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Looney Tunes: Golden Collection, Vol. 6
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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 10/21/2008

Fifteen cartoons dating from World War II give Volume 6 of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection more focus than previous sets. Many of the 1940's cartoons remain very funny. Bugs Bunny dresses up as Brunnhilda and rides in to the strains of "Tannhauser" in "Herr Meets Hare" (1945), a gag Chuck Jones re-used to greater effect in "What's Opera, Doc" a dozen years later. In "Russian Rhapsody" (1940) some of the gremlins who sabotage Hitler's bomber are caricatures of the Warner Bros. artists. Chuck Jones appears as a chunky, pinkish-tan homunculus swinging a mallet; Friz Freleng is a little green man with a saw-like nose. Younger viewers may find the references to wartime shortages puzzling--or fail to recognize the caricatures of Hermann Goering, Hideki Tojo and Joseph Stalin. Some of the other cartoons can still bring down the house, including "Satan's Waitin'" (1954), in which Sylvester manages to lose all nine of his lives in pursuit of Tweety, and "Bear Feat" (1949), another exercise in futility for Jones' Three Bears. The early musicals featuring Bosko, Foxy (or Freddy Fox) and Buddy have not aged well. Created by Hugh Harman and Rudy Ising, these characters were modeled on Felix the Cat and Mickey Mouse, but lack charm and personality. Some more recent films reveal how social attitudes have changed. "Wild Wife," a spoof of a suburban housewife's tribulations, may have seemed hilarious in 1954; today, it's just a laundry list of sexist gags. Like the previous installments, Volume 6 comes loaded with extras. The rarest are five shorts Friz Freleng directed at MGM in 1938. Producer Fred Quimby lured Freleng away from Warner Bros.--only to insist he adapt the comic strip "The Captain and the Kids," Rudolph Dirks' version of "The Katzenjammer Kids." Freleng correctly predicted the films would flop as the characters were "the meanest little bastards in the world," and soon returned to Warners. (Unrated, suitable for ages 6 and older: cartoon violence, ethnic stereotypes, mild risqu¨¦ humor, alcohol & tobacco use) --Charles Solomon

(1. Hare Trigger, 2. To Duck or Not to Duck, 3. Birth of a Notion, 4. My Little Duckaroo, 5. Crowing Pains, 6. Raw! Raw! Rooster! 7. Heaven Scent, 8. My Favorite Duck, 9. Jumpin' Jupiter, 10. Satan's Waitin', 11. Hook Line and Stinker, 12. Bear Feat, 13. Dog Gone South, 14. A Ham in a Role, 15. Often an Orphan, 16. Herr Meets Hare, 17. Russian Rhapsody, 18. Daffy the Commando, 19. Bosko the Doughboy, 20. Rookie Revue, 21. The Draft Horse, 22. Wacky Blackout, 23. The Ducktators, 24. The Weakly Reporter, 25. Fifth Column Mouse, 26. Meet John Doughboy, 27. Hollywood Canine Canteen, 28. By Word of Mouse, 29. Heir Conditioned, 30. Yankee Dood It, 31. Congo Jazz, 32. Smile Dam Ya, Smile! 33. The Booze Hangs High, 34. One More Time, 35. Bosko's Picture Show, 36. You Don't Know What You're Doin'! 37. We're in the Money! 38. Ride 'em Bosko, 39. Shuffle Off to Buffalo, 40. Bosko in Person, 41. The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon, 42. Buddie's Day Out, 43. Buddie's Beer Garden. 44. Buddie's Circus, 45. A Cartoonist's Nightmare, 46. Horton Hatches the Egg, 47. Lights Fantastic, 48. Fresh Airedale, 49. Chow Hound, 50. The Oily American, 51. It's Hummer Time, 52. Rocket Bye Baby, 53. Goo Goo Goliath, 54. Wild Wife, 55. Much Ado About Nutting, 56. The Hole idea, 57. Now Hear This, 58. Martian Through Georgia, 59. Page Miss Glory. 60. Norman Normal)

