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Sony Cybershot DSC-T700 10.1-MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom with Super Steady Shot Image Stabilization (Gold)
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Product Description

Carry your entire photo collection wherever you go with the pocket-sized, 10.1-megapixel Sony Cyber-shot(R) T700 digital camera. With 4GB of internal memory, you can store up to 950 high-resolution or 40,000 VGA-sized images. Frame, review and share your photos on the dazzling, 3.5" touch-screen LCD. It's easy to preserve the perfect moment with its Face Detection technology that automatically adjusts exposure and color to make faces look their best and Smile Shutter mode that instantly recognizes a smile. You'll also be able to make the most of your photo opportunities with features such as Optical SteadyShot(R) image stabilization, Anti-blink function and in-camera retouching tools.

Smile Shutter technology Optical SteadyShot(R) image stabilization High Sensitivity ISO 3200 Intelligent Scene Recognition Dynamic Range Optimizer Standard and Plus - determines the best exposure and contrast settings for almost any shooting environment Anti-blink Function - captures two images, recording only the photo with less squinting Red-eye Correction 16 - 9 HD 1920x1080 images MPEG Movie Mode - Capture VGA (640 x 480) audio/video clips at a frame rate of up to 30 frames per second and a maximum time of approximately 10 minutes Semi-manual focus - specify the camera's approximate focus distance 4GB internal memory Memory Stick Duo or PRO Duo Media slot HD output adapter cable Password Lock Sharemark and Picture Motion Browser (PMB) Portable - pre-select images and videos in the camera to later upload them from the camera to popular Internet sharing sites Dimensions - 3 3/4 x 2 3/8 x 21/32 in. (95.0 x 58.4 x 16.4 mm)

  • 10.1-megapixel Super HAD CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 8 x 10-inch prints
  • Carl Zeiss 4x optical zoom lens; Optical SteadyShot image stabilization
  • 3.5-inch Xtra Fine LCD touch-screen display; Face Detection and Smile Shutter technologies
  • Intelligent Scene Recognition; Dynamic Range Optimizer Standard and Plus
  • 15 MB internal memory; capture images to Memory Stick Duo/Pro Duo media

Customer Reviews:

  • best camera
    I received this camera in two days and absolutely love it! It has so many features and is very thin and light.. The touchscreen is great and easy to use and I travel alot and love showin all my pictures everywhere I go! I had two great canon cameras before but this one is by far the best! You should get a case to avoid scratches and a screen protector to avoid fingerprints. ...more info
  • A great camera with a few minor issues
    The camera takes great pictures which is what I wanted. Having the DCS-N1 which was also a good camera but tended to take blurry pictures from time to time this T700 has been an improvement for me. The T700 is fully automated which makes it great for people like me who just want to point and shoot and do it quickly. The problem I have is it is smooth metal all around on this camera. While it looks stylish, clean and expensive it makes for a slippery smooth casing that is sharp on the edges. Sliding the front cover down can be clumsy at times because there is no grip point. It does slide smoothly when it goes. On the revers side there is an area on the right side that is ribbed which is great for gripping with your right hand/thumb. I almost wish there was just one rib like this on the front so I can slide the front cover up and down easier. Even so, with the ribbed edge the camera is difficult to use with one hand. It can be done but it is difficult and has an unnatural feel. This next issue is a problem and at the same time isn't - my left index finger sometimes covers the lens. You would think this is a problem but it isn't. Why? When you take pictures with this camera you look at the nice 3.5 inch touch screen. There is no viewfinder. The result: If you see a finger blocking the picture in the 3.5" screen then you know it is in the way - so you move it. It just tends to end up there because the lens is up high on the top right hand side of the camera (as if you were looking at the front of the camera). The 3.5 inch screen is beautiful! Showing your pictures to others is a pleasure. However, the included stylus is the way to go - I find myself tapping the screen a couple of times when using my finger as it is not as accurate as the stylus. I thought this camera recorded video in HD (780p) like the T500 - it does not. Too bad because that would have been nice seeing this is the improved T700 over the T500 - right? The T700 will project 1080i HD images/pictures with the supplied cables or the OPTIONAL cradle. Why did they give the cradle with the T500 and not the T700? Why, why I ask?? The cradle is an additional $80 with shipping if you are lucky enough to find one. The CSS-HD2 cradle like many cradles works with many different types of Sony cameras so it sells out quickly. Now Sony has just come out with the DSC-G3 which has all of the features the T700 has but includes WiFi and a better design. I like this camera and so does my wife. She likes that is is small and takes quick pictures - so do I. If you can get over the issues that I listed above you have a great 10MP camera that should last for many years. ...more info
  • Very good!
    A very easy to use camera, especially has really good features and a built in memory. Recommended to those who want less hassle and good images!...more info
  • Attractive but not effective
    This is a peice of slim wonderful but have some issues like image view. On a indoor light red takes precendence. And the shot button is so small to use it timely. And pictures can't be copied directly it needs sony proprietary software so it is not handy to download it anywhere. Ofcourse, this is known to everyone about the sony. ...more info
  • Superb Point-and-Shoot
    The Sony DSC-T700 is the best point-and-shoot camera I have ever used. Even at high resolution there is no delay for the intitial shot. The large display screen is easily visible even in bright sunlight, and the touch screen controls are reasonably intuitive for a camera with so many settings. The images, even at max zoom with an unsteady hand, are crisp. I like the "slide shut" design that allows me to put the camera in my pocket without worrying about scratching the lens or inadvertently changing some setting. My wife, who is something of a techniphobe, really likes this easy-to-use camera....more info
  • great camera
    nice small camera, the product description says red but it is really a fuscia pink color which I wasn't thrilled about though....more info
  • convenient,handy
    love touch screen(also got a touch screen cell phone ), tiny button does not bother me because I am using my nails instead of my fingers. The color of the photoes are bright and sharp on sunny background whereas less quality under dark.Or maybe I have not found the right way.Generally,I like it slim, handy, 10.1megapixel good enough. ...more info
  • sony
    Have had 4 other cybershots and been completely happy however this one is very slow to view and process pictures....more info
  • Excellent buy!
    I purchased this camera after researching different digital cameras with the capability of taking hi-def video's. I am very pleased with the images and video that this camera produces.

