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Belkin Wireless N+ 802.11n Router (Black)
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Product Description

Belkin's N+ Wireless Router features a USB storage port on the back of the router for connecting USB storage devices such as an external hard drive or thumb drive to the network. Now you can centrally store and share media content and files from the USB hard drive to every computer on the network. This router also features Gigabit Ethernet ports for a wired connection that can handle applications that take up a large amount of bandwidth. The N+ router is based on the draft 802.11n 2.0 technology which provides the wireless range to easily cover any-size home or office. The N+ Router has the bandwidth and speed for handling media intensive applications that take up large amounts of your bandwidth.

For those who need the fastest wireless connection, the Belkin N+ Router will have you flying down the fast lane. Thanks to the 802.11n Draft 2.0 technology that provides up to 300 Mbps of data throughput, and a wide variety of high-performance features, the N+ Router is the ideal choice for demanding Internet users.

The Belkin N+ Router:
  • Supports latest 802.11n Draft 2.0 technology for speed up to 300 Mbps.
  • Uses smart MIMO antenna technology for extended range.
  • Features built-in USB port for connecting storage devices.
  • Is backwards compatible with older wireless networks.

Connect your desktop or notebook to a network wirelessly at speeds up to 300 Mbps. View larger.
Compatible with 802.11n Draft 2.0 for Incredible Performance
Using the latest, 802.11n Draft 2.0 technology, the N+ router offers outstanding range thanks to smart MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) technology. This router offers enough range to easily cover most homes or office spaces.

With data throughput of up to 300 Mbps, the N+ Router can handle media-intensive applications that take up large amounts of your bandwidth. The router will easily handle high-demand network activity such as streaming music and HD video, playing games online, downloading large files, and making Internet phone calls, all without hiccups or slowdowns.

If even this isn't fast enough, the N+ router also has four gigabit Ethernet ports for ultra-fast wired connections.

Backwards Compatibility for Ultra Convenience
The N+ router is backwards compatible with all Wireless-G and 802.11b networks and devices, which means that you can continue to use your current computers and peripherals that are on the older standards.

Keep Your Network Safe and Private
With support for Wi-Fi Protected Security, you can ensure that your wireless network is safe and secure with a single button push. In addition to Wi-Fi Protected Security, the N+ router also supports 256-bit WPA/WPA2-Personal, and 64-bit and 128-bit WEP encryption to ensure that your data is protected.

Easily Share Storage with Your Whole Network
The router features a USB port that allows you to connect a USB storage device, such as a hard drive or thumb drive, and share its contents with all the computers on the network. With an attached storage device, you can store music, videos, and photos in a central location for everyone on the network to share and access.

Elegant, Informative Design
Featuring an elegant and smart vertical design, the N+ Router saves space and looks good on your desk. LED icons let you know at a glance the status of the connection, if security is enabled, if USB storage is being accessed, and other useful information. There's also a "Download Speedmeter" Bar of LEDs that constantly measures the download speed of your network.

The Belkin N+ Router is backed by a 1-year warranty and includes free 24/7 technical support.

Winner of the CNET Editors' Choice Award

What's in the Box

N+ Wireless Router, quick installation guide, user manual on CD-ROM, power supply, Ethernet cable.

There's enough bandwidth for video and music streaming, gaming, and other network heavy applications.

  • Router lets you easily create a large Wireless-N network for the home or office
  • MIMO antenna technology provides extended range and data throughput up to 300 Mbps
  • Security options include Wi-Fi Protected Setup, WPA/WPA2 and 64-bit and 128-bit WEP encryption
  • USB port allows connection of an external hard drive or thumb drive for networked storage
  • Four gigabit Ethernet ports

Customer Reviews:

