Traffic X Expansion for MS Flight Simulator X
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The world's best selling AI traffic expansion for Flight Simulator reaches a new peak. Traffic X has been designed for Flight Simulator X from the ground up and takes full advantage of the powerful FSX software engine. It includes over 1,600 different aircraft variants based on more than 80 aircraft models that are designed to the highest level of detail and painted in a dazzling variety of airline liveries from around the world. They can all be seen flying, landing, taxiing, parking and taking off at airports large and small. The aircraft featured range from small single-engine private aircraft like the C152 right up to the world's biggest airliner, the Airbus A380. You'll also see the highly advanced 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350 XWB and a huge amount of aviation traffic that falls between these extremes. There is a massive selection of commercial jet airliners, regional jets, regional turboprops, business aircraft, general aviation and a host of multi-national military aircraft.

Unique Custom AI sounds Appropriate aircraft take advantage of the advanced animations in FSX to operate with airport service vehicles SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS - (SP2 and Acceleration compatible), WindowsVista or XP RECOMMENDED HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS - PC with 3.0GHz equivalent or higher processor, 1.0Gb RAM, 256Mb video card, DVD-ROM drive, 3.0Gb hard disc space

  • NEW! DirectX10 compatible. TrafficX is future-proofed as far as possible for DX10 use.
  • NEW! The all-new Follow-me car and the all-new Pushback truck let you explore the airport from the ground and even 'guide' incoming AI aircraft to their parking positions.
  • NEW! 787 Dream liner with the majority of the launch customer liveries included . NEW! Airbus A350 XWB included with the majority of the known launch customers liveries .
  • NEW! Graphic Departure and Arrival boards will show you the status of all incoming and outgoing flights at each airport, from 'Boarding' to 'Baggage reclaim'.
  • ! Appropriate aircraft take advantage of the advanced animations in FSX to operate with airport service vehicles.

Customer Reviews:

  • Emphasizes Heavies
    Even with commercial traffic set very low and GA traffic at 100% this program showed almost no evidence of GA or military etc. activity. But if you're just interested in the big iron you'll probably like it fine. For myself I discovered MyTraffic X (note similar but different name) a couple of days ago and so far am very happy with it. Unfortunately, MTFX is not sold by Amazon as of this writing....more info
  • traffic is ok
    i bought traffic this spring and I like it. I had no problems getting it load and the detail is great. Flying into O Hare at night with other traffic merging onto final and listining to ATC givimg everyone instruction w/o fail was awesome. Also did a traffic alert as I was coming into the pattern about a United 747 at my altitude and closing on my airspace and then hearing the controller vectoring the aircraft away from my flight was superb. The only problem I had is that it stiil is using ms FSX generic ATC voices thought it would have different voices. overall a good buy. cant wait to see the new FSX version that comes out in September...more info
  • A great add-on for Flight Simulator
    I thoroughly enjoy Traffic. The program replaces the default AI traffic (Orbit, Landmark, and other fictional airlines) with real-world aviation traffic. And not just the standard run-of-the-mill liveries - some airlines have special paint jobs. For example, at Sky Harbor, I recently observed the America West Phoenix Suns plane. And at San Francisco International, I recently saw a Disneyland-ified plane (not sure which airline it was for). Plus, there's tons of general aviation flights. The program contains a number of extra goodies as well, including the ability to drive around an airport in a ground vehicle, and the ability to view airport traffic from a virtual control tower.

    This is a great add-on by a company known for making great products for Flight Simulator. You won't be disappointed....more info
    I could not get this product to install. I have a DVD drive. They say somethng about copy protection maybe being a problem. Stay away from this one!!...more info
  • Just Flight - Trafic X - Great Add-on - But!
    If you read the reviews your are probably wondering Why people love this FSX Add-on or hate it. I bought this over 6 months ago and it definitly brings FSX alive, however, you must own a new machine with a upgraded Video Card, not a $100.00 upgrade but a $199.00 card at least a 8800Gt Nvidia or Better, this program uses alot of resources, and if you just have a over the counter store bought comupter you will be disappointed however, get the processer upgrade at least a Dual Core e8400 CPU and a 8800gt nvidia or better card. If you have the machice to run this add-on then its a great add-on if you don't well look for another like mytrafficx.

    Hope this helps...

    John....more info
  • great add-on
    i bought this product about a year ago and i still love it, they give you so many airlines and airports now actually look busy, i love taxing to the runway and watch all diferent kind of airlines parked at their gates or taxing into another runway, it is so much fun i love it. it makes FSX come alive...more info
  • Top value!
    When compared to the competition around from other AI traffic programs, this one is clearly streets ahead. Installation is a snap and it's got loads of different tools. If you like tweaking and fiddling then it's a world beater. At thirty bucks it's good value and - as they say on the box - it really is as busy as it gets! The aircraft models are really good and Spotty the spotter (duff name guys) is a great idea. However, you need to be careful you don't turn the traffic density up too high unless you have a decent PC, but otherwise I would say it's pretty cool. Odd to see a reviewer saying that the protection software is a virus. These guys are the largest flight sim company next to Microsoft and Traffic is a peach. If you get worried by installers then you probably live in a house with tinfoil on the windows and drink boiled water. But, if you want to stop your sim airports looking like the Nevada Desert on a Sunday, then this baby is the one....more info
  • Not happy with this product!
    Although this product seemed to install correctly, I'm not seeing any traffic. After doing a couple of hours of research to find out why, I find out you have to go to the companies site and download some updates and then you may possibly have to reinstall FSX. And if that doesn't work you may have to reformat your computer and reinstall everything. So unless you want to deal with all that crap, stay away from this product. I will be returning mine! ...more info
  • Waste of money and Dangerous
    This add-on for FS is definatly NOT worth $30. Worse, it should have a big red warning label on it's Amazon page that it will (without asking your permission) modify WINDOWS system files and the registry to install a disk driver for the Safedisc copy protection. (Which will open ring-0 admin access to ANY program.) Definatly not worth the security risk, and I have news for this publisher, the add-on itsself isnt worth copy protecting. If I were a software pirate, I wouldnt steal this.

    Beyond that, the program looks like something out of FS4 or FS5... The user interface is SO obviously visual basic version 5; or sure looks like it. After spending large sums of money on hardware to get the great graphics of FS-X this was a real let down. Their models are a joke.

    I dont know how well it works in FS2004 but in FS-X their "redesigned" airport layouts are very poorly done. Aircraft parking spaces often are inside terminal buildings and all those great jetways that we waited 10 versions of FS to get ... are gone.

    I will admit I didnt get past KLAX airport, but it was enough to convince me I had been robbed of $30 and had a virus installed for my trouble... tearing this POS out tonight.

    ...more info