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Keurig B30 Mini Brewers
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  • Not sure how I lived without it...
    A guaranteed fresh, good tasting cup of coffee every single time makes this device worth itself and then some. No more messing with ground or arguing with my husband as to how strong to make the coffee. I have been buying k-cups via amazon with the subscribe and save discount and it makes them pretty affordable. I figured it out to be just over .40 a cup, which is about what I get from a bag of beans each week. I can run water through the stronger k-cups twice and still get a good cup of coffee. I'm having so much fun trying all the different flavors and brews. The machine itself is stylish, easy to use (took less than a minute to set up) and saves me the pains of making coffee when my eyes are half open and the kids are screaming for breakfast. I hope in the future the k-cups will be made of recyclable plastic -- I do have some small regrets about the amount of packaging/waste that is involved. ...more info
  • Skip the B30 and buy the B60
    I was looking for a single-serve coffee maker as I live in NYC, have limited space, and am the only coffee-drinker in the house. I loved the size of the B30 and the concept of it. I bought one and absolutely fell in love with the convenience. The coffee is a bit weaker than I like but the trade off in ease makes it worth it. I also liked that my 15-yr. old son could easily use it for tea and hot chocolate. But I didn't like this model. It's awkward to pour the water in, and a pain to do it each time. I returned it and bought the B60 and am so much happier. Even though I only make a cup a day, I love that the water reservoir of 48 oz. allows multiple cups without changing the water and you can see how much is left. You also have a choice on coffee sizes, and the LED screen let's you know when the coffee is ready to brew. It's a much better model and although it's bigger and about $65 more; it's worth it....more info
    This was one of my best purchases. You get great coffee all the time.Not too hot and not cold. Very economical and compact sturdy design. The only drawback is that the amount of water and coffe is measured--if you have a big cup you have to brew twice but a regular cup for me is enoough so I have no problem. I bought 2 units and gave one to my son....more info
  • Instant Gratification
    I have this brewing system and love it. Ordered one for a family member knowing she would too. Great way to make an excellent cup of coffee, tea or cocoa. ...more info
  • Great "second" K-cup brewer!
    After enjoying my full-size B60 at home for about a year now, I really wanted to get one for my office. However, I didn't see the need to buy another B60, or a B40 for that matter, since I'd only be using it a few times a week (I'm not "in" my office that much). Once I heard about the Mini 30, my curiosity was peaked.

    I think most negative reviews will be from people who plan on using this as their main K-cup brewer, and that's a shame, because this most certainly is not meant for that job. Reasons why:

    1) It has a long brew time (usually around 2 minutes for the 8 oz it holds) and has to be filled with water for each cup.
    2) It has only one cup size (8 oz).
    3) It has no adjustable temperature setting (but the default is perfectly fine at about 192 degrees).

    It has some odd quirks too. For example, there's a separate "power" button that's located quite distant from the "brew" button, and the unit will automatically turn itself off after brewing a cup. So for multiple cups, you have to turn it on, then after loading the k-cup and water, press brew. For each cup. Additionally, the light on the power button is not easy to see if the machine is below eye-level, so I have to squint to see if I pressed it on or not. A more powerful LED (like the blue ones on the B60) or a beeping noise might be helpful to know if it's on, or at least relocate the power button by the brew button!

    While not as heavy as, say, a Kitchen Aid mixer, it is quite well constructed. It doesn't have the metal trim of the B60, but chrome finished plastic for the handle on the head, and the grate for the overflow plate. The machine opens and closes with sturdy hinges, so it seems durable for the future. The size is great and the little beauty sits right on my desk with plenty of room for my computer monitor!

    Coffee tastes just as good as with my larger K-cup brewer, though with the smaller water volume the darker roasts have more "punch" - especially darker ones like Coffee People Black Tiger, and Caribou Coffee's Mahogany. I'm sticking mostly with medium roasts like CP Donut Shop and GM Nantucket Blend with good results.