Customer Reviews:

  • Greate war time shorts
    This collection includes some great war time shorts, enough to make it well worth buying however it dose include some of looney tunes less interesting shorts but i highly recommend theses to a looney tune fan as well as any one intrested in WWII propaganda some other phenomenal WWII cartoons include Walt Disney on the Front lines is definitely surpasses the looney tune War time shorts and Popeye vol 3 1941- 1943 which include Popeyes war efforts all three sets make for amazing television this is a great looney tunes collection but not the best out of all six available volumes...more info
  • Highly Entertaining
    This collection of cartoons will entertain anyone between the ages of 5 and 95, as they embody something for everyone, and are fairly intelligent, so as to allow adults and children to be equally mesmerized. If one loves the sixties, this set will please, equally so for anyone with a dispososition toward the fifties; the themes are sometime innocent and pure, and sometimes quite tongue and cheek, if not outright pleasantly sarcastic, overall, these are remarkably entertaining....more info
  • Rare cartoons & TV specials in the bonus material!
    If the previously listed cartoons are not enough, there are more in the BONUS section, including some B&W MGM cartoons directed by Friz Freleng!

    Disc 1: Looney Tunes All Stars
    Hare Trigger Commentary by Greg Ford
    Birth of a Notion Commentary by Mark Kausler
    My Favorite Duck Commentary by Jerry Beck
    Music Only Tracks
    Raw! Raw! Rooster
    Jumpin' Jupiter
    Rabbit Rampage
    Boyhood Daze
    The Looney Tunes Television Specials
    Bugs Bunny in King Arthur's Court [1978 WBTV special]
    Daffy Duck's Easter Eggcitement [1980 WBTV special]
    Bonus Cartoons
    Sniffles Takes a Trip [1940 WB cartoon]
    Hippety Hopper [1949 WB cartoon]
    Rabbit Rampage [1955 WB cartoon]
    Boyhood Daze [1957 WB cartoon]

    Disc 2: Patriotic Pals
    Herr Meets Herr Commentary by Greg Ford
    Russian Rhapsody Commentary by Mark Kausler
    The Draft Horse Commentary by Greg Ford
    Fifth Column Mouse Commentary by Jerry Beck
    Music Only Track
    Yankee Dood It
    Friz Freleng at MGM
    Poultry Pirates [1938 MGM cartoon]
    A Day at the Beach [1938 MGM cartoon]
    The Captain's Christmas [1938 MGM cartoon]
    Seal Skinners [1939 MGM cartoon]
    Mama's New Hat [1939 MGM cartoon]
    Bonus Cartoons
    The Fighting 69 1/2th [1941 WB cartoon]
    Hop and Go [1943 WB cartoon]
    Confusions of a Nutsy Spy [1943 WB cartoon]

    Disc 3: Bosko, Buddy and Merrie Melodies
    Shuffle Off to Buffalo Commentary by Historian Jerry Beck
    A Cartoonist's Nightmare Commentary by Historian Jerry Beck
    The World of Leon Schlesinger
    Introduction by Martha Sigall and Jerry Beck
    Crying for the Carolines [1930 WB short]
    Haunted Gold Title Sequence
    Schlesinger Productions Christmas Party with Optional Commentary by Martha Sigall and Jerry Beck
    Bonus Cartoons
    I Love a Parade [1932 WB cartoon]
    I Like Mountain Music [1933 WB cartoon]
    Sittin' on a Backyard Fence [1933 WB cartoon]
    How Do I Know It's Sunday [1934 WB cartoon]