    This router worked great for the first week or so, after that the router would lose connectivity daily forcing my network and Ooma to go down. I am returning this router to Amazon today and will hook up my old Linksys G router and try the WRT610N.....more info
  • An Excellent Wireless Router
    Just purchased this router and my wireless speeds and range went up noticeably. Also, I am getting better pings to the the gaming servers I often connect to using a wired connection. I use to own a Gamer Lounge and this thing outperforms it, even without using packet prioritization and port forwarding. I just set it up, connected everything, and my network got a significant speed boost and I have only one wireless N device. I connect my desktop and Xbox via Ethernet and I have a Tivo, Roku, 2 laptops, and a printer connected via wireless radios. On both the Roku and Tivo I am able to stream at the highest possible quality over wireless, which I was not able to do before. I am really happy with the performance, especially for the price. I highly recommend it. Please note that this device will NOT speed up your internet connection, it simply routes data efficiently so your local network does not become a bottleneck....more info
  • Great upgrade!
    Upgraded to this N+ with its matching adapter. Super simple setup and it really works great. The signal is very sensitive to antenna placement otherwise it would have gotten 5 *'s. Physically, everything is nicely made and the blue lights look trick. Very noticible speed improvement even using the old modem. New modem will hopefully be even quicker. Amazon, once again, delivers price and service that's hard to beat. (Network adaptor was cheaper elsewhere but not by much. No big)...more info
  • Belkin N+ Router
    Bought this unit to replace a Dell Truemobile 2300 that did not seem to provide the range and user load I needed in a household application.

    Installation was a breeze for my wired machine and two wireless laptops. However, my son has an older desktop with a Truemobile 1300 USB wireless adapter, and I have yet to get a connection with it. I'm thinking the old 1300 may not support the new encryption.

    A good looking unit, although a bit large, it also serves as a nightlight. I have it located up near the ceiling in my main downstairs hallway (center of the house), and all the blue lamps do a good job lighting up the area at night.

    The only negatives: Customer service is in India, and the User Manual is online....more info
  • Totally Awesome Router and works great with DSL Modems
    So far this router has been nothing short of spectacular. I have had little to no difficulties. However, if you are using a DSL modem, you will need to call Belkin Tech Support for the mere fact that no instructions are given on what to change the default IP address to and apparently, it is based on the make and model of the DSL modem that one has. Once that is typed in, the router recognized the modem with any delays. Apparently, the CD setup was only designed to run for cable modems. Other downside, no pre-printed manual. The manual is on the CD an one has to etiher print a hardcopy or leave a copy on the hard drive for reference.

    Other than far so good. Securit is excellent, range is good. No resets as of yet and recognizes other applications (i.e.-external hard drives and wireless devices quite easily). Well worth the price here at Amazon. The same router at BestBuy goes for $119.00 plus tax. With the free super saver shipping, no taxes and what I saved on gas to drive to the nearest BestBuy in my area, it was well worth the wait from Amazon.

    This is my second Belkin router and I am not dissapointed. I would highly recommend this router to anyone upgrading to the "N" standard. A vast improvement over Wireless "G" by far....more info
  • Happy
    Happy with this purchase. It is really handy to be able to plug in a thumb drive or hard drive for use on the whole network....more info
  • Belkin router works well
    We bought this as an upgrade for a Linksys "g" router. We wanted faster speed and more coverage in our house. We have one PC with a "g" speed wireless card, one mac with a "n" wireless card, one PC direct connected, and one printer direct connected. I did have to contact customer service to originally install it, but I think my problem rested with rebooting my broadband connection, and not with Belkin. Once everything was properly rebooted in the right order, everything else worked seamlessly. At this point, we've only one computer with an "n" card and it is a little faster, but not so much faster that upgrading is justified. The coverage, however, is definitely better. I have not tried to use an external storage device with this. We have no complaints about this router at all....more info
  • As Advertised
    Works great. Setup was a snap. We have a variety of OS's in the house, XP Vista home, Vista Business. Both 32 & 64 bit processors. All worked great the first time. Seems extremly secure. I tried to hack in, and couldn't. I'm no expert on hacking, but I'm no slouch either.
    Everyone in the house LOVES the ability to share an external hard drive. All of our music & photos are on there as a backup.
    Speed was a great deal better than the D-Link unit we upfraded from. But signal strength? We didn't have ANY at the farthest room from the D-Link. Now we get it everywhere, including the farthest corner of a rather big backyard. By the way, the Belkin unit is in the exact same location as the D-Link, in the basement on a shelf over the washer....more info
  • OK with N card But!!!
    Works ok with a laptop n card but if you have an a, b, or g card it does not work after 20 minutes. I contacted Belgin and they gave me the run around. I don't recommend this item...more info
  • Very happy about Amazon's returns process!
    After searching, researching & waiting on the best deal I was very excited to buy this router. After over 4 hours of starting, restarting, setting up & an hour on the phone with "Tech Support" who were anything but supportive of helpful I was unable to get it to work with my Comcast Broadband service - Comcast's fault according to Belkin. Funny my neighbours Linksys & my old Netgear had no problems.