    The Camera itself:
    This camera has a small thin and sleek body that is comfortable and easy to use. The body is very light-weight and made of durable metal, with a magnetic slider lens cover.
    The touchscreen is very easy to use and comes with a stylus in the event that you prefer to use that. (not necessary)
    I absolutely enjoy the 4GB of internal memory, this provides plenty of storage to take rather long video's in high-def, and hold thousands of pictures in multiple resolutions.
    The cameral has a lot of customizable feature but my favorite is the password protection that can be turned on or off. The password is necessary to access the stored images on the camera.
    There are many other features on this camera so I recommend going to the local electronics store and playing with it to see for yourself how easy it is to use.

    Picture quality:
    Excellent picture quality during many different lighting conditions due to the different iso settings that are automatically selected.

    Low-light conditions like all cameras can be a little tricky to get a good quality picture but it has a setting to automatically take a second picture in those conditions improving the chance of producing a good picture.

    Overall I am very happy with the quality of the pictures it produces and use it every day. It produces very sharp pictures that look wonderful on HD TVs.

    There are several settings for quality and aspect ratios. I prefer the widescreen ratios for display on HD TVs. These can be changed for preferance.
    This camera has a wonderful focusing feature for taking pictures of very small objects such as...ants or anything else you may want to take a super close up picture of.

    Video quality:
    Very sharp 30fps Hi-def video with stereo sound is wonderful. This camera has an amazing microphone built in. I just used it at a club where the music was so loud I couldnt hear what my friends were saying next to me. But when I played the video on my computer I could clearly hear exactly what they were saying, the music in the background was still audible but didn't overpower their conversation.

    Overall I would definitely recommend this camera to any ameture that want's a great quality camera that is capable of takeing good quality pictures....more info
  • No date setting on photos
    Had a previous Cyber shot and liked, so I bought another. I can't seem to get the flash to force flash and you can't have the dates print on your pictures now, but overall, it is a great easy camera....more info
  • Great pocket camera, good quality of picture.
    Went to Best Buy to look at this camera and they were selling it for $370! Saw it on amazon for $269 and had to grab it. Best camera I have ever owned so far. I am no professional photographer but for an amature point and shoot picture taker, its a great camera. The only thing I wish I could change, would be the zoom could be stronger, and changing camera settings could be a little bit easier, stream lined. This camera is an awesome camera at an awesome price. ...more info
  • Great for on the go picture taking and especially HD aspect ratio shooting
    The picture quality is probably as good as it gets with a slim camera. I'm going to review this based on the following:

    1. Size - The camera is about the size of an iPhone, but maybe around 3/4 of inch shorter. It's very small and very thin, but because the framing is mostly metal, it a little heavier than you would expect. However, having said that, it's very sturdy.

    2. Convenience - So this is a mixed bag of good and bad...The camera is small and strudy, but it is a touchscreen so I would recommend a plastic sticker or film to lace over that part. IN addition, the touchscreen is not electro-capacitive (I'm not sure if that's the right term) so you have to "tap" and you will not be able to "touch" the screen for a response. This is not too much of a problem because the included lanyard has a stylus sttachment. I find it far more convenient to just use my fingers, but depending on how you handle the camera, it may not be in issue.

    3. Quality - I'm no expert, but I think most pictures can be blown up to at least 5x7 without much of a problem. One of the big perks that I love about this camera is that it has an HD Aspect Ratio that allows pictures you take to fit newer monitors without stretching/tiling the pic. I find that I don't see that many red eye pics and oddly enough, the smiling recognition does a decent job.

    4. Storage - MS Pro Duo, either love it or hate it...but with this model you have the option to use the internal 4gigs inside..unfortunately there is no cohesive way for the camera to deal with both the internal and any external pro duo cards you use. Without going into the manual much, basically it's one or the other.

    Overall, I really like this camera and it is simple enough that you almost don't mind the limitations of the touchscreen. One of these days, I hope they build touchscreens on cameras with as much care as an iPhone..that would be a killer sale...convenience and size...

    ...more info