    Disc 4: Most Requested Assorted Nuts (One-Shots)
    Fresh Airedale Commentary by historian Greg Ford
    The Hole Idea Commentary by animator Mark Kausler
    Alternate Audio Programs
    The Hole Idea Music Only Track
    Martian Through Georgia Music Only Track
    Punch Trunk Music and Effects Track
    Wild Wild World Music Only Track
    Bonus Documentary
    Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices (70 mins.)
    Bonus Cartoons
    Sleepy Time Possum [1951 WB Cartoon]
    Punch Trunk [1953 WB Cartoon]
    Wild Wild World [1960 WB Cartoon]
    Bartholomew versus the Wheel [1964 WB Cartoon]
    ...more info
  • Not quite as looney this time, but....
    Actually it's more like three and a half stars for me. Of course the Looney Tunes deserve every bit of love and legendary status they've recieved over generations, but nearly half of Vol. 6 in this series is given over to material that is mainly of interest to collectors and historians, and the overall entertainment value is somewhat diminished.
    Problem no.1 is disc 3 of the set, devoted entirely to the Buddy and Bosco cartoons made before the classic period. The studio had not found its own voice yet, and for the most part these shorts are obvious rips of early Walt Disney. Film buffs will want these in their collection, but there is none of the personality or biting wit that Warner toons would later be known for.
    Problem no.2 : Disc 2 consists of 12 wartime propoganda toons, and 3 educational shorts apparently meant for students of economics. That's right, folks - one week before the historic Wall Street meltdown, Warners releases its films of world-class moron Elmer Fudd teaching the wonders of our financial investment system to a stubborn old man, a bunch of elves, and a slobbering cat. Isn't irony wonderful?
    O.K., that's the beef- now for the good stuff. Disc one is another non-stop roaring fun-fest with all the your favorite characters from the golden age represented. But the real treat here is the incredible selection of one-shot, oddball masterpieces on disc 4. These rarities, requested by fans, represent Warner animation at its absolute peak of creativity. One of the most noteworthy is "Now Hear This", a wordless gem of playful surrealism. But the most startling short of all is saved for last. "Norman Normal" is such a stunning contast to the conservative, never-question-authority tone of the WWII shorts, it's hard to believe it was made by the same studio. Norman, a decent, eager office worker, is conflicted by the greed, dishonesty and corruption of his boss, and dismayed by the narrow-minded superficiality of his peers. And in a total reversal from the racial stereotypes Warners is constantly apologizing for, Norman walks out of a party after being repulsed by an obvious ethnic joke!! Clearly, the studio had embraced the attitude changes of the time. While it was believed that Warner toons were in decline in the 60's, this slice of social commentary shows that the studio was willing to take creative risks right up to the end, and finishes the Golden series on a high note.
    And that's the story. For me and other fanatics, the best parts of this set are indispensible. But if you're a casual fan, it's your call if a half-looney set is worth your $60....more info
  • Classics Delivered
    Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 6 is better than Volume 5. And 4, 3, and 2. Why? (And why not better than Volume 1?) Because Warner Home Video has continued to provide rarer and more out of the ordinary cartoons, well organized and well commented, with each successive volume. They will have a hard time beating Volume 1 because it was all new and frankly exciting to dive into, but they're getting closer and closer with every volume.

    This is a wonderful chance to see very uncommon cartoons in their original form. I haven't found one that was in the old "heavy rotation" Saturday morning lineup when I was a kid, though I have seen a few of them in other collections.

    In short, if you like Warner's cartoons at all, you'll love this one....more info
  • Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol.6
    This is a great selection of vintage cartoons.
    It contains both black & white and color material....more info
  • End of the golden collection
    What's the betting that the new packaging coming next year will include a few new cartoons mixed with cartoons collected in the Golden Collection?...more info
    From what others have said, this looks to be the final "GOLDEN COLLECTION" for WB cartoons. The good news is that more toons are being planned to be released, but under a different title.

    I haven't seen this particular set yet, but can anyone TRULY give these "Golden Collections" anything LESS than 5 stars? Year-after-year they have been truly amazing. Not only with the great job WB has done in cleaning up each cartoon, but with all the extras they've provided as well.

