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An album by a great vocalist championed by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Missy Elliott, Faith Evans & Kindred among others.

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  • Very unique, This is what the music industry has been lacking...
    I'm a male in my early 20's and I can honestly say I don't listen to many female R&B artists because many of them are male bashing artists that market their music to women, and women only...which isn't much of a problem because I think men take it a step farther, male artists usually slander women, call women out of their names, and market to men...so men market to men, women market to women, with a few that market their music universally. I guess it comes down to who's right and who's wrong....with that out of the way, lemme get to the review.

    I had no intentions of listening to this CD, I must admit. I bought the Jadakiss CD and heard the collaboration with Jazmine and Jadakiss and I was really impressed. A few nights later I went out with a girl and she left some CDs in my car and this was one of them, so I thought "lets see what this girl's about". So I put it in my CD player and put it on shuffle...the first song I heard was "Call Me Guilty", and I was really blown away! I couldn't believe the raw emotion she showed in the song...she painted a lyrical image that was so blatant that you could almost feel hear pain just by listening to the song. The next song I heard was "Fear" which I thought was extremely real. The way she laid that song out was really creative and unique, it was easy to relate to because some of the "Fears" that she talks about are fears of many people...and things that a lot of artists avoid to speak about, in "fear" of losing sales. I honestly didn't hear any of her songs prior to listening to her CD, I don't listen to the radio because I'm strong against mainstream music, it's either "cocaine rap", "commercial rap", "R&B artists that can't hold a note", "men calling women out of their names", and "women attacking men for being liars and cheaters". But I'm really happy I listened to this CD, Jazmine is extremely unique and very deep. The flair and passion in her music is incomparable to most artists in the music industry today. I looked through the ratings for this CD and could not believe that someone could actually rate this lower than a 4/5 but like I said this CD is very deep and many people look for songs like "Single Ladies" where they can bop and dance to. And in my opinion that's fine but there aren't enough "dance songs" with content and a purpose. I'm really looking forward to Jazmine's next album, I will definitely pick it up the day it releases!

    I wanted to point out, I've heard a few people compare Jazmine Sullivan to Lauryn Hill...(not to take anything from either of these GREAT artists) but to me the comparison isn't there to make. I think Lauryn was more influential, deep, and intelligent but Jazmine's vocals blow Lauryn Hill's away. The artists aren't similar enough to compare Lauryn Hill has made her mark in the industry and Jazmine Sullivan is soon to do the same. Lauryn is Lauryn, Jazmine is Jazmine. They're very different....more info
  • Awesome Debut
    When I first heard "Need U Bad", I became a Jasmine Sulllivan fan. Folks, she is here to stay! Her debut CD is the best R&B CD out there. She, along with Robin Thicke, will be getting my money. Jasmine's rich voice truly shines on the material. "I'm In Love With Another Man" is by far my favorite song on the CD. If the powers that be at J Records are smart, they will promote this young lady. I'm glad Maxwell recognizes true talent cause he is taking this girl on tour with him.

    Don't download this, go out and buy! I know we are in a recession, but "Fearless" will be money well spent....more info
  • Jazmine Sullivan
    New artist with a versatile style and a lot to say. I look forward to what next for Jazmine. Saw her performing in concert on TV and knew I had to get the album. I liked the album before I got it. ...more info
  • Great debut
    I enjoyed this cd. When I first heard her she reminded me of Lauren Hill which I still love so I knew that I would at least give Jasmine a try. I thought it was a really good effort for her first time out and I totally look forward to what she will bring us in the future....more info
  • Not What I Expected
    I was disappointed with her debut. I thought her music would have been more soulful and thoughtful instead of somewhat psycho...busting windows out of people's cars for example. I was hoping most of the music would be similar to 'I Need You Bad". The CD does not catch my attention, it's just ok...There are only two songs that I really like off of the whole CD....more info
  • WOW!
    I love this CD. This has to be the best cd that I have purchased this year. I usually only purchase a cd when I like at least 75% of the songs. I like every song on this cd!!! She has the most amazing voice. This is one of those cd's that you will want to learn the words so that you can sing along. ...more info
  • Sorry You Are No New School Lauryn Hill!!!!!!
    This CD, Is alright, I hope They realse another single, because I am tired of the video, and song need u bad.