    P.S. - While there's black and white versions on Amazon, you can get the cool "fire engine red" one is from Keurig direct :)...more info
  • Perfect gift IF you can part with it!
    You won't want to give this perfect little machine up but it really does make the perfect gift. Even non coffee drinkers will love the selection of hot chocolate and tea K-cups, or use it with a tea bag or instant soup as it gives hot hot water in under 3 minutes. It's going to cost less to run for most people, because you don't leave it on.
    At work, it's perfect. Fill it from a water bottle and it quietly brews. At home, I set up an office in the garage and will use it there, or maybe even upstairs ala hotel coffee. If I can't decide, guess what gift I'm hoping someone will give me this holiday! ...more info
  • Few tradeoffs for serious convenience
    I previously purchased a B40 for my office. The convenience and selection of coffees immediately made it a favorite among co-workers and myself. Of course this meant that I wanted one for home. One problem with the B40 is the noise. Not bad for an office environment but unforgivable first thing in the morning at home. When the B30 was announced and promised to be quieter, that was just what the doctor ordered. This thing is VERY quiet in comparison. I only drink one cup in the morning prior to going to work so the lack of a reservoir is not an issue. If you want multiple cups 30 seconds apart this is not the machine for you. If you don't mind the extra step of dumping a cup of water in a hole and waiting 2 1/2 minutes after you press the brew button (if you own the B40 you were already doing this when you turned the power on) then this machine is great. Oh, and the small footprint means you can be very flexible in where you decide to put it. No major concessions in the countertop usage arena. Bottom line, quiet convenience in a small package makes this a winner....more info
  • Great For Space or Trips!
    This item is the best for it's size. Been useing for 3 months now and cant complain about it at all. If you traval a lot then this is a must also!...more info
  • Ahhhhhh, Good Coffee
    We just bought this little coffee maker last week and I have to say I am impressed. My friend has the larger version but we didn't need another big coffee maker but this little gem is perfect for that cup of coffee you want to have during the day without making a full pot or heating up the bigger version.

    I love the selection of coffees, teas, and hot cocoas that you can use with this and I'm sure this will be a favorite in my house for a long time.

    I have tried some of the other single cup makers and let me tell you this is out surpasses them by a mile. You can't go wrong here....more info
  • Mini Keurig B30
    I really like the product. The only thing is that the water isn't as hot as I would like it. You need to be ready to start sipping/drinking your tea or coffee after it stops. Overall it's a keeper....more info
  • Mini Miracle
    My Keurig B-30 Mini is quick and clean. The selection of k-cups for it is diverse and and reasonably priced. I like the fact that there is nothing extra to wash -- just a coffee cup. The Mini doesn't take up much counter space and is light enough to pull out and push in....more info
    Here are the OBJECTIVE shortcomings of the B30 "entry level" Keurig (I cannot speak for its higher-priced brethren.)

    1) Like its rival Senseo [a MUCH more convenient machine], you need some serious vertical real estate to pop the top open. Which means sliding the machine to the front of your kitchen countertop so it can clear the cabinets above. You pour the water in, then slide it back. Fine - if you're not using the counterspace for anything else.

    2) The Keurig B30 heats its water to a whopping 160 degrees, not even close to an adequate brewing temperature (unless you're talking about tea.) Brew coffee into a room temperature mug, and you've got a 150 degree cup of coffee. Better drink it REALLY fast so it doesn't get cold. Like to add milk, you say? Uh-uh... unless you heat the milk first.

    3) It has an operating sequence that defies logic. If you don't follow it TO THE LETTER, the machine shuts downs, and you have to start over.

    4) The K-cups take up a LOT of cabinet space.

    Keurig is one of those darlings-of-the-month products that everyone just HAS to have. I know a LOT of folks who are all atwitter and goosebumply over these machines. But, much as I love them, most wouldn't know a good cup of coffee from a bowl of swill. These are the kind of people we all know who simply HAVE to have all the latest cool stuff... and the credit card debt to go with it. But I digress...

    If you want REAL convenience at a low cost, and don't mind a) a six ounce cup or b) using two pods and running the machine through two sequences for an American-sized cup, BUY A SENSEO. It's not quite as elegant as the Keurig (unless you buy the high-end model), but it heats to an honest 180 to 185 degrees; a blind man riding a horse backward could easily see that its easier to operate than the Keurig; and you can store at least a month's supply of pods in the space of a cereal box. ...more info
  • Keurig B30 a Big Hit
    I bought this as a gift for my wife. She is a teacher and took it to school so she can have a second morning cup of coffee. She loves it. She says that the coffee (or tea or hot chocolate) that she brews from it is as good as any she could buy from a coffee shop and much less expensive per cup. I didn't purchase the reusable basket, which allows you to use your own coffee. I will purchase it soon....more info
  • Love it.
    I love this product. I also like most of the K cups coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. (The Chai tea is a little bland, but all the others have been tasty and strong enough.) I have tried other single serving coffee makers and none can compare to this one. It's easy to use and brews quickly. I definitely recommend it. [I may buy one for my office too.] Great job Keurig!...more info
    Keurig B30 Mini Personal Single-Serve Brewing System, Black

    Quiet, HOT! (185 degree water teperature at the cup), beautifully designed,small counter profile. Just right for those on the run or brewing 1-4 coffee's a day.

