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Shark Hunter
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  • Really a 5 Marianas Trench film
    This odd apparently joint Bulgarian-US production is quite astonishingly bad. It has all the appearance of being an attempt to cash in on the forthcoming film of the novel "Meg", also based on the idea of the survival of the very large prehistoric shark Carachodon Megalodon in the deepest depths of the ocean (imagine a semi-trailer full of teeth where the driver usually sits and you have the general idea). Poor plot, bad acting, terrible visual effects and a joke of a shark. What more could one not want?...more info
  • what next?
    what happends next, all of them died! EVEN THE MAGLADON! If I could I'd give movie no stars.I would like to take the movie and play pin the mivie on the fat ass!...more info
  • shark fan
    if you want to check out an entertaining movie about megalodons, the 60 foot prehistoric sharks then check out shark attack 3 over this film. not much action in this film, more story driven than anything really. not a whole lot of victims and the shark looks terrible, looks like a shark that just cralwed out of its grave or somethin, not sure what they were thinkin when they put it together. would stay away from this film. jaws and shark attack and deep blue sea are the movies to go for....more info
    SHARK HUNTER was better than I had expected, giving us a very convincing shark and some unexpected plot developments. Fans looking for a lot of gore will be disappointed, but the director manages to keep a tense atmosphere and even the stilted performance from Antonio Sabato, Jr. doesn't destroy the film. The realistic effects are above average for a "B" movie. Filmed in Bulgaria, the accents of some of the co-stars are difficult to interpret, but they perform adequately. Grand L. Bush as the bullheaded Harrington offers his usual competent presence.
    It's no JAWS, but it's better than you might expect....more info
  • SOOOO much better than Shark Attack 3!
    Finally an actor I recognize! ASJ from General Hospital fame. Well. This is SOO much easier to follow and higher budget than that "other" megalodon movie(SA 3) ! There was plenty of shark footage and arguments over whether to kill it or study it. Well, getting it back to study it before it kills them is the problem. I did not have high expectations for this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. The ending wasn't the happiest greatest idea in the world, but Deep Blue Sea had a stupid ending too.
    Don't forget a new Meg movie out this July. If you want to avoid other bad shark movies, steer clear of Red Water. Yes, I know it's about a bullshark, but the movie is really hardly about the bullshark. see my review....more info
  • Actually a pretty decent movie
    I saw this in the video store, placed right next to "Shark Attack III," which also deals with a Megalodon. I'm a big fan of Megalodon sharks, having read Steve Alten's book "Meg" and the sequel. I had read the horrible reviews on Shark Attack II and seen the first Shark Attack movie (with Casper Van Dien), and imagined it would be as god awful as those. I know how many bad shark movies have popped up in th last 5 years. Even so, I rented it anyway, and was actually pretty surprised.

    Despite Antonio Sabato Jr in the lead role, the acting was fairly decent for this type of movie. The special effects were very well done, and the shark was very realistic, along with the sub. The plot was pretty typical of some of the TBS-made movies you see a lot of, but I rented it more for the action.

    I had read some decent reviews of this movie and decided to give it a try. The scenes with the shark were realistic and there was a lot of action. The ending to the film could have been more upbeat, but overall it was fairly entertaining. I wouldn't want to pay to own it, but it's worth a rent....more info

  • Megala-who?
    This movie (...)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their was no violence and yet it was rated R! Jaws had much more violence and was PG! This is without doubt a Jaws WANNABEE...more info