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Panasonic DMC-FX37W 10MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide Angle MEGA Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (White)
List Price: $349.95

Our Price: $239.97

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Product Description

The Lumix DMC-FX37 digital camera features a 25mm ultra wide-angle Leica DC lens, enabling you to capture almost double the viewing space at the same shooting distance as compared to 35mm cameras. The 10.1-megapixel FX37, capable of High Definition video recording, also includes a powerful 5x optical zoom while maintaining a sleek, ultra-compact body and expands Intelligent Auto Mode (iA), Panasonics system of intuitive technologies that help you capture better photos.

  • 10-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality poster-size prints
  • 5x wide-angle MEGA Optical Image Stabilized zoom lens
  • Intelligent Auto Modes include new side portrait and AF tracking
  • High Definition video mode
  • 50 MB built-in memory; capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Reviewed: Panasonic DMC-FX37A 10.1MP Digital Camera
    Panasonic DMC-FX37A 10.1MP Digital Camera
    I haven't done any extensive testing of this camera, but everything seems fine. This is similar to my Panasonic DMC-TZ3, with less Zoom (5x) but more memory. The DMC-FX37A is quite slim and the battery charger is small, so it is very handy for travelling. I've used it for candle light photos (with and without the 'candle light scene' exposure preset. Not sure which I prefer - I edit my photos in Paint Shop Pro anyway. I did get some usable photos under very low light conditions. The extra wide angle is very handy for situations where you can't back up any further. I haven't used the movie mode yet.
    So, I would recommend either the DMC-FX37A 10.1MP, or the DMC-TZ series. The latter is a bit larger with 10x zoom. Both have good lenses (Leica)....more info
  • Poor packaging from shipper + not really white (more like silver)
    1) Poor packaging from shipper - camera came partially damaged
    2) Shutter lag
    3) Not true white - very close to being silver

    1) Very Portable
    2) Wide angle and zoom work great
    3) Extremely intuitive menu navigation

    I've decided to return it in the end because the camera screen is damaged due to poor packaging from shipper. I ordered the Nikon S60 (WHITE) as a replacement....more info
  • Panasonic Lumix FX37K
    After researching many compact digital cameras online, I decided on the Lumix FX37 because of the size, it's usually good reviews (there were some that commented on photo quality - I should have listened) and the fact it had a Leica lens.

    I was very disappointed with the quality of the photos which lacked contrast and crispness. The edges of the photos had more perspective distortion than I found acceptable in the default wide angle setting. The zoom caused photos to be even less sharp. I tried a variety of settings and took photos both inside and outside. The extra noise picked up while using the movie mode outside was very loud.

    On the plus side the camera looks nice; the macro mode poduced sharp photos only slightly lacking in contrast and was the best feature of the camera; the menu was easy to navigate.

    In the end, after only two days I returned the camera. The whole point is to take good photos, no matter how many nice other features the camera may have....more info
  • Excellent Value -- Great Pics and Vids
    For the money this camera is outstanding and preferred to the newer models for 2009 in many ways....more info
  • Quality camera, responsive, great 25-125mm f/2.8-5.9 lens
    The exemplary build quality gives this camera a luxury feel. The camera is dense, feels hefty for its size when picked up, unlike many similar cameras that feel like a piece of plastic. This is a fine example of Japanese craftsmanship. It is fast and very responsive in operation. The lens is fantastic, 25mm (effective) wide angle is rare among such cameras, significantly wider angle than the 28mm of the FX33. In wide angle lenses every mm counts. Thankfully, the max aperture is back to f/2.8 - the FX35 maxed at f/3.3. The lens is sharp edge to edge with very little, if any, in the way of distortion and chromatic aberration. Certainly, the lens is better than the sensor. The wide aperture (f/2.8) at the wide angle is great for low light [The lenses on the FX35, TZ3, TZ4 and TZ5 are not as fast].

    The flash is weak [manufacturers under-power the flash in order to gain on the "shots per battery charge" scale.].

    Hints: In low light, including indoor shots with flash, use the wide angle (zoom out) to make use of the f/2.8 aperture, and you'll get less dark underexposed pictures. Stick with ISO 100 and 200. Keep ISO 400 for emergencies, but never go beyond 400. In auto-ISO mode, you can limit the max ISO. You probably read a lot about image noise. Yes, it is there, but you will not see it in 4x6 or 8x10 prints. You won't see it on a typical 20" monitor (12"x16") when viewing the whole image on the screen. You will see it if you view part of the image 1:1, which amounts to close up inspection of a 57"x38" print (assuming the monitor is running at 1024x768). Those wanting 57"x38" prints will be using a medium-format digital back, not this camera anyway. Reduce the resolution to 3 or 5 mp and you'll see less noise (per pixel), and save hard disk space!

    I recommend an extra battery and a 4 GB memory card (minimum).

    Optical image stabilization is very effective indeed. Video (1280x720x30) is very good.

    I took out one star for: 1) Lack of full manual controls, 2) sensor noise.
    This camera needs a larger sensor.

    The more expensive TZ3, TZ4 and TZ5 lack the f/2.8 aperture (they max at f/3.3).

