Olympus FE370 8MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom (Black)
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Product Description

Get a digital camera that is perfect for on the go. With its sleek, metal design and portable size, the Olympus FE-370 packs amazing photo technology -- including an impressive 5x optical zoom and Dual Image Stabilization -- into a super-slim body.

Formats - JPEG, AVI Motion JPEG with Sound Movie Mode - 640x480, 320x240 Self-Timer - 12 Seconds 48MB Internal Memory Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Face Detection - Tracks up to 16 faces and automatically focuses and optimizes exposures for sharp, brilliant portrait pictures Smile Shot - Detects a smile on your subject's face and automatically fires off three consecutive shots Intelligent Auto - Automatically identifies the scene you're shooting and adjusts the settings to optimize results 19 Shooting Modes including Portrait, Sunset, Night Scene, Sports, Landscape, etc High-resolution CCD - Create large-format prints xD-Picture Card (1GB, 2GB), microSD (MASD-1 is required) Live, multi-frame window on the LCD - preview the effects of various settings before you shoot Perfect Fix - lighten shadows and remove red-eye right in the camera In-camera Help Guides provide a brief description of camera settings and features My Favorites - This in-camera album stores your favorite images so you can easily share them with friends and family TruePic III Image Processor delivers superior images with true-to-life color, sharper detail, and less noise Dimensions - 3.7W x 2.2H x 0.90D, with lens part - 1.0 D (94.7 x 56.7 x 22.8 mm, with lens - 25.3mm) Weight - 4.5oz (128g) without batteries and media card

  • 8.0-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 16 x 22-inch prints
  • 5x image-stabilized optical zoom; Face Detection
  • Perfect Shot Preview mode; Intelligent Auto mode
  • 2.7-inch, high-resolution LCD screen
  • Stores images on xD Picture Cards or microSD cards (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • FE 370
    This is a great little camera for the price. I would put it up against any camera under $200 with comparable features. You can pick one up for around $100. Costco has them for $99 with a case and XD card. The duals stabalization works well with one exception in full auto the digital version can boost up the ISO too much in low light if you are more than 5-7 feet away from the subject (creates smudgy picture). This is due to exceding the flash range and is typical in all compact cameras with small flashes. Owner operator error due to not understanding compact camera limits is usually the cause of poor pictures. On more expensive cameras you can lock the ISO to prevent this. I'm a person who has difficulty with blured pictures due to big hands and I tend to have a hard time keeping the camera still. I have returned several cameras that just don't work as well to get a sharp pictures when you shake (Nikon, Canon, Fuji etc), most just had a digital stabalization. This doesn't work well by itself and I dont recommed it., mechanical optical stabalization is MUCH better. This camera has both and it works! I noticed some reviews here that say they keep getting blurry pictures: 1) see ISO issue above - typical on anything 400 ISO or above. Check the good pictures vs. poor and you will see most of the time the poor ones are above 400 ISO. 2) It is important to focus properly; push the button down 1/2 way for the auto focus to work, once it locks (GREEN bracket, not flashing RED) then you can take a picture. This shoud be digital camera 101 but it tends to be the biggest reason people get poor shots with digital camera other than high ISO issues. A few commented about the noise when focusing, the camera is doing it's job (In most cases), especially if you have the camera set for continous auto focus. I really don't use the face or smile recognition programs, I just want more than 3X optical zoom and clear pictures in daylight and indoors. This little guy is not perfect and you shouldn't expect it to be for this price range, but it is as good as anything in the sub $200 range. Also, when reading reviews keep in mind a large portion of the people writing reviews are brand biased. The best thing is to go try several different brand at a camera shop find what you like and then look for the best price. I dont recommend buying something like a camera unless you have held it in your hands. I have a professional Fuji SLR, Olympus SLR, Panasonic mega zoom (Love it)ZS3 and the FE 370. If price isnt a big issue the ZS3 is in my opinion the closest thing to a perfect all around camera. Others to consider Canon 780 or 880. Hope this helps...more info
  • Love this little camera!
    I love this little camera, and take it almost everywhere I go. It can't replace my DSLR for my best photos, but for portability, it can't be beat! The image stabilization is great, and image quality is good. Buy the Pentax PTX-L40 case for $9.00, and you have a place for the camera that includes a Velcro pocket for an extra battery pack. It's a perfect fit, and stays out of the way on your belt or tucked into a large pocket. Pentax PTX-L40 Soft Leather Case for Optio S, S4i, S5i & S5z Digital Cameras...more info
  • olympus digital camera
    Olympus digital camera FE730 8 mp arrived on time through Amazon, intact and was an instant Christmas hit with my daughter. The camera and optical zoom work as described and take excellent photographs. I would definitely recommend this camera....more info
  • Great Camera!
    I just got this camera this week and I love it.

    Pros: The screen is quite viewable in bright sunlight. Dual memory support gives you a choice on which media to buy. (I'm using a Class 6 4GB micro SDHC card). 5x optical zoom (the largest I've seen in this size and price range.) The iAuto is pretty smart. The camera is easy to figure out and use.

    Cons: I'd like to turn off the image preview that comes up right after you take a picture. The "Smile shot" is cool, but I haven't been able to figure it out completely (I'm going to keep trying)

    Conclusion: I don't regret getting this camera. We're going camping in a couple of weeks and we'll see then how well this camera will work. For the most part, I'm very satisfied with this camera.

