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Set in sin city the story revolves around 2 people who discover theyve gotten married following a night of debauchery with one of them winning a huge jackpot after playing the others quarter. The unhappy pair try to undermine each other & get their hands on the money -- falling in love along the way. Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 08/26/2008 Starring: Cameron Diaz Rob Corddry Run time: 99 minutes Rating: Pg13

What Happens in Vegas is a comedy waiting to happen. It takes an old premise (drunk strangers regretting their decision to get married in Las Vegas) and adds in a dilemma (a $3 million slot machine win) that could've been easily resolved. But then again, there would've been no movie if the unhappily wedded couple figured out that splitting the money in half and getting their marriage annulled would've been quick and effective. Cameron Diaz plays uptight clean-freak Joy, who has just been dumped by her fiance. Ashton Kutcher is Jack, a slacker furniture maker who has been fired--by his own dad. Each goes to Vegas to let off some steam. And while they have nothing in common (except being exceptionally good looking) they make out, get married, and fight over the money Jack wins with Joy's quarter. Instead of letting the couple get divorced, a judge sentences the odd couple to half a year of marriage. What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas, but extends into New York where Jack and Joy live. Both actors have fared well in comedies, especially Diaz in My Best Friend's Wedding. And while Kutcher still has to live down Dude, Where's My Car?, he showed a lot of comedic flair and charm in A Lot Like Love. But the two face an uphill battle here with inane dialogue and a premise that not only is unbelievable, but unlikeable. The two are so incompatible (and immature) they can't even control bathroom time and, in Jack's case, his bladder. --Jae-Ha Kim

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Customer Reviews:

  • another lamebrained romantic comedy

    The question before us is this: would you stay married to a person you'd just recently met (and whom you could barely stand) if you knew that, after six months as a couple, you would be free to go your separate ways and - here's the really good part - be handed a prize of $3,000,000 for your trouble? If that sounds like the setup for yet another of those preposterously cheesy TV reality shows, think again. It's actually the premise of "What Happens in Vegas," a big-budget romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher and Catherine Diaz as two Manhattanites who get more than they bargained for when they head to Sin City for an emotional pick-me-up after suffering major traumas in their lives. Jack has recently been fired from his carpentry job (by his own father no less), while Joy has suffered the humiliation of being dumped by her fiance in front of all their mutual friends. When the two strangers meet, it's instant pandemonium, thanks to an adjoining hotel bathroom, an abundance of free-flowing liquor, some quickie nuptials and a slot-machine jackpot worth $1.5 million dollars per person.

    Just how this couple winds up getting hitched - and why so much money is involved in the outcome - need not be detailed here. All you need to know is that "What Happens in Vegas" plays out with all the cliches one would expect from a romantic comedy, as Jack and Joy hurl objects and invective at one another until, as if by magic, it suddenly dawns on them how truly, madly, deeply in love with each other they are and that maybe, with a little teamwork and effort, they could make this marriage thing work for real. To complete the totality of the clich¨¦, both Jack and Joy are saddled with best friends (Rob Corddry and Lake Bell, respectively) who function as wacky, wisecracking sidekicks - and who help them pull off all the insufferably inane, mean-spirited tricks the principal characters play on each other. Jason Sudeikis, Queen Latifah, Dennis Miller and Treat Williams also put in appearances, though my suspicion is that they`d be more than happy to have this particular turkey expunged from their acting resumes toot sweet.

    The sad fact is that it's a mite difficult to develop a rooting interest in a relationship in which the two individuals display all the wit and emotional maturity of a couple of developmentally-disabled five-year-olds. The lower these two otherwise attractive people stoop in their treatment of one another, the more disheartening - and less funny - the movie itself becomes. ...more info
  • "What Happens In Vegas" Stays In My Romantic Comedy DVD Collection
    "What Happens In Vegas" is a very sweet, tender-hearted romantic comedy with a fairytale ending. Two socially mismatched people find the true meaning of happiness. It's not what you do for a living that makes you happy. It's who you're with, while you're doing it, that makes you happy.