    But how can you NOT include in a "Golden Collection" the likes of Sniffles, including that great one where he waits up for Santa to come at Christmas time? And how about the two dogs that visit the "home of the future" and pretty much get into all kinds of trouble with the robot-vac and more? And how about the little minah(sp)-bird that comes out of the top-hat? Or the classic "I ONLY HAVE ICE FOR YOU?" Or the classic one with the chick named Toots that can't eat the worm because "he looks too much like Frankie Sinatra"?

    There are MANY great cartoons left to be seen. Let's hope WB doesn't forget about them. And like someone else said, let's hope that if they ARE released in future sets, that WB doesn't "fill" the set with toons already released in prior "Golden Collections".

    I'm looking forward to this set. Like I said, let's hope WB gives us a lot more to look forward to, especially of the toons we all know and love....more info
    What a disappointment. If I want a study in early black and white cartoons I will buy the Disney MICKEY MOUSE BLACK AND WHITE set. At least they were honest. This Looney Tunes set features an entire disc of black and white very unfunny cartoons. I didn't mind that in earlier sets they featured a few early black and white Porky Pig...but these are the very very early Bosco, etc. Come on guys....what happened to ROAD RUNNER, BUGS BUNNY, SPEED GONZALAS, etc? I can see what Warner is trying to do....stretch out their library so they can go up to VOLUME 100. At least Disney broke their sets out - DONALD DUCK SET, MICKEY MOUSE SET, GOOFY SET, PLUTO SET, ETC. Come on Warner....lets get more of the good are going to make enough money with the 100's of quality Mel Blanc cartoons to keep em coming for the next few years. ...more info
  • Th, th, th, th, that's not all folks at all!!
    Sufferin Succotash!! The finale golden collection, but hakuna matata (whoops pardon me wrong studio) it was said on that the looney tunes will be back in 2009, but probably in a different set. Besides, they fi ah say they finally included two foghorn leghorn cartoons among other things and whatever else is included on the DVD is what it is. Beggers can't be choosers.

    So play it again warners, that's not all folks!!

    I finished viewing it and it was great, but of course, could be better I was really impressed by the fact that you did not have to sit through those boring disclaimers they give you the option to skip them which works for me. However, I wish they included more foghorn among other things, but lets see what turns out next year....more info
  • Back in Time
    Most of the collection was alright but Bosco wasn't our favorite and these collections are still seriously lacking the road runner and coyote. Also we would like to see more sheepdog which so far has been very few. Please give us an entire disc of road runner/coyote and sheepdog!...more info
    Disc One: Looney Tunes All Stars
    1. Hare Trigger
    2. To Duck or Not to Duck
    3. Birth of a Notion
    4. My Little Duckaroo
    5. Crowing Pains
    6. Raw! Raw! Rooster!
    7. Heaven Scent
    8. My Favorite Duck
    9. Jumpin' Jupiter
    10. Satan's Waitin'
    11. Hook Line and Stinker
    12. Bear Feat
    13. Dog Gone South
    14. A Ham in a Role
    15. Often an Orphan

    Disc Two: Patriotic Pals
    1. Herr Meets Hare
    2. Russian Rhapsody
    3. Daffy the Commando
    4. Bosko the Doughboy
    5. Rookie Revue
    6. The Draft Horse
    7. Wacky Blackout
    8. The Ducktators
    9. The Wekaly Reporter
    10. Fifth Column Mouse
    11. Meet John Doughboy
    12. Hollywood Canine Canteen
    13. By Word of Mouse
    14. Heir Conditioned
    15. Yankee Dood it

    Disc Three: Bosko Buddie and Merrie Melodies
    1. Congo Jazz
    2. Smile Dam Ya, Smile!
    3. The Booze Hangs High
    4. One More Time
    5. Bosko's Picture Show
    6. You Don't Know What You're Doin'!
    7. We're in the Money!
    8. Ride 'em Bosko
    9. Shuffle Off to Buffalo
    10. Bosko in Person
    11. The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon
    12. Buddie's Day Out
    13. Buddie's Beer Garden
    14. Buddie's Circus
    15. A Cartoonist's Nightmare

