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Belkin Wireless N 4-Port Router
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Product Description

Connecting the Belkin N Wireless Router to your cable or DSL modem lets you share your broadband Internet account with all your networked computers. The N wireless router uses draft 802.11n technology and Intelligent MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) spatial multiplexing techniques which greatly increases speed, coverage, and the reliability of the wireless network. N wireless router offers a quick and efficient way for people to distribute music, photos, and files among the networked computers in their home.

The Belkin N Wireless Router uses the Wireless N protocol to provide an ultra-fast and reliable wireless network for your apartment or office. Offering outstanding performance, this router can handle the most demanding tasks, letting you stream HD video at the same time your kids are playing online games and sharing photos with their friends.

The Belkin Wireless N Router:
  • Creates a Wireless-N network with up to a 1200-foot range and 300Mbps data throughput.
  • Is backward compatible with Wireless-G and 802.11b networks.
  • Has four 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports for wired connections.

Wireless-N offers up to 300 Mbps wireless speeds for bandwidth-intensive users. View larger.

The router also includes four wired Ethernet ports. View larger.
Smart Design with Wired and Wireless Connections
The Wireless N Router has a striking, vertical enclosure that is both handsome and space efficient. The two built-in external antennas provide a wireless range of up to 1,200 feet and easily covers an apartment or small office. Six LEDs for Security, Wireless, Wired, Router, Modem, and Internet let you know the status of your network at a glance, making it easy to troubleshoot any problems.

Wireless N uses the latest 802.11n Draft 2.0 technology, offering better range and throughput than 802.11g and 802.11b networks. By using smart MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) antenna technology, the range of a Wireless N network is extended and can blanket a large home.

With wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps, you won't be waiting for videos to buffer or music to download because your children are playing online games. Wireless N provides more than enough bandwidth to make crystal-clear Internet phone calls, transfer a large amount of photos, and stream movies to your computer without any lag or hiccups.

You can also share networked peripherals such as a Wi-Fi printer, hard drives, and DVDs. If you have some computers that use the older wireless standards, they'll still work because the Wireless N router is backwards compatible with 802.11g and 802.11b devices (though they won't connect at the same blistering speed). For maximum speed and range, Belkin's N Wireless USB Adapter, Notebook Card, and ExpressCard adapter are recommended.

In addition to Wireless N, the router also has four 10/100 Ethernet ports at the back, giving you the option to plug in for a steady and secure, fast connection running at up to 100Mbps.

Thanks to the strong built-in security, including support for WPA, WPA2, Wi-Fi Protected Setup, and 64-and 128-bit WEP encryption, you will be protected from hackers and intruders trying to gain access to your sensitive files. Setting up security is simple, too: just push the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button located on the front of the router. The router also supports VPN for making secure connections between home and office.

Easy to Set Up
Belkin designed the Wireless N Router to be as simple to use as possible. Simply connect your wireless router to your cable or DSL modem, plug the router in, and connect your computer to the router. That's it. To help monitor your network performance and usage, the router includes Personal Network Assistant software, which runs on Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X 10.4/10.5.

The Belkin N Wireless router is backed by a 1-year warranty and includes free 24/7 technical support.

What's in the Box
N Wireless Router, quick installation guide, Personal Network Assistant CD, user manual on CD, power supply, RJ45 Ethernet networking cable.

With a range up to 1200 feet, you have the freedom to work wherever you want.

  • Wireless N router lets you create an ultra-fast wireless networks with enough range to blanket an apartment or office
  • Wireless N offers up to 300Mbps wireless bandwidth with a 1,200 foot range; backwards compatible with Wireless G and 802.11b networks
  • Strong network security includes WPA, WPA2, WPS, and 64- and 128-bit WEP
  • Four 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports built-in
  • Backed by 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Drops every 10 minutes
    I recently tried to upgrade to Wireless N from my Wireless G router. This was on sale and looked good. Within 24 hours this was back in the box to be returned and my inexpensive, Netgear wireless G router was back online. The belkin seemed to drop the signal every 10 minutes on the dot and I would lose connectivity. Save yourself some time and money and buy a better brand....more info
  • It pays to go "Series N" for wireless routers
    Having used Belkin products before, I wasn't surprised as to how easy it was to install the Series N router. Immediately my wireless download speed rose from 3MB/second to 15MB/second (I've had a Belkin Series B wireless router in my home for several years). I had been complaining to my ISP that my download speed was way under the rated speed, and just in case, I bypassed my router and direct wired one PC to the cable modem to see how fast the ISP signal really was. The download speed immediatey went up to 15MB/sec. I now knew the source of my problem. Once I purchased the Belkin Series N router, my wireless speed matched the direct cable modem connection speed. I am now a happy camper, and the price was excellent as well.