    Having just experienced major disappointments in life and love, Jack (Ashton Kutcher of "Just Married" and "My Boss's Daughter") and Joy (Cameron Diaz of "My Best Friend's Wedding" and "The Holiday") take their buddies and go to Sin City. They meet, party, get wasted and are married in a chapel. The next morning, both of them are regretfully thinking "annulment." That would've been the end of the fairytale if Jack hadn't won a three million dollar jackpot. Greedy boy wants it all to himself but Joy insists on splitting it because they are legally married. Next, they appear before a judge who sentences them to six months of "hard marriage" before he will grant them a divorce. Meanwhile, each one tries to drive the other crazy in hopes that they will beg for a quick divorce and forfeit their share of the loot.

    Talk about chemistry. Kutcher and Diaz are like hydrogen and oxygen. By themselves, their characters are dangerous; together they create life-giving water. They are incredibly adorable and funny. These two popular and extremely talented actors looked as though they had a great time making this film. How I envy them. In fact, everyone (leads and supporting cast) looked as though they were having fun. It is the type of movie that will make you forget your worries for a couple of hours.

    "What Happens In Vegas" is one of the best romantic comedies I've seen thus far this year. It is highly recommended for fans of romantic comedies and fans of Diaz and Kutcher. It reminded me much of "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" - another one of my favorites. Also recommended is "27 Dresses," "The Wedding Planner," "Maid in Manhattan," and "While You Were Sleeping."
    ...more info
  • Fun, great comedy, they work really great together.
    Fun, great comedy, makes you wanting to watch over and over again. They work great together. I enjoy it....more info
  • Excellent movie!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was hilarious from the beginning to the end Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher have great screen chemistry....more info
  • Absolutely terrible.
    So bad a movie I couldn't finish it. I like crazy, funny and foolish movies but this movie was absolutely horrible. Not even FUNNY!...more info
  • funny stuff
    great movie. laughed out loud all through it. so what if its corny it still has great lines....more info
  • stupid and funny at the same time
    It was an ok movie with some funny parts. I enjoyed it because I rented it "on demand" for only $4. If I would have bought it for $20, I would have been upset. So basically, if you want to RENT IT, go ahead. If you want to BUY it, don't!...more info
  • Perfect comedy
    This is the best kind of comedy you can make. Nothing far-fetched just people being people with hilarious humor and not over-the-top romance. It is a little cliche and predictable but what movie isnt. I could watch this over and over again....more info
  • In Sickness and in Wealth
    "What Happens in Vegas" is not an insightful or intelligent movie, but it actually works. It's a juvenile romantic comedy, perfect for those who like their love stories a little on the immature side. Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz play their roles like teenagers trapped in adult bodies, spending most of the film as spouses scheming to make each other's life a living hell. An uncredited Queen Latifah plays a marriage therapist who says the two were made for each other, despite having individual issues that need to be worked out. I immediately replayed the events of the film in my head and realized she was right; one is the other's emotional equal, and both will willingly do what it takes to make sure they come out on top. While none of this makes for a funny movie, and while the story is completely predictable, it was still interesting to watch these characters interact with one another.

    The setup is as follows. Joy McNally (Diaz) is a career-minded, people-pleasing stock trader from Manhattan, and Jack Fuller (Kutcher) is a fun-loving furniture maker from Brooklyn; when the former is dumped by her fianc¨¦e and the latter is fired by his father, they both escape to Las Vegas. They conveniently meet each other, spend a night on the town, have far too much to drink, and wake up the next morning as husband and wife. They both intend to annul the marriage as soon as possible ... until Jack uses one of Joy's quarters on a slot machine and wins a $3,000,000 jackpot. Both feel entitled to the money, so naturally, they end up in court back home in New York. The judge (Dennis Miller), disgusted at their behavior, freezes the money and sentences them to "six months hard marriage" with weekly marriage counseling; if they can get through it civilly, the money will be equally divided among them. Since Joy has no place of her own, she has no choice but to move into Jack's disgusting bachelor pad.

    Of course, both are determined to take their half of the money, just as both are determined to make each other miserable every step of the way. Joy purposely spends too much time in the bathroom, so Jack has the door removed. He removes the toilet lid so that she can fall in the next time she has to go. He pees into the kitchen sink when it's her turn to do the dishes. Things take an interesting turn when Jack's lawyer friend, nicknamed Hater (Rob Corddry), discovers a legal loophole: if Joy were unfaithful, Jack would be entitled to all $3,000,000. As fate would have it, Joy's best friend, Tipper (Lake Bell), also discovers the loophole. Joy immediately hires a group of sexy young women to throw a spur-of-the-moment party in Jack's apartment. Jack retaliates by seeking out her former fianc¨¦e, Mason (Jason Sudeikis), and making him jealous with news of her good new life.

