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Dazzle DVD Recorder
List Price: $49.99

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Product Description

Looking for a quick way to back-up your videos to DVD? With Dazzle DVD Recorder, anyone can transfer video to a DVD using a PC no experience required. Simply connect a VCR, DVD player, camcorder or other video device to the Dazzle USB hardware. Then use Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder software to create a DVD recording complete with menus and chapter at the click of a button. You can burn your video directly to a DVD without first copying files to the PC hard drive, saving both valuable time and space. The DVD can be played on any home DVD player. DVD burning has never been so easy thanks to the Dazzle DVD Recorder.

Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 1.4 GHz or higher (2.4 GHz or higher recommended) 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended) DirectX 9 or higher compatible graphics card with 64 MB (128 MB recommended) DirectX 9 or higher compatible sound card 1 GB of disk space to install software 1 USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) port DVD burner for creating DVDs Video inputs - Composite video (RCA), S-Video (mini-DIN) Stereo audio input (RCA x2) Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Output Formats - DVD or DVD-imagePackage Contents Dazzle DVC 100 USB video capture device Pinnacle InstantDVD Recorder software Quick Start Poster

  • So easy to get started - Simply connect your VCR, DVD player, camcorder or almost any other video device to your Dazzle capture cable.
  • Instant safeguard - Burn videos direct from video source to DVD to preserve your memories.
  • Ready for the big screen - All your videos are now saved on DVDs that you can watch on any home DVD player
  • Includes Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder - One-click recording from video source to DVD with menus and chapters.Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows XP (SP2 or higher) or Vista (32 bit only)

Customer Reviews:

  • a waste of money and time
    This is the second time I've purchased a pinnacle product and for the second time in a row the product hasn't worked.

    I was trying to copy old home movies from VHS to DVD for my family and chose this product frankly because it was the only one in the store. I'm working on a computer with a quad core processor and a gig of memory. Well above the recommended requirements for running this product. When your using the wizard (because the device won't let you capture with any other software but its own) the video seems to play fine while you're looking for the right section of the tape you want. However, as soon as you tell it to record, the audio and video get out of sync and start skipping.

    I had similar issues with my last purchase from Pinnacle, a tv tuner for the same computer which stated on the box it worked with windows media center. It din't work with media center at all, the audio and video being over a second apart. When I called Pinnacle for support I was basically told that it wasn't their responsibility to make sure their software works with other programs and I might as well call microsoft to fix the problem because they sure as hell weren't going to. When I told the person that their own viewing software wasn't working either I got the same brush off and was told the only thing he could do was to send a technician to my house for over $100 dollars for a home visit to take a look at it.

    So far Pinnacle is two for two in terms of putting out bad products that simply don't work and their customer service people just don't seem to care. I'm never buying another one of their products ever again....more info
  • Before you buy, you might read this...
    After debating about a way to transfer VHS video to DVD, I thought I would take the less expensive (read:cheap) way out. My mistake. Don't make it yourself. The minimum hardware requirements are deceiving. You really need at least a 2GHz or faster processor and basically no other sound or video devices attached.

    Upon loading the software, I received the message that the audio driver did not load correctly and that I might have problems when running the program. That was putting it mildly. The program started to run, but showed no video and when the record button was clicked, the message "burn error" displayed. After several attempts at correcting the problem, it was time to explore the forum at Pinnacle software's site.

    Finding an identical problem on the forum with no response was foreboding of what was ahead. I called technical support and spoke with an outsourced representative who, after 30 minutes had me try everything I had already tried and then told me they would have to escalate this to level 2 support. Level 2 doesn't use the telephone so I would wait for an email message. Fortunately, that message only took 12 hours to receive. It started with the message: "What seems to be the problem?" However, it did suggest a 17 step fix for the problem I was having. After 16 of the 17 steps the error message came up again and the program did not work.

    Long story short. After two more email messages, I received the message: "Thank you for contacting Pinnacle Support. We appreciate you emailing us. If you have the same problem feel free to reply to this email." which, I believe is their way of saying 'we can't fix your problem'. At this point, the solution was clear: return for refund.

    I have seen several people who have had this product work fine for them, but I would recommend that you consider very carefully your system requirements before you purchase this device. Or check the forum at Pinnacle software to read what users are saying (or having problems with).