    Big props to Amazon for taking it right back for a full refund & Netgear is back on-line! ...more info
  • Compatibility issues
    While I'm getting good range and speed with my N laptop and some 802.11b and g devices, my Blackberry Curve 8320 can't even see this router, unless the router is set to it's b/g (no n) compatibility mode. Worse, my Belkin Pre-N equipment can see it, but sees no signal strength, and can't connect, regardless of the compatibility setting. This is a very poor upgrade if you have existing Belkin Pre-N equipment. I'm running my old Pre-N router in access point mode as a work around while I wait to see if a firmware fix comes out for this before the return period expires.

    Beyond the compatibility issues, setup was easy, especially considering the router's web page is little changed from the Pre-N router's. Speed for my HP laptop with built in N wireless is at least 15% greater at identical range, as compared to the Pre-N router, and perhaps more, as I was near maxing out my cable connection....more info
  • So far working great.
    The Belkin Wireless N+ is a replacement for Netgear WNR854T which dropped dead after one year of service. Checking the internet for comments about model WNR854T, apparently the common complaint is it will cease to function with no apperent reason for a failure. I purchased the Belkin Wireless N+ from recommendations and reviews on the internet. I did have a little difficulty setting it up , but the Belkin technical support people are very helpful, and walked me through the set up procedures. Belkin followed up via email,asking me to review the quality of the support I received. The unit provides a stronger signal then did WNR854T. My sons computer located on the second story has no problem finding the internet. I've noticed less frequency of re- booting with this unit.So far it is performing flawlessly. I can recommend it deserves Belkin Wireless N+ 802.11n Router (Black)a consideration to buy....more info
  • Excellent performance for both "g" and "n"
    I went shopping for a new router when my network started to overwhelm my old Lynksys router that had been running nonstop for nearly five years. I needed something that would boost signal strength and would take advantage of the "n" cards in two of our laptops. Ours is a somewhat device-heavy household, connected to the router we have a HP MediaSmart home server, a networked laser printer, two desktop PCs, three laptops, three Tivos, a Nintendo Wii, and a Sony Playstation 3.

    Setup for the router was very easy. The pushbutton setup worked, though I just tried it for fun. For the actual setup I did not use the CD, I just connected to the router through the browser. I am no networking expert, but the explanations of each option are clear and detailed enough for someone with moderate experience like me.