    The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill compared to Jazmine Sullivan, there is no comparison, with Lauryn Hill's Late 1990's CD, it was enjoyable from beginning to ending, but not this CD.

    I won't criticize, but this CD is Just not my taste.

    Real modern day R&B artist are Keyshia Cole, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Beyone, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, R.Kelly, Joe and Alicia Keys.

    I would compare Jazmine Sullivan to Estelle, (American Boy). Check out Estelle, and get back to me.

    ...more info
  • A decent debut, but not without its flaws
    There's no question that Jazmine Sullivan has a fantastic voice, very expressive, rich and soulful. She sounds like a cross between Lauryn Hill and Faith Evans, two singers whose work I love and respect, especially Ms. Hill's. You wouldn't expect vocals like this to come from someone so young, but they do. Her voice belies her years - but unfortunately the subject matter of her lyrics reveal it.

    The CD itself is kind of hit and miss. The music is great, but neither that nor Jazmine's voice can disguise the fact that the lyrics leave a lot to be desired on several of the songs. Some of them are just plain mediocre and very adolescent in nature. For example, the production on "Bust Your Windows" is excellent and Jazmine's vocals are beautiful - love the '60s-type arrangement - but the lyrics are juvenile, akin to a child throwing a tantrum. Those who are comparing this to Lauryn's MISEDUCATION are way off, because Lauryn sings about mature subjects that are close to her heart and have true meaning - not about breaking some dude's car windows because she caught him cheating, exercising poor judgement after getting drunk, repaying violence with violence, or switching boyfriends with someone else. That's something I would expect to read in some teenager's diary, not on this CD.

    I suspect that those whom are giving this CD 5 stars are teenage girls and young women under the age of 25 who think this behavior is cool. The situations homegirl addresses in her lyrics can have repercussions - like a beatdown, jail or worse. So no, sistas, it ain't cool. Jazmine co-wrote a lot of the material here, and I hear a lot of potential, so I hope her lyrics mature as time goes on. However, she does have some quality material on here, such as:

    "Need U Bad" (Loved this song but could do without Missy yelling and using a fake West Indian accent in the background - she's annoying)
    "My Foolish Heart"
    "Lions, Tigers & Bears"
    "One Night Stand"
    "Fear" (This has a Alicia Keys feel to it)
    "In Love With Another Man"

    These are the best songs on the CD, and the only ones I ones I play. The others...well, I already mentioned what I thought was wrong with them, so no need to repeat myself.

    I can only pray that Missy Elliott will not allow her to fall by the wayside. Ms. Elliott has a history of collaborating with female singers that happen to be the flavor of the moment and then dumping them when someone new comes on the scene. Because Jazmine has a similar voice to Lauryn's, this was the main reason why I purchased this. I know they are two different people, but I would have thought that there would be more material of substance than what was presented here. It's not the best CD I've ever heard, but it is far from the worst. As I said, her voice is absolutely incredible, but as far as her songwriting skills go, there is room for improvement.

