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Garmin nvi 500 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator
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Product Description

The Garmin nuvi 500 will guide you while you drive, hike, bike or boat. Go sightseeing with geotagged images from Garmin Connect Photos or see your terrain with the digital elevation model basemap. The nuvi 500 comes preloaded with highly detailed City Navigator North America NT Lower 48 States plus topographic maps for the U.S. The preloaded map data features millions of points of interest, including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs and attractions. The map data is provided by NAVTEQ, a world leader in premium-quality mapping. Geocaching, including Wherigo Platform player Built-in DEM Basemap (Digital Elevation Model) 3.5 QVGA color antiglare TFT with white Backlight Touchscreen Display - 320 x 240 Pixels User replaceable lithium-ion battery - up to 8 hours depending on use Dimensions - Width 4.21 x Height 3.35 x Depth 0.9 (10.7x8.5x2.3cm) Weight - 7.6 ounces (215 grams)

  • High-Sensitivity GPS Receiver For Improved Performance And Reception
  • Built-In 3D Basemap
  • Includes Built-In Lower 48 Us States Topographic Maps
  • 3.5-Inch Display, 320 X 240 Pixels
  • Easy Touch-Screen Interface

Customer Reviews:

  • The neat Garmin Nuvi 500
    The Nuvi 500 is exactly what I thought it would be. I hike the hills alot and the topo maps are okay. My friend bought the extra maps for Colorado and Utah and there IS a big difference in quality. Had to download the, "Speaks street names" because it was not in the Nuvi 500. The battery does not last 8 hours as indicated in the specs so I bought another one for the trails....more info
  • My review
    Water-resistant. Mode changes(walk/drive/bike). Custom routes. Large catalog of retail, etc. Did not use maps(paper)on recent trip!...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 500
    I use this on the road and trails. Still need to learn other features but do far I love it!...more info
  • Excellent unit.. but know something about map updates
    The Nuvi 500 (vs. the 550) has TOPO maps of the US. Great, but this creates an issue when Garmin releases new maps for their GPSes. The 2010 maps for this will not be available until summer, and if the included 2009 maps are any indication, they may be out of date compared to the standard 2010 maps for their other units. For example, in Milwaukee a major construction for the interstates is completed and included with the 2009 maps for the rest of the GPS line, but it is NOT in the 2009 map version for the Nuvi 500. There is also debate on if Garmin's Lifetime mapping program will be available for this.

    If you do not need the TOPO maps, and want more up to date maps, you may want to get the Nuvi 550....more info
  • Great All Around GPS
    I bought this to replace an aging and Dying Quest 2 GPS. I was glad that Garmin came out with an all around GPS in the NUVI line. I use it for on and off road navigating and Geocaching. This work excellent for on road mapping. Especially if you downlad the update then it will give voice turns by street name. I also was able to download and use maps for a recent trip to Russia. Where we used it to navigate the street of Moscow. The ability to download pictures and navigate to them is also very useful for sightseeing. Overall a great GPS. I would like an electronic compass and some sort of lanyard clip but other than that I no complaints....more info
  • Not bad, but not all good either.
    This unit is fairly nice, but its more of an on-the-road GPS. It has a terrific 3D view and works well at guiding you down the road. It does lack any way of holding it when in the back country though, and has no screen lock for when you throw it in your backpack, so the touch screen goes nuts while in the pack. It also only comes with the 1:100K TOPO's which are about as useless as they get in the woods, and at the moment Garmin has no TOPO 1:24K maps for the NorthEast, and you have to purchase those separately. There is support for Raster images, but no way to create Raster Maps, which would be a major plus if we could load on USGS 24K maps, which are superior to the ones Garmin uses. I also found the Address lookup ability, which a GPS unit should excel at, was quite useless. There just isnt enough addresses in the unit, it has serious troubles when looking up small towns addresses. I have a legal address and zip code and it refuses to accept it. It will suggest the next town over, or a location several miles from my home, and this is normal for all Garmin's. I find this annoying, because like I said, this should be its strong suit, it is a GPS unit afterall.

    I did find some custom made 1:24K maps online, and they are pretty good, but no where near as good as the USGS. Its a good unit, but they didnt think it thru very well, maybe the next generation of this unit will fair better.

    Things that need to be changed or added:
    1) Should come with 1:24K Maps
    2) They need to get the Raster ability working so we can load USGS 1:24K
    3) Address lookups need to be updated/expanded and more accurate(This is a real let down right now)
    4) Needs a place to hookup up a strap so you have a way to secure it while carrying it around.
    5) Desperately needs a Screen Lock, even Garmin's vehicle units have this, but a Cross-Over unit that spends its time in the woods/backpacks doesnt?
    6) Should be smaller, its just a little to large to carry around or hold.(Maybe adding the ability to turn the unit and have the screen view turn with you, its easier to hold the unit the long way)...more info
  • Great Product for the dollar
    This nuvi is a great deal and if it had a wider screen it would get a 5 stars from me. I like the fact that it goes right into navigating once it's turned on and that it's waterproof. It takes about a min or so without touching anything to start navigating, but if you're in a rush and need to see where you going just push view map. My nuvi 660 you have to touch view map everytime, it also cost me $800+ 2yrs ago. The prices are much more reasonable on GPS units now days so this is a great deal.

    Cons: No bluetooth, Screen size
    Pros: Great options in menu, easy to use, great for first timers, good price....more info
  • garmin GPS
    Pretty good unit. A little hard to hang on to if used by hand. Added price of lake maps is out of line. Goecaching...haven't tried yet, but the download was easy and entry of coordinates very easy. All in all, I am very pleased with the purchase....more info
  • Great GPS and Features
    Works great right out of the box.
    I use mine on a motorcycle, so the waterproof feature was what I needed but did want to spend the money for a Zumo.
    There are better GPS units out there, but cost more, and this one does everything I need it to....more info
  • Rugged
    IT has survived leaving my bike twice and landing on the road. The trim piece has broken but it still functions perfectly....more info
    I love my new Garmin. It is the first GPS I have ever purchased. I bought it mainly to geocache and it has been pretty good to me. It's great because it is quick to transition from either driving to hiking mode. Love the touch screen....more info
  • Good but not what I expected
    Good GPS but not what I expected. Screen is small and moving to different sections of the map is difficult. As I said good but I expected more. ...more info