    At a certain point, Joy introduces herself to Jack's parents, and that where things finally start to get serious. His mother (Deirdre O'Connell) is pleasant enough, but his father (Treat Williams) is highly critical of everything Jack does, even when it comes to how he builds furniture. Despite having just met her, both think that Joy is a wonderful person, a perfect catch for their son. They like her so much that they invite her to a big family gathering, and it there that Jack and Joy actually begin to tolerate each other. By the time Jack becomes friends with Joy's obnoxious boss (Dennis Farina), they realize that they may even like each other. If you weren't expecting this to happen, then you haven't seen very many romantic comedies; no matter how unique the characters, the settings, or the tones, these kinds of films always follow a specific formula of Boy Gets Girl, Boy Loses Girl, Boy Gets Girl Back. "What Happens in Vegas" is no exception.

    There is, however, a unique twist on the first part of that formula: boy gets girl completely by mistake, so he spends most of the film trying to lose her. But what really sets this movie apart from other romantic comedies is the overactive sense of humor, which had absolutely no effect on me. Maybe I'm too dense to see the humor in Tipper constantly wanting to punch men in the genitals or Hater using a drawing to give her the bird. Much like Jack and Joy, Hater and Tipper are made for each other, trading insults as if being paid by the letter. "If I could make someone dead with my mind," she says, "it would be you." "This is my lesbian sister," he says in front of a group of women. "Why don't you tell them about your softball team?"

    And then there's Dennis Farina's character, whose name is Richard Banger. You know what the nickname for "Richard" is, don't you? Never mind--the point is that none of this adds very much to the film. I was more interested in how the relationship between Diaz and Kutcher developed, how they go from malicious to compassionate in a relatively short period of time. It's actually a fascinating thing to see, because once they get past their petty differences, the chemistry between them somewhat believable. Most of it is reserved for the last act, when Jack gets on Banger's good side so that Joy can finally be promoted. At that point, one of Jack's earlier lines hits home: "I'd rather be happy doing nothing than doing something I hate." I'm recommending "What Happens in Vegas" for the more interesting moments reflected in lines like that, moments that actually rise above the immature comedy and leave you feeling oddly satisfied. Everything else is just filler....more info
  • What Naps in Vegas, or is it Happens
    A little slow, not as funny as advertised ,but still a good movie. Was still enjoyable....more info
  • Has its charms, but mostly quite average.
    Here's another great example of a movie that will scarcely stay in your memory long enough to last for the ride home. It is a pleasant diversion that provides nothing new and very little in the way of something clever. You can predict the twists and turns of this movie pretty much down to the minute.

    A romantic comedy of this sort requires good rapport between its performers. If a trifle of a film like this doesn't generate good chemistry (Ralph Fiennes & Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConnaghy and Sarah Jessica Parker spring to mind), then it is doomed, because the shallowness and unlikeliness of the plot are exposed to the blinding glare of light. When two stars really click, the blinding light becomes a pleasant candle, and we ignore the "stupid" stuff (Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts, for example...heck Hugh Grant and just about anyone).

    WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS falls somewhere between. Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher make an okay couple...but they are burdened by their characters both being more immature than we might like. The best couples are full-blown adults who become childlike in their love...or childlike adults who mature into an adult couple (KNOCKED UP being a recent, outstanding example). Diaz and Kutcher remain stubbornly immature throughout.

    Diaz is a high-strung control freak with a stressful job (she plays a trader on the floor of the exchange...boy, I sure didn't believe her for one second in that occupation), who, following a horrible break-up embarrassment, allows her friend (Lake Bell) to convince her to blow off some steam in Vegas. Kutcher is a lazy, immature carpenter who gets fired by his own father after goofing-off at work for the umpteenth time. To blow off steam, his best friend (Rob Corddry) suggests they head to Vegas. A mistake at the front desk has these two mis-matched pairs suddenly sharing the same hotel room. The hotel fixes the mistake and provides them with all sorts of freebies...so they all head off together to get really drunk at really high-end clubs. Kutcher and Diaz end up married by the end of the night!! (You might consider this stuff to be spoilers...but in my opinion, there's almost nothing I've mentioned here that isn't covered in the trailers for the film.)