    10/13/08 Took the camera camping this last week and it performed wonderfully! I was able to take pictures of whatever I wanted. I was able to get the pictures I wanted without any trouble. I played more with the smile shot and I'm getting better with it. I think it's a worthwhile feature....more info
  • No problem about my Olympus FE 370.
    I received the camera on time, and it works fine, no problem about this product....more info
  • Pink Olympus fe370 8mp Great!
    I recently bought this product and I love it! I took it with me on a holiday trip to the caribbean and after a while of fiddling with the different setting modes and lighting options the pictures came out wonderful. The blues of the water stay true in the pictures, and even the indoor artifical christmas tree lights turn out great in the right setting. I would really recommend reading the manual first to learn how to use all the settings. At first they can seem overwhelming, but they are very user friendly. The body design of the camera is very sleek and stylish and it feels light in your hands. I have not bought a case for it yet and I don't plan on it. I have dropped it several times already and the camera shows no signs of scratches or internal damage. I recommend this camera for those who feel like they can take the time to learn the setting buttons. This is not for the first time camera buyer who doesn't have some expirience with similar cameras that have come out in the last few years. Without some knowledge the camera will probably seem to be of poor quality if you don't know how to change from outdoor sunny lighting to an indoor portrait mode.

    Overall once you get the hang of this camera and all its amazing features it will become your best friend you will want to stick it in your pocket and take it everywhere with you. It is a handy, fashion foward model from Olympus that you will defiantly want to consider....more info
  • No Good So Far
    This item is very cheap contruction and the pictures are bad cuality especialy in low light, I sale this camera next day I recive and buy anoder one....more info
  • Exceeded My Expectations
    If you're looking for a light weight, compact camera that takes great pictures and is easy to use; then the FE370 is for you. I bought this camera to take the place of my Camedia C-2100 Ultra Zoom since I was going to Washington DC for the Presidential Inaugural, and wanted a smaller camera that would fit in my pocket. The large monitor, 5x optical zoom and 8mp are genius. Lastly, the FE370 captures vivid images and has lots of shooting options. As a dedicated Olympus customer, the FE370 lives up to the picture quality and multi-functionality that I expect from an Olympus camera. ...more info
  • Olympus FE370 digital camera
    The FE370 is a great value (quality Vs price) It is very attractive, compact, easy to use and performs according what was advertised.
    A good buy....more info
  • I love this camera!
    I had a friend who owned one of these cameras, and I was always impressed with the quality of the pictures she posts on her web page. She attends lots of concerts and always has great shots, even at night. She has never had a problem with having the one rechargable battery she keeps charged until she's ready to use the camera. She simply uses, charges and replaces the battery into her camera as needed (about one or two concerts per weekend)
    I purchased my own camera, and it is wonderful! the focus/picture taking is real fast, the controls are easy, and the options are many! When I'd noticed a woman with the same model, snapping pictures of the Zebras at the Zoo, I couldn't help but comment how much I loved mine, and she agreed, She loved her camera too. It is simply a great camera, in a great size, with great features, for a great price!...more info
  • Beware of Olympus
    My problem was not so much the product although it failed in only a few months of light use, it's what happened when I contacted Olympus to get the unit fixed. They sent me an email with return instructions saying to send it to Olympus America for repair. There were no cosmetic damage, not even a scratch yet Olympus refused to honor their warranty. Their reason for refusal was the very reason it was sent in for repair. They informed me by mail of the refusal and sent a bill. I contacted the 800 number on the letter only to have to leave a message. After my call was not returned I tried email. The email explained the problem, provided my contact info and requested the issue be elevated to a manager. My email response was to call the 800 number, the one where you leave a message that don't get returned. So they don't honor the warranty, sent a bill, and do not intend to discuss their decision. I will not pay for the repair when I am not at fault and the product is under warranty. I'll never buy another Olympus product and hope you heed this warning and don't either. That's right, now I am out the money for the unit, shipping to me and shipping to be repaired and no camera....more info
  • great camera
    I was still very happy with the last olympus digital camera that I was using, but this 8 megapixel olympus FE370 is even better than that one--it's easy to use, has a great look, and the photos are superb!!...more info
  • 4th Olympus
    I bought this camera to replace the Olympus fe-280 I gave to my daughter. She uses it to take photos and videos of my grandson. I was very pleased with the fe-280. This is the 4th Olympus I have owned. The first two used the same batteries and memory card. The fe-280 uses a different battery which is understandable due to it's slim design. The fe-370 has another size which I do not see the reason for. I have always been pleased with the performance of these cameras. My wife and I have traveled extensively and I had gotten great photos and videos with them. That is why I continue to purchase Olympus cameras. They are the best quality for the price. I do not buy expensive cameras because I am satisfied with the images I get with the cameras I buy. The cons are the change in format and batteries. The change in the format I am refering to is the image quality is listed as QVGA or VGA for the video. The camera defaulted to QVGA which I thought was the best quality but I later found was the lower quality, I finally got that straighened out. Secondly, I really see no reason to change the battery size, there is not much difference in camera size or power to require another size battery. Third I attempted to eliminate the red eye by using the (fix) application. I could only fix one eye so it only corrected one of the eyes. When I went back to the application it would not permit me to fix the other. My concern is the warranty. With my first Olympus I was taveling in Russia by bus. I had my camera out to take photos. The lens protrudes when taking photos. I bumped it causing the lens to jam. I called Olympus who told me that due to damage being cause by human error the warranty would not cover it. After a brief discussion the tech informed me Olympus would fix it this time only. The camera was repaired and send back to me. It did not work properly from the day it was returned to me. I had purchased an extended warranty and after the Olympus warranty ran out I sent it to the company I had purchased the extended warranty from. They fixed it properly. This is my way of telling you to be very careful not to damage this camera unless you take an extended warranty or be prepared to discard the camera. Overall I am pleased with the fe-370. Especially the ability to use the micro sd card. I like the fe-370 but I would have liked it to be as slim as the fe-280....more info