 2009 v.11.0 - Complete Product
  • Platform Support: PC, Handheld
  • License Type: Complete Product
  • License Pricing: Standard
  • License Quantity: 1 User

  • Features:
    • The #1 selling contact and customer management solution for over 20 years
    • Easily access a complete, integrated view of your contact relationships
    • integrates with everyday solutions such as Microsoft Office

    Customer Reviews:

    • Return to the past...
      I bought and use ACT from version 2! I was and I m really enjoyed for the concept program which is really usuful,but from the version 6 they change the internal program language, and it was very very slow. I bought the up grade since V 7, but no really satisfed for the price we invest since the version 6,they are not spectacular modification in the speed, and the new possibilities are not as they promise in term of productivity. We prefer to use our version 6!.
      Ovoid to buy it, you will be disapointed for the speed, and try to buy an used V.6, best value price/possibilities! and for the price you install it in various machine...and when ACT Vxxxx will be really speed with major updates,you can always have the possibility to upgrade it for less money.Hope its help....more info
    • Slow & Slow
      Upgraded from ACT 6 after I kept losing lost contacts and couldn't sync with new Palm. Have 5000 contacts, don't use ACT email. It is slow and bloated. Bought 4 copies for our small office and haven't been able to sync them together yet even after spending 3 hours with our tech. Would not recommend....more info
    • Good Upgrade
      I was a faithful ACT! user, started out with ACT! for DOS! Kept upgrading until they came out with ACT! 2005. Words cannot express my frustration with ACT! 2005! I stayed away, until upgrades with other programs forced me to try ACT! 2009, and I am glad that I did. Well worth the money!...more info
    • Best version yet!
      I upgraded to Version 11 from Version 10. I had been having problem with 10 running on XP and with Outlook BCM. The upgrade was smooth and absolutely flawless. I have been using Act for about 12 years and see NO reason to switch. I highly recommend Act for new users as well as previous users or users of older versions....more info
    • Slow and bulky but full-featured
      I bought this product because Outlook 2007 didn't seem to have as much power and flexibility for business management. After installing Act 2009 and adding all of my contact data, I found it to be very sluggish on my dual-core, 2.2 ghz pentium laptop with 2 gb ram. There is quite a lag time between clicking a button and seeing the screen refresh.

      That being said, the software seems pretty powerful and customizeable, as it is built off a relational database. Integration with Outlook 2007 is good (you can sync your calendar and track messages send via outlook). However, I was sad to discover that you can't even get your Gmail via POP access using ACT because Act does not support the custom port numbers.

      I am sure I have not yet tapped into the full potential of this software, but I at least wanted to comment on the speed / performance.

      Outlook came out with Business Contacts Manager, which appears to give Act a run for its money. I will be trying that out next....more info
    • Ditto....this product s@#ks, big time
      I began using Act 1 more than a decade ago, and used it satisfactorily up to Act 6. We decided to move up to Act 2008 and it was the worst move ever. The conversion was terrible because they want to behave like Act 6 was from another planet. No integration, my notes and history didn't convert. The interfact to MS Word stinks. The product slow, is a CPU/memory hog. I uninstalled it, went back to ACT 6 and am now looking for a good, full featured alternative. Any suggestions?...more info
    • User review of ACT! by Sage 2009
      Great stand alone product. For links to other software - read the fine print very carefully. I use gmail which it doesn't link to well. I use Quickbooks 2008 which requires a completely separate software link....more info
    • The Best All-In-One Contact Relationship Management Software Available
      I have used this customer relationship and tracking software since the days of DOS. (Before "Windows" was available) It is - by far - the most user friendly way to handle most tasks associated with Client-Calendar-Email-Letter-Correspondence-Meeting-Telephone-Note Taking management program all in one interface. Also, it integrates with the Microsoft Office word and outlook perfectly....more info
    • Dissapointed
      This product did not offer an easy way to move contacts from an earlier version to this one. Some of the new features I like but it was not that big of an improvement to warrant the price. Would not buy again. I would switch back to xp and use the older version. ...more info
      I unfortunately started with ACT! 2006!, and upgraded from there one. Every year since then a new version came out at about $100+ for the upgrade, and instead of cutting my losses, I purchased each upgrade. about $800 dollars later, I've had enough. Please note that I have never written reviews, but became so jaded about this program that I felt I had no other choice. Also, please note that I use act on my computer and my assistants.

      This program is horrendous. It is extremely slow, crashes constantly, and has tons of error messages. I remember upgrading to 2009 just so that I could get another few months of tech support. It seemed as if the upgrade cost would make sense, considering their crappy support charges by the minute. Anyway it wasn't and now I am looking into getting my database converted (my biggest issues being the notes) at this I don't care how much I spend on the conversion, or even If I have to retype all my notes over. I hate this program, and will literally toss it out of my window as soon as I can. Trust me, look for an alternative. If you don't mind the effort, attempt in creating a database on filemaker, or just use outlook....more info