    This router is getting anywhere from 3x to 5x the throughput of the old router, even from the ethernet ports. Signal strength at the remote parts of our one-story house has boosted from ~50% to ~80%. The streaming Netflix video on our Tivo has gone from unwatchable to HD signal (even though the Tivo is connected through a regular wireless "g" adapter). I would say this is worth every penny....more info
  • Great Upgrade for Wireless Router
    I got this N+ router after reading reviews in order to replace my existing Belkin Pre-N router that was 2 years old. The installation was easy - completed within 5 minutes, complete with WPA-PSK protection. Other computers were easily connected as well. So far it has performed well - it doesn't drop my DSL signal as often and has a great signal strength virtually anywhere in my house....more info
  • I had low expectations
    I will save a lot of people time searching the internet for a router to suit their needs. I have 11 different wireless devices(and use a max of 8 at a time and a min of 4) ranging from PC to Mac and Wii to PS3. All were able to connect and have excellent speed/signal strength. It took me a whole 10 minutes to unhook the old router, upgrade to this one and set the security. I looked on the internet for 6 hours looking at specs, reviews and ended up sifting through the components that made up each of 4 routers I had narrowed it down too. I found out that the make up of the belkin product is just as good as the other three. heck most of the parts were the same. I saved 40 plus dollars and now have the fastest connection I have ever had. Needless to say, I went from skeptic to impressed after just an hour with this system installed. ...more info
  • Estatic Technophobe
    Worked out of the box on the hard wired desktop Mac and with wireless Windows laptops and trepidation and high anxiety transmuted into relief and joy in the process....more info
  • Upgrade
    I merely up-graded from a 'G' type router to this 'N+' router. More secure plus the installation was very easy. Great tool for the wireless I use!...more info
  • Drops Connection
    I bought this router and the associated USB adapter for my home network.
    1. There were no instructions for installing this router from a Linux box (I have Ubuntu). However, I have set these things up MANY, MANY times and I never use the automated setup anyway. But this one did not even offer an IP address to start from.
    2. There were no Linux drivers for the USB adapter. That is no big surprise, few manufacturers actually include Linux drivers. However, my Ubuntu would NEVER even recognize the device. (Note: I returned all of this and bought the LinkSys 160NL and the associated USB adapter and Ubuntu AUTOMATICALLY recognized and configured the adapter.) I setup the same laptop on my windows partition and installed the included drivers. The adapter provided a link of 300mbs (compared to the Linksys which only linked at 270mbs). However, the Linksys also gave 270mbs in Linux and the Belkin would not link.
    3. The USB storage link does work well with Windows. Both the Belkin and the LinkSys routers CAN be set up and the attached HD can be mounted in Linux but both require a good deal of work and there is no guidance (for Linux) provided by either manufacturer.
    4. The Linux problem was enough to force me to send the Belkin router/adapter back. However, I also experienced frequent (every hour or so) dropouts with the router - even using the built-in "G" adapter in my laptop. This was frustrating but it would not have been enough for me to have sent the equipment back. However, with the LinkSys, there are NO dropouts and the connection is rock-solid.
    There is very little difference in the price or the listed capabilities of the Belkin and LinkSys routers. However, my experience would suggest that the LinkSys is a MUCH better and more stable router. It runs cool while the Belkin got pretty warm to the touch (perhaps the reason it would drop out).
    Finally, if you want to do "N" wireless on a Ubuntu Linux box, then I would HIGHLY recommend the LinkSys adapter since it is automatically recognized and configured and results in a strong N connection (270mbs)....more info
  • Great Router - Easy Set Up !
    I had no problems setting this router up on 3 comps, ps3, 2 wireless laptops and 2 iphones. All work great using WPA2 encription. Faster connection speeds and longer range than my old router. Love it....more info
  • Drops connections
    I bought this Wireless N+ Belkin to replace an older Belkin that physically broke (through no fault of the hardware). I tried for several days to stop the new Belkin from randomly dropping Internet connectivity on wireless connections to no avail. The outages were for seconds at a time, 5 seconds here or there, but I noticed them frequently enough in web browsing and sending e-mail that I returned the router.

    I replaced it with a different brand that is operating fine....more info
  • Excellent new technology router
    I purchased this router to replace an older Belkin router that constantly needed to be restarted. I was hoping that this new router would eliminate that annoyance. I can happily state that since I got it I never had to unplug and replug it in.

    One thing: I am pretty sophisticated when it comes to the workings of a computer but I needed help from Belkin to get the router configured properly. They were great! Also, they answer the phone immediately! No complaints at all!...more info
  • I love this router!
    This is a fantastic router that has not given me a bit of trouble since the day I set it up. I am a huge gamer, both on the PC and Xbox. On other routers you can waste hours figureing out the port forwarding and network settings for your PC games. Every game I have played in the month+ I've had this router has worked without touching a single thing. It's beautiful.

    The speed of the gigabit switch is mind blowing. I just had an old $36 Netgear router die on me after years of faithful service. I always assumed my cable connection was slow because of all the nodes in my apartment complex. With this router I now get blazing speeds both from my cable internet and between my laptop and media center PC.

    I have used Netgear and Linksys routers in the past. If this router does have a drawback it is that the web-based control panel is a little clunky compared to other manufacturers. But the beauty is, once you get it set up you don't have to monkey with it constantly like I have had to do with other routers.

    Other reviewers have stated a few difficulties using this router. First, I have Comcast cable internet and it works just fine with this router. Second, I did have some troubles getting the router to see the internet at first. Then I remembered one reviewer's suggestion to start both the cable modem and the router at the same time. After doing that, it locked on and hasn't dropped the connection since.

    In conclusion, customer reviews are a big part of my buying decisions and this router has gotten very mixed reviews. I was concerned buying an expensive (to me) router from Belkin, a company I have considered to make only cheap electronic gizmos. This product has gone a long way towards changing my impression of their company. Buy this router without hesitation....more info