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BlueHarbor Lambskin Leather Case with Rotating Clip for Apple iPhone 3G
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Product Description

Perhaps one of the best iPhone accessories in the market. The leather quality is genuine 100% lambskin leather. The sleek design comes with a slim belt clip allowing easy attachment to the belt with convenient access to your iPhone when you need it.

  • Compatibility: Custom made to fit Apple iPhone 3G
  • Material: Premium quality genuine soft lambskin leather
  • Security: Magnetic self closing flip-over strap keeps case closed and holds unit firmly in place
  • Inner Protection: Soft Inner Felt liner to protect your iPhone and prevent scratches
  • Swivel Clip: Non-bulky rotating belt swivel clip allows vertical and horizontal position. Clip is non-bulky making it convenient to carry in your purse too

Customer Reviews:

  • Great case for Iphone 1G
    LOVE this case

    I bought this case for my 1G and it works great. I have 1/2 metal protector on my phone and it still fits perfectly. It appears the case has a little stretch.

    The double magnet is great! I use the case at work and this case protects the phone and the clip is wonderful.

    I actually bought this case over a month ago, but I lost the case. I looked on Amazon to re-order it an initially couldn't find it and started to panic. I sent an email to the supplier and they responded with-in 24 hours and gave me the link to re-buy it. They had raised the price a couple dollars but I would pay $20 for this case. It is very high quality and unique in design.

    I don't usually write reviews, but I had to in this case. (Sorry couldn't resist the pun.)...more info
  • Great product
    Great value for the price and looks like it's well designed!! Love the magnetic flap and the rotating clip...
    I'm thinking of ordering another just in case for backup...more info
  • Almost Perfect Fit for the iphone 3G
    After hours looking on-line, at the AT&T store, Fry's Electronic, and the Apple store I could not find a case I liked. I found this one on Amazon and figured for the price I would give it a try. The case was shipped fast and came via USPS in just a few days. The case seems well made and sturdy. My iphone 3G fits very nicely and the only problem is the top flap is a bit wide. You can still hit the top button or used the earphone jack but they could have made it a bit narrower to accommodate this phone. I assume this case was not directly made for the iphone but I am very please with the fit and function. The belt clip rotates and snaps into position so it stays where you put it. The phone is snug and secure but easy to remove. I highly recommend this case. I was a Blackberry user and loved the blackberry case; this one is close to that. ...more info
  • Very Nice and neat
    I love it, its very cute and nice. my iphone fit in it with the hard case on. good leather quality...more info
  • Nice Case
    Nice case, looks good serves its purpose. Well made and the price is great. At least 1/2 what you would pay at the Apple Store. ...more info
  • Good value
    What I was looking for:
    I just traded my 1st gen iPhone for a 3G phone. I work in the hospital wearing scrubs, so I would put my phone in my pocket. As a result, I had dropped my old phone multiple times, and the old iPhone has a tendency to hit the floor on its upper left corner. As a result, the mute switch would stop working here and there. So I wanted something that would protect the phone, have a belt clip to use when I don't have pockets, and look sleek and professional. I hate cases that make the beautifully designed iPhone into a hulking mass. What's the point?

    Why I chose this case:
    Like the other reviewer, I looked everywhere, and I didn't like any of the cases. They were either too expensive, have exposed corners, or look thick. I liked the sleeve design of some cases, but they didn't have belt clips. I gave this case a try because it was so cheap. (BTW, if you go to [...] directly, the case is $[...] cheaper.)BTW, this case came in a blue harbor packaging. Distributors of this case is probably limited. I can't find it anywhere else but here on amazon merchant's sites.

    1. magnet clasp. I like that it's silent when you open it as opposed to velcro. I go to conferences, and the sound of velcro in a silent auditorium is painful. It actually closes by itself, which is probably an accidental feature. Do you really need it? After reading reviews for other holster type cases, it seems that if you use holsters horizontally, they have a tendency to fall out after the case stretches. You may not need it if you use it vertically oriented.
    2. Phone Fit. It fits the 8 gb iphone 3G perfectly. I was worried when I saw pictures of other phones in this case. I didn't want a generic case that didn't fit well. It exposes the headphone jack, half the power button on top, and top half of the volume button on the side. You can still push the bottom half "through" the case. People may not like how it covers the bottom mic and speaker. I don't mind however. I read that another case had mesh to address that issue, but one reviewer stated that the mesh scratches his phone.
    3. leather is soft, seems like decent quality. It feels like it would scratch though. The inside is a "felt" like material. Doesn't seem like it would scratch your phone.

    1. belt clip. It seems constructed ok. But it's design can be annoying. It's a standard belt clip that rotates. It clicks into different positions as you rotate it. It has pretty hefty resistance, so it won't rotate accidently. It's a standard design that pinches on your belt. But sometimes it is difficult to just slip it on your belt because your belt can slip between the gap between the phone and the belt clip. On amazon, there is a "second generation" case labeled the MDX lambskin case (Not sold by blue harbor) that seems to have an updated belt clip. Note however, this clip feels sturdy (I think it's metal covered with leather), while the updated case has a plastic clip.
    2. My other critique is mainly style and opinion. The back and bottom front half are padded leather, as you can see the recess of the padding on some of the pictures. It's fine, but I prefer to have the thinnest case possible. Minor complaint, as the padding only adds about 3 mm to it's thickness.

    I can't comment on durability. If this falls apart, I'll update it later. As of now I've only had it for 1 week.

    overall, this is a great case for the price ($[...]!! on their site. $[...] more here). I'm glad I got it. My wife has a $[...] case for her phone, and I think this case is much better. As for blue harbor, they responded right away to my order. I recieved the case approximately 1 week after ordering it. They use USPS. ...more info
  • Great Case
    I definitely love this case, and for the price it can't be beat. It's just snug enough to fit the iPhone (and can probably accommodate one with a hard case on it but I don't have one to test that with) and yet it's very easy to remove the phone, since the top sides are slightly exposed so you can get a good grip on the phone.

    The inside is a sort of felt but I have not noticed it sticking to my phone and I have a screen protector and a covering on my phone.

    The volume, silence, and hold buttons are easily accessible while the phone is in this case. And while I have not been called yet (just got this item earlier today) so I do not know if it can be easily heard through the case, I will say it would be an easy matter of just sliding the phone in upside down so that the speakers are exposed on the top.

    The magnetic flap is great since velcro is way too loud and also wears out very quickly. The belt clip on this one is very sturdy and I don't think it would have many problems holding onto anything at all (but again, I just got the item so I can't say for sure).

    The item also arrived within 3 shipping days (I live in FL) and only on standard shipping, so the service is awesome.

    Overall this case is totally worth the price and is very sleek looking for the phone. I would not be embarrassed to have family / co-workers see this case, like with some others. The leather is also very soft and has a great feel to it. A+...more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    For the price, this is worth every penny. It is sleek and professional looking. I was concerned about the fit since this is a generic case that fits the first gen iPhone AND the 3G version, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the 3G phone fits very snug. The leather is of high quality. The belt clip is very sturdy but also very thin. Lastly, the magnetic strap is nice and quiet (as the other reviewers have mentioned). I'm very pleased with this purchase....more info