    EXCELLANT!EXCELLANT!EXCELLANT! Thank you green Mountain Coffee Roasters/Keurig (GMCR)...more info
  • Very good just one thing..
    this should have come with a carring case. there's one available now but it'll put you out $20. They also need to make a hard shell to put this thing in. I didn't throw away the box because the box was/is designed to mold/hug the mini perfectly but is now falling apart(i.e. the box). Yes, the soft carrying case is nice but u need a hard shell if packing your car for a trip is tight. Otherwise this is a solid product...more info
  • Great Coffee Maker
    This coffee maker is just the right size if you want just 1 cup of coffee. YOu just get some water in your mug and pour it in the top. It's also nice and quiet.

    ...more info
  • Functionality Comes Up a Little Short
    The compact size saves counter space and the product is easy to use. It does brew coffee or tea quickly as advertised. I would recommend purchasing the optional basket for use with regular ground coffee.

    The product produces an eight ounce (actually less than that) cup of coffee. If you like a larger cup of coffee, you are out of luck because there is no way to add more water. The brew temperature is right for drinking immediately. So, you need to be ready to drink the brew immediately or it may be too cool to your liking. The K-Cups are plastic which probably isn't a good thing for the environment.

    Overall, it is an OK product but not great....more info
  • Perfect for my single-coffee drinker household.
    I'm not a coffee aficionado. The extend of my Starbucks customization is adding cinnamon to my latte. I do not know what the "perfect brew" temperature is, and I do not make fun of people for "not knowing what good coffee is."

    What I do know is - having received this as a gift, it serves my morning coffee needs perfectly.
    It fits on my counter with ample space above (I wonder how small people's kitchens are that don't have this space available), and it brews a perfectly hot cup of coffee. Temperature? No idea, but I can drink it and feel the heat without burning my tongue.

    Yes, the Senseo may be "better with storing the coffee packets" but I prefer the cups - which was excellent since the package sat in the rain before I got home.

    I'm the only coffee drinker in my house, but as they have tea and hot chocolate available I'll be looking into those for my wife while I enjoy my perfect cup of coffee (which I just made and am drinking right now).

    - It's hot. It's small. It's a 1-2-3 process to instant brew.

    - Maybe your cabinets are too low to your counter, and it won't fit when open :(
    - Maybe you desire an insanely open counter top, so it's small foot print isn't small enough.
    - Maybe you like burning your mouth when you drink coffee, so you constantly sip your coffee with a numb tongue, which you won't get from this.

    I love it, and it's damn perfect. If it was any better it'd have bluetooth so I could txt "brew" and it'd have my coffee by the time I walked in the kitchen....more info
  • Easy and Strong
    This product is amazing very easy to work thit is my first Keurig and i love it thanks...more info
  • Keurig Fan Through and Through!
    I am a little Keurig biased. I started with the B-60 in the house. Liked it so much there, I brought another one to work where we had a wonderful setup with 70 different boxes of coffee at any one time. It was like heaven on earth, but then the unthinkable happened. We moved offices. And we were not allowed to have our little coffee hub which we had grown to love! I had considered bringing the B-60 into my office, but thought that might attract too much in-out traffic, so I switched over to the B-30.

    It's been almost a month now and I've been very pleased. It's very green - it's only on long enough to brew the coffee and then automatically shuts off. Very office friendly. It takes a little longer to brew (which discourages in-out office traffic), but the water doesn't get stale. The only thing that I wasn't comfortable with was the price. It'd be a great little coffee maker for $50 or $60, but despite the high cost - like all my Keurigs, I love it. If you're in an office environment where you have to watch how much ampage you use, it's very ducky. Lives up to the Keurig name. And when the price drops from $90 to $50, it will be even better....more info
  • Perfect for my morning cup of coffee
    My parents gave me this for Christmas after I raved about using one in during a recent hotel stay, and as a graduate student, this is perfect for my lifestyle. I don't have the space on my countertop for a giant coffeemaker, and I don't want to mess with measuring and coffee grounds--which is especially annoying when you're doing it for one person for one cup of coffee. Also, most coffeemakers are much taller than this, so I had to slide them out from under my cabinets to pour in water. This actually fits without a problem (though I do pull it out anyway just so I can make sure I'm not overfilling it).

    I love this machine. I don't think it'd be the greatest idea for someone who drinks multiple cups of coffee in a single sitting, just because you'd have to refill the water reservoir between every single cup. It isn't hard to fill it though--I just use bottled water or a little measuring cup with a spout--and I've never spilled a drop. I also like the fact that it turns itself off immediately when it's done brewing--I don't have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. Of course, since it doesn't have a built-in cup warmer, that means you have to drink the coffee right away or it will get cold, so I wouldn't recommend setting it to brew and then going to take a 20-minute shower, but for someone who just wants one cup of coffee at a certain point in time, like with breakfast, it's really convenient.

