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Ultimate I Spy
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Product Description

Ultimate I Spy combines seek-and-find gameplay with the unique capabilities of the Wii gaming system. It is great for kids 7-10 and perfect for family play. I Spy is a multi player game with over 20 hours of gameplay and includes 40 I spy riddles in 10 unique environments. With its 3D immersive environment and scavenger hunts, you can link up with your friends to enjoy all the action in each game.

  • Great for kids 7-10 and perfect for family play
  • Multi player capability
  • 40 I spy riddles in 10 unique environments
  • Scavenger hunt games
  • 3D immersive environments

Customer Reviews:

  • If you love I Spy, get this game!
    Our 5.5 year old has loved anything and everything I Spy since she was 3. All the books, the board games, computer games and video games - we have them all. Her dad was a little wary about buying this (he says most licensed games aren't very good) so I asked for this for her for Christmas. It is amazingly fun and not as easy as you would think!!!

    Some of the items to locate are down right difficult to locate. The three of us spent over 10 minutes looking for something that was very well hidden. Some of the flying and musical things has to be done by us parents.

    You don't have to know how to read as all the clues are read out loud and can be reread by opening the hints. And if you get frustrated at a certain level, you can save, get out and do a different game. You will eventually have to find everything for each level before moving on.

    I want to play the game myself and I'm not much of a Wii gamer, it's that much fun. I am hoping that they are working on another one!...more info
  • Difficult for kids alone but great as kid/adult project
    This game is probably too difficult for a youngster to do on his or her own. However, my six-year old daughter & I had a great time working through this game as a team (two people can search at the same time with two remotes, but only one person can "drive" around the scenes). And now that we've been through it once, she is having a good time going through again on her own with just minimal reminders from me (she is a huge I-Spy fan and her favorite Wii Play game is Find The Mii..).

    Anyone who likes I-Spy will love this game and most of the mini-games are OK & don't detract from the game (some of them can be kind of hard, though). The only thing keeping it from a fifth star is that I think $30 is a little high for a game with limited replay value. However, I have seen it elsewhere for less....more info
  • Fun but hard game for kids
    I got the game for my son who is 4 and it really is a bit too hard for him in some spots. It is a great game, though and would be wonderful for an older child. Neat mini games and graphics....more info
  • A great game for kids young and old.
    Watch Video Here: I review games on YouTube. If you want to see more of my reviews go to info
  • Great fun for the whole family!!
    This game has been a hit since my stepdaughter received it for Christmas. My wife thought it would be fun so we got it and everyone is loving it. I have stayed up past midnight playing!

    It's not just pictures that you have to pick items out Like most I Spy Games. It's 3D images where everything is animated when you click on it. It also has a scavenger hunt and fun games to play in the puzzles as well as by themselves. I would recommend this game to any family with children. Even if you are just into search games this is the one for you.

    The only downfall I have seen so far is that it only gives you savings for three people. We have four in the family so one of us has to use everyone else. ...more info
  • awesome game for younger kids
    I bought this game for my 5 year old. He loves ISpy and was not dissapointed in the wii version. It's great that you don't have to be a reader to enjoy this game, just click on the riddle and it'll say whatever line you click on. The graphics are good and the mini games are fun and challenging....more info
  • Relaxing and Enjoyable for Kids
    This game is a hit with our 6 and 8 year-old girls. Mom and Dad are pleased with the family theme.

    It is a self-paced, pressure-free, game of 40 I Spy riddles. It is relaxing for the kids to play, and it is relaxing for us parents to watch.

    Strong reading skills are not necessary to play this game because all the instructions are spoken as they appear on the screen. Even the checklist of items to find is read aloud at the beginning of each puzzle. The list can be called up later as text only.

    The graphics and sound effects are very good. I particularly enjoyed the 'bubbling' fish tank puzzles.

    I think it's important to note that there are 40 riddles but not 40 scenes. In other words, you'll be returning to the fish tank several times to find different objects.

    Finding the hidden objects is fun, but the game goes beyond that too. There are also words cleverly hidden that need to be found. Most exciting, there are certain actions that need to be done. For example, one clue may be to find "An airplane on a cloud." In order to complete the puzzle, my kids first had to find the paper airplane, toss it into the air, and steer it onto a cloud. Very clever and it really gets the kids thinking.

    The game is controlled with the Wii Remote. Kids point it around the screen and press the A-button on the objects they are supposed to find.

    There are also more complex motion controls. In one particular puzzle my 8-year-old had to find a "cut out heart." In order to find it, she had to cut it out of a piece of paper. She moved the Wii Remote to move the scissors and pressed the A-button and B-Button together (a sort of pinching motion) to make each cut. Very fun for the kids!

    Each puzzle solved unlocks mini-games that are actually a bit boring. They are not seek-n-find mini-games. However, these mini-games are not the purpose of the game and are more-or-less tacked on as rewards for completing puzzles.

    I highly recommend this family-friendly, relaxing game designed for kids....more info
  • I spy
    This game is way harder then the books because it don't give you any hints.Kids lost interest in game after an hour of play.Which was like 2 rounds....more info
  • Fun Game
    My kids love playing I Spy, so I thought this would be a great game for them. At first, I wasn't really sure about this game. . . but now that we've played it more, we all have a ton of fun playing it together. ...more info
  • Really good thinking fun!
    My 7 year old daughter just loves this. It is challenging and changing and the graphics are pretty fun for figuring out things. ...more info
  • Great Family Game - could be better
    We love the I Spy boks and we have a Wii so we thought that it would be a fun game and it is. This game is really fun for all ages. I would say from 6-whatever. Some items are easy for little kids to spot and others are harder (although you don't get to pick which kind of riddle you would like) -a con. Another con is that there are only 10 pictures and 40 riddles - we went through the game very fast! So I think this is a better game to rent than to buy - but it is a must play for people who like the I Spy books.

    Bottom line, the game is fun but to make it worth buying it needs a lot more riddles!

    P.S . There is a guy on YouTube and he does Wii Reviews "the wiiviewer" - check him out for GREAT wii game reviews!!!...more info
  • great game
    I really enjoy this game. Wish there were more levels. Graphics are good. fast movement.
    ...more info
  • I spy Wii
    This is a fun game. It brings the I spy books to life. However, I really think it's more of a one player game. We love to find the things, but my kids fight over who gets to control it....more info
  • So Much Fun
    We have been playing this game non-stop since Christmas, and now it's almost June. The best thing is that we all can play it 2 adults, a 6 year old and a 4 year old. It's challenging and fun. If you love I Spy Books, you'll love this. ...more info
  • I Spy
    My 8 year old son loves to read the I Spy books and challanges me to find the things before he does. So Santa figured this would be the perfect Wii game for him. It has kept him occupied and he loves it! No challenges have come up yet, but I am waiting!...more info
  • Holds Attention but not easy for young kids
    I bought this through Scholastic for my 5 yr old son for Christmas thinking this would be the perfect game for him and 4 yr old sister to play. Man oh son likes to find things in puzzles (we subscribe to Highlights and have ALL the I SPY books) but man, this one is difficult even for some adults. The controls are pretty easy to get down but some of the stuff is downright hard to find and their are no hints.

    Overall, I'd say if you are buying this for the under 7 crowd you may be in for an excercise in frustration if you aren't helping them a little with finding stuff. Overall, the graphics are pretty cool and the 3D effect is really nice....more info
  • Loved it
    I bought this for my 6 year old. she has trouble controlling the finer points of the Wii, so we ended up playing together. And it kept her attention so well. I ended up mastering it in less than 2 weeks. But i just could not stop playing. We loved it. I recommend it!...more info