    The unique twist this film offers is that the couple agrees it was all a mistake and decide to divorce quietly. Unfortunately, Diaz provides Kutcher with the quarter that wins $3 million on the slot machine...and neither person is willing to give up a dime of the winnings. A judge tells them they have to live together and work on their marriage for 6 months before he'll grant a divorce. "Hilarity ensues," as they sometimes say.

    From this point, the plot creaks along very predictably...with the two leads trying really hard to make us care. We don't. They are charming individually (Kutcher, in particular, does well), but as a couple we want to see together...we just shrug our shoulders.

    Other strong points...Lake Bell and Rob Corddry as the two friends have a very interesting hate/hate relationship that clearly has roots in a physical attraction neither wants to admit. They are funny together in their insults and mockery. Often the characters of the "best friend" are little more than sounding boards for the lead characters. Corrdry and Bell are a nice exception. Bell, in particular, is an unusual and interesting actress. Corrdry is much better here than in his over-the-top caricature of a Homeland Security Agent in HAROLD & KUMAR ESCAPE GUANTANIMO.

    Weak spots: Dennis Miller as the marriage-loving judge couldn't be worse in the role. It's terribly written, the rulings he delivers don't really make sense and Miller clearly knows this. He's thinking "Just get me through this and give me my check." Also, what the heck is Queen Latifah doing as their marriage counselor?!?! She's unconvincing as well, trying to tone down her natural exuberance to seem "professional." Lastly, Dennis Farina, as Diaz's boss is a poorly thought out throwback to the `50s. A boss like him wouldn't last in this day and age, because he's a horrible manager of people.

    One final thought...does everyone who lives in Brooklyn have a great apartment that's within spitting distance of the Brooklyn Bridge? I've seen this in so many movies...I guess Brooklyn must not be as big as I thought it was...they all live in the same row of apartments with a killer view of the bridge and the city on the other side. How nice for everyone!

    You can go see WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, and you'll be amused during its running time. But if you miss it, you aren't missing that much either....more info
  • Stupid Funny
    This is one of those movies that is just stupid funny. If you like Cameron and Ashton, you will really like this movie. I had read a few negative reviews but decided to see it anyways. You know the premise of the movie pushes it but come on people, it's a comedy....I think the "professional" reviewers need to lighten up a bit. I laughed quite a bit and for that I give it 2 thumbs up....more info
  • "One of the Best Romantic/Comedies Ever!"
    I purchased this film because I love Ashton Kutcher. I had no idea, however, the movie was this good. His chemistry with Cameron Diaz is excellent, and the script is hilarious and funny, with many surprises thrown in. More than a date movie, it's really a movie about human behavior, and what brings two people, who are polar opposites, together.
    The film is about two people who end up in Las Vegas, for very different reasons, and discover one morning they are married after having too many cocktails. When Jack, played by Ashton, puts a twenty five cent coin of Joy's, Diaz's character, into a slot machine, they win three million dollars. Neither wants to be particularly married to one another, as they are so different in many ways, so they sue each other for the money, and thats where the fun begins.
    This is probably one of the best romantic comedies I have seen in years, and you don't have to be a Ashton or Cameron fan to like this. What makes the film work is the script, the locations of Vegas and New York, which is shot beautifully, and the sheer chemistry of the leads. Hopefully they will do a sequel to the movie.
    The film came in second on it's first week of release, culminating over $200,000,000 at the world-wide boxoffice. A certified hit.
    I own all of Ashton's films, and this is one of the best he's ever done.
    There are also two DVD releases of the film: the bare bones DVD that has the movie only, and the deluxe 2 DVD edition with a ton of bonuses, including commentary, deleted scenes, and more.
    Sit back for ninety minutes, have fun, and forget about your problems and enjoy a fantastic film with two fantastic stars....more info
  • Worth Watching
    As far as romantic comedies goes, the movie is pretty cute. I have already watched it several times. It is one you can listen to and semi-watch while doing house chores. Ashton and Cameron Diaz are a good fit for this film. ...more info
  • yes, it's cute; yes, it's cutsey, but what did you expect - an Academy award-worthy film?
    It might not be the most thought-provoking film, yet it's also not trying to be. The worst thing about a romantic comedy is its pretentiousness and this movie has none of it. The Ashton Kutcher shtick might wear a bit thin by now, but Cameron Diaz really shines in her romantic leading lady role. Yes, it's cute and cutsey, but one should expect nothing more from it. Heads up: Be sure to watch until a bit into the credits for the last few laughs. ...more info
  • A Good Romantic Comedy
    Though this is really predictable, like almost all romantic comedies, this is still worth an hour or so of your time. It starts out with two people whose lives hit the skids around the same time. Deciding to make themselves feel better they head to no other place but Vegas. They meet by accident, then, after a night of drinking, partying, and other things wake up to find they accidently got married! Not totally unusual.