    - Alan...more info
  • Amazing.
    IT. DOES. WORK. Unfortunately, that reviewer must have a freak faulty router. I just got internet installed in my house last week. I went and locally bought this router. I plugged the internet into the router, the lights came on, I put the CD-ROM in, named my network and BOOM. Full wireless. I have it in my basement, and I get incredible full wireless coverage in my whole 2 story house, plus out in my backyard and to the front driveway. I've never had a more pleasant experience. Dummy proof....more info
  • It works but fades in and out
    a recently bought this router and it works but it can't connect to my computer and the signal is not strong enough to stay connected for long periods of time. Probably going to switch to a bigger signal router...more info
  • Seems to be a decent router
    I purchased this along with the Belkin Wireless N Adapter to upgrade from my old D-Link router and adapter. The router was very easy to set up using the quick install guide and included CD. I was up and running and secured with the very secure WPA2 security protocol. The router also supports WPA and 64 and 128 bit WEP as well but WPA/WPA2 is the way to go as long as all the devices in your network support it.

    What I really like about the router is the display lights. If everything is working properly, they'll glow a bright solid blue. If something is amiss, the corresponding light will flash amber or yellow. This lets you know where the problem is.

    Overall I like this router and at $59.99, the price is reasonable too being that it's an N router. ...more info
  • Good working wireless router
    I have been using this router about 2 weeks and works perfect,haven't had any problems. The wireless is very fast.itlooks nice and very satisfied....more info
  • infuriating
    This router SIMPLY DOESN'T WORK. That's really all you need to know.

    I might as well have placed my computer next to a rock or a wooden board, because it would have accomplished the same thing. Wireless "connection" to NOTHING.

    Not only that, but their customer service is completely useless as well. I was required to repeat the same "troubleshooting" steps on four different phone calls, only to achieve the same result each time. Nothing.

    On the fourth phone call (now approximately 4-5 hours of wasted time), the technician was rude and had communication difficulties. He couldn't understand me, and I couldn't understand him--and then, on top of that, his phone line kept disconnecting. I assume that Belkin manufactures the phones that their technicians use, as well, because they don't work.

    Save your time and money, and buy a router from somewhere else. I'm using a Mac--I should have just bought the AirPort express. At least with Apple, you know that when you plug it in, it JUST WORKS....more info
  • looses connectivity
    Router works great then it looses connectivity. I have had to reset the router at least a dozen times in the past week. The problem is definately the router because if I take the network cable and plug it directly into my computer, I immediately have a connection. Called Belkin and they had me change a couple of settings and re-download the firmware (same version) and still no luck. It seems that everytime I sit down to use my computer, the router has lost connectivity again....more info
  • DO NOT BUY....This thing is a piece of junk
    You should know that when you buy anything "made in China"(it's clearly marked)that you're taking a risk. Well be rest assured that you won't be taking a risk now that you know that the Belkin Wireless N Router is an utter failure. If I could select "0" stars, I would.

    I paid about $60 for mine at Walmart. The wireless was blazingly fast for the first week, and it kind of went downhill from there. The wireless had a mind of it's own. It'd just turnoff. Then there's the issue with the router itself being rubbish in that even your hardwire connection suffers. It becomes severely restrictive for some reason. My internet d/l speed averages 18Mbps. When tested through the Belkin router, it shot straight down to 3Mbps, and would then just drop dead for no reason.

    I don't even want a replacement because this will just happen again. Do yourself a favor and DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY....more info
  • Ooo, shiny, AH ITS JUNK!
    Just bought this locally. It looks nice, but the wireless is TERRIBLE. It DOES. NOT. WORK....more info