    My only complaint is that the brewer requires a very specific size coffee mug. My travel mug does not fit there. The first three mugs I tried were too tall, too wide, or not large enough to meet the recommended 10 oz. size. This is a minor inconvenience though, easily solved with a $2 purchase of a new mug at the grocery store. All in all, especially with the different varieties of k-cups available online, this is a fabulous machine. It does make me want to accessorize it though--so far, I've bought the k-cup carousel, more k-cups, new mugs, and a battery-operated milk frother. ...more info
  • Mini Personal Keurig review
    We bought this as a gift for our busy daughter, and she absolutely loves it. She uses it every day, as it is just wonderful for a busy person on the go. She said also great for those stay home days, as quick and easy to use!!!

    Cheers, Katie...more info
  • Excellent
    The brewing system works great for an RV; nice size and you only have to make a single cup at a time; cups are a little expensive; we bought the single cup filter so we can use ground coffee---works great. I love the system....more info
  • Best coffee maker yet!
    Great product. Saves space and time. I make more coffee and tea now that it's quick and easy!...more info
  • cute and efficient
    I bought this coffee maker for my parents who have everything. The mini machine is cuter, cheaper and is just like the regular size machine. The directions were simple and it worked great the first time we tried it. Let's see how long it lasts. ...more info
  • Fulfills the need exactly!
    My husband and I are both coffee drinkers and have a regular 12 cup coffee maker for mornings, having guests, or when we both want a afternoon cup or two on the weekends. I'm an at-home wife and like to have a cup on my own in the afternoon during the week and really hated having to use (and then clean) the big coffee maker for just one cup of coffee - and I won't drink instant. I saw the B30 in the stores and asked for it for my birthday. I love it! Now I can pick out k-cup (of the assortment that it came with), pop it in and have my one cup of wonderful brewed coffee - no grounds to dump and filter to clean, no pot to wash out. I have friends who own the Senseo and I didn't like that you have to use 2 pods to get a decent sized cup of coffee and they tend to leak water out the back. I would highly recommend the Keurig B30 Mini. Takes up next to no room on the counter. If I had to come up with a complaint it would be that I can't get boxes of assorted kcups. I'd rather that than to have to decide on one or two brands and get whole boxes of just that one thing. ...more info
  • Pleased
    I recently purchased the Keurig B30 coffee maker. It makes great coffee one cup at a time. I am trying different coffees to see which I like. Bed, Bath, and Beyond carries the best selection in our area. But Target, BJ's and some of our local grocery stores also have the K-cups. I am really happy with the fresh taste, easy cleanup, and convenience of the Keurig....more info
  • Enjoying coffee in the office once again :-)
    For what it's worth, this is a great little machine. Having the B60 model at home, my suggestion would be to purchase the B30 as a 'side kick' for the office, your dorm room, or if you only drink coffee on special occassions. For those of you who are looking for a 'Mr. Coffee' replacement - I would recommend that you consider the B60 or a higher end model.

    This brewing system will produce 8 ounces of perfection each and every time. Take a moment to measure out 8 ounces in a cup before ordering (really). I think some of the disapointment with this product is that people have forgotten how much (or little) 8 ounces really is. For a large coffee mug, this will be a little more then half ways full. If this is a problem, go find a normal sized coffee cup ;-).

    Some have noted that at just 8 ounces, the extra bold K-Cups are often too strong. I think this is more of a personal preference. I enjoy my coffee black and my favorite K-Cup is the Green Mountain Dark Magic (Extra Bold). I don't find this to be too strong at all. However, if you're concerned about purchasing a big box of K-Cups that you may or may not like - keep in mind that the B30 model comes with two variety packs to get you started (mine came with samples of coffee (flavored and non-flavored), teas and one hot chocolate.

    The brew time does take about 3 minutes but I hardly consider that to be a problem. I start a cup, check my email, and voila - my coffee is ready. With its small footprint, it fits perfectly on my desk without getting in the way. I've demonstrated for my co-workers how to operate it and keep a box of assorted coffee's nearby to share. It's just a real quick and convenient way to enjoy 'great tasting' coffee once again, without the hassle of running out for a cup of joe first thing in the morning or mid-ways through the day :-).
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    I bought this coffee maker for my husband. He is the only one that drinks coffee at home, and barely a cup a day. He loves this product. It is easy to use and clean. I also bought the replacement cup, and he can brew his own coffee, not just the pods provided. Great Item!...more info