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ASUS Eee PC 901 12G
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Easy to Learn, Work, and Play 7.8 hour battery life allows for "One Day Computing" Travel light, weighting only 2.43lbs Drop tested, Shock-Proof design Wireless 802.11b/g/n connectivity Connect with friend with built-in Camera Protect your investment with sleeve case XP Home, MS Works, and Windows Live preloaded Wide Multi-Touchpad for comfort and convenient Glossy IMR Pearl White color for elegant look ZBD Guaranteed for best quality LCD Store & Share your files with 20G internet storage Protect your investment with sleeve case

Customer Reviews:

  • Mighty!
    What can I say, but this is the cutest tech toy I have ever purchased. If you plan on upgrading the memory, there are videos on youtube that give great instruction. It only took me five minutes to have the laptop loaded with my Sprint Broadband and running.

    ...more info
  • It was exactly what I needed
    This little jewel is exactly what I needed. I am very happy about it. I can work with XP doing everything I was doing on my full power toshiba 15,4
    ' laptop:

    -emailing with google
    -browinsing with firefox
    - using office for documents and speadsheets
    - using audacity to reharse singing in 4 part harmonies (yes... thhe Intel Atom is able to support this as well)

    The screen is remarkable and the size, for me, the right one. It can go in my backpack and the more than 5 hours batteries finally gives me freedom to go anywhere to work.

    I am a traveller and I need to call Italy often. This is a portable communication station with video and microphone. I also have a Western Digital portable disk (160GB) actually without any weight and size which provide me all mass memeory I need for picture, music, and so on.

    The only drawbacks I see are:

    - I wasted some time to update the touchpad drivers to the elantech version but sometimes i get clumsy with the many possibilities and the scrolling function does not work perfectly with all prograams
    - sometimes you have to be patient with some slowing down of the system, especially soon after booting.
    - as far as concerns with having multiple programs open at the same time, I do not see problem having: firefox, word, excel open at the same time (considering avast running in the background also). Also audacity can run in parallele with firefox and word.
    - I would have preferred a bigger system drive. I am cnstantly concerned about not to have enough space for system updates.

    however there is a very helpfull user forum on line where I found solution to many problems. Including the impossibility to use the built in microphone at the beginning.

    However, I recommend this netbook. It is not a toy at all. It is an honorable modern computer which may fulfill the real needs of the many people who are not jeeks and spend a lot of money on state of the art vista super-power laptops....more info
  • Wonderful product, but I sent mine back
    I had mine for a week and sent it back to Amazon, but it was my fault for buying the wrong computer. It was perfect for email and surfing the net, but I needed a laptop suitable for all-day word-processing use, which it isn't designed for. I found it strained my eyes and I couldn't type nearly as fast as with a standard keyboard.

    However, I was very impressed with the computer's exceptionally small size and weight, and the ease of setting it up and connecting to the net. I also liked the fact that there was a sticker on the keyboard with a toll-free technical support number.

    I'm going to try an eee PC with a 10-inch screen now - maybe that will be more suitable for my purposes....more info
  • Just Right For Me
    I've had my Eee 901 for two weeks now. I purchased it with the idea of reading books when I was out and about, for mail and web access and for reading in bed. For that, it is perfect.

    Color and resolution of the screen is very good, boots quick, and is just what I wanted.

    The keyboard is too small for regular typing but I knew that going in. As with all new PC purchases, I had to cull the desktop trash programs and 'offers'.