    Disc Four: Most Requested Assorted Nuts
    1. Horton Hatches the Egg
    2. Lights Fantastic
    3. Fresh Airedale
    4. Chow Hound
    5. The Oily American
    6. It's Hummer Time
    7. Rocket Bye Baby
    8. Goo Goo Goliath
    9. Wild Wife
    10. Much Ado About Nutting
    11. The Hole idea
    12. Now Hear This
    13. Martian Through Georgia
    14. Page Miss Glory
    15. Norman Normal

    PLUS fifteen other shorts yet to be announced! Although this is the last in the Golden Collection series don't despair; WB has many more on the way under different titles. My personal favorite is Punch Trunk about a miniature elephant that hitchiked in a bunch of bananas and wound up in the city and appeared virtually everywhere and blasted the skies with his tiny elephant noise, incl one man's bird bath!
    Martian Through Georgia is fabulous about a lonely Martian who comes to earth searching for companionship and tries desperately to fit in but no matter what he does, people still see him as a monster and tell him to go home! Monster go home! Tearfully he does and finds love on his own planet.
    Now Hear This is very surreal and is told with sound and picture a la Gerald Mc Boing Boing, just wonderful to see and hear.
    Cannot WAIT until october! I already ordered it! God Bless Chuck Jones!...more info
  • Filling in the history
    I have to admit, few of these `toons bring my childhood favorites back to life. To make up for that lack, this collection includes material that I don't recall seeing before, and that I found very informative.

    The big surprise was "Horton Hatches the Egg," a Dr. Seuss story in animation. If you don't like Dr. Seuss - well, I guess I don't know why you're watching cartoons at all, then. Collaboration with the good doctor made that an instant classic. Pieces from the WWII era stand out, too. That was the last war with such high civilian support and involvement. As a result, it's no surprise that the animation industry supported the effort, bringing its own brand of ridicule to the patriotic (or propagandistic) effort. I'm not a WWII historian, so one feature did surprise me. Russian leaders, when Russia and the US fought a common foe, got much more favorable press than they did once the cold war started, a few years later. A few zealous paeans to capitalism also took my by surprise - I'll have to check the dates, but they might have come from the early days of the communist menace, as indoctrination into the Us side of Us vs. Them.

    As always in these Golden Collections, the extras are worth watching. Each disk offers a few short cartoons in the extras, in addition to the main program. Perhaps they had been in the main program until some marketer decided the extras section needed padding; perhaps they really represent a lower but still worthwhile standard of entertainment. Interviews and commentaries round out these discussions - not for everyone, perhaps, but certainly a treat for some viewers. I can't say this is my favorite among the Golden Collection series, but it still belongs in any `toon-loving household.

