Burn Notice: Season Two
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  • One of the best and brightest.......
    With the recent endings of some of the most highly acclaimed shows in television history (The Sopranos, The Wire, The Shield) it might be hard to jump right into something new but take my advice and give this show shot. No weak spots to be found here - everything is pretty much spot on - and be warned you might not be able to turn it off once you watch one episode - its one of those shows that will have you hooked. It may not be on that high level that we've all been spoiled with the last several years but it is definitely the best of whats left....more info
  • You know spies... bunch of bitchy little girls
    Burn Notice" also manages not to take itself too seriously, which means it can have guns go off and action galore without being too grittily downbeat. The series is also flippantly comic without being absurd or mocking. That it manages to do this as if the combination were the easiest thing ever is impressive. It's a hipper "Magnum, P.I." with a James Bondian sense of low-key humor.

    In "Burn Notice," the Westen character is forced to become a kind of mercenary private detective. He wants to find out who burned him and get back in the spy business, but he also has to make a living. He's surrounded by his ex-girlfriend, gun freak and former IRA operative Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar); former Navy SEAL and agency pal Sam (Bruce Campbell); and his mother (Sharon Gless).

    There's something that works perfectly in the casting. Campbell has always been great, and here he plays what is essentially a layabout ex-operative who was hired by the government to spy on Michael but is up-front about it to his target. Gless gets to play the neurotic mom, which allows Donovan to be funny and tender with her, showing new sides to his Westen character. And Anwar gets to register her legs as lethal weapons and play a tough, emotionally conflicted and dangerous jack-of-all-trades who still has a spark for her former beau.

    This season "Burn Notice" adds "Battlestar Galactica" actress Tricia Helfer as the woman who either burned him or is working for the people who burned him. (You can bet that Westen will be seeking this answer for seasons to come.) It doesn't matter, really. Westen gets a lot of freelance business and the periodic morsel of information on who outed him, so he keeps moving forward.

    "Burn Notice" is a clever, quickly paced drama that astutely mixes these various elements into a winning formula. In the best tradition of light but engaging (and highly entertaining) dramas, "Burn Notice" is plain and simple fun - you want to come back every week.

    And if the series manages to keep up its neat little trick - making diverse tonal shifts seem effortless - it may not stay under anybody's radar much longer, no matter how little USA spends to buy hype
    ...more info
  • Not without flaws, but a great ride
    I am relieved to see Burn Notice hasn't suffered form a sophomore slump. Acting = spectacular. Plot = genre-defying. Guest stars = fantastic (particularly Tim Matheson and Michael Shanks as sociopathic nutballs) and once again, the season ends with a gratifying cliffhanger which instills both excitement and impatience for the next one. That said, there are a few irksome problems with the series.

    For one thing, while the main story arc is fascinating, a few characters meet abrupt (and icky) resolutions way before we've had time to get to know them. Hey, what gives?! Episodes often have a rushed feel to them. And there's a lot of rapid cross-cutting, as if the show can't juggle the main story and subplot within the time allotted.

    Secondly, I hope we get a break from the fractured family stuff. Michael's sleazy brother Nate is a welcome distraction, since he always brings with him buckets of trouble and is a capable sidekick. But what's happened to Madeline (Sharon Gless)? Where's the passive-aggressive blackmailing? The surly relationship with her offspring? Where's the "edge"? Michael's mom is a big teddy bear now, and it's a weak point dramatically...especially since this family's various past traumas are soothed with frequent (and I mean FREQUENT) happy conclusions where everyone remembers to hug.

    I'm exaggerating a little, but the family bits are a nuisance and detract from the action. Hopefully, Michael's work will spill over into his family, which will shake things up somewhat. Right now, things are way too cozy....more info
  • Suprisingly good show
    I am very picky about the shows that I watch. For a long time, I've had only one favorite - House. I tried to watch many over the years but nothing really kept my interest like House did.

