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Winware 13 Inch Seamless Aluminum Pizza Screen
List Price: $6.99

Our Price: $6.49

You Save: $0.50 (7%)


  • Dimensions: 13 inch
  • Seamless design for more ventilation to produce a more evenly baked pizza crust
  • Professional quality

Customer Reviews:

  • Screen, not a pan
    Got this when we were learning to make homemade pizza for a fun dinner at home. Read the fine print: It's a screen, not a pan! Also, too big for my average size oven so did not end up using it. I therefore can't describe the performance of this product, I'm sure it would work fine if you had a big enough oven...doh!...more info
  • pizza screen
    I was really surprised at the difference in the crust. The screen is nothing fancy, but it sure does the trick! (I cook the pizza directly on the screen with nothing underneath)....more info
  • finally a great home pizza!
    Some people may not understand the idea of having a pizza screen. If you want to make a good pizza at home, you probably already have a pizza stone. You heat it up to the highest possible temperature, you set you oven to broil to go even higher and then you have to somehow place your carefully built pizza onto the stone.

    Because the oven is small and not efficient, you have to do it as soon as possible so that you dont loose the precious heat. Sure, you can mess with the pizza peel, but you will quickly learn this is easier said than done.

    This is when the pizza screen comes to help - you build the pizza on the screen and then quickly and easily transfer it on the hot stone or even directly in the oven.

    The pizza screen will bring your home made pizza to the next level....more info
  • Works as Expected
    These screens do what I ask of them and at good price.
    I use these screens for pizza, chicken nuggets, random baked goods, etc.
    What's more to say?

    Only complaint is that I should have ordered something smaller than 14"--they don't fit in my dish washer very easily....more info
  • why didnt i buy one sooner!!!
    These pizza screens work great! For the price, I bought 2 since I usually make more than 1 pizza at a time.

    The first time using the screen, wash it to get all the oils off an then spray with some pam. after you are done, do not wash these...just knock any chunks off and leave it in the oven. If you wash the screen, the crust will start to stick.

    If your dough is 'oozing' between the screens, you probably need more flour...more info
  • perfect for covection oven
    This is very sturdy and is perfect to use with my countertop convection oven. Exceeded my expectations....more info
  • works
    This works well for pizza. Much better than a pan or those paper trays that come on pizzas. If you make your own pizza this works great for cooking that too. My oven was not quite 18 inches deep but I just bent the edges up and it works great. Seems pretty solid and I think it should hold up over time....more info