    They decide they want to get divorced, but then have their first marital spat and inside of it they find they win $3 million dollars. That's when the trouble starts.

    They're sentenced to actually spend 6 months as a couple(the twist part). The first few months are the most fun part of the movie. From missing doors, dishes, parties and a bread fight, they do some pretty awful things to each other that I'm sure has crossed the minds of those in a relationship before, nevermind just being married. I found those to be absolutely hilarious.

    The second half of the movie is where the romance creeps in. But the romance wasn't the crappy, sappy, men will want to let it be known their girlfriends made them watch it and not because they wanted to, type romance. It's actually rather sweet and the type you'd wish there were more of in a romantic comedy. Light. It's still a comedy after all.

    The ending was a forgone conclusion from the beginning, but it's worth it. ...more info
  • What happens in Vegas
    It was everything I like in a movie, not to mention that when Ashton cleans up, he cleans up well. It was so funny to see the two of them going at each other, but did anyone notice how much Cameron Diaz resembled Ellen Barkin in this movie?...more info
  • Pretty cute!
    This movie is a romantic comedy and of course, that means a sweet ending! Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher are two strangers who meet in Vegas, get married without realizing it, and then are forced to stay together for six months by a divorce judge. It all turns out very cute. Ashton Kutcher actually displays some good acting skills in many scenes, especially the ones where he conveys emotion with his eyes. Cameron Diaz does a great job of her role as the likeable girl. Her only flaw is that she looks like someone who has tanned too much in their youth and so her skin looks a little rough. She and Ashton Kuthcher have great chemistry throughout the movie. My main disappointment was that they didn't have a nice pretty and formal wedding scene at the end. That is usally included in this type of "chick flick" genre, and I can see why. Because I missed not having it! ...more info
  • Ho-hum, run of the mill, been done to death romantic comedy.
    What can I say? This film is predictable with just enough laughs to keep you slightly entertained. I don't know about anybody else but I am a little bit tired of Ashton Kutcher reprising his role as Kelso in every comedy he's cast in. Cameron Diaz was just Cameron Diaz. Nothing new or special there. Oh and Queen Latifah and Dennis Miller had small roles but they seemed as if they could have phoned their parts in as it looked like they just acted in this to get haircut and relaxer money. Other than a few chuckles and a occasional guffaw, I would have to say that this movie isn't quite a laugh riot but it'll do when your bored and nothing else is out to watch. I give it three stars for mild humor....more info
  • Great buy
    I wanted to add this movie to my collection and it was almost $5 less than other places through Amazon's pre-order option. Great price, great service, great flick! ...more info
  • Comedy fun on Blu-ray!
    No regrets with buying this blu-ray release. Get it if you're a fan of Ashton or Cameron. Worth every cent! ...more info
  • What happens in vegas
    This review is written by Mr. Bradberry's students:

    our movie is What Happens in Vegas,one we were supperised that how funny it was.this movie Stared Cameron Diaz and Aston Kutcher,What Happens in Vegas is a drumatic Comedy with two good Actors that make the movie good.This movie has some romantic and funny scenes. There's no need to see the movie because it's the normal story line. A guy meets a girl they fight, and get back toghther. We think this movie is the best because of it's funny scenes and you'll be laughing the hole way through the movie. ...more info