    I had heard about Burn Notice and I saw it online here and most of the time I just skipped over it thinking- "oh its that USA show. I bet its mostly about how many half naked girls they can show in a single episode."
    Then one day I decided to watch it... I was hooked. It was surprisingly good.

    Jeffery Donovan is a better actor than I thought, and Bruce Campbell, well what can you say about him... he is just fantastic.

    I highly recommend watching this show. You wont regret it....more info
  • Love this show!!!
    This DVD hasn't been released yet, but I watched Season 2 on TV when it aired, and it was awesome - I can't wait for the DVD to come out so I can re-watch & view the commentary. ***Note: the season 2 finale was one of the best single TV episodes I have ever seen***...more info
  • This is a fun Action/Drama.
    This is a fun Action/Drama. I look forward to watching it every week. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!...more info
  • My new favorite show
    I did not start watching this show until after the 1st season aired. I will admit that the concept sounded kind of stupid, but was urged by a friend to watch the 1st season that had come out on DVD. I was instantly addicted and watched the entire 1st season in 1 day (only 9 episodes). I couldn't wait for season 2 and it did not dissapoint. Here is a tired idea that is made fresh and original with great writing, direction, and great performances from the cast. Jeffrey Donavan, Gabrielle Anwar, and Bruce Campbell really are what make this show great. I love the dry wit and interesting spy facts that are shared, all over a compelling storyline. The main storyline behind the show (who burned Michael and why) is still a mystery after 2 seasons, but you don't get frustrated that the story is going no where. The show focuses on what Michael is doing now, taking whatever jobs he can get for whatever pay they can afford, and that keeps the show going for the most part. I highly recommend this show to anyone that is tired of the bland cookie cutter shows that the networks keep putting every year. This show is really something special. ...more info
  • An amazing season, better than the first and well worth your time and money!
    The writing for the first season of Burn Notice was excellent, very tight with interesting characters and situations. However, towards the end, a lot of fans were worried. Some of the helpless clients of the week were starting to feel a touch repetitive.

    We needn't have worried.

    The second season just finished, and I can assure you that the writing is even better, the characters stronger, and many of the story lines more compelling, than in the first season. It's no wonder the show has doubled its viewing audience. I particularly like how the characters have evolved. Michael has dealt with some of his family issues, gotten closer to his brother, and understands that his mother really does care about him--even if that's easier to take when she's not blowing cigarette smoke (literally) in his face. The bad guys are organized and smart, which means he have to be even smarter. It's good story telling.

    However, even with all the other positives that made me pre-order the DVD set as soon as it was possible, there are several particular episodes that stand out from the rest, which alone are worth the price of the DVDs. One of these involves Michael Westin trapped inside a bank during a robbery with a government agent, Bly, whom he blackmailed the first season and who hates Michael's guts. Watching the respect build between the two, and the way they wind up working together -- not to mention Michael Westins way of dealing with the robbers -- is delightful. It's nothing you've ever seen before. It's not Die Hard and it's not like The Ransom of Red Chief (where a little boy makes kidnappers regret ever taking him to the point they wind up paying the parents to take him back). From start to finish, the robbers never figure out that they have a tiger by the tail. The only one with a clue how dangerous that Westin can be is Bly, who had read Westin's dossier in season 1 and has been dancing back and forth with him to see who can top whom. The ending is particularly satisfying. So, I really loved "Bad Breaks" and doubted (silly me) whether they could top this story line in the remaining episodes.

    They did.

    The season finale completed a fascinating story arc involving an ex-CIA agent, Victor, gone to the dark side. This 4 episode story arc alone makes this season is a must-have for fans. What can one say about this amazing character? Played by Michael Shanks in a recurring role, Victor took us through the gamut. We went from hating him and thinking he is a psychopath wavering on the edge of sanity (you were never quite sure how he was going to react to things), to realizing he was an incredibly tragic character and a cautionary tale of what Michael could have been in other circumstances. The emotional roller coaster we share with the characters on screen as we learn of Victor's back story (which comes out in the finale) and resulting changes in his relationship to Michael Westin is story telling at its best.