    Rating: 3 1/2 stars...more info
  • Beautiful voice
    This album is great. I have been listening to it for 3 weeks now. She can really sing without over doing it. Great beats, which occasionally change during the song so you aren't being lulled to sleep. There are better songs than Bust the Window out your car (which is entertaining) and songs just as good if not better than "I need You" (such as "One Night Stand" and "Lions and Tigers and Bears") I would recommend this album to everyone I know and those I don't know. If you like Alicia Keys, Vivian Green, Lauren Hill, Eve, Missy Elliot (her work with other artists), Tweet, TLC, etc., you will LOVE this album!...more info
  • LOVE IT!
  • Perfect Debut
    This is the first ENTIRE album that I've downloaded in a long time! Jazmine is incredible and I can listen to her soulful voice all day long. She is like the resurrection of Lauryn Hill. And the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is probably the last ENTIRE album I've loved. ...more info
  • Jazmine Sullivan Fearless Review
    The tone and quality of Jazmine's voice is amazing. It is unique. I enjoy listening to her cd....more info
  • Awesome!!!
    Awesome album...If u don't have it, please do yourself a favor and go get. All u have to do is press play and let it ride out to the end. Every song is good on this cd. Good work Jazmine! You did it with this debut album. Hopefully the 2nd will be just as great......more info
  • Thank you, Miss Jazmine
    What a treat this album is. Everything I love is on here, old school soul, neo-soul and just plain old soul.Yes, Miss Sullivan does seem to have some man issues. In the first song she catches him with another woman and busts the windows out of his car.On track 5 she is about to kill an abusive man with a gun and on the ultimate old school track, I"m In Love With Another Man, she dumps a great guy because she is,well, in love with another guy and the Motownish bonus track Switch where she dumps a guy she just met in a bookstore for his best friend while on a double date. Actually, this song is so insanely catchy that you might find yourself singing it all the damn time. Great song. Also, lest I forget the reason i bought this album in the first place-Need U Bad. This jam was played here nightly on my local Atlanta R&B station (107.5) and was driving me crazy. It is one of the few songs where she actually extolls the virtues of a man and how much she misses him. This is the jam right here. There is a bit of male bashing here but her artistry is so unquestionable that I don't care. I am enthralled with this artist and can't wait to see what she does next. If you call yourself a music fan, then you must own this. Miss Sullivan has dropped one of the few classics of the decade....more info
  • WOW!!
    i purchased this cd because i liked the 1st single and then i heard "bust your window" on the radio. but wat a surprise i was in for when i listened to this cd. this is one of those cd's that u put in and dont have to worry about skipping from track to track!! this ENTIRE cd is HOT!! i swear to god! u will not be disappointed. u will b shockingly suprised like i was. i was not expecting it to be just this good. i listen to it over and over and over again!! if u dont like the cd and you r a tru r&b fan i will give u back your money....more info
  • Love her voice!!!
    Jazmine Sullivan has one of the most beautiful, soulful voices I've heard in a long time. When I first heard her single "Need U Bad", I was mesmerized by her voice. That track was so hot, especially with the reggae beat! When her CD came out, I made sure I went to the store first thing that morning to buy it because I wanted to hear the rest of the CD. I still think she is a great artist, but I wasn't feeling the entire CD. I like maybe about 5 songs on it. I think the CD should have had more SOUL in it. With a voice like hers, you want to hear it in soul shattering songs....more info
  • The R&B world needs to make room
    The comparisons to Lauryn Hill are not unfounded. However they have more to do with her writing style (lyrics before melody), her reggae & hip-hop sensibility than her voice. She sounds nothing like Lauryn but when you hear her, Lauryn is the first woman that comes to mind. Exactly the same as Estelle (check her CD out).

    Jazmine does have a voice which one listen to 'Bust Your Window' will confirm. What sets her apart though is her abilities with the pen. She's like Keyshia Cole, Mary J. Blige and Lauryn Hill rolled into one. She's also backed by Salaam Remi who knows a thing or two about breaking new artists (Amy Winehouse anyone!).

    I think that her hit `Need You Bad' might have resulted in her being pigeonholed into the neo-soul category and she is still flying below the radar but her sound begs for a bigger audience. With powerful ballads like 'Lions, Tigers & Bears' and 'In Love With Another Man' she is making a statement that pop radio will be hard-pressed to ignore too long. 'Dream Big' also has radio written all over it. It sounds similar to Will.I.am's `Heartbreaker' but a lot more uplifting.

    Overall this is a strong debut, Jazmine manages to carve out her own lane in an over-crowded R&B scene. Now we'll see if will have the staying power to realize her full potential...more info
  • amazing
    I never take the time out to write a review but....... this CD is one of the most talented since Lauren Hill the styles are very simliar. The harmony and insturmentals go together perfectly....more info
  • The Truth, Philly Stand Up.
    This Cd is so hot, all of the tracks. She throws it down hard!!!!! Jaz can sing her [...] off and she's young. This is one of the best R&B cd's I have ever listened to. The songs are well written and Bangin Beats. You gotta get this album!!!!!!! ...more info
  • I must be goin deaf.....
    I'm sorry but most of these writers must work for the lable that put out this mis-mash of goop....you can't dance to it, you can't groove to it! The cartoonish quality of the production makes the Ruff Ruffman soundtrack a grammy winner....I'm sorry this just ain't hittin at all...more info
  • Jazmine Sullivan is just what music needs!
    I took a chance buying this CD. I knew she was a new artist and that I loved her single "Need You Bad" and I had heard another song called "Silent Tears." I got the CD the day it was released and I haven't put it down yet! This CD is absolutely genius, from her amazing variartion of vocals to her intricate lyrical content. The fact that she wrote nearly all of the songs is astonishing as well. This CD makes her one of my favorite artists as of now. Not only that, she wrote a song for everyone! Everyone on earth can relate to atleast one of the songs on the CD. I'm a guy, and I could even relate to many of them!

