Mirrycle Incredibell Big Bicycle Bell (Chrome)
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Product Description

Made of solid brass, this bell's melodic sound is full and old-fashioned. Big and brassy, the perfect accompaniment for cruisers, comfort, and town bikes. Available in brass or chrome.

  • Solid brass dome
  • Dome Diameter: 51mm (2")
  • Fits handlebars with 21.7mm - 24mm (.86" - .95") outside diameters.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good sound
    I hate whimpy bells, that just ding. This bell has a long, loud ringing sound, which you need if you ride in the city. Hits the thumb perfectly, and has a smooth lever. Looks great, easy to install.
    I just wish I had paid closer attention, and ordered the brass color, to match my bike....more info
  • Bell- piece of junk
    What a piece of junk and waste of money. The first time that my bike accidentally tipped over the top of the bell broke off from the base attached to handle bar. It was held in place by a thin plastic shaft that was not repairable. I've since purchaced a much sturdier bell for the same price. I do NOT recommend this bell....more info
  • The MIRRYCLE BELL is Better Than BELL
    My little grandchildren love noise makers, especially on their bycycles. Last year I bought two bells from Walmart for two of my kids. The brand was BELL. They make various types of sports equiptment. I installed them on the handlebars and then tried them out. One of them immediately fell apart in my hand and I could see the the inner parts were made of cheap plastic. I returned it. The other bell seemed okay so i left it. At this point I needed a repalcemant bell and I ordered one of the silver Mirrycle Incredibells through Amazon. Not only is it srtong and sturdy but it has a beautiful musical sound, like the one I had when I was a kid. It does not sound like a toy. When the snow finally melted, the kids took out thrir bikes and this was when the second BELL bell also fell apart. During the Winter the plastic parts had crumbled. So I ordered a second replacement; another Mirrycle Incredibell but this time in brass so I could compare. Both Mirrycle bells sound great and my little grandchileren are very happy. Choose your favoite color because they both sound the same....excellent. The Mirrycle bells cost about twice as much as the Bell bells but the Mirrycles made my kids happy while the BELL bells turned to dust. So if you want to save money, buy a BELL bell. Or better yet go out and buy yourself a hand full of dust. It's ever cheaper and will work just as well....more info
  • Truly an Incredibell!
    Brinnnng! Brinnnng! Brinnnng! This bicycle bell has the pleasant bright sound of a vintage rotary dial telephone. Real brass makes the difference!
    The Incredibell was a great purchase: It has quality and sound for a reasonabe price. Also,it's easy to operate and install. This bike bell is a must have for all cyclists. I looked for a bike bell in our local stores, but only found junk. Don't hesitate to order the Mirrycle Incredibell Big Brass Bicycle Bell online if you can't find it in a brick and mortar store....more info
  • A so so bike bell
    I bought a Mirrycle Incredibell for myself and a Kettler Red Metal Bell for my little daughter. I have to say I like the Kettler better. The Kettler looks sturdier and and has a louder sound and better tune....more info
  • Just what I wanted
    I bought a new retro-looking city/commuting bike that came with a tiny bell that hurt my finger every time I tried to ring it. Sometimes I would even miss and not ring the bell in time. Yesterday, I bought the Big Brass Bell at a local bike shop, and it's so easy! It attached very easily with a screwdriver, I get two rings (backwards and forwards), it's a nice big sound (but not startling for pedestrians), and it doesn't hurt my finger. Plus, its retro style looks great on my retro bike. ...more info
  • Great Price for great bell
    We removed the bells that came on our new Trek hybrid bikes as they were cheap and tiny; this bell is all the positive results in other five star reviews: incrediblell. However, we bought ours at a local bike shop; the price was $3-4 more than you pay on Amazon, which we regret for not checking Amazon first. ...more info
  • ding ding
    Excellent item for the price! Its actually clear as a bell! Easy to install, just a screwdriver. And easy to activate. Pull and it ding dings! Loud and clear sound. ...more info
  • Bell mounting should be larger
    It was a nice bell but the opening to put on the handle bar should be larger. It must be for a kids bike. I got it on thanks to a very long screw, but it does not look the best. ...more info
  • Love this bell!
    Easy to use and install, this bell has a lovely sound! It's a nice size- not too overbearing but you definitely notice it. A good buy....more info