    My solution ended up being the Sandisk V-Mate recorder:
    SanDisk SDMV1-R V-Mate Video Memory Card Recorder
    which does not require a computer at all to record the video/audio and thereby removes the incompatibility factor....more info
  • Look elsewhere
    Initial installation of this product was unsuccessful, and instructions and technical guidance were extremely weak. After much effort I was able to get the hardware to work, and used this product seven times before it failed. Live technical support was ineffective, and company no longer responds to my inquiries. This product should be packaged with a bottle of aspirin, and a direct phone number to the Pinnacle CEO. ...more info
  • Not a bad little toy
    Was a bit difficult to install but I'm no computer whiz. Finally got it going and it does what I want. Copies stuff on the t.v. to disc. Good quality. Not for professional use....more info
  • Dazzle DVD Recorder (record to file)
    This is a simple product to use. No problem in recording to a file (since I don't yet have a DVD burner)....more info
  • Decisions, decisions.
    So many reviews for devices like this are full of complaints regarding the output quality, both video and audio. I started reviewing the cheaper devices and tried to spend my way out of the bad reviews but I never could. Devices priced from 20 to 120 all carried the same complaints in one form or another. Poor quality output, jagged edges, dropped frames, audio getting out of sync with the video.
    I was so confused that in the end I finally threw up my hands and ordered the Dazzle. With a few caveats, I'm glad I did. If you care to use the information, this is what I learned:
    S-video cable input is needed if you intend to view the output in more than a small computer window. Don't even think you will be happy with TV sized results using only AV cables.
    The output is best directed to a hard drive folder and then burned to DVD later. I import the result into a video editor (ULead) and trim and edit as needed. Your tapes are probably like mine and have have multiple unrelated events that should not be on the same DVD.
    Don't mess with the computer while copying. I turned off screen savers and updates to prevent disruption.
    My machine is a single core Pentium 4, 2.8Ghz , with only 512MB ram, USB2, running Windows XP service pack 3.

    ...more info
  • Terrible product
    Installed software and it asked me to reboot. Did this and then didn't realize I need to install disc 2. Second reboot.

    Captured VHS tape and burn directly to the disc. After one hour I get "Burn Error" and have to abort.

    Finally get the video captured to hard drive instead and go to create the movie to burn to disc and this fails as well at the last minute and the program crashes. This is the second crash. It's perfectly good media.

    Another problem I had is that the software would NOT let me eject a disc when it was running.

    So now i'm encoding the main movie again to burn in another software.

    Complete waste of money. Now I know why it's so cheap.

    ...more info
  • Product never worked
    I had the product set up correctly but had to call tech support as it was not working. After 4 hours over 2 days time and two agents, I was disconnected and a new agent took over. I had to re-explain things and finally I just gave up and sent the product back....more info
  • Great product!
    We used this product to transfer all of our old home videos (VHS & Hi8MP) into dvd's. Very easy product to use, highly recommend....more info
  • bad, bad, bad
    Note: This is an edited version of my original filing, made after only a couple of captures. As such, the 4 star rating is bogus. If I were allowed to change the rating with this edit I would reduce the rating to 1 star.

    On the surface, this is a really simple to use device that produces dvd versions of vhs movies without a hassle. When it works, all this is true. Unfortunately, in my experience it has led to burn errors and wasted dvd media in about half of the 20 or so attempts made so far.

    To date I have been unable to resolve this issue via Pinnacle Tech Support. In the end, they suggested the problem might by with my dvd burner and suggested I look for updated firmware. This for an eMachines computer purchased 4 months ago and for a dvd burner that has had no problem burning dvd's with other source material.

    If you decide to buy this product, be sure to keep the receipt. It may work better on your system than mine, but if not you will want to return it....more info
  • dazzle DVD recorder review
    This product is quick and convenient to use. The interface is easy, and there are many options to utilize within the software....more info
  • Not very robust
    I finally got a video capture to disk (I'd didn't want to burn to DVD right away) with audio totally in synch with the video by following several precautions--this is on a 2.5 GHz Pentium IV system with 1.5GB of RAM:

    * Disconnect the Internet for safety

    * Unload ALL programs--especially those running in the background, like antivirus, firewall, and other security software.

    * Clear out about 60GB (for a one hour video) of free disk space for all the many files that will be created.

    * Defragment that drive--this seems to be important

    * Update the Dazzle drives at the Pinnacle site

    * Walk away from the system while it is capturing: don't attempt to do any other work while the Dazzle software is working.

    * Pray...more info