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LaCie Little Disk 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive, Design by Sam Hecht 301841
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Product Description

PC storage is easy and simple when you're using the LaCie 301841 500GB Little Disk USB Mobile Hard Drive. It's geared for the notebook user and is great for backing up documents. Use it for photos, videos, and music too. Designed exclusively for LaCie by Sam Hecht, the Lacie Little Disk has a high-gloss, black elegance with clean, simple lines and comes with a removable protective cap. The integrated, extractable USB cable pulls out and retracts so it can never be lost or forgotten. The LaCieSync software allows you to bring your important data with you safely. Just plug the Little Disk into any PC to access and modify your files, emails (Microsoft Outlook) or personal settings and it will sync updated data back to your computer with AES 128-bit encryption (Windows only). Mobility is supreme with this 500GB Little Disk from Lacie but it's also great as a compact extra drive for your desktop too. What a sweet deal for a great storage solution. Burst Transfer Rate - up to 30-35MB/s Unit Size - 81 x 129 x 18 mm / 3.19 x 5.08 x. 71 inch; Weight - 195 g / 6.88 oz System Requirements - PC or Mac with USB 2.0 interface; Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista / Mac OS X 10.3 or higher; 32MB RAM minimum; Internet connection for software & documentation updates 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending upon operating environment (typically 5-10% less) Includes - LaCie Little Disk, Design by Sam Hecht; USB extension cable; USB power-sharing cable; Quick Install Guide; User Manual; LaCieSync - Synchronization & Encryption Software (Windows); LaCie 1-Click' Backup Software (Windows/Mac); LaCie SilverKeeper Backup Software (Mac); Carrying case LaCie 2-Year Limited Warranty

The LaCie 301841 Little Disk 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive, designed exclusively for LaCie by Sam Hecht, is a stylish, compact, portable storage drive that offers plug-and-play simplicity and 500 GB of storage. Just plug the integrated USB 2.0 cable into any laptop or desktop with a USB port and you're ready to back up your computer files or access your data, music, photos and video files.

The LaCie Little Disk 500 GB USB 2.0:
  • Features a stunning design by Sam Hecht.
  • Has a 500 GB drive with a 5400 RPM spin rate and 8 MB of cache for fast performance.
  • Is powered by the USB bus for superior portability.
  • Features an integrated USB cable.
  • Free one-year online backup service.

Sam Hecht designed this sleek, beautifully styled drive. View larger.

Hidden beneath the cap is a built-in USB cable. View larger.
Portable, Convenient Data Shuttle
The LaCie Little Disk works without the need for a cable or cumbersome power supply because it's USB 2.0 powered. That means it powers off your computer's USB port, making it an ideal travel companion and the perfect way to transfer files between your work and home computer. The integrated, extractable USB cable pulls out and retracts so it can never be lost or forgotten. And in case your computer configuration requires a longer cable, an optional USB extension cable is also included.

The drive features a spin speed of 5400 RPM, an 8 MB cache, and a transfer rate of up to up to 480 Mbits per second. Included with the Little Disk are LaCie software bundles to enhance its performance and functionality. LaCieSync: Synchronization and Encryption Software allows you to transport your important data with you safely. Just plug the Mobile Disk into any PC to access and modify your files or emails, and the software will sync your updated changes back to your office or home computer. And for added security, your data is protected by 128-bit encryption (Windows only). The drive also includes LaCie's 1-Click Backup Software (for Mac and PC) and SilverKeeper Backup Software (Mac).

In addition to its highly portable features, the Little Disk is also incredibly simple to operate. With plug-and-play functionality, the Little Disk can be installed by simply plugging it into your computer's existing USB port. It comes preformatted, so it can be used across multiple platforms and it's conveniently driver-free. Just plug the Little Disk into any computer to access and modify your files, emails (Microsoft Outlook) or personal settings, and it will sync updated data back to your computer quickly and securely with AES 128-bit encryption (Windows only).

Designed by Sam Hecht
The Little Disk features an exclusive design by Sam Hecht, an award winning UK-based industrial designer. The internationally-acclaimed Hecht studied industrial design at the Royal College of Art in London and has designed for many leading technology companies, including Epson, Muji Japan, Panasonic and others.

The Little Disk features an elegant high-gloss, black finish with clean, simple lines. It comes with a removable protective cap that will protect the disk in your travels. Its thin, lightweight and compact form (the Little Disk measures a mere 3.19 x 5.08 x 0.71 inches and weighs less than seven ounces) allows you to easily take your photo album, MP3 library and important data wherever you go.

Free One-Year Unlimited Backup Service
With the purchase of this LaCie Hard Disk, you will also receive a full year of LaCie's Online Backup service. With this service, the data that you store on your computer will be encrypted twice and uploaded to the offsite data center where they will remain encrypted, maintaining your privacy.