    This CD is definitely worth the money. I don't like to compare artist to other artist (like Lauryn Hill), but Jazmine Sullivan is definitely what the game has been missing!

    Favorite Tracks (although they're all great):
    Bust Your Windows
    Need U Bad
    Foolish Heart
    Lions And Tigers And Bears
    One Night Stand
    In Love With Another Man
    Switch!...more info
  • boring
    i first heard this artist music at work. and the songs i heard i liked. so i decided to buy her cd. i liked a couple of songs on the album however i grew tired of the cd pretty fast so i was disappointed. i wont be buying anymore of her cds she is just not my cup of tea....more info
  • One of the best R&B albums of 2008.
    What can I say about Jazmine Sullivan? Well, first, she is an amazing vocalist; her soulful and raspy alto is simply beautiful. And her songwriting is just as amazing. When the two are mixed together, you get what is one of the best R&B albums of 2008, along with Erykah Badu's last effort and Estelle's second album. "Bust Your Windows" and "Lions, Tigers & Bears" are both mini-epics of songs with Jazmine emotional vocal delivery gliding over a full orchestra. They sound like perfect candidates to James Bond themes. (And goodness knows either one of them would have served as better choices than that mess Alicia Keys and Jack White just released). The #1 R&B smash, "Need U Bad," still remains an incredibly catchy and enjoyable song, even after months of hearing it. "My Foolish Heart" is a bouncy heartbroken. The dramatic and emotional "Call Me Guilty" is a tale of domestic abuse to the point where the protagonist feels the only choice is to kill him. "One Night Stand," about a reformed female playa, is a playful song with girl group-esque backup vocals. "After the Hurricane" is probably my favorite track off this set. It is an ominous, foreboding, and heartwrenching ballad with beautiful harmonies. "Dream Big" is a creative autobiographical jam that samples Daft Punk, which is apparently becoming a very popular trend in urban music. Jazmine's voice here is full of force and determination, showing what got her to where she is today. "Live A Lie" is a nice slice of laid-back throwback soul full of regret. "Fear" is a very vulnerable track in which Jazmine admits her many fears and it is laced with beautiful harmonies. "In Love With Another Man" finds Jazmine backed by a simple piano and nothing more. Even without all the production, she can convey emotion and tell a story. The bonus track, "Switch" is a whimsical and fun song, and a nice way to close the album. This album, in my humble opinion, is absolutely flawless. The songwriting, the production, and most importantly her voice are all on point, making this one of the best R&B albums of the year and Jazmine one of the most promising new acts on the rise....more info
  • One of 2008's Best R&B Albums Easily
    Jazmine Sullivan caught my ear for the first time when I heard the exceptional first single from FEARLESS, "Need U Bad". The voice for me resurrected Lauryn Hill, who is one of my very favorite singers. Jazmine possesses soul in every song that she sings on FEARLESS, whether it is contemporary R&B or full on neo-/retro- soul favoring say Amy Winehouse. Face it, Jazmine can blow! This exceptionally consistent debut album that will probably be underrated as far as commercial sales ultimately is one of my favorite urban releases of 2008. Jazmine has successfully blended a plethora of styles and maintained sultry alto vocals all in the mix. There isn't a "flat" or bad song on FEARLESS in my mind.

    "Bust Your Windows" opens the album brilliantly given and old school vibe the Mark Ronson could've easily produced for an Amy Winehouse album. In fact, here I believe Sullivan somewhat tries to embody that Etta James, Winehouse sound with her "extravagant" vocals. She sounds killer here that for sure. On "Need U Bad", Missy, as much as I hate to say it, isn't necessary at all as far as appearing on the track (yes she helped to write that brilliant song). Jazmine sounds fantastic with the tropical inspired beat supporting her. With that aside though, the track still sounds as if it could've easily appeared on a 70s soul album. "My Foolish Heart" keeps the momentum going with its great production work and with Jazmine's phenomenal vocal performance. "Lions, Tigers & Bears" keeps up the pace putting production absent of drums behind Ms. Sullivan. The result is vintage soul.