    I have not been a fan of Michael Shanks in the past. However, his acting here is truly inspired. It goes far beyond anything I've seen him do other than in "The Arc of Truth" in the prison scene when Shanks' character, Daniel Jackson, finally gives up hope. It is worthy of an Emmy. Moreover, even with the already great supporting cast of Bruce Campbell (always worth watching and allowed some great scenes in the 2nd season), Sharon Gless (as Michael's mother who smokes while exercising to Jack LaLanne--which you have to watch to realize how funny that is), and Gabrielle Anwar (as the explosive Fiona), there's something magical about the chemistry between Shanks and Donovan that seems to kick Donovan's acting--already extraordinary--up a notch to a level seldom seen on the small screen. And if the ending is shocking, the choices made surprising to the viewer, one cannot help but feel that the characters have been changed forever by this experience and nothing will be quite the same again. Perhaps best of all, it makes the viewer asks of season 3, what's next? Because if there's one thing the writers, actors, and producers have shown us, it's that they understand good story telling, and can be trusted to make choices that will keep us on the edge of our seats, coming back for more.

    I highly recommend this DVD set, especially if you haven't seen the show on TV. Although most of the story lines could work as stand-alones, there is an on-going story arc (of how and why Michael got burned and what he's doing to get his life back) that makes more sense if you watch them in order. The extras on the season 1 DVD set were excellent (including Donovan and Anwar's audition tapes), and I expect them to be equally good here. So far, I know of at least one extra that should be a lot of fun. Michael Shanks has reported recording a commentary track with Bruce Campbell and Matt Nix.

    I speak for many fans when I say I can hardly wait for June, and the start of season 3 on USA network! Thank goodness Donovan's contract has been extended for another 6 years (total 8 seasons)! I love this show!...more info
  • A sort of snob who doesn't watch tv series, except for "Burn Notice"
    I don't watch television series. Sports, documentaries, subscription movie channels, yes...never a tv series on a weekly, don't-miss basis (well, "NYPD Blue" the first year until that fool Caruso left).

    I watch "Burn Notice." Every week. The first season of this spy action/comedy/drama about a spy who is "burned" or thrown into the street by his agency for reasons he cannot fathom was very good. That brought more budget. For second season that means better stunt and action scenes. And the show has even more humor.

    Just finished the final hilarious, dramatic, edge-of-the-seat episode in the Carla theme. As good as a first-run theater production. Better, actually. Certainly better than Daniel Craig's James Bond franchise, which is cliched and takes itself way too seriously. "Burn" gives you real people you can care about. Unexpected things happen. Unexpected things are said.

    What is top-flight is the quirky cast of characters that continues to develop...solid actors, main and supporting (Jeffrey Donovan of "Touching Evil" finds a winner here)...scripts that surprise with their humor and drama...direction that doesn't try to be too cute...eclectic sound track. That should do it.

    If the concluding Carla episode doesn't win an Emmy, there is something wrong with the television industry. And of course for my money, there is. But I'm sort of a snob I guess. Which is why I don't watch tv series.

    Except for "Burn Notice."

    ...more info
  • I want to be a spy someday
    The life of a spy is hard. It's not all chicks in bikinis and million dollar beach homes. You need to know what you are doing all the time, be able to change the plan at a moment's notice and constantly improvise. Maybe it's not 100% realistic but it makes for damn fine entertaining and intelligent television. The show and characters have a wonderful sense of humor, and the story is always a lot of fun because things never go according to plan. Burn Notice is a work of genius. Jeffrey Donovan is incredible, Gabrielle Anwar is hot(Even though she could stand to put on a few pounds), and Bruce Campbell... need I say more? This is the best cast ever. This show keeps getting better and better....more info