    -- wiredweird ...more info
  • What about Tex Avery
    I'm kind of sad that this is the last WB golden collection...although the cartoons on here are really cool,especially the war time cartoons,most of which are too P.I. for todays television,and some which feature Adolf Hitler being spoofed,I'm also happy that they finally decided to put the earliest WB cartoons like "smile darn ya smile" and the bosko stuff ,the only thing that bothers me about this collection (and the last 5 volumes) is the lack of Tex Avery cartoons and the fact that there hasn't been a spotlight disc on his cartoons,each of the past volumes had a disc dedicated to a WB director,unfortuantly no Tex Avery disc,now this could be either bad news or good news,they may think that his stuff is too P.I. and decide NEVER to release them,(which would be the bad news,of course)OR maybe they are planning a Tex Avery Box set,which I hope is the case here,they released the Droopy set but I want to see a box set of his WB and MGM cartoons released.maybe a 4 disc WB set with 60 cartoons then a 4 disc MGM set with 60 cartoons,(with no droopy).......more info
  • Not so much Bugs Bunny this time, but....
    I've bought all of these collections over the years, and was saddened to hear that they're not doing any more Golden Collections (hope they do more collections, there are still hundreds of shorts not yet available on DVD). My only complaint, and it's a minor one: I was never a big fan of the Buddy or Bosko shorts, and I feel like Warners really didn;t come into their own until later in the 30s with the introduction of Daffy and Porky, and ultimately Bugs Bunny. There are lots of these Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts that I'm still waiting for on DVD and I just hope that Warners will release them in a similar 4-disc format. The six collections they've released to date have been great; some long-awaited cartoons seeing the light of day...and I know, I've said on these posts before, they couldn't possibly put ALL the best cartoons out in one set, they made far too many for that. I only hope they'll keep 'em coming. I'll buy 'em for sure! I'd like to see another collection with more of the Road Runner too (my two cents there). Get it, it's worth your time & money...enjoy...more info
  • Truly Classic
    After years of political correctness, here are the looney tunes in all their original glory. They are a part of our history which show the thinking of the times, and it's great to see the WWII cartoons fully restored. I'm not as into the Bosko cartoons (the very original ones) but it was interesting to see the development of the technique that the animators had as they progressed on. All in all, it's an equal to the other five volumes (which I've purchased as well!) Enjoy....more info
  • Great cartoons!
    The cartoon selections in this set are great. I can't wait to buy this. Good job, WB!! Keep 'em coming....more info
  • A real mixed bag of cartoons
    This set includes the familiar "Looney Tune All-Stars" disc, which usually has the most variety. However, it also has a disc of the earliest Looney Tune cartoons, those from the early 30's that often use tunes from WB feature length films as themes to build the cartoon around. For example, "I Love a Parade" was written to popularize the now-forgotten WB pre-coder "Manhattan Parade". Ironically, all of the music was excised from Manhattan Parade and the cartoon winds up being more musical than the film it was supposed to parody.
    Also different this year, we get a disc of cartoons with patriotic themes. We've had some of these before, but not a whole disc devoted to it, and not one that mixes MGM cartoons with the WB ones.
    Finally, there is an "Assorted Nuts" disc that has some greatly requested entries on it. I'm looking forward to the 70 minute documentary on Mel Blanc. There have been features on Mel Blanc on the previous Golden Collections, but none that was this long. All in all, a worthy tribute to the Looney Tunes and the final entry in this series. However, as others have mentioned, there will be more MGM and WB cartoons coming, just in a different series and hopefully with as high a quality as we've gotten over the last six years with the Golden Collection series....more info
  • Some truly great cartoons, but a lot of filler too.
    There are some really great cartoons in this set, especially the one-shots like Rocket-Bye Baby, Wild Wife, Chow Hound, The Hole Idea, etc. Unfortunately, WB has continued their trend of adding filler cartoons that they began with volume 3 of this line. A whole disc devoted to Bosko and Buddy is inexcusable in the last set of a collection that has snubbed Foghorn Leghorn and Pepe LePew (and where's Hippity Hopper and Sylvester Jr? - one unrestored bonus cartoon doesn't cut it). So buy this if you're a WWII buff or a completist, otherwise stick with the Spotlight Collection to avoid wasting your money on a whole disc full of Bosko and Buddy cartoons....more info
  • Looney Tunes-Volume 6
    The Looney Tunes Golden Collection is awesome! I started watching Looney Tunes when I was a small kid. Now, I'm a big kid (51 years young) and I love those cartoons more than ever....more info
  • Those genius Looney Tunes.
    Classic cultural icon, these Looney Tune creations - likely never to be matched !
    My generation is extremely lucky to have grown up with this wonderful entertainment, this Saturday morning friend of all ! I still enjoy these cartoons immensely, perhaps even more, today.
    What Baby Boomer, world wide, didn't love this whole spectacular thing - the Looney Tune & Walt Disney bubble ?
    One of the better references of all the good things we of that generation experienced !! Simple,witty, and fun .... unlike today's style of noisy, boring, complicated and trashy form of so-called cartoon !
    Chuck Jones et al ...please return to us !!
    ...more info