    "Call Me Guilty" is great also, while "One Night Stand" is absolutely one of the best of FEARLESS. "After The Hurricane" is one of the best R&B ballads I've heard for sometime, while "Dream Big" is vintage Missy Elliott songwriting genius. Sure, it's a big clunky compared to some of the tracks, but it is still "great". "Live A Lie" is also strong, mostly because it is one of those R&B tunes where it is "out there" as far as the music theory behind it (for all the music nerds like me). "Fear" floats on by, though it is the soulful "In Love With Another Man" that steals the who as perhaps the VERY best ballad of FEARLESS. "Switch!" ends the album on a soulful, 70s pop-inspired high note.

    This is nearly the perfect debut. The production doesn't sound cheap, even if it does sound like say, an Usher album. This album lays very well and vocally, Sullivan is phenomenal. Fantastic home run for Sullivan! ...more info
  • Beautiful voice tainted by childish lyrics
    This woman's voice is unbelievable, but if one were to sit back and listen to the lyrical content on her songs, that individual would make a "screw face".

    Her lyrics and the stories that they portray are perfect examples of whats wrong with relationships that females chose to follow.

    Unfortunately, many young ladies will probably allow their lives to imitate this art and will use this album as an emotional back drop or soundtrack to their heart aches and pains.

    This album amplifies and inadvertently supports bad decision making skills instead of showing how to make better decisions.

    It could be described as an entertaining Maury Povich episode.

    I expected a true R N B album full of soulful content...not this teenage nonsense.

    ...more info
  • Great artist
    Her sound makes me think of a mix between Faith Evans and Lauryn Hill. Song #4 is awesome. When I heard a sample of it, I knew I'd love it as soon as I heard it. She also has an old school feel on a few songs like the Supremes. That makes it unique and it's always good to not be like everyone else's album. ...more info
  • Only the Mature Can Handle a Song So Deep
    The words of this song are so deep, they cut while bringing a balm at the same time. The song expresses a rare maturity, a real honesty that few ever experience. Many stay in unfulfilling relationships (E. Troutman) wasting away the years while they cheat on their spouses, instead of being real and telling them the truth ... I'm in love with someone else.
    ...more info
  • Great Lyrics. Good Music.
    This a great CD. Great Production and lyrics. Jazmine is a talented songwriter and composer. This CD is worth buying if you appreciate good soulful music. ...more info
  • My new Fave Artist
    I'm in love with this album! I had to take it out of my car so I wouldn't wear it out(and risk not wanting to hear it lol, no way!) Every track is great but my favorite is LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS. This song has a waltz-like melody that is quite addicting. Other notables are Live a Lie, Need U Bad, Bust Your Windows, and I'm in Love.

    Extra admiration and respect for writing her songs. A lot of artists are not the creators of their message. Jazmine has been writing songs for fellow singers for years. The duet Jennifer Hudson has with Fantasia was co-written by Jazmine Sullivan among many other songs. It's important to me as a fellow writer. I saw her youtube collection after seeing the video for Need U Bad on tv. I will be a fan for life!...more info
  • A Faux Follow-Up to 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill'
    I will say that this album at best fills a void left empty for a minute in terms of contemporary R&B this year, possibly a bit longer. It's definitely one that you can purchase without regret and find at least 4 or 5 good tracks, if not the whole album itself. Personally I wasn't all that impressed with this album. It's okay, but my gripe is that I've heard it all before.

    If you thought vocally and stylistically she jocked Lauryn Hill on the lead single 'Need U Bad' then prepare for more when you hear: 'My Foolish Heart,' 'Lions, Tigers & Bears,' 'Call Me Guilty,' 'Live a Lie,' 'Fear,' and 'In Love With Another Man.'

    The only original and stand-out tracks are probably 'Bust Your Windows' and 'One Night Stand.'

    'Switch' sounds like a Kelis or Janelle Monae track--and it works as the bonus track--but I see why it was left off as it really does not fit the overall feel of this album.

    'After the Hurricane' resembles Kerry Hilson's 'Energy' too much with the beat and vocal arrangement.

    'Dream Big' is so out of place that it should've been excluded from the album, and reconfirms how out of touch Missy Elliot's production has become.

    There is no doubt that Jazmine is a talented singer and artist, but I long for her to find her niche, and as young as she is, this is a decent way to start on that journey. She definitely will be around for the long haul....more info