    If you like the size and build-quality of the FX37, but want a better picture-taking machine, look at the LX3. It has a larger sensor, manual controls, RAW, and an excellent 24-60mm (equiv) f/2-2.8 lens. The LX3 is destined to be a big hit....more info
  • Worst camera
    I thought that perhaps I just hadn't figured out how to use it yet, but after reading the manual, I realize that this camera just plain stinks. The image quality is terrible, even in bright daylight with low ISO, the images are grainy and dull. Forget about trying to take a photo in low light or shooting something that is not completely still. I am so unhappy with this camera, and it's too late to return it. I wish I'd bought the trusty Cannon Elph....more info
  • Great, but.....
    A fantastic little camera. But, you never know what you are getting until you buy it and try it. My only disappointments are:

    No Panorama mode.
    No flipping of vertical/horizontal images in preview like most cameras have these days. Viewing vertical images is tough as the image is so small on the big horizontal screen.
    No color swapping feature like on Canons.

    Movie: I returned the Flip Mino HD for this camera. Although the flip took fantastic HD quality videos, they were always shaky because it had no optical image stabilization. The Lumix takes HD movies and has optical image stabilization but...with the flip, you could connect the camera to the TV with a standard (supplied) 3 RCA jack cable (1 video, 2 audio-stereo) and watch your movies in HD. With the Panasonic, the (supplied) 2 RCA jack cable (1 video, 1 audio-no stereo) does not produce HD movies on the TV, you have to buy the optional 5 RCA jack component cable for $40. No HDMI Support.

    The Canon 780 came out a month after I got this Panasonic. I think if I'd do it again, I'd get the Canon....more info
  • Amazing and Tiny camera, HD video are you KIDDING?!
    So I've always been a huge film snob, and for a while had a Nikon D40 as my digital camera until I decided it was too big to want to deal with. For a while I was using disposable 35mm cameras, but as I've been doing a lot of traveling lately, I thought I'd get a little digital camera. I did a ton of research, and was interested in the similar Canon and Sony offerings, but I couldn't be happier with the Fx37. I love the wide angle which is great for taking self portraits and such things when traveling alone, but also works great for interior shots.

    Not only does it take incredible pictures with the leica optics, I actually become must more into shooting video on it as it shoots native 720p video. Its amazing! For some example of video I've done please click below, the quality is amazing and thats considering its compressed on Vimeo.

    Anyway, its very small, extremely fast, good in all conditions and the video is shoots is amazing! Why this isn't the best selling camera on the market is beyond me. But now you know, so go for it!

    -DP...more info
  • Nice Point and Shoot
    Nice camera with many great features that others have listed. I just wish the camera would zoom while in video mode (like my older HP camera would do),...more info
  • Great Zoom and Wide-Angle Camera Choice
    I needed a new small digital camera and decided on Canon or Panasonic due to input from several sources and many weeks of research. The camera had to have at least 5x zoom, my biggest requirement until I started reading and hearing about the advantages of a wide-angle lens. Finding the two together in the camera size I wanted was not easy (at least in the two brands above and in a reasonable price range for me) and I wavered between less zoom but wide-angle, or no wide-angle and 5x (or more) zoom. Finally I decided on the Panasonic DMC-FX37 which offers both and is very small! I am very happy with it so far! I think the photos and videos are super and the extra features are amazing. I don't like the exposure screen that pops up every once in awhile when I'm ready to take a shot (it's great to know that if I adjust right then the picture will come out better) but I have lost the photo opportunity a few times since I haven't figured out how to override the screen quickly. The manual is a bit overwhelming but I'm sure help is available in those pages somewhere!
    Four stars as I've compared my photos with a similar Canon camera and I think those are a bit better; however, I love having the 5x zoom and wide-angle which I would never do without again....more info
  • King of point and shoot
    Wow ! This is the statement that I can say once I start using this camera.
    Wide angle, IA mode (fully automatic). I took this camera to Pasadena,CA down town to test night scene right after I got this camera. I use the IA mode and just keep point and shoot while I was walking down the street. A friend of mine has a Canon Powershot SD1100IS, I can see he kept getting black out on his LCD due to the darkness at night, but mine, every picture came out nicely. I am not an expert on camera, what I need is a camera that I can point and shoot anytime I want to and come out decent result. This camera does the job, and because its wide angle, the results are breath-takingly good.

    This camera is so compact (tiny), if you want a 25mm wide angle camera in such a small footprint, this is the only one you can get in the market right now. You can also try its manual setting to have much better results, but for me, IA (fully automatic) mode is good enough for me already. I think I will start carrying this camera with me all the time, and you know what? Photography is now becoming interesting to me because this camera opens a new field that I had never been in before ...

    ...more info
  • Great Sharp Small
    I'm a professional photographer with 25 yrs experience. Came down to the FX 37.. Canon sd 990 or the
    Sony dswc T-77.
    Sent the Canon right back. Clever design, too bulky, and guaranteed to slip through your fingers.
    Sony, nice and slim, but too many menus, plus the touch screen is awkward and will drive you insane.
    The FX 37 is very small, very fast, push buttons, and a 25mm wide-angle lens. Plus it extends to a nice telephoto...125mm. All you will ever need and POCKETABLE. Have the camera with you. Never miss the shot.
    Beautiful construction. Feels solid. Very easy to shoot. Focus tracking. Leica lens. HD video. Excellent prints.
    It's a no brainer....more info