Kingston DT101C/8GB Flash Memory 8GB DataTraveler 101 (Cyan)
List Price: $36.99

Our Price: $12.99

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Product Description

Kingston's family of convenient, compact and reliable DataTraveler USB Flash drives just got bigger with the addition of the DataTraveler 101. DataTraveler 101 contains room for high-definition photos, graphics-intensive documents, videos, spreadsheets, presentations, term papers, and music that can be stored and retrieved in a flash. Sleek, practical, and attractively designed, the affordable DataTraveler 101 serves the needs of the budget conscious user as well as those looking for significant storage capacity and data protection in a lightweight, compact design. It features a capless, swivel design for added functionality and ease of use.

  • Simple ? just plug into a USB port
  • Practical ? capless swivel design protects USB connector; no cap to lose
  • Fashionable ? available in multiple colors: cyan, pink, yellow
  • Operating Temperature ? 32กใ to 140กใ F (0กใ to 60กใ C)
  • Storage Temperature ? -4กใ to 185กใ F (-20กใ to 85กใ C)

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Product for the Price.
    I purchased this flash drive so I could easily transport files between work and home. It was a great purchase at a great price, and has performed reliably for a few months of continuous use.

    I like the security feature, which allows you to encrypt a certain portion of the drive. It's great that it lets you configure how much of the memory is set aside for encryption, and lets you use the rest of the space unencrypted. This is very convenient when I need to save unencrypted items because I do not need to enter a password to access that portion of the drive and/or I do not need to use a separate unsecured drive.

    It would have been nice if this drive came with a string for it to attach to a key chain or something (it only has a hole to accommodate a string). I was able to find one from an old flash drive (that came with one), but it would have been nice if this one came with one....more info
  • Great Pen Drive
    This is a great flash drive. At 8GB, it has loads of capacity, but it is still in a small package. I've never had a port clearance problem. As for speed, I'm not doing anything that is speed sensitive. But it seems plenty fast. I never wonder what's taking so long. I like how the protective cover is a pivoting shield, so I don't lose it. It doesn't look goofy.

    What keeps me from giving 5 stars are two things. First, I hang this from a badge lanyard for work, and the metal shield tinks against another item hanging there (a secure PIN token device). Second, it didn't come with a connector to hang it by. I actually reused the connector from my old pen drive, so I got by on this issue with no problem. But I'd think that it should come with some type of quick release straplet that could be hung from a badge or lanyard....more info
  • It's cheap for a reason
    I bought one of these at our school bookstore last week (which had *boxes* of them) and have had nothing but problems with it. I wanted to use this to transfer files between my desktop (WinXP) and laptop (Leopard) but when I move more then 100 megs at a time, it tells me I don't have permission and the transfer freezes. It won't let me eject or shut down (because it thinks it's still copying) so I have to pull the drive out and relaunch Finder. Basically, I'm using an 8gig drive to move less than 100 megs at a time. I can do that much more effectively with my old 1 gig.

    Just taking its ability to work with WinXP into consideration, I'd give it a higher rating if the transfer speed wasn't so inconsistent and slow. Nothing against Kingston though. They're still my favorite RAM manufacturer but they failed on this one....more info
  • Lots of room but make sure you are an admin
    Most importantly is to make sure you are an administrator on your computer or you can't use the encryption! I love the space on this drive and got it cheap so I'm very happy. Only thing I wash was that it 'locked' into place a bit better but that's a very minor point. ...more info
  • Needs a Dust Cover - But Great Othewise
    Great little flash drive, but it does not come with a USB dust cover. If you tote it around in your pocket I suggest puting it in a small ZIP-Lock plastic bag to protect it from dust, crumbs, dirt, etc. . . - Otherwise it's a handy and attractive gaget. Everyone at the office wants to know where I bought it....more info
  • good price and design; slow speed
    I like the huge capacity of this drive in a well-designed compact package. The swivel cap is especially nice so there is no loose part to misplace. However this drive is slower than some of the pricier drives and as such you can't use it for Windows Vista ReadyBoost. ...more info
  • Makes me happy
    I needed a flash drive because i Do a lot of photography work. So I needed a high enough gb to do my work. I came across this one and it was perfect for not too much money. So I bought it. and everything went smoothly. I got it when I was supposed to and it was exactly what I ordered....more info
  • Kingston - king of memories
    I rely on Kingston and use their products for more than 10 years. They are very good....more info
  • Super SLOW
    This drive is Super Slow.

    My windows vista said it will take 6hours to move One 900Mb of data.

    I felt like i got rip off....more info
  • Nice little drive
    It's a thumb drive. Pretty utilitarian. Not a lot to say, except that it's fairly narrow, so you can place these in close proximity to each other or other connectors. One gripe I've had about other thumb drives is that they're unnecessarily wide and that makes them unsuitable for some laptops where the external connectors are close together....more info