    ...more info
  • ASUS Netbook
    Great product, good size, lots of features. Pioneer in the netbook field with a good track record. Only negative thing I have to say is the fact that they don't make a (major) point of letting you know that the solid state drive is actually 2 drives. Unfortunately, the small drive houses the giant operating system. XP, after online updates in just a short time, will use all the drive space and you will get low drive space warnings. Not maybe, you will. If you don't need the speed or power savings of the solid state drive, buy the standard hard drive unit. As I am usually operating where there is power, and speed isn't a real concern, I wish I had opted this over the neat technology of SSD and battery performance. Geek in me now says wait for larger SSD units that will be available in the future. Otherwise, a great system. Now, I have to figure out how to keep the operating system on a diet to make this thing usable past 5 weeks....more info
  • Excellent value and construction
    This little computer is a gem. It serves my needs, is very quick and seems to work flawlessly. The construction is quality grade. The only thing I wish it had is a larger hard drive but having said that it is adequate for a portable communications and internet tool....more info
  • False advertizing and rapid failure.
    I ordered the ASUS Eee PC 901 8.9 inch Netbook (1.6GHZ Intel Atom N270 Processor, 1GB RAM, 12GB Solid state drive. When the product is advertized with a 12GB solid state drive that is what it should have, not a 4GB solid state drive and an 8GB solid state drive. Within 7 days the 8GB drive went out. I am out of town on business so I am unable to get it repaired till I get home. When it was working it was perfect for my needs. Upgraded to 2GB RAM and that is the only change from the factory. The Windows XP home loaded on the 4GB SSD began giving me low space warnings after doing Windows updates, with no other programs loaded. Disappointing that the NetBook is so crippled at this time and have not had a solid week of use out of it in the three weeks I have had it.

    Hopeful for Resolution...more info
  • Great little machine!
    I just wanted to say that i am a 'desktop homebased Mac person', but really wanted one of these little netbooks to be able to check my email/do misc. Internet things while out & about. I have do have some experience with PC's, & this little machine (Asus 901 Atom processor-Windows XP version) is perfect for taking with you anywhere-i haven't experienced any problems (keep in mind i probably don't use this machine to it's fullest potential, even). It's really nice to have with you away from home. Works perfectly with my Novatel wireless card. Total price delivered for mine was around $411-glad i got it before the increase in price....more info
  • computer review
    Super computer overall for surfing the net, but has too little memory for much else. Even then, it runs out of virtual memory often. It would be nice to offer with more ram, even if it cost more. Then, it would be much more versatile IMO. Bottom line - I would buy another one. Hopefully, each one will improve... ...more info
  • Sweet machine
    I love it - it sincerely meets my needs as a low energy consuming machine that boots relatively quickly. Just a reminder: advertised battery life is for the "energy saving" setting at lowest screen brightness, so anticipate closer to 5.5hrs of battery life for regular use. Recharging is a snap and the process is extremely quick. I have yet to run into any issues with space, since I tend to use open source products and I got rid of anything I deemed unnecessary. I did buy a 32G SD card on Amazon to hold my "walking around" media such as movies and music, though at home I connect directly to my home server (EX470) so I have unlimited access to all of my media. With built in wireless N I get great connection speed to the server, and consistent internet throughout my house.

    Join before you buy this Netbook so you can read about issues people have had, hacks to increase speed and deleting unnecessary programs etc... I replaced the RAM with a 2GB stick bought on Amazon of course, will look at replacing the secondary hard drive with a larger one if I ever run into storage issues. The touch screen capabilities look really cool though I am not at that level yet to add this ability.

    All things considered, I am very pleased with this purchase. Amazon had the best price available on the internet, I thought the "Free" shipping would take forever and it did not. Netbook came with a soft carrying case which was ideal for me because I want to keep it nice. Keyboard took about a week to get used to, now I have no issues whatsoever typing out a message on AIM, FaceBook Chat or Yahoo messenger.

    BUY IT!...more info
    Runs like wild with some of the programming languages, such as Mathematica and SAS and R.

    ultra portable

    I have pretty big fingers and you get used to the keyboard in like a week.

    The mouse is kind of rough to press.

    Its missing a lighted keyboard. ...more info
  • PC 901
    I have tried many of the sub notebooks and the EEE PC 901 is simply the best. It's perfect for surfing and retrieving email and lasts approximately 6 hours between charges which are fast. It has an SSD drive it's quiet and emits little heat. Better dependability over a hard drive. It's uses an Intel Atom processor which uses little energy and even has a built in camera.Spend another $25-$30 and add a 2GB Ram (easy to install)and take advantage of the SD slot for carrying your documents and many movies.

    Don't get caught up in the S101 hype. Too many extra $$$ for what you get. ...more info