When you sign up for the service, software is added to your computer that looks for new and changed files to update. The service is completely automated and only backs up new and modified files when your computer is idle, so you don't have to do a thing, and your computer's performance will never be affected.

This service lets you upload an unlimited amount of photos, music, video, and documents for a full year. After that you can continue with the service for a low monthly fee. This is LaCie's way of ensuring that should anything happen to your Hard Disk -- should it get stolen or damaged, for instance -- your invaluable data will remain completely protected and accessible.

The LaCie Little Disk is Mac and PC compatible and is backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

About LaCie
Established in France in 1989, LaCie is a leading manufacturer of computer peripherals for Windows, Apple and Linux users. With offices and plants in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong, LaCie develops and manufactures external storage solutions and color monitors that help professionals and everyday people easily manage their digital lives. LaCie has differentiated its products through original designs and leading-edge technology.

What's in the Box
LaCie Little Disk, USB extension cable, USB power-sharing cable, quick install guide, user's manual, LaCieSync: Synchronization & Encryption Software (Windows), LaCie 1-Click Backup Software (Windows/Mac), LaCie SilverKeeper Backup Software (Mac), and carrying case.

  • 500 GB USB external hard disk features stunning design by Sam Hecht
  • USB 2.0 cable is built-in so you will never be caught without one
  • Gets power from the USB bus so no power adapters are required
  • Includes one-year online backup service providing unlimited off-site backup storage
  • Measures 3.19 x 0.71 x 5.08 inches (WxHxD); backed by a 2-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Lacie little 500 gb disk
    This product is exceptional.
    With a really smalll size, it performs an extraordinary capacity of storage.
    I have used it intensively and I have found it reliable.
    In few words a product that is worth to be acquired....more info
  • PowerBook users BEWARE
    I bought this to use with my G4 PowerBook (PowerPC) and was disappointed to find that when I connected it to the USB port, it wouldn't mount and simply beeped at me uselessly. It turns out with some older Mac laptops don't supply enough bus power via the USB port to power the drive (although mine isn't THAT old).

    I have used other bus-powered devices with my laptop (iPod, Wacom tablet), so I had not expected to have this issue -- and there was no real indication of this issue on LaCie's website. The only way I was able to get it to work was by plugging the "USB power-sharing cable" up to an iPod wall-charger brick. This pretty much defeats the purpose of having a "portable" drive, as bus power was one of the main reasons I purchased it.

    I have had good luck with LaCie drives in the past, so this was extremely disappointing for me. I haven't tried customer service yet, but I'm crossing my fingers in hope that they'll let me return this thing....more info
  • One OF Best
    Very Very Good read and write capability way too faster then other drives as i own western,seagate external drives too, Only problem is its design as some famous guy designed it so every time you use drive you have to pull out usb extension cable, literally pulling every time i do to use it makes me feel like what if its just pulled out/detached completely :) and black color used is way too shiny if you`d minute amount of skin lotion or food on your hands it`ll stick right on it like forever - so design is only its flaw otherwise highly recommended they offer one year guarantee that should be breeze ....more info
  • Very portable drive, funky software
    The drive works fine, and mostly everything backs up with ease thanks to the one-step La Cie Software. Curious thing though: every time the computer turns on, the software kicks into gear with a big window on the display, saying it is backing up hundreds of files. Problem is: the drive isn't even attached. We have to cancel the routine, and it is a tad annoying....more info
  • Little Drive Big Space
    Wanted a small Bus powered drive to partition for Mac Leopard Boot and storage of Video and audio EFX. USB 2.0 and GUID Formatted with Leopard X.5.6 on a 160G Partition for safety clone and the rest is EFX and Video Projects. Boots and serves as Editing drive on Intel Macs. No skipping of coughing so far. Quiet, quick, efficient. If you need a MacTel clone, this little 500 works just[...]with a nice black velvet pouch that tries to keep fingerprints off the glossy black case and an internal 5 inch USB pullout connector, very compact....more info
  • Good disk
    I got the 500GB disk. It's been working great. The sync software is easy and fast. It is small and very light. Overall, it is a great product. Here are a few things I did not like. The plastic casing smells, even after a few weeks. The built-in USB connector is very short and feels fragile. Sometimes, the disk does not mount the first time it's plugged in, I have to pull it out and plug in again. However, these are very minor things. ...more info
  • Good drive bad case
    The case on this drive leaves little to be desired. I had problems getting my laptop or desktop to recognize the drive. Also the usb cable is not standard for this type of portable drive. I wouldn't recommend it for a novice, but I ended up transplanting the drive into a another standard enclosure and have been happy ever since....more info